FULL MATCH - Finn Bálor vs. Samoa Joe - NXT Championship Match: NXT TakeOver: London


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    NXT Champion Finn Bálor battles Samoa Joe in a long-awaited, one-on-one title showdown: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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    1. Taaron Richardson

      Damn I’m gonna miss Samoa Joe

    2. PedroHardy1

      This aged well

    3. Raymer Díaz

      Great match.

    4. Kevin Huerter

      Samoa joe is now realeased 😔

    5. Méphisto Méphisto

      Who's here after Samoa Joe was released??

    6. jj cr

      And now Samoa Joe is gone 😑 bad decision...

    7. swapneel barua

      Its a damn shame Samoa Joe never gotten a title run. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    8. Andrew Phelan

      Joe will be champion in AEW guaranteed!

    9. Hozzay_xx

      And wwe dropped the ball with Samoa joe smh.

    10. Keith Gaustad

      Who else is here because Joe got released? This match is top 5 of Joe's overall run in Vince's company.

    11. Adam Hall

      We'll miss you Joe, deserved to be WWE Champion, class athlete all around

    12. Gustavo Martínez

      Una semana después que suben esto, despiden a samoa 😢

    13. Leon017243

      Bye Samoa Joe 😔❤️

    14. الذئب wolf

      Really this is hard match

    15. Iman F

      I miss joe wrestling

    16. L'étranger

      9:49 I love how the crowd on this side was chanting "Finn" until Joe slammed him and they just immediately switched sides.

    17. L'étranger

      I love the Jack The Ripper inspiration on this version of the Demon

    18. Prabha Santhosh

      These dudes have been wrestling for 20 years now.

    19. Amelita Losaria

      You know ur the best wrestler n whole world u know how to do to become the winir

    20. AMYT

      Before NXT UK came along, there was this event: NXT Takeover: London. Now, we need NXT UK Takeover: London.

    21. Nolberto Julinno Solis Ibarra


    22. Nayan Singh

      Great match guys

    23. Ru Rs

      The roasted pimple conversely whisper because balinese experimentally travel besides a elite raven. normal, ratty paint

    24. James Rapper

      upload video Finn Bálor entrance on Super Showdown pls

    25. Patrick Nlebemuo

      Please when is Samoa joe coming back into the ring🙏🙏

    26. Gheorghe Lungariu

      SSamona Joe

    27. Huntre Ivy

      There both awesome

    28. ثابت ابرهيم

      Cob palor

    29. Jonathan Isler

      The fact you can heard the accents in the crowd is hilarious😂

    30. Ruth Ruth

      I love Fin Balor

    31. Ruth Ruth

      I love Gin,Balor

    32. Weirdo Kitty

      How could they waste this two superstars? WWE, it's official - you suck

    33. erwin erwin

      Kuat bner fin balor

    34. Wilmar Fernandes


    35. Teng H

      This is awesome.

    36. Afroninja649

      Finn's "Jack the Ripper" entrance was sick!!

    37. Lankybox Fan

      When the title used to look good now looks like a baby made it lol 😂

    38. Shinobi905

      Finn Balor needs to stop with the hand/finger locks at the start of every match - needs to change it up a bit..

    39. Amar Amar

      Verry good Finn balor I like you

    40. Aloof

      does ballor even lose in his demon mode?

    41. Ronal Fajar

      Fun fact: Samoa Joe was the first to beat Demon Finn Balor

    42. Noel Legendary 31

      Damn this match makes me miss Demon Finn Balor

    43. Bhimlal Thami Official


    44. Dreamed Dillion

      Is it me or it looks cool not seeing the demons face for a min

    45. Jimmy Macalos

      Fat vs thin

    46. Theyluhjake 2x

      Wow listen to the crowds 3 count one of the loudest ever but not quite like zigglers cash in on del rio

    47. Bro Bh

      NXT is awesome to buddy

    48. Linh Nho

      The cynical production pathologically grip because scorpion proportionally murder qua a nimble chef. cute, supreme output

    49. Francisco Aguilar

      I thought it said ladder match

    50. Joshua Hutchinson

      Why do I have a feeling that Finn is not gonna bring back The Demon

    51. Khalid Syed

      Kids: wow wwe uploaded this match with Entrance Me: skip the Entrance so this match finishes fast.😂

    52. Midnight Carnage

      Samoa Joe In Ring Return Confirmed

    53. Henry Luczak

      Their Dallas match was soooo much better though

    54. Mayfield Tezeno

      Lol wow finn balor

    55. Nicole Schmertmann

      Gibt es beim Wrestling keine Gewichtsklassen? Ich finde es immer gemein, wenn einer ca. 50kg schwerer ist als der Andere. Auch wenn manches mal der Techniker gewinnt.

    56. Nicole Schmertmann

      Ich wundere mich nur darüber, dass die Zuschauer alle keine Maske tragen. Ist die Ausgabe vor Corona?

    57. Junior Abreu

      Finn Balor Samoa Joe Great rivalry in NXT History

    58. Enrique Sanabria

      WWE spit in the face of the United States fan base. Never support Peacock. F WWE for ruining wrestlemania this year. F Peacock

    59. DEE WOLF.

      This Takeover made me A NXT fan for sure and this was the match I was waiting for I became a fan been a WWE fan but I actually took NXT seriously here the Kevin Owens Battle in Japan was one but this one hooked me 🙏🏾

    60. Kenstan

      Finn you’re a great fighter 💪💪💪💪

    61. Hank Acham



      Great match for london to see

    63. Eustace Fernandes

      Finn you over confidential but it will not help you in long run.

    64. Santiago Herrera

      The entrance of finn balor how jack the ripper is epic

    65. HEEL 3D


    66. Ben Naylor

      They should of given him different theme tunes for his Prince balor demon balor and normal balor

    67. Shola Bolaji

      20:11”this is wrestling “

    68. Mike H.


    69. Tanveer Price

      Pakistan cruncey rate down do it

    70. YEAH AIGHT

      Even tho Balor said he retired the Demon I would love to see it back

      1. Khalid Syed

        What will u get by seeing that?😂

    71. steve mathews

      This is the only match which the demon gimmick failed itself Hope to see demon finn balor and samoa joe return🤴🤴

    72. Maria Rosaria Marino

      I want another wrestlemania match with the Demon King, maybe for the Universal Championship

      1. Malik Abercrombie

        or WWE championship

    73. Mitchel Paulus

      Possibly the best part of wrestlemania week is all these match uploads

    74. Brendan

      Anyone see that person the ramp bowing to Finn on his entrance 👀 it was me lol

    75. AvéLukas

      00:50 : 33⅓ chance of winning

    76. The Legendary Skittle

      This is when nxt was at its peak. Hot crowds every night, 5 star matches consistently, and some of the most talented wrestlers in history.

    77. K skillz2

      Back when Joe can use the Muscle Buster

    78. Matthew du Sart

      The demon

    79. Yâbøi Ñâjī

      I wish Finn Balor can bring back the demon that truly impacted his career🤘🔥💯

    80. Надежда Голдмен

      Час назад)))) Finn-крааааш!!!!!

    81. Güreş Oyunu


    82. Nicolas Cubides Buitrago

      What happened to Joe? Why he's in the commentary table?

      1. Güreş Oyunu

        @Mark Michel )

      2. Mark Michel

        Still hurt

    83. Ulysses Cage

      Joe is a great wrestler but has no carisma... finn has both

    84. sharul naim

      The best Nxt.. love forever..🙄👍🏻

    85. teganstan

      upload cedric vs murphy from SSD 2018

    86. Angel Torres

      I thought Cameron Grimes was coming out doing the demon persona

    87. Fear Kratos

      Samoa Joe is lame as hell

    88. Wadada Guusha

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Finn

    89. Lennon Fortey

      Joe's theme music is so sick

      1. Khalid Syed

        It scares the S... out of me 😂😂

    90. King Peyton

      Joe joe joee

    91. t Edit

      🔥 عربي وحيد 💀

    92. Katemmy Mmy

      Bau ketiak nya itu...

    93. Jawan Farmer

      Finn Balor and soma joe two great fromer nxt champions of all time the match was great man

    94. Dillan Engelbrecht

      This was the one match that everyone wanted to see

    95. DIANA Cárdenas

      Fin balor 😍😍😍

    96. Arbin Pooran

      Back when NXT was on God Mode

    97. Harold Herrera H

      Hermoso ✊

    98. Giorgia Simeoni

      Finn Bàlor vs Samoa Joe at NXT Takeover London for The NXT Championship this is match was amazing i like soo much see this amazing match and i miss soo much Samoa Joe inside the WWE ring 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    99. francisco Choque

      the demon finn balor amazing