🐹 Hamster escapes the amazing maze! 🐹 Real life traps

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    New great adventure of Sunny the hamster!
    She managed to steal the Rare Seed.
    Will she be able to leave unnoticed?

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      You win

    4. Daniel Hernandez

      This hamster is smarter than me my brain is the size of this: .

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      Día 1 buscando gente que hable español >:)

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      I like this mouse it's so Cute😍🤩


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      Very funny 😅😅🤣😆

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      No furball was hurt in the making

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      0:31 The chapo escapes again

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      Very nice video, keep it up...... Paper Monkeys

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      Alvarotzn@gmail [Fisue6 😵

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      Omg when i was watching this my hamster died 😭

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      This hamster is so smart, he even hit the camera so people will know he hasn't left😂👍☺️😍

    23. Wrong Puzzle

      Very nice video

    24. Laura Findlay

      Is this a remake of the Shawshank Redemption? 😅

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      1:07 I felt bad for him hahaha

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      video:Hamster escapes the amazing maze! 29 million people:YES!

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      Wow that hamster is good I need to teacher my hamster to do things like that .

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    41. Sarah Ramos González

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      its so cute

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      Крутой 🐹 хамяк

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      🛑DO NOT ENTER🛑 Hamster: I’m gunna pretend I didn’t see that

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      You should have put two of them there

    50. Nele Privat

      Which hamster breed is the 🐹? I'll soon get a hamster 🥰

      1. Kayla

        Long haired Syrian hamster

    51. Sir Yes

      *Peta would like to know your location*

      1. Ink Sword

        ??!!!!???? The hamster is not stressed

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      3:12 and 4:14 are funny moments

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      Wow that was a-maze-ing

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      Que bonito 😍🐹🐹🐹❤️

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      очень понравилось видео про хомячка

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      Tu ne pence pas au malheur de ton hamster tu le fait souffrir connard

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      Wow this is so cool Minnie needs on of these 🐾💕Ember

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      New season of PrisonBreak is kinda sick

    63. Matthew Hanric Hernandez

      Good effort on the moving stuff I know that somebody on the other side of the maze there’s a guy in the back making those things move

      1. HotRodz

        It’s Your mom moving the stuff

    64. bubble jinx

      He got arrested for being too skilled😎that hamster is a badass😎

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      The. Hamster. Is. So so so. So cute 🥰☺️

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      Their Body is magical isn't it?

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    68. Olivia Hong

      And ...how did you make it

    69. Olivia Hong

      How did you make

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    71. Charlene Searles

      Aww poor hamster is doing hard time 0:29 inmates should take some notes down how too escape a prison right lol

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      Omg sooo cute wow 😭😭💜💜😜

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      Funniest Hamster Traps in my computer🤣😂😅😍😍🥰👍

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      I love kids


      loco pobre hamster

    80. Elmos WRLD

      My mom: oh that poor creature, whoever put him in that condition should get punished. Me: "destiny must be fulfilled"

      1. Marizete Rocha

        Esse carinha e de mais ele é treinado ? Ele merece nota mil parabéns

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      Hamster baby rat you r amazing.....omg how u do thattt😘

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      I love how he just goes through the maze instead of just staring like 👁️👄👁️

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      aawnnnnnn, i love

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      What is the name of the music theme at the 4:25 mark?

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      Floofy hamster

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      I expect to see him in the next mission impossible 😜

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      this is the only good hamster course channel, he doesnt hurt the hamster like alot of others do, you got my sub

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      Lol great video smart hamster too 🤣