HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim

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    February 27th, 2021 -- Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.
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    1. Glizer Garcia

      Poota talaga pinakawalang kwentang laban canelo worst boxer of all time

    2. Gio Plays

      This is real boxing

    3. Gungus 95

      Love when he moves in with an uppercut

    4. killerboiicodmobile

      bro canelo gonna destroy the paul brother they dont know who are they messing with

    5. Jimi Hughes

      Warm up for Canelo.

    6. youtube name

      Here to see the guy the Paul brothers will whoop next *😎 it’s everyday bro 😎🤝😎*

    7. Baris İ.

      Jake Paul might KO Yildirim -

      1. 1312

        Ne diyon lan hayatta bisey yapamaz

    8. Mel Flores

      yildirim wore the same fit the whole week

    9. Devin Rivera

      Bro I want canelo to fight jake Paul

      1. Devin Rivera

        @Jesse Live Fr I just want him to fight an actual boxer

      2. Jesse Live

        Why would he waste his time?

    10. Burak S

      Avni avel gibi niye bekliyor acaba

    11. Sami Tarla

      gerçekten üzücü bi maç bizim için. yenilmek tabi ki sporda var ama bu kadar çekingen ve pasif bi oyun olmamalıydı. kaybettik ama en azından mücadele ettik demeliydik.

    12. tayfun oruc

      Avni'ye tekrar kendisinden kötü rakip bulup tekrardan vatan millet Erdoğan diyip Turkiyede pazarlayın allahtan DEfasts var yemiyoruz yumruk dahi atamadı ben çıksam maça bende böyle olurdum ama Avni biraz dayandı o yüzden helal olsun

    13. Rutilo. Montejo Lucas

      Muy bonita pelea

    14. Seyfettin Temel

      Avni kim,? Canola kim ?????

    15. Poll The Max

      Donde compró el güero a ese saco de papas....?

    16. Lincoln Kasi

      Canelo is a beast💯🔥🔥🔥

    17. boxing champ

      Yildirim looked too scrared to do anything, he was just a punching bag

    18. Connor Favero

      Remember this comment when bjs wins

    19. Miguel R

      Josesito lasted longer than homie

    20. George Seefoo

      Paper Champion

    21. Sefa KaragameX

      ARADIĞIN TÜRK YORUM BURDA 7:17 Avni guard almıyor arap kızı camdan bakıyor duruşa bak.

    22. Jerry Herrera

      Is like Oscar de la Hoya and Cesar Chavez sr fight my respect for Chavez🙏🙏🙏thing about it ppl!!

    23. Jerry Herrera

      Come ppl triple g was 37 and like 28..???

    24. Jerry Herrera

      And chooses his fights he wants🤔🤔

    25. Jerry Herrera

      Always for his benigits ppl😂😂😂

    26. Jerry Herrera

      Canelo is always looking for himself😂😂😂

    27. 신영환

      1:16 body shot

    28. Isaiah Dempsey

      “Canelo gave him the receipt” 🤣

    29. enver özkaya

      bizimki resmen dayak yemeğe gelmiş yazık.

    30. cinema tv

      Dzn amazing work. Better than other organizations. Fast highlights, relevant guests and current commentators etc.

    31. M. Y.

      3:33 Yildirim's Manager in Turkish saying; you should work a bit - work or they gonna fk you up.

    32. Almighty Zulu

      Yildirim just showed up to eat leather.

    33. Mohamadu Mustapha Ba

      This is nothing but just a mockery to this sport of boxing

    34. Cengiz AKALIN

      Canelo made an idiot like avni miserable, as it should be :)

    35. Bruce Daniel

      NO se sabe quien es peor bulto si este Yildirim o Rocky Fielding, los dos son iguales de malos boxeadores, tremendos costales

    36. MR. ARABIC

      He too slow for saunders no chance

    37. jambo bob

      Can't wait for canelo do do this to bjs n shut his mouth loool

    38. jambo bob

      I'm no boxer but I would have giving canelo a better fight than this guy

    39. jambo bob

      Bjs don't stand a chance

    40. Halil Öztürk


    41. Paul Arevalo

      Mas arreglada q las peleas de kahwagi.. cada vez dan menos ganas de ver boxeo..

    42. Daniaal Ali

      Canelos majority of movement is woth his waist upwards his head movement makes up for his stiff lower body movement but this is why i say "styles make fights" billy joe always uses his pivots to get out of getting hit from combinations, yes you may land some but overall he will beat you to it , that's why billy will outpoint canelo

    43. Mustafa celik

      Avni 👎👎👎

    44. Hayri Kaya


    45. Hayri Kaya


    46. Hayri Kaya


    47. Eliana Mendoza

      Alguna alma generosa que sepa, Cómo se llama la canción qué suena de fondo en el minuto 7, 23 segundos? Gracias

    48. Christian Martinez

      Americans love canelo , NFL NbA MLB UFC Hollywood Love this guy ,

    49. lofay los

      Haters will say they had yildirim ahead

    50. MrHulk333

      Canelo exposing mandatory Challenger lesson to be learned out of this fight, never ever ever ever ever give Canelo a mandatory unless it's the number one pound for pound fighter in the whole planet

    51. Efrain Sanchez

      Whats up with the stranger things intro?

    52. jusiland nicebekk

      Мешок екен ғой түрік

    53. Gökçen Korkmaz

      Hayatında eldiven giymemiş turklerin burada millete haklısın Avni kötü bir dövüşçü demeleri komedi 😂

    54. DTD KING

      This is where tiktokers vs youtubers will happen right?

    55. Dave Freeman

      Another tomato can vs canelo.

    56. Oso Cuegelon

      Jajajajaja what a circus

    57. Oso Cuegelon

      Jajajajaja chafaldrin tirándole a los guantes para no lastimarle su carita roja

    58. jamie willis

      Chris eubank jr comfortably beat yildirim lol this match up was pants. B J Saunders will give canelo a great fight.

    59. MetalsForBrunch

      Yildrims coach: I'll give you one more round. You're out if I see no progress. Yildrim: F it. I already got paid boss. 🤣

    60. kirk espinosa

      What a boring fight

    61. Mustafa Serdar Aksoy

      Avni yıldırım harika dayanıklı ama boks yapmadı yapsaydı canelo inerdi ilk 2 raund şaşırdı gücüne

    62. Mike Lee

      now it's time for rematch with Mayweather :-)

      1. Mike Lee

        @guillermo reyes-leon worry about being schooled again? anyway thank you for being serious on joke.

      2. guillermo reyes-leon

        You are so dumb mayweather is retired and canelo weighs more than him 🤦‍♂️

    63. Vadim Schubernel

      Prawoi ni proshupiwai na schupal bei s santimetr v ko et ni huja ni skazki 🤫💪

    64. Pía

      Canelo is a pride for Ireland.

    65. J. Col3

      Cmon Canelo this guy wasn’t a challenge, fight some better fighters

    66. Josh

      Jake Paul should fight canelo

    67. Efren Martinez

      Eres un verdadero campeón sobre todo por el gran corazón que tienes canelo

    68. Efren Martinez

      El canelo es un verdadero campeón

    69. Daniel Chavez

      We want to see canelo vs benavidez

    70. anthony joshua natty or not

      [тωєяку αη∂ [ѕнιтнσℓє σƒ ѕнιтнσℓєѕ [ѕнιткѕтαηѕ вσтн ¢αη [ﻭєт աɨքɛɖ

    71. Real Truman

      Canelo must be the only fighter on the planet that gets props for whooping a punching bag lol

      1. Boxing Greats

        @AgentShadow28 where was this 7 years ago when andrade was the mandatory???

      2. Memz Akdeniz

        Really? He has 50 odd wins and is still going strong lol

      3. AgentShadow28

        he gets props for challenging all the champions and trying to unify...this is a mandatory. Stop hating boy it’s bad for your health

    72. Jaemarlee Goin

      @4:50 the sweetest and cleanest 1-2 I have ever seen in my life.

    73. Sandros 128

      Alvares is the best👍👍

    74. Patrick Hausenfleck

      Simply Shameful......SALVADOR SANCHEZ is looking down from Heaven saying ......Does that Even Qualify as a Performance that one on either side gets paid for??? ....And on top of that...How much did each fighter get..come again?????😒

    75. Miro Ahcomirt

      Canelo is just too much for this guy. Credit to his toughness though.

    76. Sean Natal

      I think canelo took this fight to set an example for ryan, to fight mandatorys 🤷🏾‍♂️

    77. JJ

      Yildirim did nothing, stood there and got hit. What was his plan?

    78. Edgar

      Jake Paul left the chat and went back to the Disney channel

    79. Alexia Quevedo

      Recontra armado , es pelea o solo sparring 🤔

    80. Grimace

      Who tf is that guy

    81. Jonathan García


    82. Carlos Arce

      That was just a warm up for billy

    83. Nagendra Shahi

      How could you win when you don’t charge?

    84. Jordan JPL Reactions

      3:23 canelos face sais it all

    85. Vadim Schubernel

      Ja ewo zabiraet 😍🤫💪😁😎🦉

    86. Kevin Holder

      The right was there but he didn't throw it...

    87. Ashlee Tyler

      CANELO IS OVERRATED! he didnt want to unify that belt because he was SCARED of the elite BLACK BOXERS lol so he picked a taxi cab driver to fight

      1. Jairo Claveria

        Ok buddy keep telling yourself that

    88. Sergi0Vega

      These commentators giving him his second L lol.

    89. fwdfdfsa111133


    90. Alik Alik

      Альварес faciy!!!! Выходи с GGG сука


      This fight should have never happened

    92. Soap Mactavish

      Yildirim last fight was 2 years ago, he lost it and still was the no. 1 WBC contender!! Boxing organizations need some cleaning up

    93. jon lowe

      The festive guide intrestingly preserve because shovel karyologically exist since a innate society. happy, easy fur

    94. Cesar Aguilar

      Wasn't Turkey celebrating Yildrims victory before the fight even started? Lol I swear I saw them having celebrating in the streets on the news before the fight 😂

      1. Jairo Claveria


    95. Oso Cuegelon

      Ni como bulto sirve este chafaldrin Jajajajaja pinche circo fraudelo pelea con alguien que si te tire no te mames ya entiendo porque le huyes a ggg los madrasos duelen

    96. Mind Game

      Who else watched the hour long BKB ad

    97. Hanifı Mehmet

      2 milyon dolar teklif,ilaç gibiydi Avni yıldırım için hepsi bu:-)

    98. Chev Chelios

      He couldnt fight eubank, what in the world was he thinking „we lost but lets go one step further beyond“ or what...

    99. alex chavez

      En donde se encontraron ese peleador en el home depot? 😁😁😁

    100. Tuko Çirkin

      HE is not TÜRK HE is NOT WE ...