Gordon Ramsay likes the short ribs but hates the carrots.


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    #shorts #beef
    Gordon Ramsay actually reacted to this video on Tiktok and it was going great until the carrots!!
    Washington post Article-www.washingtonpost.com/food/2020/12/29/gordon-ramsay-tiktok/
    Rosemary salt video-defasts.info/title/video/ibaaet6ZaXnF2Z4.html
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    1. ThatDudeCanCook

      So I cleared up the carrots issue with the Washington post!! I put a link to the article in the description it’s a great read if anyone is interested.

      1. Sheelay Aung

        Slugsy I think what happened to the carrot is he ate the carrots


        @116898 i’ve never been a gordon fan. he’s a pompous celebrity chef...and imma say it, his scrambled eggs are SHITE

      3. batchagaloopyTV

        @SayIDidItTM its just like the show The Office in the UK it was a hit show and in America it was a hit show but ,flip each show backwards and it wouldnt work in the others demographic and market viewers wouldnt "ger" certain phrases n jokes so obviously they wanted the simon cowell attitude and brashness for American viewers ,if im honest we are bigger assholes usually so it works 😂

      4. Jimmy Hardhat

        This dude is more entertaining than Gordon Ramsey anyway

      5. Frank Pauling

        @ThatDudeCanCook you left you two crumbs on the COUNTER YOU FKING 🍩 sike man you done great i love your channels more than most in you arena

    2. Christopher Lorenzo

      It is def a pretty final finish

    3. david xu

      Man trying too hard for some rec

    4. Volume

      Wasn’t this the kid who reviewed his college pizza and was Santa’s right hand nigga that beasty reacted to

    5. Nate Popoff


    6. Peter Heinrich


    7. Troy Moodie

      This man crazy

    8. YanisPro Music

      In every video the food says: oh no he's cooking us again

    9. Gacc

      No carrots, I’m disappointed

    10. Bradley Snider

      SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS -Gordon Ramsay

    11. TroniX FiX

      Gordan wants to see your carrot!



    13. Scott Green

      You know you know ya donut. Great videos that dude can cook.

    14. Wispee Plays


    15. gamer that sucks

      Hey can you tell me about sergeant and his backstory cause he looks like he has seem some stuff

    16. ScuffNSC


    17. loaded 21

      This is why I think fancy restaurants are stupid 😳🤦‍♀️ they give you one tiny thing of food 🗑

      1. Gacc

        I’m pretty sure there’s something called a buffet

    18. Personwhodoesthings

      You seem very determined to get accecptence from Ramsay why?

    19. Odins Sun

      Absolutely beautiful.

    20. MGC Ops

      Show him your fukkin carrots.

    21. Blue Fire

      You are depressed mate, get since help.

    22. Carson Harman

      I’m not that type a girl I don’t cook a lot

    23. Prescott Hardy

      Stop playing connect 4

    24. Akshay Tulpule

      Gordon reacting to this video was how I got to know you

    25. Digital Toraja

      You are way better than Ramsey ! You are a god lol 😂

    26. Brute Tea

      I hear someone yelling donut

    27. Jocelyn Daoust

      Anyone can cook you aint special

    28. Jamila Johnson

      Show me your carrots!🤣🤣

    29. William's How To Vids

      Gordon Ramsey -my opinion- ruins careers or at least how I see it 😂 those tiny children getting yelled at because of minor cooking mistakes probably discouraged them from cooking 😕


      How lucky am I today I didnt even have to find gordan Ramsay's reaction it was right below this video yooooooo

    31. Sophia Cook

      Honestly not gonna lie that food looks pretty good 😌

    32. Rodolfo Ramirez

      This is like the only person that got a good review by Gordon Ramsay

    33. CHlEFFIN

      “2 and a half hours in, add carrots and celery” Me: WTF!?😳 *sees end result* :🥺🥺🥺

    34. Hadi yeetman

      This man has some balls

    35. Ceeddayyxd

      Where’s the carrots,you donut? Lol

    36. Torrian Scrutchins

      You didn’t eve. Season

    37. Brandon Roome

      Needs more OLIVOL

    38. Eliano Pacheco

      Where the carrots you donut!

    39. jagganov

      How did he cut the carrots in to this ball shape?!

    40. Mario Mario Miclat


    41. f150 man

      That I love you sign off you do is a rip off of Matt at demolition ranch....watch the end of one of his videos it's identical.

    42. Joey Bentley

      2 1/2 hours you doughnut lol

    43. Jakob Cunningham


    44. Mr.trolling

      Gordon Ramsey: YOU DONUT

    45. UnHappy Meal

      Why does he look kinda like my math teacher 💀💀

    46. mxex.

      Imagine if gordon does watch this and makes mr salt pepper thing i cant hear the name very well sorry

    47. arfde_boss

      When you ask for Gordon Ramsay to review your food AND THEN FUCK IT UP!! IMAGINEEEEE COLD NOT BE MEEE!!! Holy shit your food is so ass gtfo of my recommended

    48. Loyals review

      Where is the carrots!!!!!!!

    49. M74__MDG


    50. cookie monster

      Where are the carrots ?

    51. Anakin Skywalker

      Where’s the carrot you donut

    52. Jake Washburn

      I know why he didn’t put the carrots at the end and put the stupid rounded ones don’t know where those came from but he fucked up and cook the carrots do you longer-term doing the mash told me I’ll probably cook too long . I’m no expert but I think people cook carrots many times and if done properly even in a crockpot because that looked straight up like that meal came from the crockpot that your carrots would be soft wouldn’t be so soft you can still use them in your dish

    53. Carmen Warner


    54. •Frenxes •


    55. Knox Ginobisa

      Ur probably gonna get roasted by him

    56. TOXIC KING

      You big donut - Gordon Ramsay

    57. Aaron Smith

      Do u not think Gordon's busy enough leave his ass alone

    58. Patrick

      It’s fucking raw: Gordon Ramsey 🤯🍩

      1. Patrick

        No seriously it looks delicious man 👍🔥

    59. Ducky.

      Bro I don’t think this guy knows what “if you know, you know”

    60. S. W.

      GORDON HAS MADE CARROT PEARLS WTF Gordon’s hypocritical

    61. Shawn Warnick

      I can tell those shortribs are from whole foods just by the way they look

    62. assbalonkerful

      Doesn't seem like you put enough seasoning on the meat to begin with edit: I watched the rest, didnt even mater

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Bored from this guy let's end this career with @gordonramsey send him guys ahahhwhw

    63. The Blindish bro’s

      I see what Gordon means where tf are the carrots you cooked

    64. Stayniel Herbayn

      He actually just told Gordon Ramsay he should learn how to make rosemary salt🤦🏻‍♂️

    65. shubham

      Y don't u hit ur refrigerator 😭


      “If this video doesn’t get a good reaction from Gordon Ramsay” then what? You’ll find some other celebrity to try and build a career on the back of? Get a reputation by being a good chef instead of sucking off the only person you’ve ever seen on telly with a pan.

    67. John Carchi

      Hope you never get a good reaction

    68. Akshay Bagwe

      Who is Gordon ?? Stop giving him importance

    69. Capalot Pcb


    70. Raphael Sainte-Claire

      This guy is a bellend.

    71. Lucas Rudd

      These videos would be way better if someone else was cooking

    72. xXcharlie313Xx

      You already fucked up by organizing the tatoes

    73. Cat

      Where is the A1 steak sauce

    74. Aidan Victory

      The short ribs literally look like chocolate cake.

    75. Gregorius Ergi F

      Gordon Ramsay watching from tiktok : Hey it's need more salt!

    76. Conkitty

      Carrots man you didn't learn your lesson

    77. Akif K

      Bored from this guy let's end this career with @gordonramsey send him guys ahahhwhw

    78. Albert Karabassis

      Just sad

    79. Robin staniforth

      It’s so true the vegetables that you cooked with it would be so good But besides that it looked so yummy

    80. zaraff alvee

      It looks like brownie

    81. Sebasthian Rodriguez

      Why are you so obsessed with Gordon,, literally all your videos are about getting his approval

    82. ماجد Als

      Why did i think it was from Genshin Impact

    83. Sandeep Geddam

      Fridge be like every time it tastes delicious "I'm in danger😶"

    84. Happy Rhino

      Boiling your steak remove all its flavor

    85. ICBSR

      t a m a t o E

      1. hen ko

        loved the new video?

    86. Michael Fahandez

      Wow so good ur professional sir ur family must love it best food thx

      1. hen ko

        Tha shi looks burnt

    87. Ep1chillc

      ThatDudeCanCook: the bay leaf Life of Boris: THE BAYYYYY LEAF

    88. Ryleigh Schmadel

      Gordon Ramsay . SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS!!!!

    89. Angela Massey

      Come make me that pls

    90. Drew Boo

      Overcooked crap at best by Thatduchecantcookforshit👌

    91. Mr. K

      That plating is ugly

    92. Joseph Benjamin Beltran

      When would Gordon Ramsey realize that other great chefs lime this dude has other types of cooking ways or techniques, not everyone should follow in a British mustard idiot sandwich man's footstep, I think you made a great job on making that dish, the poor people and the rich would appreciate something like that

    93. n k

      Gordon Ramsay after this be like-"YOU DONUT!!!

    94. Patrick Jennings


    95. jude norris

      bruh i hate watching this at like 11:00 but i also love watching it but it makes me hungry seeing the good food you make

    96. Jillian W

      No carrots! Please no carrots! 🤢

    97. Rordon Gamsay


    98. BeefyFTW

      Cringe but i guess an ok dish

    99. Kevin W

      He has a 100 chefs that can cook just as good or better lol

    100. Karl-Markus Meumers

      Tha shi looks burnt