Golden Retriever Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time!

Funny Dog Bailey

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    Golden Retriever Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time! Dear friends! Our beautiful video today was filmed with unusually cute and defenseless animals. Walking with Bailey, Teddy and Rocky, we found 2 almost dying kittens, which are still very small and are not able to survive on their own. They needed a mom. At first, we warmed and fed them at home, and then our friends have a cat that gave birth to kittens and accepted these two as her own, she will take care of them. We are very sorry that we could not keep them for ourselves, since we could not give them such care as a mother cat. We filmed the reaction of our dogs to these cute kittens. Thank you friends for your understanding. We believe that kids will grow up healthy and beautiful and find their home. We love you!
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    1. Funny Dog Bailey

      Hey guys, see also: 🐾❤️ German Shepherd Rocky Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time! Bernese Mountain Dog Teddy Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time!

    2. Cynthia Long

      Lose the music.

    3. irisheyes317

      :53 Simon investigates!

    4. Manish Shrivastava

      I have never had a dog but I want one after seeing these videos.

    5. Zahi Caban

      Bai those tiny things are going to take my spot. 3 minites later they are cute.

    6. Gina Maria

      What a beautiful and sweet dog 🤗💕 so funny when he gave em the side eye 🤣

      1. Gary Noles

        Hello Gina how are you

    7. keller crucita

      Oh, Bailey!

    8. sergio giappi


    9. Mr Forevernever

      It's as if Bailey is wondering where the kittens Mother is.

    10. Lisa


    11. Sonia Jose

      Bailey is the Godfather 😘

    12. Frank Orandle

      Forcing a dog to accept another animal when the dog curled its lip TWICE is wrong. This is not cute in the slightest.

    13. Omar Alkollaly


    14. Master of the Arts

      So they're not even married and they keep getting animals to take care of instead of creating a family. She's controlling this guy BIG TIME. The more he keeps taking on, the more and more control she has. Sorry if you don't want to hear it. Get mad. Idc.

    15. Ishu art cafe

      Yeah definitely the best golden retriever on yt. He is so excited & like can't wait to play with them

    16. Angi Myers

      This video gave me so much anxiety! I had a large dog (American Staffordshire/German Shepherd) and fostered many, many orphan kittens. My girl loved all cats and kittens, and she relished helping each litter. She wanted them to nurse on her, bless her heart. But no matter how gentle, it's far too easy for a tragic accident to happen when jumping onto a bed with such small kittens. Think I aged 5 years with that jump.

    17. Monique Gazaix

      C est magnifique de voir ces animaux trop beau

    18. Alex Morgan

      Bailey: Savoury or sweet?

    19. 626


    20. Miss Mimi

      Sniffs and thinks: these ain’t dogs.

    21. Viviana Martell

      Do not make the dog suffer

    22. Mihaela

      He is calling the kitens mother and than turns his head bc he doesn't know how to hendle them.

    23. Chop Carry

      Would be nice without music. The things we see and hear from the video itself is a brilliant stmosphere itself.

    24. Linda Frizzell

      Sooooo Cute!

    25. Otávio França

      Que Golden mais lindo!❤

    26. DrVonChilla

      Bailey is NOT impressed.....

    27. Marildes Souza

      Q gracinha.

    28. Pratt BIT

      Adorables nos amies les bêtes .

      1. Gary Noles

        Hello prett how are you doing

    29. hugh jorgan

      1:08...Bailey thinking “If I don’t look at it it’s not real” lol

    30. Юлия Арефьева

      Какое чудо

    31. # RUDY

      Golden to Sunia mader kotka Low Dog.😍💕💋

    32. Lenny Mills

      he like get that kittens out of my face I ain't there daddy lol

    33. Maria Das graças

      Ciúmes 😂😂 🥰❤️

    34. tclass99

      Nope! Not getting me to babysit! Sorry! Not interested!

    35. serap küçükkırca


    36. lyon

      No me gusta que tortures de preocupación a tu perro...

    37. zha


    38. rebekah boerboom

      73 people didn't like this? What's wrong with them?! The longer I live, the less I understand people and the more I love animals! Golden retrievers are wonderful. I had one named Sam, who was the best creature that ever breathed the breadth of life!

    39. Vivian Wada

      Bailey is responding so differently to the kittens than Rocky. Bailey does not seem to know how to handle these creatures, at times not wanting to look at them. Maybe they're too delicate for him. Bailey is so cute and gentle.

      1. Angi Myers

        He was showing some clear avoidance. He's not entirely comfortable with these little creatures. Curious yes, not aggressive, but definitely not 100% on board with this one the kittens are touching him. When the baby was crawling to him, he stopped panting and froze for a moment. That's an anxiety response

    40. Zlatko Miladinovic


    41. mammad karimi


    42. Joe Scwayze

      Dog: My new sibling is so adorable. It's so tiny like a chicken nugget. Mmm... chicken. NO!! I WON'T EAT MY SIBLING!! IT IS NOT A CHICKEN NUGGET!! 😂😂😂

    43. Talia vanaanhold

      Bailey es simplemente ADORABLE.....DISFRUTO SUS VIDEOS UN MONTON.

    44. Jamie Wilcox.

      It never fails to amaze me how gentle Bailey is with little animals. He's just full of sweetness. ❤

    45. Ae Suk Reagan

      Nope,,, not my kid!!!

    46. Desired Tarot

      Aww so cute.♥️♥️♥️

    47. Kim Schmidt

      He is not completely amused 😅

    48. Uta Kuhbandner


    49. Susan Susskind


    50. Mister Banana

      I've never seen a cushion in the shape of a broccoli thingy before...

    51. kaameni jaya raman


    52. Андрей Доброславный

      Я Андрей из России. Видео хорошее.

    53. Мария Прохорова

      Собака так внимательно смотрит знакомиться с котятами 😍😍😍😍😍❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍. Это так мило 😊😊☺️☺️😊😊.

    54. Elena Bamberg

      😀👍👍 they are so small!! Who is the mother -cat? Is she in your home??

    55. Jennifer Hite

      So sweet

    56. Paulette Stegall

      Robert We think MAYBE the milk man stopped by

    57. Paulette Stegall

      Oh is that Bailey? Poor little angel from heaven Where baby come from Amazing how that will become a big strong angel in just a few.

    58. Sheila Bloom

      Goldens are so sweet. Gentle giants.

    59. Србомбоница

      He is truly a kind dog and kittens are adorable 💜

    60. Michael G

      This is utterly adorable! Kudos to you for taking them in. I would like to offer some constructive criticism. How old are these kittens? They appear to be less than a week old. They have yet to even open their eyes. I think they’re too young to be exposed to any other animal but the mother. They’re extremely fragile and their immune systems are still not developed. Even an animal as smart and gentle and nurturing as Bailey could easily make a mistake when excited and hurt them however unintentionally. I think it’s generally preferred to socialize kittens when they are between 3 and 9 weeks of age. But yes, as I already wrote, this was a sweet video and Bailey is as always, a treasure. I hope you can find the mother and get them all to a shelter where they can be properly cared for: vaccinated, fostered, etc. ✌🏻

    61. Vladimir Kuzmenkov

      He could easily bite their heads of and swallow.

    62. p s

      Doggo thoughts: my role in this family is about to change.

    63. Heidi Herrendörfer

      Der große ist Eifersüchtig , och gottchen , kann ich nachvollziehen

    64. Heidi Herrendörfer

      Wie zärtlich und lieb doch Hunde sein können

    65. Lidia Palma

      Hola💖amo a esos seres unicos 😚😚

    66. good one

      Where is the kittens mother & why wasn't she fixed? This situation disgusts me.

    67. Betty Villaronga

      I love Bailey sooo much and wish I had a dog like him!

      1. Gary Noles

        Hello Betty how are you doing

    68. Jennifer D.

      So many friends for Bailey😍

    69. danielle meles

      Ah tell me what animal haven(t you got at home ... It is normal that Bailey is cute with the kitten because you carry them like a treasure.

    70. Manoli Cañas

      Cuanta ternura Bailey. Eres muy amoroso

    71. xrusostomos diamantis


    72. jacqueline lem

      Baileys such a gentle soul he loves everything

    73. Swetlana Hermann

      A real Mom!

    74. Andrea Regilme

      He smells the kittens and its his the first time to see them

    75. Kimberly Hopkins-Hesse

      This is Soooo Stinkin’ CUTE 🥰 it hurts!!! That is if that makes any sense?!? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Anyway, Retrievers are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DOGGOS to have around Kittens🐱🐾🐾♥️!!! I should know, I’ve had Goldens🦮🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾🦮 and Black Labradors 🐕‍🦺🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾🐕‍🦺 my entire 58 years of life and I’ve raised Kittens 🐱♥️🐾🐾 right along side of my dogs!!! And every Retriever I’ve been a Furever Fur Mommy too has been as gentle as Bailey🦮🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾🦮 is with these two ADORABLE 🥰 FURBALLS!!!



    77. Lin EagleHorse

      He gets so excited & hes so happy

    78. Carol Morgano

      Awwww 🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. swgraphics

      More "back-scratchers" for Bailey

    80. F.N. Schlub

      Mama cat must be losing her shytte

    81. Bipollar Azralon


    82. Elizabeth Martinez

      Bailey esta lindo tambien bien inteligente , sabe que son baby gatitos se que los cuidaria y protejerlos .

      1. Gary Noles

        Hello Elizabeth how are you doing

    83. Joao Paulo

      Lindos maravilhosos

    84. Diana Moore

      Bless you for saving these kittens 😊 I'm sure they will find a great home. Bailey is adorable!🥰

    85. Alex Concepción

      I love you.....

    86. Marta Freitas


    87. Reginald Charles

      Bailey must be like you know what I can't keep

    88. R Estanol

      Deny don't agree

    89. Peter Latton

      Ich will auch einen Goldenen Retriever haben...! 😢

    90. Vinnie Viddivicci

      OK...we see that tail wagging! You're not fooling anyone with your nonchalant attitude, Big Boy! You're digging the kitties!

    91. Bethany Hong

      Bailey is just a gentle soul 🥰🐾❤️

    92. Diane Webb

      Bailey loves them but where's momma?

    93. Francine Rosie

      Bailey has to be the most beautiful dog i have ever seen. I know he wants to take care of those kittens. 🐱💝💝

    94. Cathleen Alambra

      Bailey is so caring that he was crying! He is thinking, "Where is mama to these kitten?"

    95. Rick C

      lookin around ' where's Mom I know I'm gonna get attacked'

    96. Florence

      Oh newborn kittens...So little....Bailey is a gentle golden, so sweet !

    97. Jacqueline Ithell

      My heart goes out to kittens mum when she tries to take them back adorable Jackie

    98. Lisa Garcia

      Awwwwwww they are so adorable cuties. So precious ❤️💕💋💋💋👣🐱😍😘

    99. Paddy Man

      Bailey: Are they my new pillows? 🤔🤔🤔 Kittens: NO. You are my blanket. 🙄🙄🙄

    100. Selah Steiner

      Bailey at the beginning: "Oh my goodness, someone abandoned their babies! Mom, Dad! Help! Bailey at the end: "Mom, these little things make me nervous. What am I supposed to do with them?" 🤭 Gotta love sweet doggies