GAME RECAP: Nets 112, Clippers 108

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    James Harden (37 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists) and Kyrie Irving (28 points, 8 assists) combined for 65 points for the Nets as they defeated the Clippers, 112-108. Paul George (34 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists) and Kawhi Leonard (29 points, 13 rebounds) combined for 63 points for the Clippers in the losing effort. The Nets have won their sixth consecutive game and improve to 20-12 on the season, while the Clippers fall to 22-10.

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    1. Adrian Lazaro


    2. Ron Stryker

      My 2 teams this season..clippers and nets

    3. マジ卍


    4. Sipmarch7

      again and again same mistake, playoff P being on fire 30+ points but Leonard taking the final shot and missing.. sad Clippers dont read the situation ever. Get PG to a proper team this is sad

    5. ill C

      What did the refs called on Kawhi? An offensive what ?!😅

    6. Seyit baran Güzel

      James harden the MVP

    7. Jose De Nova

      Bro this commentator plus no background sound of the court just makes it unbearable to watch

    8. Jo Nightwing

      Boomer Bommer 😄😂

    9. felix c

      kyrie travels lol


      I love harden now.. 😂😂

    11. 너서있는그자리가이지구의중심이야

      진짜킹은 르브론제임스보단 제임스하든이지

    12. COMMONlogic

      Harden is ruining the sport with his soccer style flopps!

    13. Deangelo Smith

      One of the biggest flopps of Harden career

    14. J J

      Hey commentary is as exciting as the crowd

    15. Herchelle Jacobs

      Its same how soft nba is today but clippers would have won if lou Williams made 50% of his shots smh

    16. Dan Libert

      I want this in the FINALS

    17. buk kuk

      Irving dunk slasher .. better than D-Rose .. -) .. Minimum 2.5 minutes is a good length of these recaps ...

    18. Ivan Kurcubic

      there’s no way it was a foul in the Clippers attack damaged here...

    19. Joy Vee Ayao

      Happy the Clippers can now cut BIG leads. They now learning. Upon checking the scoreboard Sr and Lou only had 5 a piece. And Batum had more mins with only 3. Who he was guarding? I want more IBAKA during crucial minutes last 2mins of the 4th. His veterans can help Kawhi. They both clicked when they on the floor. Congrats Nets! Thanks for making Clippers at #3.

    20. Lou Jean Ramos

      flop super flop harden can be a good actor seriously

    21. Ange Fabrice N'da

      Even without KD they prove that they're threating

    22. Emindos-LP

      Fine that REFS!!!!

    23. Eliot Anderson

      Pardon Offensive foul? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. Jamal Meer

      Even if it wasn't offensive foul it would have been level and nets would have had the last attack and still won 112 110

      1. Vedran Petrov

        Actually it would be 110:110 plus one free throw for Kawhai

    25. D C

      Kawhi shall revenge sooner

    26. Pader Will

      Lebron is so proud ryt now

    27. AugustoDRA

      What a weak strategy. Flopping is a p*ssy move

    28. bc954

      thanks for the brief commentary

    29. Tomaž Štimec

      Game ruined beacuse of the offensive foul call at the end. I predict these two teams in the nba finals. Nba please fix officiating.

    30. Trazy X

      that's a foul but if its lebron nah..

    31. Manolito Santiago Averion

      And thats the flop

    32. Rouges

      Refs are ruining the league

    33. marcial III jocson

      What a flop by harden

    34. Ian Azura

      Harden flops and get W

    35. Tasos Vrettos

      That last offensive foul was hilarious.. The nba pushed the nets now?

    36. John dela cruz

      Nets Already beat the Two LA in their Homecourt..

    37. Nico Rodriguez

      Flopping is an essential skill now in the NBA

      1. Eduardo Arancibia

        Feels like soccer now. 2022 they will start grabbing their heads in pain while rolling on the floor as well.

    38. F Luo

      KI dunk! and Harden locks the best 2-way flopper position in the league

    39. Utku Sertdemir

      where was the faul OMGG ????

    40. Blujayplayz

      James Harden always no how get a foul

    41. Naba Zaheer

      Harden could be a stunt double for actors when they get blown away by explosions.

    42. Joshua

      Yo Kyrie dunked!!!!!!!!!!

    43. John McCormack

      The biggest flop I have ever seen. Disgraceful.

    44. Ian Castro

      Harden flaps..over react jus got the ref attention.. stupid ref.. watch it slomo

    45. Andrew Samuels

      1:44 when you have a date and you know you getting some

    46. Lorcan Koganei

      If I'm in there game Im gonna punch the face of the referee for calling kawhi leonard a foul.

    47. Mixbass

      Boooooring genre-quota-mentator.....

    48. Kareem Hawaly

      lets goo nets

    49. Kareem Hawaly

      0:58 first time I see Irving dunk ever

    50. Emmanuel Obande


    51. melvin barnett

      Flop but everybody loves the Nets right now, so offensive foul.

    52. Zawad Khan

      can we appreciate that kyrie dunked

    53. King Zee

      Hahaha why you all surprised Harden is the master flopper he been doin it for years

      1. William Jones

        Harden and the refs is the best Duo of all time.

    54. dick

      how does harden eat soup??

    55. chaico


    56. 10 11

      LAC🗑️🗑️🗑️ BKN🌟🌟🌟

    57. Christian Kevin Santiago

      Obviously this is the right call. Pushing the opponent with your left off hand. Charging Foul.

      1. clayton jude andres

        Definitely u know nothing about basketball.

    58. Aeonah's World


    59. Charlie C

      I want LeBron to win more rings however if Nets find their chemistry and play defence, they could be the tougher team to beat this year.

    60. House of Basketball

      James what the fuuuckk???!!

    61. Darwin Punsalan

      Bad call refs... Not offensive foul but a flop...

    62. Riccardo Giuliano

      offensive foul???

    63. aaron


    64. Jepoy Pagalilauan

      Thats i think a flop..harden flop queen

    65. isaias madenancil

      nets heading to the finals

    66. Oswald Inopiquez

      Unstoppable Brooklyn attacking the rim

    67. Omar Diallo

      Good game by Leonard with the San Antonio Spurs

    68. i.S Productions

      My favourite East & West teams.. Good game! I see that K.Irving has ups 👀

    69. joeman

      Wtf kyrie dunking

    70. effetang

      Refs trippin... that wasnt offensive foul

    71. Andrew Iskandar

      We don't need you KD

      1. Jayson Banlawi

        pls let him come back to GSW and trade Green : )

    72. Andrew Iskandar

      No KD , still winning😎😎😎😎

    73. Jay L

      KD, Harden, or Kyrie. Lakers in 5!

      1. Varied Top

        a Davis no playing with nets and Denis schordrer

      2. Matheus Sanz

        lmao lakers

      3. Junior A

        Nets in 4

    74. Alvise Zanusso

      The call at the end was very disrespectful.

    75. Martin Brankov

      The Nets are scarryyyy won against both LA teams without Durant... unstoppable!

    76. Andrea Broccardi Schelmi

      Harden’s brilliant defense on kawhi

      1. William Jones

        Are you serious?

      2. Cyn Yau

        Brilliant flop on Kawhi

    77. lilo lilo

      Clippers vs Warriors in WCF

    78. Dissent

      Obviously harden was acting or should i say it is a flop.

    79. Hadit Fikri

      Is PG foul out?

    80. DEjuanma

      Unbelievable the call at the end

      1. DEjuanma

        @Lukáš Tóth yeah. Very smart on harden though, but is the league and the refs who should avoid that

      2. Lukáš Tóth

        And now imagine LeBron's layups... They would have to call it almost every time.

    81. wilbert sininajan

      flop all the way

    82. Kevin Durant

      i never even played btw

      1. buk kuk

        They dont need U cup-cake .. -) ... Nets 've got so many shooters .. they'll push KD to focus exclusivelly on .. D-fence .. -) ..

      2. Kevin Durant

        @Mixbass thanks mate

      3. Mixbass

        I “didn’t” even play...

    83. Simone Miotto

      It s incredibile to see Harden on difense

      1. Simone Miotto

        @Josh Harrison funny

      2. Josh Harrison

        And it’s incredible that u can’t spell defence

    84. Ekundayo Otaro

      That last call on kwali was a tough one though

    85. jonaswhacked

      Told ya since day one of the season, Harden is MVP 🤘🔥🚀

    86. lindsey

      This game was intense. ✨ Without KD.. They won. 🤩

      1. Basti van RIHJN

        Lindsey u are a thing of beauty 🤩

    87. G A

      Harden hacked the flopping item potion. 😛😛😛 lol

    88. Irwn Ayb

      Would love to this Nets go against an in-form Warriors in the Finals. I guess not this year.

      1. Kilik

        KD VS Steph sounds epic

    89. JP H

      Nets fans high asf when they won by refs help most rigged game this season

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        @1 2 I thought sweety

      2. 1 2

        clippers fan salty af LMAO😂

    90. Murad Kuzukov

      Wow Kyrie Irving slam dunk

    91. Kensith L

      OK i am a harden fans but thats really not a offensive foul.

      1. Zeek Zeek

        This is the best defense i’ve seen from harden

      2. aßß

        Noo foul

      3. B B


      4. Dj Genius

        @Edo Selekta Konekta so the officials never missed a call? Harden fouled him first...

      5. Edo Selekta Konekta

        @Dj Genius ...Public sentiment aside, foul is a foul. The rule book agrees. And the officials knows the in and out of the book better than you and I and the officials. Deal with it.

    92. Vyir

      I like how people Trash talk on Harden but then disappear on games like this

      1. William Jones

        He won because of refs.

      2. JP H

        James harden won bc of refs help... he is biggest flopper

    93. finni angelie

      i think the team clippers can lose right? team NETS it turned out that the team clippers was defeated team nets let the team clippers win never lose again i want the team clippers to survive to always win be the best team clippers NUMVER ONE 💪🤛🤜👈👉

    94. ÆH 88

      Floss Angeles

    95. Div-E Sepid

      omg! the enoying voice is back!!!! change it!!!!!!

      1. bruno eugenio

        the voice is fine, your spelling though!!!!!

    96. Takaedza Chirowodza

      I was supporting clippers for the first time. Such a disappointment

      1. Takaedza Chirowodza

        @JL77 im not an American so I switch a lot

      2. JL77

        Do Americans just switch who they support? Is that a thing? 😂

    97. Илья Пьер

      Левый свисток на последнем владении🤕🤕🤕

    98. Sedrik Pocuch

      These two teams will meet again in the finals

    99. Nico Landwehr

      Nets in a flow

    100. John Red

      @2:04, that was the greatest defensive play ever by James Harden!!!Big round of applause!!

      1. ethan tan

        @crema depruta haha mad

      2. crema depruta

        greatest defensive flopper