Highlights Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid (0-1)

LaLiga Santander

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    A header from Casemiro gives Real Madrid the three points on their visit to José Zorrilla. Real Madrid's fourth consecutive win and close the gap on the league leaders #RealValladolidRealMadrid Matchday 24 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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    1. eioshen boboi

      Gracias, thks, merci Courtois🙏best keeper🤟

    2. Ailsa Ni

      Gracias, thks, merci Courtois🙏best keeper🤟

    3. vbddfy euuyt

      what a performance thibu!!

    4. soiung toiue

      Courtois should be the man of the match 👏

    5. az8868

      finally became the same world class keeper as keylor

      1. eioshen boboi

        biggest players. Real always buy best players and thats why they always succesfull. But this teams also want succes. Their biggest mistake i think buying hazard.

    6. bocoy noiu

      when your best man is your gk

      1. Ailsa Ni

        The guy that narrates these La Liga highlights is really good🔥💯

    7. B 10

      Thibaut Courtois: MOTM

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Azeri var?🇦🇿

    8. Balkans FX

      FIXED MATCHES HERE ONE CLICK AWAY defasts.info/title/video/ka-wjqvfeXiymMk.html

      1. soiung toiue


    9. Balkans FX

      FIXED MATCHES HERE ONE CLICK AWAY defasts.info/title/video/ka-wjqvfeXiymMk.html

      1. bocoy noiu

        GOGO VAMOS #HalaMadrid

    10. Balkans FX

      FIXED MATCHES HERE ONE CLICK AWAY defasts.info/title/video/ka-wjqvfeXiymMk.html

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Azeri var?🇦🇿

    11. Balkans FX

      FIXED MATCHES HERE ONE CLICK AWAY defasts.info/title/video/ka-wjqvfeXiymMk.html

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        The guy that narrates these La Liga highlights is really good🔥💯

    12. Balkans FX

      FIXED MATCHES HERE ONE CLICK AWAY defasts.info/title/video/ka-wjqvfeXiymMk.html

    13. exrz


    14. Fahad h official

      Hala Madrid

    15. Vinícius Almeida

      0:46 lowest IQ play I've seen.

    16. Femi Ladi

      Congratulations guys Hala Madrid

    17. Gugus Duval

      Looking forward to Atalanta! Hala Madrid!

    18. Geovanni Campos

      Vamos Madrid

    19. neithealebor

      With more day, Real looking more more like ordinary team. They need transfer like Mbappe and Rashford, And young star stopper like Çağlar. But i dont think this teams sell their biggest players. Real always buy best players and thats why they always succesfull. But this teams also want succes. Their biggest mistake i think buying hazard.

    20. Siyanda Nyamela

      The guy that narrates these La Liga highlights is really good🔥💯

    21. Esker Memmedov

      Azeri var?🇦🇿

    22. ICE KING TV


    23. Og Loc baby

      I hate that these fools put the score on the thumbnail and title 🤦‍♂️

    24. Andos Shan

      GOGO VAMOS #HalaMadrid

    25. Лоло Козлов

      when your best man is your gk

    26. Sotiris Mark


    27. Paul07reds

      Ferland is smoking something wtf was that haha

    28. Świat Futbolu HD

      Real Madryt campeones

    29. To ReĐa

      Barcaaaa 1🏆✌🏻

    30. Yannick Guillon

      Arbitrage bien bienveillant pour RMA!

    31. Ben Andely

      Hala Madrid !!!

    32. Abdalla Amur

      Mariano offside Courtois great saves

    33. Maz

      Hazard still injured 😂

    34. Dayita,Daffa And Davina

      Courtois is better than neuer👍

      1. Dayita,Daffa And Davina

        @John Oduntan lol who talking to you?

      2. John Oduntan

        not convincing in any way.. lol

    35. Ahmed Islam

      We are winning the league.. take it from me. Hala Madrid

    36. Twitch_ Noxy

      Grande courtois

    37. 超人気声優

      super KROOS‼️

    38. Nodirbek Sobirjonov

      Courtis is the best goalkeeper in the world. Hala Madrid y Nada Mas

      1. CooManTunes


      2. Nodirbek Sobirjonov

        Thanks for likes

    39. ItsBleon _Yt

      Curtois was the motm

    40. Stanislav Sokol

      Courtois MOTM

    41. Евгений Локшин

      Mariano=morata god of offside

    42. Arachne88

      I am looking forward to a generational change at Real Madrid

      1. Red Teacher 77

        First few seconds of this highlist :)

    43. Soso Lawson

      Madrid make hard work of everything

    44. Hasan Basri

      Hidup Real Madrid ❤️

    45. mi po

      I feel bad for Mariano

    46. Noordin Ahmed

      Courtois should be the man of the match 👏

      1. Oussema

        He is

    47. OSCAR WONG

      Now we know Ferland Mendy can cross 🐐

    48. Kinan Elghoul 2

      Only 1-0 😂😂😂😂😃

    49. Julien AKE

      HALA MADRID 👍💕😘🌺

    50. Odyssey Gaming


    51. Luthfie Farisky

      what a performance thibu!!

    52. Akeem Soumare

      Courtois is the man of the match. Not Casemiro. Hala Madrid 😍💪

      1. Football Wizards


    53. Kevin Edilson

      Grande temporada de Casemiro e Thibaut

    54. hikmat sabirov

      ÕLĞA MADRID ALA MADRID👑💰💲😘🌠🌟⭐💪👍❤💋

    55. WL

      Atletico hinna win la liga

    56. samuel azarya

      Ferland mendy was testing courtois’s anger 😂

      1. Kaden Julien

        dunno if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hacker if you care

      2. Football Wizards


      3. R

        We'll get whipped by Atalanta if we keep doing these stupid errors.

    57. Dilshod Karimov

      Hala Madrid!!!!

    58. Cheb Salman الشاب سلمان

      Halaaaa madriiiiid 🔥🔥

    59. Ulaş Karagöz

      00.1 what

    60. Bago Boy

      HalaMadrid 🙌🏾🔥🔥♨️

    61. Thái - 64IT3 Nguyễn Du

      tôi hi vọng bên phía nhà phát sẽ tóm tắt trận đấu chi tiết hơn, dài hơn :D

    62. Fonnis - Igrovoy


      1. juancaralarga

        La tuya por si acaso🖕

      2. Мира Всем

        Real Madrid 👍🤝Верим всегда. ХАЛА МАДРИД

      3. Real Madrid

        Реал возьмет ла лигу

      4. Мира Всем

        Тащит не по детски, не спорю. Но когда важные моменты , Реал соберается лучше всех.

      5. MaksFifa

        Куртуа тоже не может вечно тащить реал в одиночку, надо всю игру менять

    63. Fredrick Oywer

      Benzema: Don't pass to Mendy, he's playing against us

      1. wisdom93 wisdom93


      2. Matthew Xuereb

        @TyneeMax this time he'll say it to Vinicius

      3. TyneeMax

        ironic cuz he said that to mendy

      4. Eden Hazard


    64. Firma Yudi

      Head shiot

    65. Castro Castro704

      Could’ve been 3-0 but 2 offside

    66. Zainul Ariff

      Lmfao Mariano always off side and Courtois did well. HalaMadrid!

    67. Ramadhan Kikwa

      Halla Madrid ❤🇹🇿

    68. Muhamad Rafiq


    69. Hombre

      1 gol jjjjjjjj solo uno q vergüenza

    70. Doug 7RM

      Cortouis, Casemiro y 9 más

      1. 青木豊


    71. Damulira Ronald

      Hala real madrid and congratulations

    72. faiz kurnain

      Courtois world class 💥

    73. olulana emmanuel

      Courtois us fucking good

    74. Know More

      Courtois u saved us that night really thanks ❤❤

    75. Bе KA


    76. راموس الحربي

      كورتوا 🐐❤

    77. MrSoulRebel

      True Madradistas would agree we need an entire youth revolution..we can agree on bringing back the youth players and letting them play, letting them develop. We actually have an entire squad of decent youth talent either in the squad but not playing or loaned out to other teams or ones with buy back clauses: players like Rodrygo, Vini, Valverde, Ordriozola ,Militao, Lunin. We have on loan players like Ødegaard, Diaz, Dani Ceballos, Takefusa Kubo, Vallero and Renier..And lastly Promote Castilla players to fill squad roles!! The main objectives in this transitional period should only be qualifying for the CL so finishing 2nd to 4th should not be an issue as to not put pressure on them to win the league for at least 2 seasons. We as the real fans and supporters would support the team and learn to be patient so that they can learn to play together and develop together as a team in the 2 seasons. Real Madrid fans understand that these youth players could at least obtain that objective with that level of talent on display!! But also understand that Perez wont pull the trigger. ..this can be the only way we can save money and still remain competitive and have a squad for the next 10 years ...Hala Madrid!! #Youth Revolution!!

    78. Rizqy Fシ

      Indo sendiri?

    79. Renaldo Matadeen

      Madrid needs Alaba badly. That backline is terrible. Glad Mariano is looking so good, he deserves a team like Betis or something to give him more time

      1. hi it's me

        @DoomaTV bruh he never got played Zidane only plays him when benzema is injured atleast he is playing for the badge not like hazard play 2 game eat McDonald's get injured whenever he Plays he gives his best

      2. DoomaTV

        He came in 2015 like something what more time does he need lol

    80. Art zoma

      👏👏👏 VARDRID

      1. Oussema

        Go cry somewhere else

      2. niklas karvonen

        Wtf VARDRID??? Valencia 4 pen vs real madrid in mestalla

      3. Ødegåård 21

        VARcelona 4-2 😂😂😂 cry 😭 😂

    81. Tay Roc

      Glad for the 3 points. But we never seem to bring the pain to these scrappy teams anymore. A 6-1 or 7-3 would've been good. But it's Zidane. Hala Madrid!

    82. Ødegåård 21

      3 important points without Ramos, hazard, benzema, carvajal, valverde, Rodrygo! Now let’s Focus on the champions league game vs Atalanta 💪


        without militao, odriazola, and marcelo!

    83. Thomas H.

      Gracias, thks, merci Courtois🙏best keeper🤟

    84. Damion Brown

      Real Madrid old and stail.need some new sparkling talents. Glad for the result but this squad have no debth

      1. south western

        How could they even sell / loan reguilon , hakimi, jović, ødegaard, or even bale this season ?! why ? zidane only can work with his ‘friends’, he can’t improve with fresh blood so mbappe and haaland maybe will be out of his squad he will be with benzema until his death.

    85. I'm proud be Muslim Thanks Allah

      Is reefer socer the GOLA fro real Madrid?

    86. Mario Wilson

      Creditos au coutrois the best

    87. Shiv_an

      ¡𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚊 𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚍! 💪🏻🤍💪🏻

    88. Hankle Sacks

      These man are the masters of winning 1-0 smh

      1. timosha

        Ты вообще бомж

      2. TomburiohTalun

        Win is win, no matter what the score 1-0, 10-0 1000-0 ..

    89. W H

      Madrid really need some fresh attacker for next season

      1. Bryan

        @wout sauviller he is overatted bruh,playing in farmers league.

      2. oyo oyo

        @wout sauviller where was he against monaco???? 0 shoot halaand is far better

      3. wout sauviller

        @oyo oyo have you se him against barca?

      4. oyo oyo

        @Ødegåård 21 mbappe is overrated

      5. U G

        @W H Agreed, he's got Ronaldo like instincts

    90. Arbenit Krasniqi

      defasts.info/title/video/mNOKb6zKoo_Uqbc.html 👈

    91. Arbenit Krasniqi

      defasts.info/title/video/mNOKb6zKoo_Uqbc.html madrdi

    92. Arbenit Krasniqi


    93. Arbenit Krasniqi

      defasts.info/title/video/mNOKb6zKoo_Uqbc.html Toni kross

    94. Arbenit Krasniqi

      defasts.info/title/video/mNOKb6zKoo_UqbfJ.html modriq

    95. Arbenit Krasniqi

      defasts.info/title/video/mNOKb6zKoo_Uqbc.html casmiro

    96. Malinois yagami

      🌟🥇Haaland Madrid 🥇🌟

      1. dude letsplay

        No mbappe

      2. Football Wizards

        @Ajay Karthy defasts.info/title/video/c5imrqi-sHvborc.html

      3. Ajay Karthy


    97. Daniel Fuentes

      Omg those babies 🥺

      1. cheese pizza

        I have a question,why are those creepy dolls there?

    98. Hải Kiều thị


    99. Gulamin Salim


    100. seppe love milenka

      Courtois is the best goalkeeper in the world

      1. Germany

        @Ødegåård 21 Courtois is great but the best goalkeeper title belongs to Neuer

      2. Ødegåård 21