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    Guardians of the Galaxy First Meeting Scene | Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie CLIP 4K (ULTRA HD)
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    1. Priyanshu Gupta

      *She is meeting him after endgame. Last she saw him in endgame.*

    2. Logan Wolverine

      First time u miss 1 Second Time you Got both

    3. Uma Jagri


    4. الم الرحيل


    5. الم الرحيل


    6. ridge

      This movie fails to address one thing, quill should have had his organs mushed with that kick to the gut, gamora is very strong not quite like in the comics but still pretty strong in the movie to

    7. Jr Skull play’s

      Poor groot

    8. Ruba Ghebeht

      I love how gamora is screaming and attacking groot😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😄😂🤣😄🤣😂

    9. Riyan Dubey

      I like rocket racoon

    10. Draw With Tanish

      Groot is like let me go I just an innocent tree.

    11. حمود الصياد


    12. Virgil Jianu

      So Quill gets arrested for protecting himself and his property from a trained assassin and a couple of bounty hunters?

      1. Pamela Zimnizzle

        He’s an outlaw.

      2. Riyas Riyad

        @JEYARAJ.R RAMASAMY beed

      3. LoreNMore Reviews

        I think it’s because he was a wanted criminal.


        Disrupting peace

      5. Arispe Ricardo

        Im guessing starlord already was a wanted man, I mean he had a bounty on him

    13. Joseph Mccanlesa

      Man been along time since i seen this movie but i would do the green woman... and in these day and age id rather be green than white or black because who can call ya racist if your green...😁

    14. Carolinafan85

      In endgame 2014 Gamora kicks him the same way she did here , so Quill has a chance to win her back

    15. Mukahirwa Janet

      Keep smiling this is supposed to be professional 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. Rizwan Ullah Shah

      Fun fact: Groot could have killed Gamora & none of this would have happened

      1. LoreNMore Reviews

        Yeah but Groot is a gentle giant.

    17. ShaNi GrG

      Yes,this movie id really very super fantastic all time part 2 id is also very interesting 🤞must watched

    18. LIGHT

      Infinity stone exists They're like let's play soccer

    19. d teachout

      0:50 lol sad to see what we've forgotten in just a few years

    20. 5 Minute Craft

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment....

    21. sriya gangothri

      Drax is very underrated in this scene.

      1. Elijah Daniel

        Standing very still

    22. MrMini

      i only hear "AH, E, AWE A WAE, .W '.RER. ]TR .F F. VN"

    23. Jeremy

      I actually really like Xandar as a location 😊

    24. Shienta

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    25. lalitha c


    26. Rod Villegas

      Rocket pulling thats shock gun is the coolest short shot in entire marvel

    27. Hoda Shaker


    28. محمد كدفي

      ايش اسم الفلم

    29. Cyber Criminal

      0:39 Me and my sister fighting who'll take the bigger blanket.

    30. Gustavo Braga

      rocket racoon 😎


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    32. Andrew Mourtzanos

      Congrats on 2 mil!

    33. Osasere Odiase

      She could have just bought it

    34. Sergio Mendoza

      How did Peter just take that double donkey kick from gamora? Lol how did that not knock the wind out of him😂

    35. Emil Vestergaard

      I like how Gamora passes out after being shot by quills Tony weapon, and quill just stands up after 1 sec after being gut by rockets enourmous gun

      1. Emil Vestergaard

        @Bhavneet Singh facts

      2. Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

        Rocket might have set it to a low power to ensure it doesn't kill Quill who he thought was just human, but Quill being half celestial meant that power wasn't as much to him

      3. Bhavneet Singh

        Probably because Quill has more tolerating power than gamora. He even held power stone

      4. 420forlife

        yeah but rocket was set to no lethal because yondoo wanted him alive peter was probly set to lethal but gamoras cybernetic enhancements probly help her survive

    36. Shortcut 101

      Holy shit 2014? I'm old

    37. Gorgeous Models

      The day when I started my career no bady with me ....but now every once called me Gorgeous Models Your channel is owesome ❤️❤️

    38. Omar Yamak

      i live for the simple things in life... like how much this is gonna hurt! -rocket 2014

    39. Anas Ali

      Super best 4K clip

    40. A r m a a n

      " It's Starlord " " Oh , so we are using made up names here "

      1. Mikyle Stafford

        Than I am I am spider-man

      2. Kib

        @Aloha uh huh

      3. Aloha

        I get it from infinity war like spiderman

    41. Hong Rui Chan

      Adult groot is still the best

    42. TK

      She done a George floyd on him

    43. Rebati raman Majhi


    44. Lisle Brathwaite

      0:00 - 0:04 The moment you know you met the one.

    45. CoCoDragon BlazedTea

      Me trynna figure out how the fuck this coexists with wandavision 😂😂🖐🏽

    46. driss errazi

    47. Amarkumar Amarkumar


    48. Spencer Fearon

      Gamora: Fool should have learned Quill: I don’t learn one of my issues Guardians of the galaxy 1 Mummy Issues. Guardians of the galaxy 2 Daddy issues Infinity War Real issues

    49. Gary White

      Why did they weaken Groot and Gamora so much? In the comics they are badass smh I hate Marvel for this

    50. Rxa

      0:31 , does anyone know what the name of that weapon is?

    51. Mert Yusuf Keskin

      Groot video yes

    52. venky

      I like how every avenger characters are being powerful than comics but reverse for guardians of galaxy

      1. Robin D

        Literally everyone in the MCU is nerfed in comparison to the comics. Dont try to act like a hardass that reads the comics when you clearly don’t.

      2. Steamlazer

        Every Avengers character is weaker than the comics

      3. mr robot

        What are you taking about? They nerfed every character to save money on CGI.

      4. Hope

        No one is strong as in the comics

      5. Matthew Griffin

        @Arshia Gharib he was probably not trying to kill him

    53. OBITO 27s

      me trying to think to get like for my comment ...null

    54. ryan white

      bet the gays had a shout at rocket saying "learn your genders" to groot

    55. Mihaita Vraciu

      Gamora be flexing on Groot

    56. Ashish Gupta

      Moral : Don't run straight in the road otherwise you can be hit by the laser.

      1. Siddharth Chakraborty

        @Yes Man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Yes Man

        Ashish it's hit. Hited is ur stepsister

    57. Ansh Walia

      I feel like I'm 50 years old 😂 , I watched it like 7 years ago ...

    58. Saint of God!


    59. Naufal Rifda

      Star lord : you should've gone for the balls

    60. Kayleigh Mclain

      Poor groot

    61. M.Y.G Entertainment

      I remember seeing this back in 2014 and my reaction to how in the hell they would meet up was way different than in the comics but it’s still hilariously funny Groot got his arms chomped off by Gamora.

    62. Red Means Go

      Director James Gunn stated that Baby Groot does not have the original's memories and is a different creature, meaning the original Groot did actually die in the first film

    63. Spintechfilms

      When she lands at 1:20 makes me laugh cuz it looks like her outfit didnt permit her to take a knee stance so its all.... awkward

    64. Fernanddi

      Was this fool carrying out the stone in the middle of these streets?

      1. No name idea

        He didn't know what was inside it till here in the movie

    65. Jackson Diamond


    66. Rakan Majed


    67. Lucas Gillman

      That video had she hulk

      1. No name idea

        No she hulk isn't in MCU yet and not from space

    68. Master Chief Spartan

      2:20 when your friend tries to steal your food


      1:04 The way she threw away the poor animal

    70. Krishna Chaudhary

      One my favorite marvel movies

    71. Magic Marker

      0:53 Groots face doe 😂

    72. Nomita Thounaojam

      This is how true friend are made First fight then introduction

    73. Dennis de Jong

      I miss this Groot

    74. sL notyboy

      අර avengers එකෙ ඉන්න set එකනෙ ඔය

    75. Rabi Narayan Hansdah

      Gamora is so strong that with every hit she would have smooshed Peter Quill

      1. Lydia Fayre

        She pulls her punches. A secret softie even then.

    76. Mark F


    77. Chidambar Deshpande

      Gamora could have just paid star-lord and gotten the orb. Or maybe Thanos doesn’t want to spend any money.

      1. Chidambar Deshpande

        @sweetener yuh still, she is rich enough to afford it without making a scene.

      2. sweetener yuh

        But gamora only want it for herself

    78. DM01 Zaza

      2 minutes and this is the police of the future =)

    79. Meghnath Das

      It's funny how Marvel never lets a male character to land a punch on female one. Always some indirect fucking way

      1. The Mad Titan

        @Meghnath Das Except Gamora is one of the five main characters and not an NPC and also one of the deadliest people in the galaxy, and Quill is a run-of-the-mill space pirate. Oh, and she’s roughly as strong and fast as Spider-Man.

      2. Meghnath Das

        @FartyFat We all know , shooting only works on NPCs or unwanted characters. I am talking about proper punches and kicks.

      3. FartyFat

        2:08 he literally shot her

    80. hey 123

      Gamora fighting black order would have been amazing sight to see

    81. YoutubeHub

      3:10 "facist"

    82. creation crafters

      Fun fact how to make groot big Baby groot should go to swimming pool

    83. Angus Hall

      Who love like here zack

    84. Angus Hall

      Who love like here walker

    85. Angus Hall

      Who love like here Jesus christ

    86. R Rabbitt138

      I hate that they made Peter a fucking goof after the first movie 🤦‍♂️

    87. kemuael

      This version of Gamora is disappointing.

      1. M .B

        What do you mean?

    88. Jaka Rak


    89. Perialis

      Weird how they became best friends

    90. Marq V

      Thank you and God bless

    91. GoldenNova Gaming

      At 0:36 what was quill gonna do? Just like slam gamora

    92. Mars Ailee

      Straight running is a bad move.

      1. TrailOfDespair

        Running in any other pattern slows momentum and no one expects you to run straight 😂

    93. O EAO

      Is this foreplay?

    94. Tebogo Twala

      Even rocket knows theres only 2 genders

      1. No name idea

        @Skyebound ummm,he clearly told groot to catch HIM, gamora being the only female and star lord being the only boy from thme 4 other than rocket and groot dumb groot still took gamora in the bag

      2. Skyebound

        Rocket is an ignorant fool

    95. lifedispencer vlogs

      Why am i having a youtube marathon of anything and everything MCU? Im not complaining but jist why? Wtf?

      1. Skyebound

        I imagine it may have something to do with Wandavision sparking interest back into the MCU

    96. TGZero

      "A man without integrity" as a freelancer, never deal with a person who's deals a such.

    97. Autobot AvengerXL5 3000

      Suki: “Fool, you should’ve learned.” Sokka: “I don’t learn. one of my issues.”

      1. Omar Yamak

        imao so true

      2. Jason Peng

        @Autobot AvengerXL5 3000 ok...

      3. Autobot AvengerXL5 3000

        @Jason Peng [GIR puts Sokka in the bag] Invader Zim: “Quit smiling, you idiot. You’re supposed to be a professional. You gotta be kidding me.” [Suki pushes Zim out of the way] Invader Zim: “Hey!”

      4. Jason Peng

        Autobot AvengerXL5 3000 bruh

    98. Christopher R

      Jesus. They need to stop running away in a straight line. Zigzag!

      1. Triple K Dragon Ball Channel

        Don't shoot where the moving target is, shoot where it's going to be.

      2. chesslo21

        @Christopher R On paper zigzagging might frustrate aiming, but in practice the difference isn’t very significant for a person who is experienced with a gun. The shooter will just shoot at the direction the moment the runner makes his move.

      3. Christopher R

        @chesslo21 I guarantee that if you have a gun, it would easier to shoot someone running in a straight line than zigzags. Dont underestimate the zigzag I tell you.

      4. chesslo21

        You'd only run in a zigzag to frustrate crocodiles. Zigzagging slows their movement down, making them ironically easier to catch.

    99. Fred Krazé

      What makes this movie epic, is that its just simply epic! I would credit most of that to the actors. I will never know another Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, and well, Groot isn't going anywhere thankfully. Plus Drax, you will never find someone who plays Drax better!!!!

    100. Shiva Arnelita

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