Glass Playstation 4!! Custom Hand Built!


2,5 Mio. aufrufe706

    We hand built a CUSTOM see-through Playstation 4 console!
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    1. rafael alvarez


    2. 이광재

      나도 플스 저렇게만들면 신기하겠다 했는데 이분은 그냥 내 상상을 실현으로 만들어주시네

    3. Albo Albonatot

      At next a glass controllrr

    4. Stas Alekseev

      Shat up and take my many

    5. DarkerPath

      This is sick .. nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    6. deez nutz gamer

      A glass ps4 would scare me because of temperature shock one when it's cold and then it all of a sudden gets hot

    7. Dominic Miller

      How much. I pay top dollar

    8. IGoingHamX3

      Do an Xbox now

    9. alejandro anguiano

      That’s amazing! Do you make especial orders as an Xbox one ?

    10. Dan C

      This is so sick!!! I want one so so so so so bad!!!

    11. Adrian Medina

      DEfasts algorythm: At this point he'll watch anything!

    12. rip feeling


    13. YounG FresH

      Can I buy This?

    14. waffles


    15. Nick Bailey

      The only down fall about it is how are you going to fixe apart if something doesn't work?

    16. Jonatan Siregar

      Please restoration PS 5

    17. Rey Davs

      Hi 2026

    18. Theodor Eskesen

      This video had me cringing!... The disregard and total ignorence of the mainboard, CPU cooler ... There's a reason why there's a big flat metal plate on each side of the mainboard, and that's to ground IT proberly and reduce the High frequency noise from being introduced into the electronics. You don't EVEEER glue the heatsink on to the CPU! Why? Because you can't press the heatsink tight and hard enough with your bare hands, to press out any air bobbles and press the cooler paste in to the Grooves of Both the CPU and the heatsink. You ARE A Dumbass! Tho the design and the idea of making the chassis in Glass is pretty cool, you should've just stick with that and the left the rest as is!

    19. Giomar Martina

      wonder if i can get that from him

    20. F4Z6

      when you said ohhh yees i shit myslef cuz its 3am and the audio sounds so real

    21. F4Z6

      imagine if there was a fingerprint in the middle

    22. igor Mikael Cardoso

      Top mn

    23. T3KM_Misterdeath187

      You're talented I'll give you that but that was just dumb to glue the heat sink to the Apu now you can't change out the thermal paste 4:10

    24. Paulo Vinícius

      Alguém do Brasil? Mano o vídeo game vai explodir, kd as saídas de ar?

    25. TodoSceme


    26. ZYNKZ 1

      Can u do an xbox

    27. JINXD

      I am still very confused on how the air is going to circulate 💀 he didn't make wholes for circulation

    28. Neru

      Cool looking ps4 but over heating for sure.

    29. Leonardo Ferretti

      Me ne spedisci uno di case per la PS4,?

    30. Area 55 Detectorismo

      Muita mão, eu já teria desistido no desmontar o cooler

    31. tute Game Play

      where does that play station breathe? and how long does it take to melt, is the design great but is it better in performance?

    32. Samuel [GD]


    33. ML_6475

      Imagine the ps5

    34. averagedkid44

      Should've added interchangeable lights

    35. Skally-kun

      That isnt glass

    36. frxpzxs

      Frxpzxs was here 🌚

    37. Pathogen_fil

      mmmmmmm missing APU clamp, possible bluelight of death in the future 19:01

    38. Arriaga Two

      Next project: glass casket

    39. Turbo ModzTM

      Y cuando le vayas hacer limpieza interna y cambio de pasta termina le metes un martillazo para despegar el pegamento jajajaja

    40. Yey Comunication

      I want see how change the hdd went is broken, or power supply, or fan cpu cooler.

    41. Aryan Kohli

      I would give this build a repairibility score of 0 out of 10 . Cool though.

    42. ZShaun

      POV: u had no idea what was going on the entire video but u still watched it anyway

    43. ZShaun

      U really just gotta be a different type of elite to be able to do this

    44. Bl ack

      If it have rgb that’s so cool

    45. danp p

      Does this void your warranty and when will it be sold for people to buy and how long does it work for

    46. Domingos Gatti

      Eu tenho um totem do PS 4 original....a venda

    47. DeJaun Blackford

      While it looks cool, this is by no means practical my guy. It's great eye candy, but devices like this need maintenance over time. If any of those parts go out, which they did quite often on the PS4, you're going to have a helluva hard time getting it apart and refitting into the build. Instead of gluing the standoffs to the board, I'd have recommended countersunk screw-holes on either end to ensure you could still get it apart without issue. Removing the heatspreaders and RF shields is also another pair of troublesome points. It works for now, but maybe a MK-2 is in order?

    48. ylli sulejmani

      you made fast video no

    49. Диман Пасат

      where is the air inlet for cooling? and right there where the hot air outlet? how to change the hard drive? how to clean dust and carry out maintenance?

    50. Norilsk Fun Drift

      Боковая вентиляция гдэээ

    51. chanraj100

      Wow pretty amazing should have install some leds light

    52. Nick's fishing channel

      To be honest at the end I thought he was going to smash it 😂

    53. Strange Ostrich Gamer


    54. Dylan Desker

      glass controller lol edit: never mind i’ll get angry

    55. Bartix cz

      Please Glass ps5

    56. Cookie Monster

      U should do a ps5

    57. Hartbreak1

      Goodbye intake and exhaust ports 😂

    58. Eddyy Maalva

      Good job but... where are the holes for refrigeration?

    59. XxHybridXWolfxX

      Ps4 Pro?

    60. Leonardo Carandente

      more correct to say plastic than glass

    61. Zombie Killa

      Bruh how u gone clean it now

    62. ThatConman339

      All fun and games till you need to get back inside and everything’s glued 🧐

    63. 風吹けば名無し


      1. M S


    64. erwin villanueva

      As I watch did I miss a step! to were you can remove the top so can clean the dust off just in case!?.

    65. Edwin Mwas

      Should've added some leds

    66. Flamming _YT

      Put leds in it

    67. james bhrixt

      That's pretty much plastic. Not real glass but still sick

    68. Gonzalo Medina

      Nice ps4 but it will be hard to do maintenance to that

    69. Mohamad Sy

      Wow! I planted a rose, did the bell, and I like and comment. Good luck everyone 🎆🌹 I hope you get it

    70. Санёк Чулков

      циркуляция воздуха, просто до свидания...

    71. Jr Guerrero

      i want this so bad really hw much???

    72. Jr Guerrero

      how much would you charge to do one????


      Me pregunto yo como hará la ventilación la ps4 como cambiara la pasta térmica como cambiara el disco duro como la limpiará interna mente y como hará que no se caliente?

    74. Jeremy Ochoa

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 "glass"☠☠☠

    75. Alexander Horobiowski

      How much would you charge if I wanted you to make me one if I sent you the PS4

    76. Last_Surprise

      Why are your hands so pale? Multiple times in the video I had to do a double take because it looks like you're wearing gloves

    77. Draven


    78. javier talavera

      Si tuviera riales te lo compro, es increíble

    79. Miguel Chacon

      The adaptation of the case looks great but there is one thing that is not noticeable that it was made, it does not have vents or air outlets for the ps4 cooler or cooler and it does not have the press that is placed on the lower part of the processor. It goes with the plate and 2 screws but the acrylic is great

    80. Dustin Siedlik

      This is cool but were the air vents at the gose on the side

    81. Олег Топоров

      Такого рукожопства я еще не видел, приклеивать к плате на клей...

    82. KDK King

      This looks cool until the glass starts turning yellow

    83. DUIK Silver

      make on ps5 if you can,,:-|:-P^_^(^^)o:-)B-)8-):^):,-):-*:-((+_+)(TT)O_o(*_*)O_o:0:0=-O=-O

    84. Tulelo

      No cabe duda de que es un genio xd

    85. NamelesShade

      Imagine his dropped it trying to show it off

    86. Seba Ríos

      Porque no hizo la play 5

    87. Caique Wesley

      Alerta de erro, saída de ar não foi feita...

    88. lI N1NJA Il

      The disc tho😫😫😫😫

    89. レム派

      That's so cool!

    90. JP T

      Muy buena la creación, pero le falto considerar las entradas y salidas de ventilación

    91. Z5

      Is no one going to realize that it isn’t glass, it’s acrylic.


      Haha ps4 go crcrcrshschshyccrcr when dropped

    93. Kenji Lee

      Imagine someone switch ps5 and ps4 system

    94. Christian Taylor

      Where are u gonna plug your charger in

    95. MIMIH22A

      How to fuck a ps4 in 3 easy steps: Step 1: add no new thermal paste Step 2: glue the heatsink loosely Step 3: add no vents for ventilation

    96. Moritz Mödlin

      U should have called it: "Transparent Ps4 ASMR build"

    97. Code name B-127

      This is what you called impressive

    98. Guillermo Martínez

      Le ha quedado más clean que el baño de las mujeres

    99. Tom Pitarch


    100. Mikajane