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    1. Christopher Scheler

      The word "soccer" actually comes from a time when they often built words with "-er" in English. The European football was called "AsSOCiation football" (I think.

    2. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

      This man is good at his accents.

    3. edenimation

      For me, football ⚽ makes more sense.

    4. Lachlan Lindsay

      America: trash Uk: rubbish Wat about garbage

    5. Bull3t CM10

      The thing is that football or as americans would call it SoCcEr wasinvented before american football

    6. Ted McFarlane

      Me: Well what the heck do you want me to call it?!

    7. Robert Zeigler

      Football used to over arching for Soccer and Rugby. England named it both ways.

    8. lesly demshaw

      Soccer actually came from the British

    9. Fish

      As an European I feel offended by this video

    10. weird useless channel

      "Soccer" My ears: "Sucker"

    11. Matteo Sarlo

      In Italy we say calcio, kick in english

    12. Er Traduttore

      In Italy we call it "calcio" (kal-chee-oh) which means "kick", because you kick the ball

    13. Jacob

      Yeahhhh that would be funny if it wasn’t the fact that the British actually invented the word soccer. It was a slang term for the sport. It’s a shortened version of the term Association Football. asSOCiation.

    14. Jake Smith

      Except the UK originally called it soccer...

    15. Matthew Jeziorski

      In Australia they call it soccer because they have Aussie rules football...

    16. Master Yoda

      rip football as we know it.

    17. Zappa Wench

      Soccer actually comes from the football asSOCiation - they picked the "soc" out of that word and made it into soccer as a nickname for football. We love obscure slang in England - don't get me started on Cockney Rhyming Slang!

    18. Thomas Matthewson

      It would've been even funnier if French came along with "FOOT" Lol

    19. sophie

      His uk accent low key sounds like an australian accent lol. And as an australian i can confirm this

    20. BarryBlu

      This comment section is full of salt jesus christ go outside

    21. Gabriel Gangon

      The name soccer actually came from England. Vsauce has a good video on it

    22. Nikhil Soma


    23. HÜdråptá

      Why they actually named soccer is different from this video shows

    24. Y/n chan

      I thought it was china whom invented football...

    25. Maricel Baccay

      *Me thinking sucker*

    26. Jaclyn Perez

      America! ❤🤍💙

    27. Malvika Rk

      I love these shorts 😭😂❤️

    28. Kale Mitchell_-Triumvirate-_

      We cal it football because the ball is a foot in length

    29. Task Froce 80th

      China who invented and played the football be like: What?

    30. LaynieJaye

      I. Hate. Canadian/American English. Sometimes I want to go to the UK and just speak their English. Canadian English is the WORST.

    31. pavo productions


    32. mio's bf

      he really turned into jim carrey there

    33. Vasanth

      Nouns can be pronounced in any way

    34. Emma Flores

      Anyone here in the US also pissed that it's called soccer???? 😂

    35. Ella

      In Spanish we call it football

    36. Faith VanHope

      Lol this is... yeah.

    37. cameron mclean

      Footballs first name was mob ball because mobs of people would have play there was one rule no murder

    38. Blowingmind

      Soccer is reality came from an old meme the posh brits used to do where they put an er after and shortened everything so they called Association Football, Assoccer and Rugby Football, a different variety of Football, came to america at an earlier date and they dropped the rugby distinction and so when Assoccer came over they called it Soccer

    39. XxLilac QueenxX

      Im from the us i call soccer football...

    40. Dhayaalan VR

      He looks like Ross from 'Friends' when he says SOCCER... 😂 Doesn't anyone else feel the same??

    41. Mariane Jaida Jimenez

      UK - we call it winter bc u know its christmasy and sound cool its "wind" and "water" winter! U.S.A - WE CALL IT SNOW BC ITS COOL AND SNOW IS COOL YEAH! ME : THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE!!

    42. rau bau._

      Football is also soccer Where is footsell or what ever it was

    43. ortal stefanic

      You have varieties of professional accents. 😊. They are so accurate

    44. Gorge

      I thought American football was call that because you run on your feet and hold a ball

    45. H.P Lovecraft’s Cat

      We had football before America was a country

    46. Prachi Rathi

      Waiting for cricket

    47. Daru -_- Mochi

      “High socks!” Me: Well I was thinking maybe how you would sock em in the shin when you miss the ball-

    48. Ree Editz

      Nah, it's just a foot long (I think)

    49. Oni


    50. Plush Brothers 88

      Two things One: VERY controversial Two: The UK had the name first sooo

    51. Marko Milenović

      I hate usa for this it doesnt make sense for it to be soccer

    52. Safebox Gaming

      Funny thing is...Britain called it soccer after Association Football, it didn't get called football till the mid-20th century.

    53. Kilo- Kilo

      Actually the uk was the same as USA but then changed it so they can make fun of USA for having the name

    54. Amoongus

      I just keep thinking "sucker"

    55. Lucky Ace

      If the high socks have nothing to do with sport then why wear them ?

    56. BingoBango

      Don't even know why this is even an issue. Soccer and football isn't even close to being the only things that have different names.

    57. Charles R

      You guys understand eu football existed first then britain changed the name to soccer and america created football then britain went back to calling their sport football and make fun of us for calling it that...fucking useless hypocrites

    58. _liam cadden_

      this is why europeans don’t like americans

    59. Sunny- Ako

      At the first moment i was like :"what is my teacher doing in this vid-" then i looked at it..damn the accent got me for a sec

      1. Sunny- Ako

        Well our english teacher also sais bool and spoat (i mean the pronunciation)

    60. Zombie PvP

      Brazil:soccer= football Football=football

    61. Pancake Overlord

      I can’t help but think there was a missed opportunity to say “that name socks”


      USA:I’ll call it soccer This guy: 🤬

    63. BCMTUK

      Everyone knows this, and if you don't know it, you should. The word "soccer" was actually invented in the UK. It came from "assoc", which was an abbreviation of "association". The full name of the sport is "Association Football". There's even the "International Federation of Association Football", which is the English translation of its original French name "Fédération Internationale de Football Association", or, as 99% of the entire planet knows it, FIFA. American football as well as Canadian football, are variants of what is generally known as "Gridiron football", which itself, along with Australian rules, rugby union and rugby league, can collectively be known as "Rugby football", although today, American football is rarely considered a form or rugby, even tough, technically, it evolved from it. The name "Rugby" of course, comes from the fact it was thought to have started in the Warwickshire market town of Rugby, specifically at Rugby school, in 1845.

    64. Brad From Scene Twenty Four

      I mean Britain invented the word Soccer for their football, it got transported over and then they changed their mind. Similarly, the word Aluminum is spelled and was pronounced by the dude who found it like (Aloo-min-um) but British people had to be different.


      My volume was low and i love ⚡⚡⚡ so i heard shock her

    66. Elsquidwardo

      Fun Fact: in America it is called soccer because the British called it soccer for a while and changed it to football, but America stayed with soccer

    67. Alfie Jackson

      Not gonna lie, that British accent was on point

    68. Pietari

      No super league

      1. HASSAN

        No super league 🚫

    69. Isaac A

      I mean I guess

    70. JustaGamer

      We need more uk

    71. Tree Leaves Official

      Britain made the term soccer

    72. Alice Maria

      But football (or soccer) wasn't invented by the british

      1. HASSAN

        Yes it was invented in England don't you Know that

    73. The YouTuber

      As a fan of football, the real one, I hate it when people call it SOCCER

    74. Silverbone6

      Japan: let's take the American word and make it sound British! Sakkah サッカー

    75. weed is my therapy

      I love him

    76. alyssa laurell

      You know that the uk used to call rugby football that is why we call American football becuase it was a different variation of the same sport and word soccer is a slang word for a longer word for the sport the uk made

    77. Poison Ivy

      Can’t be hand ball we already got that duhhh

    78. Edith Karine Yoba

      I'm glad I'm British the USA make no sense😑😑

      1. Caacti

        sackerr is weird

    79. Abo Mal

      As a person from a Mexican America family we refer to it as “American football” and “Mexican football” because no matter what, we will never call it soccer

    80. Henrique Erzinger

      The word soccer was created in the UK

    81. Youtube Algorithm

      Fun Fact: Some boys from the UK came up with an abbreviated word 'soccer' to differentiate between Rugby Football and Association Football.

    82. R.Javier Yepes De V.

      This guy is great!

    83. kenstr321

      Um, "The word "soccer" comes from the use of the term "association football" in Britain and goes back 200 years." That's their word for it not ours.

    84. Aaron Eads

      I think we should call soccer, Futbol. And call football, ThunderDome. 😂😂

    85. Ellza Rams

      No.. it’s not soccer, it’s football. It was invented by the UK. ;-;

      1. Ellza Rams

        @Caacti aww that’s good

      2. Caacti

        ive seen the "soccer invented by the british" comments a million times like we get it...

    86. siniplop face

      sooo what about rugby? was there a *rug* near *by* ?

    87. •CloudyTheElf•

      I love how when U.S.A said to U.K to try it to and U.K was like "what?-"

    88. trashbag

      In school we learned That in French it’s ‘la foot’ 👁👄👁

    89. lag mop

      Wait then what tf is rugby

    90. TAMIKA



      Can we all take a moment of silence and respect the accent of those languages

    92. _OliverAinsworth

      Football was made first before American football

    93. Dalsio

      That moment you realize we call it football because the entire game revolves around distances, and we Americans measure distances in feet...

    94. Dakota Kane

      I play soccer it’s amazing I like the name :) (USA)

    95. Simz

      SOCCER! AHHH I'm Dead

    96. S.H

      Germany: -Confused in Fußball- (Fußball means Football ofc)

    97. drummerboi357

      This is like our chips and cookie situation USA T_T

    98. AlvinLee YeeShen

      I think US is on some drugs again Isn't the Spanish word of football futball?

    99. Anu Guna

      In Singapore we call it both