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    Harpactira pulchripes
    Harpactira marksi

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    1. Niccoló Pallini

      Can I ask u if u buy your enclosure’s structure or if u build them? I watch every video and finally I want to have my first grammostola pulchra but I don’t know where to find terrariums in Italy now :(( Thanks❤️

    2. Malcolm Walker

      I've been on the fence about getting a tarantula for ages, but hearing the phrase ✨ball of feet✨ made my mind up

    3. EnglishStephanie

      I dunno, I think they are equally as good looking, just in their own way.

    4. Rick Iglesias

      What’s your buddies DEfasts channel? The one you got those two from?

    5. noonars1

      Both very comical spiders

    6. Kieran Stephens

      Hi im back from when you were still recording in you're house how have you been

    7. Artem Snow

      Do U have any videos of breeding scorpions? I want to try brees H.Petersy but have no video of it... what conditions I should have?

    8. AnTek 007

      I want next feeding video! PLS🙏

    9. BattleBlue

      can someone say me what tarantule makes beautyful tunnels

    10. Lorie Mooso

      Love the new tarantulas.

    11. quim santa

      Hello Petko!! How do your tarantulas drink from ?

    12. 101

      They know kung fu lol

    13. Mary Wallace

      Dude right after seeing this video, I saw that Exotic Lairs got some new tarantulas, I'm wondering if that's a coincidence or not. But either way, I'm enjoying the content that you and the other channel put out because I learn a lot about tarantulas even tho I would never keep them myself.

    14. mudvaynefan1993

      Where do you get the bins that you moved the spiders into? Im looking to get my first tarantula and thing thats a perfect enclosure!

    15. Michelle Morningstar

      wow amazing dark den love those two spider and big fangs for sure.. are you ever going to get another jumping spider would be cool too thanks so very much..

    16. Daryll Luyt


    17. Jen The Fairy Punk Mom

      Dark Den: I need two hands. Exotic Lair: WEAK!!!

    18. Jason Gonzales

      wanting to get back in to keeping some Ts. anybody on this thread got a good reliable source?

    19. Gage Rothwell

      Should do a vampire crab update

    20. absit abba

      Imidiatly recognize my favorite spp. Harpactira pulchripes, gold n Blue leg Baboon

    21. Resistiv

      Who else lost half their arachnaphobia from watching dark den or exotic lair.

      1. Bloodfun2585


    22. absit abba

      🙄🧐Wow on macro vídeo👌👏👏👏✔️🙌🙌

    23. comatosed911

      should have just labeled the video as watch me tease an piss off my ts for views ..starting to get as bad as exotics lair

    24. Nordic Nugz

      Do spiders not suffer the negative affects of inbreeding?

    25. Michael Pocci

      I didn’t know that Karl Marx was a spider scientist.

    26. Tarantula Town

      YOUR videos are very SATISFYING for my TARANTULA loving SOUL 🕷🖤

    27. Dolphins Girl

      As much as I love when your non-T animals are featured (where’s Despacito been?) its been awhile since the spotlight’s been on any new T additions that are mostly grown. You are completely in your element when you are handling T’s and the enthusiasm just leaps off the screen :)

    28. Nikolai Cadman

      LOVED the macro shots of the fangs on the first spider. Never seen so close on a Tarantula that you can see the texture of the fangs. AMAZING shots!!!

    29. Mr C

      amazing macro shots

    30. Adib Mislani

      Did anyone realise the shirt he's wearing? Falling in reverse in the house yo!

    31. Ujuani68

      Holy moly! You've got a lot of mouths to feed...😯😄👍

    32. Christoph Kreuzer

      Tarsus,Metatarsus,Tibia,Patella,Femur..the Name of the Segments😄😄

    33. Giby

      Noice additions! 😲✨

    34. Musistics

      No roach for the stressful trip?

    35. Musistics

      Curious about the room temp is in Dark Den? What's too cold or too hot for arachnids and reptiles?

    36. Lea Holle

      Those macro shots were amazing! I was so suprised by the texture of the fangs. Kinda looked like wood a bit. Itch-Hairy-Love from Germany

    37. Daniel Roche

      Yea cos she is scared so how about u leave them alone she didnt asked to be poked all u care about is your collection earth has a whole better collection then u will ever hav

    38. Daniel Roche

      Or u observe them from were they live y do u feel u need them all in 1 room ?

    39. Chad

      Random but what's the name of the Roach who escaped? The escape artist Roach?

    40. Thomas Nesmith

      Me: Petko: "So I got two new tarantulas and they are super, cool I really wanted one" Me: "Cool show me" Petko: "I got them from a guy you might remember, he has super cool tarantulas" Me: "Ok cool let's see" Petko: "And I know when you see them you will agree..." Me: "GET ON WITH IT!"

      1. Thomas Nesmith

        PS Just teasing. Love the videos.

    41. Falko TCE

      I got my first T today ^^ (0.1 G. Pulchra). I was a little spooked at first but she's kinda cute :D

    42. White Rhino

      Harpatica pulchripes is an amazing sp.. nice vid as always !!!

    43. Romina C.

      I also have a harpactira pulchripes, unfortunately it turned out to be a male 😥 and a really tiny one too. He lost his nice blue colors on the legs after reaching maturity.

    44. Renee Thomas

      I love their little paws ❤️🕷

    45. Gillian Day

      6:06, beautiful fangs! that bitch can bite!

    46. Amanda

      Thank you for the macro shots. I really appreciate them. I feel like it helps show people that tarantulas aren't just these "big ugly multi-legged creatures" that deserve to be "set on fire with hairspray & a lighter". These are animals/pets that mean something to those who do keep them as pets. The macro shots help me appreciate their true beauty and help see them more detailed. Personally, I really like seeing their eyes up close in the macro shots. They look neat to me. And I like seeing how different the cluster of eyes are on each T. (I know, I'm a weirdo LOL) Great video as always!! Take care and stay safe!!

    47. Leigha Klopp

      What's your advice for avoiding mold in your enclosures?

    48. DanXDelion

      11:30 I always thought tarantulas from the same egg sack cannot interbreed, because males die before females get mature...

    49. Torpedoes n Tarantulas

      The first segment of the legs is called the femur

    50. Patrick Lombard

      ♥️♥️ love from south africa ♥️♥️

    51. Panke

      Hey Petko, im a huge fan from Brazil, i really watch every single video of your channel, its pretty good! I had something close to Aracnophobia and your channel helped me get over it, so thank you! I have a question, its possible to make a communal enclosure with more than one species of tarantulas? Thx

    52. True Devil

      They are both really beautiful. I am still searching for Harpactira cafreriana. When you find them, let me know please. Slings preferred

    53. Laurelis Laurelis

      Pozdrav Marko...zanima me gdje nabavljas zivu hranu dubije ,lathere fobase itd.? Iz Kc sam i trebao bih za gekona

    54. Leo Minatti

      Always a great time you are my educational videos before bed thank you 😊 been watching since your apartment

    55. supersexyloverhouse1

      Thought this was exotics lair with the title and screen cap lol

    56. Martin Salášek

      Sweet t-shirt!!.. :D

    57. Chris

      That's good picture with the threat posture idea for a calendar maybe 🤔🤔😉

    58. Gabriel Plattes

      Those delicate green coloured/tinted tarantula's are plum gorgeous... Mark, that English fellow, had a gorgeous brighter coloured one, which from memory was Caribbean... To date, it is the second loveliest species that I have seen on these fine channels.

    59. Bryony Chave-Cox

      Poor Tarantulas! Getting a downgrade? just for aesthetics and ease!

    60. R. W.

      Harpactira marksi is way more beautiful. Just wait until she has moulted. She will appear in green and gold shimmer.

    61. helz mcallister

      H.pulchripes is one of my favourites. I have one and it is just a delight to keep.

    62. jeroen peels

      I've been following you for a long time, but the intro music playing in only one side of my headphones still triggers me

    63. Lilly

      I’m half Kenyan: can relate to the attitude 😍

    64. Unstoppable Living

      I have recently relocated to the UK and I cannot wait to start keeping African species! In South Africa, you are not allowed to keep them

      1. Ramo

        I would take the opportunity to see them in the wild over being allowed to keep them any day!

      2. Shadley Kamaldien

        was thinking that same thing.. wish i could keep our species.. Enjoy keeping them :D

    65. Zivile Sikdher

      That spider looks like has high leather boots... 😍👌❤

    66. Evelyn Samantha Tan


    67. Evelyn Samantha Tan

      A harpactira pulchipes

    68. Krystal Quinton

      I think the gorgeous blue legged tarantula should be named Boots

    69. Zyrex Tabares

      Love your shirt!

    70. Evelyn Samantha Tan

      I do have a harpactira

    71. Walt R. Buck

      Easily the best close up of the fangs and mouth I've ever seen on a spider.

    72. Vitamin Paul

      "How close can I get.." My nightmares tonight....


      Both amazing ts 🔥🔥🔥

    74. Luke Bentley


    75. Goooser Sniper

      I just wanna know, how the hell do you take care of all these cute critters . That is a lot like what is your routine?

      1. Just some wendigo with internet access

        taking care of tarantulas are pretty easy depending on the species

    76. Kitty Maxine

      Fangs up close look so insane! the layers that build up omg

    77. Jerrick Gallard

      Other than the new tarantulas.. I love the shirt too. 😏

    78. Viking_G35

      I used to have a h. Pulchripes sling but it escaped on the second day of having it and I never found it..

    79. Debbie Mcclure

      My dream T, H pulchripes😝. Tysf God bless you

    80. Conner VanDellen

      Damn wish baboon Ts had better temperaments

    81. Nico Silva

      I know H pulchripes always gets in the spotlight but there are other Harpactira species that are beautiful like H cafreriana and H namaquensis, the last segment you wanted to talk about is called a femur.

    82. Kilo Mandarin

      Absolutely stunning shots at 6:00 love the close ups!

    83. Stacy Fine

      They are both so beautiful, and some amazing close up video. I loved it.

    84. James H

      Beautiful coloring.

    85. Mandy moon

      So pretty.

    86. TheDeadlyPotato74

      Absolutely stunning video, great content!

    87. Carlos

      Both Ts macro lens shots were stunning! Had to pause for a few seconds to appreciate every little detail

    88. Imgema

      Atrax robustus and Phoneutria nigriventer when?

    89. Vineyard -GHS-


    90. James Rommel Lobaton

      Love your shirt sir! Falling in Reverse! Cool! :)

    91. Dorian Richards

      They're both so pretty!

    92. Mr Ladz

      Guess tarantula's aren't fans of straws......

    93. Luvdinos2 Sonid3

      Maybe the first tarantula was just so angry because you called it boring 😂😂😂

    94. David Knep

      I love h marksi

    95. bernard james morales

      can i have some idol..

    96. CraftyCarlyJo

      Forgive me, I'm trying to find out where you got the spiders from, does he have a DEfasts page? I know you said the name but I don't understand it. I'd watch the crap out of a room of tarantulas and slings.

    97. KeemFilms

      Nice shirt Petko!

    98. spaget mafia

      anyone know a good place to get T enclosures for a cheap price in the us?

    99. Vilo Oppoa5s

      Apakah kmu menjual tarantula² itu dan berapa harganya

    100. Bob Drooples

      Any plans for Hubba Hubba time sooner?