Galaxy S21 Ultra: Dual Zoom Lens | Samsung


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    Who knew a camera could be this revolutionary? With a design that shines inside and out, the new #GalaxyS21 Ultra has our most epic camera experience yet:

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    1. amen abdulla

      I have a request that please improve game mod just like redmi phones( game turbo) I hope you will do it in next update

    2. jay07

      Me...It's zaza... 🤳🏿💨

    3. R S・3 anos atrás・80 anos atrás

      *S*em carregador 21Ultra

    4. Doardu

      O povo ainda diz q iPhone é melhor

    5. domingo12 carerra

      Es bellísimo . Bale la pene #SamsungSeguidor

    6. Anandha Kumar

      Samsung will fail in Asia because of exynos processors

    7. Mr BrightSide

      Its weird that when i went to Korea, literally everyone is holding an iphone.

    8. Friend of Jesus

      Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, therefore, if you confess with your lips the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and liberates and gives eternal life for free

    9. lki

      Before watching this video 😶I was thinking that it has 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 background song🤔

    10. Nikhil Bariya

      S20 fe 5g India lunch date

    11. Damitha Balasooriya

      I have s21 ultra

    12. major singh

      This phone is awesome 👌 But the price is very much, It should be 80 thousand or 90 thousand

    13. DUMP BIDEN

      Hey samsung how about letting me use duel sim on my unlocked phone, unlocked means UNLOCKED ! Stop saying at your launch day it has a feature and then after you order it you find out the feature is locked ! I am contacting my attorney enjoy your lawsuit !

    14. muhammad irshad

      Please launch with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor here in India.🙏 Then only i will buy.

    15. Atsar Marifatulichsan

      We hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will be released this year

    16. Ishtiaq Hussain Butt

      Assalam_o_Alaikum Would you like to give me the video about SAMSUNG Galaxy NIOTE 30 ULTRA ,S30 ULTRA ...AND ESPECIALLY S 22 ULTRA their prices and specifications

    17. JTS

      I just bought the S21 ultra love it

    18. IT'S ME I AM Roh

      I want to change my s10 plus to s21 ultra but how???

      1. IT'S ME I AM Roh

        @Traumfänger TV Thank you 😊

      2. Traumfänger TV

        You go to and then you go to buy the s21 Ultra, there is an Option where you can give away your old phone and then pay the rest to it and you have your new phone

    19. Smartunz Trends

      SAMSUNG please give me a S21 Ultra

    20. Huthaifa Khazaleh

      Will Samsung you should replace the 3x with 2.5x , so we could use it in portrait photography, instead of croping into the main sensor.

    21. Sing Nepal

      Better xiaomi xiaomi have good camera low price good browser and more samsung is too expensive

    22. No creo en HaroldArtist

      Servirá para grabar?

    23. Alexie

      Music please? 🥺

    24. S T M

      Always have or got somthing more to offer, and its always revolutionary. 💯

      1. 그린티아슈크림TV

        ← 제 쳬널에 인스타여신 방송_사고 터진거 올려뒀어용♥♥♥

    25. KFash

      I have the note 10 plus. waiting for s22 before I upgrade. S21 is super amazing tho

    26. BryceLac

      OMG I can't wait till my parent let me buy this phone I just need little bit more money I LOVE THIS PHONE SO MUCH!!!

    27. Pranav Gangwani

      I don't have a phone. I play on my Ipad that is 3 years old. I upload DEfasts videos and the channels name is It's PB Playzz. I could only dream to have this phone.

    28. 할렐루야

      Samsung 👍👍👍

    29. Jay Thapa

      Why Samsung didn't use the 3x telephoto to take better and sharp portraits instead of cropping the primary lens portraits?

    30. SomedayWe'llKnow

      so many unusefull gimmicks.

    31. Shalim

      Watching this ad on my galaxy s21 ultra 😍

    32. nao tenho nome

      P40 pro + and mate 40 pro + does this best 👍

    33. Anquel williams

      Dear samsung How about making a device like Alexa but more better than AI like Friday from iron man and it monitors your health so if you feel slightly ill it tells what's the problem.

    34. Luciano Silva

      Samsung que Bonito.. esse celular..😍

    35. Mut Sam

      😂😂😂 Wait till the screen turns green after an update and Scamsung tell you to go replace it at a service centre for $300.

      1. StillAPeach

        Yea lol

    36. Abid Najjar

      Don’t know how to take portrait mode on galaxy s21 plus 🥲

    37. Phone Daft

      I wanted to make the switch to the S21 Ultra but Samsung won’t accept my iPhone 12 Pro. It’s to new! Eh!?


      The A72 ?? 😑😐

    39. FBJR

      Honestly samsung is better than apple they only have 13mp but this thing has 108mp

    40. Magic & Games

      Why S21 ULTRA with Exhynos 2100 do not compatible 90fps in PUBGM?

    41. Muneeb ali

      Love ❤️ this phone I wish I can bought

    42. Zixus Pixus

      watching on s7 edge

    43. Emma Bringstone

    44. michel333alfa - kun

      Cool, now make the portrait mode use those zoom lenses🤦‍♂️

    45. Shadow Man

      Новые технологии, открывают новые возможности.

    46. المطبخ العربي مع شيف قصي

      I got mine month ago but issue they promised reward and they so slow to send make you feel begger much keep asking for it

    47. Barnaoui Hamdi


    48. 사람

      Fold 2

    49. Be hold There's a king

      You haven't been bamboozled by s^msung until S21 FE comes out

    50. Karimuzzaman Pial

      Low light performance from zoom lens is not impressive....🤨

    51. Yuuki Ichihara

      Sólo por la cámara lo quiero

    52. Sumbo Chen

      Please make the NOTE 21 ULTRA with usable FLAT screen display 🙏 QHD 120hz. I write ✍on the screen everyday and do alot of charting. Curve display doesn't help screen writers and make the edges unstable. It doesn't make sense at all to have curve display on a NOTE phone. Also please include SD card, faster charging speed (warp charge), bigger battery so the phone will sit flush with the back camera module , under display front camera and please add a magnetic ring on the back panel. Most of the user use a magnetic phone holder. It would help us alot by having a ring magnetic back to hold the phone and still be able to wireless charge. If you correct all of these problems on the NOTE I can promise that your sales will double.. if not triple. Thank you!

    53. Muammar Raihan

      I wish I didn't buy s20+ last year, even though my s20+ has so many problem like heating so fast, but I like Samsung S series now bcs of all its features, I'll upgrade to S Note Ultra next year :) hoping I can use it for 4 to 5 year of use, please I need any of your advice to this

    54. Jhony Otiniano Rodríguez

      Why does my galaxy S21 ultra get too hot when charging? I remember that when I bought the device the sales consultant told me that it would be normal during the first charges because of its adaptive battery. by the way I bought a 45 watt charger, because the 25 watt ones are not for sale. can this be the cause?

      1. StillAPeach

        Probably but Samsung also didn't fix nothin with the Exynos 2100

      2. MalwareSender

        try ask a shop or person from you bought it.

    55. Mohamed UI

      Samsung a72 5g exynos 1080 ?

    56. FerrariOne

      Samsung: releases a new phone with lot of compromises. Ley me: fine... Let me buy it and pays money. 1 month later Samsung: lol bro.. Wait wait.. I'm not sure I can deliver it now.. I will ship it sometime.

    57. Zamin Haidry


    58. Ketan lal

      galaxy f62 will be launch in pakistan? plz reply

    59. Karina Villegas

      Hola amigos como les ha ido con este equipo?

    60. Mariana Jacinto

      I want it 😭

    61. Tet Zet

      S10 series is the last worth buying phone of Samsung. Now they moving backwards.

      1. Darth Hideous

        I think do

    62. Hot Rod

      I would love to get the S21 Ultra but this is way over priced in Canada, it's $1650 dollars, insane amount of money, I can buy a 65" 4K TV for less than that. Why does Canada not get the deals US get, it's $200 off in US right now. I guess I will keep using my S7 Edge which has SD card slot and charging brick!

    63. Giovanni Antonio Cordaro

      I love it!!

    64. ʀuva Dhoro

      As they should❤️

    65. GAMIR_SFM

      I don't remember batteries being just a bunch of chips and processors... 0:13

    66. Dark Knight

      Samsung I hope you read all of the viewer's comments on here. I will not be purchasing the Galaxy S21 or any future Samsung phones. Samsung continues to make stupid choices in designing the phones. All these past years I have chosen to buy Samsung phones over i-phones because Apple have been making bad choices in designing their phones. Samsung has started following Apple's footsteps in making these bad choices even though Samsung criticizes Apple for doing it. Making changes like overpricing the phones , eliminating the headphone jack, eliminating the headphones with the phones, eliminating the charger with the phone, eliminating SD card support, and now the MST feature. Many U.S. small retailers and mama's and papa's shops still uses POS that takes the MST feature on the Samsung Pay. I take full advantage of this awesome feature on my current Galaxy phone and smartwatch on every purchase I make at shops, retailers, restaurants, and merchants. If I do plan to upgrader my phone it will be last year 2020 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model. That model still support the SD card and MST feature on Samsung Pay. I still use both of these features and need them. Samsung needs to "eliminate" the current execs who are controlling it making the stupid choices.

      1. Muammar Raihan

        What is MST feature sir?

    67. Omar Khan

      Why is it so costly i want purchse this phone 20000 of Pakistani rupees hehee

    68. Josef. M.Graham

      Samsung, Why No Sharp Photos Galaxy S21 Ultra ? :(

    69. Papinators

      A fvcking S9+ is it too much to ask for in this fvcking world

    70. 난 나다


    71. Kymmy Wingo

      Watching this on my S21. I used the 3x Zoom to take a picture of the moon. Compared to any phone I've had (LG Stylo 1-2, S8, A20) , it was the best picture of the moon I've ever taken. Just imagine what could be done with the Ultras 10x Zoom.

      1. jay07

        I love you 😢 Lol..

      2. Retr0 Games

        You mean 100x or 10x?

      3. 그린티아슈크림TV

        내 쳬널에 졸라 유명한 BJ 방송_사고 터진거 올려뒀는데 들어와서 보세요♥♥♥

    72. lostinthesmoke_

      Let's go I love my camera

    73. Nakul Goel

      yes .now give us the charger with it in the box

      1. Nabeel’s ting

        No chance. That's a thing of the past lol. Not even a dongle

    74. SaRNaVa PaRIS

      Welcome to the comment section we have blankets, warm milk and cookies !

    75. Zuzia Bednarek

      E no-no Samsung Galaxy s21 to świetny smartofon myślę go lupin już niebawem

    76. Mr Cheese Fan

      I don't know how many of you have an s7 or s7 edge but today on 21st February 2016 so basically it is it's birthday today 😀

    77. Narendra Sah

      Where is compact phone Samsung or I think i should change My galaxy A40 to some other brand i loved galaxy s10e so much. But you're missing customer who loves compact phone.

    78. Torey D

      Can we get a note 21 please this yr 🙏🏿

      1. MalwareSender

        oh yea note would be beatifull

    79. LightenStar

      I like your phones but please stop spamming us with like 20 videos a day, it's annoying


      I want itttttt😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    81. S- Ramka


    82. Rayyan

      Samaung u grate u best phone comonoy

      1. Rayyan

        Sub to samsung and lioe

    83. A Random Indian • 13 years ago

      Laude ka smartphone

    84. Ezz Planet

      Dear Samsung, We wanna know if there will be Note21 Ultra?

    85. _THANU__ BRO_

      Plz give portrait mode for 3x cam😒

    86. troupe awtar royal

      When will the official announcement of the Samsung A 72 5C

    87. The Sportishq

      Who is waiting for note 21 series ?

      1. Majdi Hidmi

        I have a this profile pic in my gallary lol

    88. Emmanuel Ameway

      Wish I could get one someone rich in the comments buy me one lol

      1. Emmanuel Ameway

        @MalwareSender oh oke lol

      2. MalwareSender

        i mean fake samsung i dont mean produced in china.

      3. MalwareSender

        i said that for joke

      4. Emmanuel Ameway

        @MalwareSender so what is the downside of the Chinese version

      5. MalwareSender

        buy chinese version from aliexpress xD

    89. Lalit Sunar

      Samsung s21 ultra what a amazinginly crazy phone is this I want it so hard but sorry samsung but I can't afford it . It is too expensive for me sirr #samsung s21 ultra the complete monster

    90. tushar trivedi

      Waiting for oneplus 9pro

      1. Darth Hideous

        I'm curious too

    91. Gaurav Goswami

      This is SAMSUNG and it means everything is possible

    92. Lalit Sunar

      Simply awesome samsung just kill it I want this phone once in my life

      1. Lalit Sunar

        @TV PIG please comment in english

      2. TV PIG

        ← 제 쳬널에 걸.그.룹 연.습.생 출신 BJ 방송_사고 터진거 올려뒀어요♥♥♥

    93. 『ĤÅŽŁÃŇ 12』

      Samsung is the best Company ever What if it have it's own os for pc I will be like *INSTALLING TIME*

    94. Tanshen Ahmed

      But we can't shoot 3x for portiate picture

    95. Manasi

      Samsung is better than iphone cuz samsung is living in the future

    96. Essam Allami


    97. Aayan Azeem

      So called ‘REVOLUTIONARY’

    98. sad life Rj

      I love samsung

    99. 15_ Alen Sony 11 E

      Samsung Best in camera and other premium flagship ♥️♥️♥️

    100. Ry

      Watching on a S21+ 😍