Golden Field CPU Cooler Shootout: Random Amazon crap pt. 2

Dawid Does Tech Stuff

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    I bought a bunch of Golden Field coolers from Amazon to see if any of them are decent.
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    1. Dawid Does Tech Stuff

      Hey! I forgot to mention in the video, but we recently started a Dawid Does Twitch Stuff channel. It has a bunch of highlights from my Twitch stream. Go check it out here:

      1. Saeema FN

        @Dtr146 that's straight facts tho. Hope David sees that comment.

      2. Dtr146

        No offense to you but your sponsor is literally just putting software on a USB Type-C flash drive. There's downloadable wallets that you can put on flash drives not to mention you can always keep a text file on a flash drive that has all your passwords on it

      3. Wolf Is Bad

        david add to comparison wraith prism cooler as well, i'm so curious to see how that one performs compared to wraith stealth and others in same category, here people are actually selling those for 30 euros

      4. Ricardo Inverardi

        Not related to the coolers but why does everything have to have RGB lighting? I'm looking at mechanical keyboards and they all seem to have glowing keys.

      5. Saeema FN

        @Cunsert3 no.

    2. Admin ANRO

      The jet turbine one looks very cool, i want one now 😉

    3. Majima Nowhere

      That jet turbine would go great with an aircraft-themed build. Like if the case was grey camo with some nose art on the front, grey/black interior theme, an f-22 model inside... fuck, now I want to start building

    4. G1G3L

      Today is the day that I finally found out that ''AIO'' from AIO Cooler stands for "All In One". Never bothered to google search the acronym so I just called them radiators

    5. Dani Renlund

      Got silverstone 240 argb aio with fx 8300 @4.9ghz and it perform really good, gonna test one of those cheap aios some day and see it it blows😂

    6. blacksheep shepherd

      That turbine cooler is good 👍

    7. Scripturenest


    8. RIchard Gorman

      The audacity! Replacing the Dollerama knife. Dollerama is a Canadian national treasure, HOW DARE YOU. All jokes aside keep yup the good work.

    9. RavBunneh

      Weird Cooler: I got the Snowman (4 heat pipe cooler, no rgb) on Aliexpress for $12 and it is quiet and works great on my Ryzen 5 3600. lol

    10. Illectryx/server642

      Take a drink every time Dawid says “actually” 😝

    11. A random piece of fruit

      “granny fiddler” Great wording there Dawid

    12. Hahauravirgin


    13. Ghozer

      "If you didn't see the previous video, i'll link it in the description below....." Me: 'Checks description...' ......Wait a minute!!!!

      1. Dawid Does Tech Stuff


    14. Radiant Ansel

      I'm very, VERY tempted with that Jet Engine one because it really called my attention, it also matches the "Busou Shinki Strarf Waifu PC" I'm thinking to make, I really don't mind the sound, if even making it silent reduces temps from stock... Then doesn't seem so bad! btw, the first use case I can think of that mini-blue-cute one, is to be used on something like a Fractal Design Node 202 or Asrock Deskmini, way cheaper and more available worldwide like my third world country than Noctua's hahaha Still, thanks for this dude! Please stop me from watching that amazon page of the Jet Engine one btw....

    15. Cornelius Antonius

      Windwalker meets The Chronicles of Riddick

    16. Digital Signal Studios

      The Windwalker similarity, it's possible it is an actual CM unit. CM make a lot of coolers for other companies, so wouldn't surprise me if they licensed the heatsink and they just added their own fan design.

    17. jmich69

      3:20 that's not thermal paste, that's the icing for your Toaster Strudel

    18. Mike Lu

      Well as a Chinese kid who's been reading about PC parts since elementary school I've known Golden Field for about 15 years. Never ever had any of their products in possession tho. Their best selling parts were PC cases with built-in PSUs which were vastly popular back in those days. In our particular market they were a decent choice for the price (explains why they've existed for so long). I recall a brand called Big Buffalo which always marked the lowest end in the pricing column of our Popular Computer Weekly, and Golden Field would definitely have a lead to those stuff. The better choice local brands were Great Wall, HuntKey and SAMA, all of which had a series of best sellers for case/PSU bundles. Taiwanese and American brands were less seen. You'd still find them readily available if you live in big cities, tho. Cooler Master and Thermaltake were very recognized brands after all. For coolers there were definitely better deals even if we went with local brands only. PCCooler (Chaopin 3, "Overclock 3") and DeepCool (Jiuzhou Fengshen, "Wind God of China") dominated the market in almost every price range. But we tend to just focus on the price. So if case makers did manage to pull out some hot deals they'd sell no prob. It's not like paying double or triple the price for a cooler would get your lower mid-range tray CPU to perform much better with all those pennies you cut off from other parts. Price was kept low enough due to our vast production capacity, so were cases and case fans - the price shocked me when I went abroad - so it wasn't like that much to lose either if performance was mediocre.

    19. I'm watching you sleep

      If i was deaf, i'd buy that turbine cooler.

    20. The_Chad

      You're in a golden shower of Golden Field products!

    21. funghazi

      This is an awesome series, we could use more reviews of potentially-decent chinesium

    22. JayzBeerz

      i bought a vetroo V5 off Amazon for $24.00 and man it's a beast

    23. Mr. B

      Well when your baseline is something like an Intel Stock Cooler or a Wraith Stealth.....pretty much anything is gonna work.

    24. Caleb Ross

      If anyone see this, I'm just wondering if the prices he puts in his titles are CAD or USD because I'm from Canada and after stalking his page I'm getting conflicting signals, thanks in advance!

    25. Christian Hell

      Again..... in a really funny way you are quite mad😂😂😂😂

    26. Wisdomcube

      You keep saying they're loud but when you show them they seem quiet af. Is it just the mic used or whats up there?

    27. Mark Saxon

      I'm on my 4th desktop build with the Hyper 212 cooler and they have never let me down! I'm running an Intel i7-7700K undervolted to 1.3V and at stock speeds. Running stress tests, the CPU never goes past 63 degrees (usually averages around 59) and that's with me slowing down the fan speed to around 1100 rpm. It's super quiet and good a value. Not the coolest looking but it does the job.

    28. DELTACX10

      9:48 thats nithing, my pc is way louder but i dont understand why people care that much about a little noise. Most use headsets anyway.

    29. User321nl

      So you're saying.. buy the windwalker, toss out the included fans, strap a decent 120mm one on there and enjoy h212 performance for cheap? :D

    30. Josh Stanton

      Granny fiddler.... 😂💀

    31. TitanicTurtle5183

      That jet cooler looks absolutely sick

    32. Draco

      My boi here doing reviews on second hand chines coolers, damnn the shortage of parts is real.

    33. PARAD0X1CAL

      Gotta say, maybe the coolers are questionable, but their cases are actually pretty nice. Rocking the Goldenfield 5300 and loving it

    34. fujiuser1968

      Thank you for this,I was thinking of swapping my Hyper 212 evo (silver) for a budget(ish) AIO. ( on a AM3 9590FX) but I think I will keep it for a bit longer :-)

    35. Heyych

      Those don't sound loud to me unless provided dB

    36. Late AF Gaming

      Colloquially in the US at least a 'silver fox' is the male equivalent to calling a female a 'Cougar'. So more likely to fiddle younger women than grannies. But grannie fiddler is WAY funnier 😂

    37. PC Trash Talk

      I really like those flat blow down coolers.

    38. ianspy 1

      I use 2 fa for my password manager too though I use a NFC implant xD

    39. ABQCML

      Content creators, don't make videos in 18:9 aspect ratio. There goes the power saving advantage when watching older ratios. XD

    40. eirinym

      I'm not saying the Wind Walker is a Hyper 212 with a bunch of kitsch slapped to it, but...

    41. icanmakeeverythingilovedie

      What exactly is an 'industrial strength vibrator' and how do you know what it sounds like? 0_o

    42. Zestaro

      I'm a very fidgety person and I'm stimulated by sounds and textures. If my PC doesn't make a nice constant sound then I go insane.

    43. Thomas Budziak

      Compare those coolers to the intel stock cooler

    44. Jamie Canada

      I love my Hyper 212. :)

    45. devilmikey00

      I going to guess you had the hyper/fake hyper/aio all performing basically the same because the heat load wasn't high enough to take full advantage of their capabilities. Need something way hotter and more power hungry to see how they actually perform.

    46. chuckles de clown

      Wow, the tiny blue one could be used in like a small form factor case

    47. Questionable Commands

      3:13 I've a thermal paste pouch that looks like that which came with some replacement GPU fans. I keep it on my desk because I love the labeling on it: "Heat cunduction expert For LED CPU Cooler Used"

    48. Michael

      Thank you DAWIDDDD! 😊 Love the content brother. 👌

    49. Questionable Commands

      I picked up a Golden Field mini-itx chassis and DANG, is that case _almost_ good.

    50. mulgoon

      I have the 240g and man it's awesome for its price

    51. ThePhoenix

      I like your shirt

    52. ffwast

      We need more Golden Field (I hear the Golden Field N1 is actually a pretty decent ITX case)

    53. Tano

      the 212 clone is almost as expensive as the real 212, i was thinking on buying one and then changing the fans for a normal fan, but is almost as expensive

    54. Static Vapour

      Tear down that AIO se we can see what kind of stuff it is full of, who's design they have stolen and how flimsy it is all together. Or just send it to Steve over Gamer's Nexus for disassembly and review Not sure how much it would cost to send that from Canada to US

    55. the_fr0ggod

      You should give away this crap

    56. eben 36

      Golden field has a lot of “interesting” itx cases that I’ve seen. You should check them out lol they’re so dumb

    57. Wesley Dearman

      Jet cooler would be awesome for a plane themed sim rig build

    58. joe urban

      That turbine one looks so cool I wish it was quiet

    59. Tate Arseneau

      is there a software to edit goldenfield rgb?

    60. Kettle Industries

      Why does he look like a mad scientist and an explore at the same time

    61. Christopher Newman

      can you retest these with better fans? curious if they would still end up cheaper than competitors and quieter with good fans

    62. Christopher Newman

      that jet cooler looks so dope! shame its so loud

    63. ChaosInACan_

      Dawid is the most underrated guy I know hope it stays like that

    64. 3DP MAMSIH

      What inspect with budget coolers like that, don't inspect more expensive shit mean anything, I have the h100i and it's suck after one year

    65. Static

      That jet cooler actually looked so cool, I'm a plane nerd and i'm legit going to buy that cooler just to have it on a shelf

    66. X Razorsz X

      Weirdly i love their designs, imagine they did aftermarket GPU coolers, i feel like a small case making their wacky coolers like the turbine a centerpiece would be a fun idea on an older system

    67. Gray England

      I would be interested in watching Dawid present the "Industrial Strength Vibrator" comparison video. Adding in a slew of Facts he "just knows" somehow. It could work out to be one of the most awkward and funniest videos he's ever uploaded.

    68. win one soon

      i feel like most of these just need less plastic on them and they would gain way way more cooling power lol

    69. win one soon

      golden fields ultimate AIO the golden shower haha

    70. Ali The Alien

      I like the hey turbine cooler

    71. maxheadroom22and26

      Turn up volume and go... go... go... 8:49 9:22 9:45 11:05 11:46 Thank me later!

    72. karehaqt

      A Chinese company copying a design to sell as their own, colour me shocked.

    73. NIP

      Wel this company's products are rubbish in China as far as I know.

    74. SimpleMotions-2

      actually almost all ali express sellers who sell cpu's or bundles ship with thermal paste in that kind of packages.

    75. gen_angry

      Liquid AIO coolers are almost all Asetek coolers, they own the patent to the 'pump and waterblock in one'. This looks like one of those.

    76. Stadtionalist

      3:20 You must be new here

    77. DrearierSpider1

      3:50 Chad RandomGaminginHD has the real jet turbine cooler, not Virgin Dawid Does Tech Stuff

    78. Jeremy Martens

      I beg u to send them to gn

    79. Jeremy Martens

      Did you ask for sponsoring from Golden field?

    80. Gaming Talent

      You really shouldnt recommend these keys to cryptocurrency miners, everybody knows how easy it is to lose a physical thing, someone could lose their life's worth of work in a minute.

    81. Marc Weavers

      that small blue, for its size is good

    82. Cavey Möth

      There's nothing like all-in-one packaging smell.

    83. british internet user

      I love how they just stole the font on the boxes from the old Huawei logo.

    84. Mathew Hex

      I made a cooler like that jet engine looking one out of a soda can, I like to make stuff out of trash and then mine with it because it’s silly to literally make money out of garbage , it’s my middle finger to .. I dono.. the man or something. Yeah I replaced that crappy wraith stealth you have in your video with a cooler made out of mostly trash and smashed copper pennies and it works better... I made it in my garage with caveman tools I probably could have used a rock. I see you are also a man of taste and quality, as you, too, also have an apevia psu

    85. Not Fr4g

      tbh, the turbine cooler is looking sick.

    86. Nikolas Mak

      3:32 it looks like an nvidia cooler lol

    87. p tordoff

      granny fiddler lol nearly choked on my coffee

    88. Leigonaire762

      The thing im thinking of is what is IN the AiO.. you got a copper plate on the block (like u should do) but what about the Rad? aluminum or copper? if aluminum your going to get bi-metallic corrosion so the coolant is what im worried about. my Corsair H100i has corrosion inhibitors. i guess if they use just ethaline glycol (anti-freeze) it would be ok but still sketchy.

    89. Adam Grant

      If you liked Dawid's video before you even watch it like this comment lol

    90. Mark Friesen

      Everyone is giggling at “Granny fiddler” but it was “Costco arc reactor” that sent me over the edge

      1. Josh Stanton

        Granny fiddler. 😂😂😂😂

    91. Kansas Kidd

      All that's missing from this video is a lab coat and a couple evil laughs! Lol Love the content you produce. Keep up the great work

    92. Alex

      definitely gonna buy the goldenfield e04, i love noisy pcs

    93. Manjushri

      That AIO doesnt look terrible but they committed the cardinal (and all too common) sin of branding on the pump block.

    94. Kenneth Copeland

      this video represents 50% of Golden Field's 2021 profits

    95. Bullite

      I really wish you would record in more than 15 fps. It's hard to watch.

    96. ItsYaBoiThernage

      You should make a video on trying to make the loudest computer ever which seeing these cooler that seems easy to me lol

    97. adi irfan

      3:00 remind me of some idcooling stuff

    98. PCDYYD

      Using that very same Cooler Master 212 on my WoW computer... Ive swapped out the fan for rgb bling tho, i had those older mounting thingys from the past version, the newer ones are pain... Onmy Ryzen i am using Corsair A500. Havent really played onmy Ryzen, i builded it for Cyberpunk 2077, and yea xD Just waiting for Battlefield 6 now^^

    99. AAOMorpheus

      this calls for a Sus Walker to be fitted with a regular 120mm fan and tested, we may find we onto a possible winner. I see they also have a 6 heatpipe version, because 6 is better than 4, right? Irony has it they both more expensive than a H212-Black here in the UK

    100. Peter Long

      The luxuriant act resultspreviously guard because winter presently command down a aggressive daniel. wandering, conscious equipment