Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

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    Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Weegeepie

      That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode

      1. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

        @On37vN Ronnie committed suicide 3 years ago

      2. On37vN

        @The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer chill what’d they do to you? They’re just spamming not killing people jeez

      3. Awesome Zaccy

        @Top Movie Clips bad

      4. Maroon Gamerz


      5. Adrian Miller

        Is Luigi playing a game?

    2. Adrian Santos

      Happy birthday

    3. Mr Mozy

      I wanted at least 5 theories lol

    4. Ad ghalwa

      Hey you should check fnaf 2 mobile with an update it is different

    5. mochabubbletea_

      Ok what if you DO play as Micheal in Fnaf 4. I know it may sound like a stretch but listen. Micheal could be having nightmares about him causing his brother to be bit, which would explain the stomach mouths in another way. "But what about the IV, Pills, and Flowers?" You may ask, and I can answer that too. The IV is simple, Micheal saw his brother either die or just be in the hospital. The pills are depression medication for Micheal, and the Flowers are burial flowers for the crying childs funeral. Thank you for reading.

    6. owl captain

      so, lawrence won.

    7. Mel Parker

      then what is Roxy



    9. Houston Shiel

      No foxy Sad Roxy noises

    10. Sofie Feliz Arita

      Happy 10th anniversary month i did watch this on the relis date i am a bad speller :/

    11. YouTube idiot vlogger

      I hope that puppet is in it in some way shape or form in my point of view puppet is a good guy because hes just trying to help the souls get revenge

    12. RTG

      As a long time Game Theory fan, this is a treat.

    13. Heyy.Its_Lia

      I love the FNAF series on this channel but I wanted to reference one point Matt made in a previous video (“Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?”) about confirmation bias. He states that with these theories that there’s a need to be more precise. Although he states that these are “mini theories” I think it would be more accurate to call them mini hypotheses.

      1. Heyy.Its_Lia

        In theory one alone the contradicting evidence would be that in the trailers the animatronics appear to be chasing Gregory or searching for him, 2 unknown animatronic voices (one male and one female) appear to be seeking out Gregory, and finally in the close up face shots they show every animatronic with red eyes and fading light or actively chasing Gregory except Glam Rock Freddy (making it seem as though Freddy is the only “friendly” animatronic).

    14. D1sgraced

      i havent checked this channel in 2 years and we still talking about fnaf.........


      "We will some point at this series will be force to fight a giant trash bunny possessed by a serial killer" Sounds like Eren Yeager got reincarnated as a titan bunny

    16. Dan

      What... what year is it?

    17. Hey you. You're finally awake.

      Hey MatPat. You probably won't see this, but I feel like I may have found something that could be lore related. Here's what I heard. In the PS State of Play livestream, there was a SB trailer showing the animatronics booting up. When you see Roxanne, the music sounds similar to the start of Ballora's music box music (Crumbling Dreams), except it's in a higher key. This probably isn't too important, but I just thought it was an interesting detail.

    18. YeetNoodle

      I think its just sad that theres no toy foxy because foxy is our laddy boi

    19. cj gaming

      Mat is like purple guy he canot esape fnaf

    20. abklm

      i loved puppet era

    21. Sean Simon LuRes

      I thought that the statue was canon, so I was like, We be riding FREDDY BOI

    22. NCOcham

      Wow, has it been that long? I remember watching your Mario video. It was, and still is, my favorite.

    23. Yanuel Gaming

      roxy em i a joke to you

    24. Yell 245

      What if Baby didn't influence William directly? What if William had some kind of stimulus to fight like if Baby was whispering "don't worry, dad. I'm with you" and that's why he was so weak when she left. But it would only work if Baby was William's daughter in books, so...

    25. Annie_Bear


      1. Yell 245


    26. alexdabestgaybro

      but who said that baby wasn't being some what controlled by Something? didn't she get killed by Afton's creation's? I don't exactly get or know the whole lay out of fnaf so sorry if this doesn't make since but then again who said she wasn't always a villain

    27. Rebecca kirkman

      ummm no your roge

    28. alexdabestgaybro

      damn great job man

    29. Taylor Monk

      Wait...has the Game Theory intro song been dropping in pitch over the years and I just never noticed?

    30. Linda H.

      Everybody gangster until the fnaf end credits says "Based on a true story."

    31. Huntersky 2105

      As much as I love this theory, and how many people how probably already said this, but as much as I love to see the toy animatronics return, their parts are no longer haunted since they burned in the box of parts in the fnaf 3 fire

    32. Anderson Green

      I had a theory about In the Flesh and how it connects to the games. I believe that they used some of the assets from Springtrap’s revenge and use them to make Grim Foxy’s Corn Maze. More of a joke theory I have is the animatronic arm at the end of the Security Breach trailer is the Springtrap Matt cut out of his stomach at the end of In the Flesh.

    33. bob johnson

      I missed the 2012-2015 animation.

    34. This random dude Lol

      Far stretch this but it’s called security breach right maybe because it’s a child breaking into a Freddy joint or because of the fnaf 2 phone call where it states and I quote “like somebody messed with the facial technician” coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    35. I’malternate You

      Let’s just say...”FNAF book 1. 𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙞𝙩." The ball pit in the game...oh- this seems like a connection. I dunno. Tell me you’re thoughts.

    36. Chloe

      Is it at all possible that the crying child could be Gregory? In the trailer we can see Gregory in the same striped shirt as the crying child, and knowing Scott that’s not a mistake

    37. Cullum Booker

      If the animatronics are toy animatronics that would explain why the animatronics help you it's during the day and Vanny is in "bunny form" when it's night the animatronics are trying to get you and Vanny is trying to help you.

    38. Kristy Mathieu


    39. Random Reaper 死神

      Fnaf is SAO confirmed

    40. Antboy 64

      Watching GT withought the slight background chimes really makes you miss it.

    41. J.W. Music

      I think that Gregory might be the crying child because the line that psychic fredbear says "remember what you saw" could be Vannie killing someone and the idea of the spring lock suits came from Gregory hiding inside the animatronics and purple guy taking that idea and amping it up and making suits

    42. Sebastián Santos Colón

      What if the nightmare-like hand that appears in the security breach trailer is the Afton amalgamation?

    43. Raccoonodile

      can we just talk about how insane gumdrop angel's cover is?

    44. Gamer addicted mike

      Mat pat there is a new Fnaf guid book

    45. HIIRETS

      You should put spoiler alert

    46. シs̶u̶g̶e̶r̶c̶a̶n̶d̶y̶シ

      Yesterday was the channels birthday :>

    47. Nikolai S.

      One of my favourite thing is the buffed freddy on the logo

    48. Grady Plays cool games

      What if Michael Afton died in fanf 1 and sister location u play as a simulation/robot

    49. Blue-Eyes Reborn The Dragon

      In every good horror story there is the beginning, the middle and twist.

    50. table

      Dang it 1 day of D;

    51. Princess Kadachi

      Matt: “ Fnaf 2 didn’t have a Toy Foxy” Me: “Matt...Mangle...Mangle was Toy Foxy but on Night 2 of FNAF 2..Phone Guy mentioned Her being taken apart by kids, and the repair guys just dubbed her Mangle”

    52. the LoL show

      LOL 2011 was a special year for me not only for game theory being made also something else special

    53. The1AnimatedCat

      I hope the movie comes out soon

    54. Alexi Thompson

      No no it's not baby its Elinor another clown

    55. cactis boy 25

      Matt needs to make a channle called anime theroy with a purple color to it

    56. Joana Paola Rama

      Oml im back with matpats theories

    57. Charlie Trejo Valdes

      what if when the animatronics chase u then u are the security guard and when u are the kid than they help u this doese'nt makes sense but the security gaurd looks like elizabeth she has blonde hair and green eyes

    58. Platy Boi

      i know matpat wont see this and no one will like the idea but the little book graphic you use for the fnaf book i belive when fnaf is over you should sell the book telling the story in its full

    59. joe the pro

      Who do you think Roxanne Fox is? 2:50 - 9:03

    60. joe the pro

      Happy Late Anniversary!

    61. Richa Sharma

      What if the trash bunny aka afton is the monstor at the of the trailer?

    62. jade campbell

      i feel like this could be classified as 3 diet theories

    63. Angela Bays

      I think animal games

    64. KittyLitty

      That intro dammmm I do feel old

    65. Choco Buni this is a interesting theory that Crying child is the vengeful spirit not Cassidy. And another thing bout Willam

    66. Čumpić

      Guys new chica doesnt have blue eyes like the old one

    67. LemonAide Bee

      The images from the books give me SO MUCH ANXIETY AND FEAR. I really shouldn't watch these alone in my semi-lit room.😭

    68. BotMattiXD

      They really use Jake from brooklyn nine-nine

    69. Bluey

      there is a foxy

    70. Static Noice

      Puppet era = best era! Omg that brought back fond memories

    71. Adrian Miller

      Mat pat, what was the bunny in into the pit in the first story, its quite odd

    72. Munjee

      15:39 that's kinda similar to yellow temperance in jojo part 3

    73. Cyclops

      It’s so weird hearing him talk about Security Breach in the 2014 style

    74. Fishy

      when he was talking about that you will control the animatronics i dont think so am pretty sure you will only be able to hide in them i assume that you will switch between greggery and the security guard when you said the animatronics hate adults it means that you will be able to switch to the security guard at certain times to get the animatronics to run you and maybe crash into the gates or you come from the other side of the gate and let them break it for greggery to go through

    75. Manizheh Shahdostipor

      Hey matpat.i thought the game must have 4 or 3 different endings. A bad ending:vanny gets you. A good ending:the glamrocks help you fight canny and the defeat her:a secret ending:you'll meet afton and then he infects you:a super secret ending:you'll be saved by the security guard

    76. Jaxz & Vir

      I only watched this after the first episode remake and I jokingly wanted to click away after MatPat's final thought popped up

    77. ignatioandi

      FNAF just make a metroidvania style game

    78. Liv_Gubbins

      Wait... How did the spring locks malfunction at the bite of 83' ?

    79. Not Epic Stuff

      It's been 6 years and still not done???

    80. The Gevolver

      idk but i think Scott is just adding new content to the game and its no way related to the lore idk just sayin

    81. Ella

      Damn Matt got us good with the nord VPN promotion

    82. Ella

      Mind blow 🤯

    83. ak playss

      also glamrock chica and toy chica are twins but diffrent

    84. ak playss

      you will not be monty they have same plates like freddy but the two or three are hostile because of vanny hacked the animatronics but the freddy and chica didnt get hacked but in the trailer chica is hostile being hacked by vanny my theory not yours also bonnie is not in the security breach its just an easter egg

    85. The man behind the gaming

      WAIT MATPAT it could be Enard because he did a PERFECT impersonation of baby so what if Enard was controlling the trash

    86. Suez200F.4

      Bruh April 30th is my BIRTHDAY I wont be able to watch the livee

    87. Jordan Levine

      happy bday game theorists

    88. Kamira Miller

      Nobody The animatronics Kids = good Adults= bad Teens= I don't know

    89. Kangus Shangus

      Peralta give me my life back.

    90. кαт s

      Happy anniversary for this!!!

    91. Ian Waters


    92. Aliona Chavez

      And second in the silver eyes graphic novel the rooms under the stages looks like the fnaf5 office for custom night part

    93. Aliona Chavez

      First maybe the blackbird suit in the blackbird might be a body snatcher as well

    94. Aliona Chavez

      I have a lot of theories

    95. XxSnas_Gaming xX

      “Writers: Matthew Patrick” No, no, no. It’s either Matrick Patrick or Matthew Patthew, no other way

    96. Julian Laksana

      Starts with children getting murdered to an army of serial killers. Looks like everything that happened before help wanted is only a minor danger compared to this one

    97. Bruh


    98. Adrubb Adventures

      what the HECK could be WORSE that William Afton? I mean the man is a serial child murderer for crying out loud!

    99. Adrubb Adventures

      Me: "baby rabbits are always cute." Also Me: (reads Fazbear Frights In the Flesh): "I was wrong! I was horribly wrong!"

    100. Destiny Stapleton

      the crying child’s name is joesph and bonnies name is lucas. pleaseeeee do a theory over this!! i’ve learned sm watching these fr!

      1. Scott Cotton

        All of those are fanmade and not canon