Giant Lizard Takes Over Store

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6 Mio. aufrufe305

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    1. NoodlePanda

      One of the best Daily Doses I have ever seen.

      1. bubble


      2. Fadilah J

        SO TRUE

      3. Aggamis Animations


      4. Pondy Playz


      5. pspao e


    2. L M

      those airplane crew have better comfortable journey than the first class passenger

    3. shajahan MP

      DEfasts: *shows Back to School Ads* Me: 1:56

    4. Anwin

      Omg god the frog jump made me jump to antarctica

    5. Vantazzy

      Flat Eatheners meet another: World upside down!

    6. Anahita anahita

      The frog be like : what kind of sh*t is this 0:30

    7. Neoz [GD]

      Me when I see my stupid face in the mirror: 1:58

    8. Nitish

      Hello everyone, my grandfather is in serious condition due to covid 19. Please pray for him to get well soon. He is on ventilator .please pray for him to get well soon . his name is Mr tek ram. Our whole family is under immense mental stress. Please pray for his good health. Please.

    9. Asher Thomas

      Mrs Kipling is that you?

    10. Lux

      “Ravi get your crocodile”

    11. Konstantinos Papadopoulos

      What is the name of that lizard? Is that a komodo dragon?

    12. SyRRo

      Someone tell that lizard to where a mask in the store /smh

    13. Antapex

      Godzilla vs Kong: Taiwan edition

    14. Lonnie Dotson

      Mrs. Kipling! Get down from there

    15. ryutsuki

      fulgencio de compras

    16. STRABARY


    17. STRABARY


    18. Zoodl3

      my first thougt: godzilla

    19. Drew Lee



      The footage is from Thailand I recognize it and I'm Thai haha

    21. hiface1123

      Damn, Godzilla got a lot smaller after he fought King Kong.

    22. Selina Luo Qiu

      That lizard be like these are trash

    23. King_Marvelous

      What is Ms.Kipling doing here?

    24. Sinx

      These lizard or animal situations happen EVERYWHERE but North America (excluding Arizona)

    25. Woody

      0:41 ah. Cat allergies. Gotta love it.

    26. Beluga Whale

      My tall friend at the pool 1:00

    27. Beluga Whale

      At 41 seconds) Me during allergy season

    28. Blurry Face


    29. Fascinating Echo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I'd faint of that lizard was in front of me

    30. Internet duck

      i would have given the lizard a hug

    31. Flurbify

      Jeez *daily dose of internet* you spoiled the Jaurasic park 2..

    32. Booper Dooper Productions

      someone needs to take that motion capture footage and use it to animate peter griffin

    33. Tobey White


    34. Anna Sikora

      0:07 dew Karen

    35. Frog in A bucket

      Godzillas just trying to find a place to chill

    36. Q E D

      Where are the store staff ? (they should be challenging that Lizard for not wearing a mask !)

    37. Adil Osman

      That cat be tripin

    38. Lonely Sea

      The water monitor in the first clip is called "Hia" in Thailand. This word is rude when it's used with people. If you were called Hia, it means you are a very bad person. This water monitor has no fatal poison like kodomo in Indonesia. Actually, they will run away as fast as they can when they see human. The one in the clip entered a 7-11 shop which has slogan in Thailand like "Come visit us whenever you are hungry". So, you can not blame this guy. LOL

    39. seigasuki

      Meanwhile in Thailand... 🐉

    40. Thel ‘Vadum

      I’m lucky enough to have seen a monitor lizard in Thailand at 10 years old, and it was so cool.

    41. Jake 81


    42. Jamarcus Washington

      I had one of those monitor lizards. You do not want to mess with these things.

    43. aRandom_Toaster1 Roblox

      The lizard is the Karen of the store.

    44. chLOVEx

      huskies always be the most dramatic 💀

    45. Vizzit

      Cool teaser for the upcoming King Kong vs Godzilla movie

    46. ASalt Nado

      Don't need the play by play just let the videos play

    47. Fgteev fan

      its a comodo dragon

    48. Verma

      Beautiful, happiness, stability,courage, stability, mercy, beauty, wisdom, wiseness,dimensionless,wiseness, separation,beauty,happiness,safety,humbleness,pateince,Separation, covered, honesty,control,

    49. Jaxson Walton

      1:53 me so me

    50. Human

      The lizard be like bruhhhhh

    51. GreenSuit98

      Lizard: store owner, can I eat all of this? Store cashier: you don’t have enough money for that.

    52. mooshroom - moo


    53. Go̸ ղց

      Ayo Godzilla chill

    54. Jenie

      that toad video is just comedic gold..hahahahahha I cant stop laughing

    55. Shadow Bringer

      Ok dude. You are swimming in the ocean (for some god damn reason) and you see a whale jump right below you...Are you guys out of your god damned minds?

    56. Aesthetic Plays :]

      Mrs.Kipling looks different here 🧐 (from Jessie, if you’re confused)

    57. ItsAGreatDayToBeDead

      Man's Just Wanted Some Yogurt

    58. Jared Keller

      It's the lizard from jesse trying to find the dvd

    59. THE CIRCLE

      Those monitor lizard seems very well fed It could be someone pet

    60. Bansheee

      0:35 hypnotoad origin story

    61. 李威志

      1:24 One of the best yipees I've heard.

    62. Rebecca Bracewell

      It’s all fun in games until that bridge falls-

    63. Antinxix

      No one: *nothing* Meanwhile in Australia:

    64. Ashyzn

      Shes just trying to get tampons! let her be!

    65. Enrico 03

      Nobody Australia:

    66. SGoodie


    67. JulianNotCreepd

      Is that Ms. Kipling?

    68. Sander Kristiansen

      0:29 I'm not sure how to feel about this one

    69. unikitty zara2020

      revenge is sweet for frogys's

    70. alexojay

      1:58 my mom when being told to wear a mask

    71. Calvin Davis

      This dude's voice is so depressing. Honestly jealous of how he must make so much money from just looking up other peoples videos and putting them together.

    72. Alexus Mojica pastoral

      Godzilla havin fun when his atomic breath comes out

    73. ⟭⟬ ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ ᴊᴏɪʏᴀ ⟭⟬

      People: SeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHHHHH SeeeeeeeeeeeeeHHHHH you chose violence.

    74. momin Sheikh

      The lizard be like so where is my cream

    75. DiegoPlays 2021

      Doctor: don’t worry the vaccine won’t hurt Kid in the other room: 1:58

    76. George Washington

      At first I thought that thing had 2 heads

    77. Shark

      Thats a bloody dinosaur

    78. That One DUD

      This one gets me all the time 1:52

    79. random thing doer

      lizard: *where da hell da chimken at*

    80. Rohan

      "So yeah we have a reptile problem" "Snake?" "Nah it's a giant fucking lizard"

    81. cyrus around the world

      SCP 682 0:21

    82. yoofer121

      2:30 , there is clearly a residual crystal of some substance in the eye of Washington, at max zoom. I wonder what it could be.

    83. Spirit Wolf

      that dollar is a map for a treasure

    84. Xenomorph

      0:44 my cat got some medical conditions and he does like all the time. He'll sneeze like this for minutes straight.

      1. bunny

        That is so cute😭😭

    85. Ofentse Mwase Films

      If that happened to my store, it's no longer my store. It's his!

      1. gen ❶

        @You Must Be Perfect shut up

      2. Pramod Poddar

        Hey! Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down

      3. Ayaka blank


      4. You Must Be Perfect

        Sin leads to hell, keep focused, the devil is on earth to destroy your soul. But God wants to give you everlasting Joy. But our sin is keeping this from happening. You must stop sinning and turn to Jesus Christ he is your only hope. He can save you from eternal suffering under the Earth, where hell is hot

      5. You Must Be Perfect

        To watch scientific evidence of Hell video

    86. Kangus Shangus

      I saw this somewhere else and it said in the Philippines 🇵🇭 when, I (a Filipino) can’t even understand the words. Talking about the first clip.

    87. gim abihc

      2:58 White people are really crazy!

    88. Filbert Jonathan


    89. ツMiilkity

      Sorry that lizard grew while i was feeding it on the couch

    90. George Johnson

      0:49 kinda expecting the monke having a swim

    91. Evelyn Dreamer

      Ain't nobody talking about the frog

    92. Johnny Boyer

      Man Mr. Kipling really let himself go😔

    93. LinzBelle

      lizard just wanted to sit under a lightbulb. lol

    94. Alice Harris

      Leave him alone he just wants his ramen from the top shelf

    95. Nicole Kim

      Hi Mrs Kipling 🤷‍♀️😂

    96. Ivy

      The frog one though was hell funny asf

    97. French Dababy

      0:31 Me And The Boys Having A Sleepover

    98. Liboll

      The lizard just hates the products

    99. Megan Elway

      0:30 the frog: shut up or I'll GET YOU