How a Film Camera works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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    Gav shows the impressive internals of an old 16mm motion picture camera by filming it in some lovely crisp 4K slow motion at 1000fps. Lights! Camera!......... well that's it, really.
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    Filmed at 1000fps using a Phantom Flex 4K
    How a Film Camera works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. Blake Ruscica

      Wire EDM in slow motion would be fascinating. Electrical discharge machining. I have a very nice machine you could film on. I don't want to be in any videos I just want to see how the machine cuts.

    2. Promi Akter


    3. Lunar Komet

      More of these kind of "inside look at old mechanisms" slo-mo videos please!

    4. †

      Красногорск рулит🤘🤘🤘

    5. Ali Attia

      Gavy, you should fire two water jets streams with different food coloring in them and catch the connecting shot with the phantom!

    6. UK4 Impeach JoeBiden

      Russians build great things!

    7. T Adams

      What happened to the other guy?

    8. 2 Minute Review

      1:04 Bless you

    9. chrischibird

      So cool, my girlfriend recently bought me a K-3 for my last birthday, interesting to see how it works in slow-mo.

    10. bocoy noiu

      Next episode: "How a Phantom Camera works in Slow Motion"

    11. Kaleb Taylor

      Wait where's dan it's not the same gav

    12. Will Stewich

      This was so interesting

      1. bocoy noiu

        That is fascinating

    13. Motor Head King

      I have no idea what your were trying to explain.

    14. Larisa Radcliffe

      This was awesome! I'd love to see you make a slow mo guys video *with* an old school high frame rate film camera that you mentioned at the end.

    15. Jonathan Bigtime


    16. what I found randomly

      Can you do the slow Mo of mantis shrimp punch

    17. Alex Bond

      Absolutely bananas! My favourite episodes are super close super slow of super small super quick stuff!

    18. Brian Camarena

      Always wondered how a Cotten candy machine would look like with the slow mo guys.....

    19. Giovani Hubner Manosso

      You should film a cloud chamber with something radioactive inside it, because it looks pretty awsome normally and I'd love to see it working in slow motion.

    20. Adam A

      Okay I haven’t watched anything recent for a couple years now, why is Gav slowly turning into Hangover-era Zach Galifianakis?

      1. sehhi vooty

        Absolutely incredible video. Please do one with a film camera capable of shooting thousands of frames per second!

    21. Joseph Watson

      Hey Slow Mo Guys, I honestly think that the explosions of brightly colorful smoke like the ones from 25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4k & Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo and the fiery explosions like the one from Huge Building Explosion at 2500fps would be perfect for filming a new LEGO themed team of Power Rangers / Super Sentai.

      1. sehhi vooty

        Phenomenal video gav 👏🏽👏🏽

    22. lmw lmw

      Mechanics marvel.....Awesome video.

    23. Paul Scaglione

      I've been an analogue motion film camera technician for over 35 years now and this is by far the best explanation of how an analogue motion picture camera works. My hats off to Gav in not only his spot-on understanding of the machanics of it all but for so perfectly using his digital and optical tools and skills to capture, edit and deliver that explanation!

    24. Arm The Creative

      A M A Z I N G ! ! ! !

    25. David Tiller

      Hydraulic slow mo of glass ball

    26. revive

      That's amazing. You need to do a video about HFR film cameras!

    27. Ghost Boss

      Sometimes I forget that this Gavin is the same Gavin that thought it was a good idea to tell Jeremy to axe kick his already half broken and fragile desk while still having expensive equipment on it.

    28. Nash Maina

      That is fascinating

    29. Howie Kappowie


    30. Respuncules bruh

      You should do a slow mo shot of how a crash mat work's and you could put that powdered paint to see how the shock spreads out

    31. Judith Robinson

      Fascinating, as always!

    32. TomtheMagician21

      That’s so cool

      1. sehhi vooty

        Хорошая камера)

    33. Isaac Sinning

      You guys should collaborate with how ridiculous

    34. Unreliable

      Film cutting an apple/tomato's skin super up close with sharp and dull knife, if you want :D

    35. Nighty Blade

      Aww I thought you were going to slo-mo the *projection* of the film too!

    36. JC Sosia

      Phenomenal video gav 👏🏽👏🏽

    37. Matt Glynne

      Absolutely incredible video. Please do one with a film camera capable of shooting thousands of frames per second!

    38. Katharine Rutkowski

      I love watching your videos.

    39. Jamie Pond

      This was an awesome video, but was a shame not to see some real footage that you got developed from it! Maybe you could have done the intro with it? I dunno how much that would cost though :P

      1. The Slow Mo Guys

        I actually did shoot an outro on the film camera but the covid processing times would have delayed this video by weeks. Thinking about doing it with the high speed film camera. Shooting the whole thing on film.

    40. Alexander Nähring

      Awesome piece of engineering and definitely lasting longer than my first digital video camera :-D

    41. KnightWolf 20

      you should do a Beyblade battle in super slo motion like when the two tops hit each other

    42. Avery Earle

      Where is Dan? -- as a shirt slogan.

    43. Khaled A M A Alnajar

      im from kuwait can you do crona and disroy it

    44. RAZONI

      Он так мило сказал Красногорск-3

    45. A nn

      High voltage disconnector switching. Do that.

    46. kolim jone

      The way that Gav cut off the "Here's me using a camera..." bit was hilarious


      Imagine a video where they trap electricity inside of a thin rubber ball and keep filling this one space with electricity to the point where it explodes,or is that a dumb Idea

    48. Harish Vara

      Guys thank you for letting us into slow mo. Just amazing how things look in slow motion. Just absolutely addictive to watch. ❤️

      1. kolim jone

        Boring 😶😶😶

    49. FoxFoxFox

      Хорошая камера)

    50. Sanjeev Aher

      Could you guys do a slow mo video of a sonoluminescence caused my a mantis shrimp attack ? That would be great to watch !

    51. Andrew K

      You look like an emo hippie

    52. Harry B 1698

      YT doesn’t recommend your videos anymore??

    53. Brody Argo

      Mildly disappointed that you didn't show any film shot on the camera

    54. андрей Киршин

      were is dav?

    55. Arif Bulut

      Why don't you make a slow mo video of this guy, cat vibing Bilal Goregen? I really wanna see his fingers.

    56. SciTube Limitless

      amazing content ... superb

    57. incubusman421

      Does the angle of the shutter actually change with speed or does the term "shutter angle" only refer to the amount of time the shutter exposes the medium.

    58. PaulBlake

      Fair play to Gavin for doing this, such a faff.

    59. KurtBob

      Thanks mate

    60. KurtBob

      Here’s a T-shirt of me making a tshirt wearing a tshirt of me making a tshirt on it.

    61. Michael Stern

      I'm just learning high-speed photography using the Mega Speed handheld camera. I've always been fascinated with this format. Thanks for the inspiration!

    62. Matthew Zgourovski

      Can you do a video of how a circuit breaker works. It would be really cool if you can get that in slow motion.

    63. abdullah babakir

      try the ( stuff made here )'s base ball bat

    64. PRÏME

      Boring 😶😶😶

    65. 19Sricharan Reddy

      Bro can you do slow motion of a house fly

    66. Wes Brooks

      An absolutely outstanding video. Extraordinarily well made. Thank you! My comrades and I recently wrapped production on a 16mm project for Mourning Dove Films in Peoria, IL.

    67. JDB745

      6:08 - 6:24 anyone realize the film said subscribe on it? So clever lol

    68. Douglas Fish

      I wish I saw the 48fps hobbit when I had the chance

    69. TobberHarley

      Amazing mechanical engineering!

    70. Γιωργος Ζηκοσταθης

      Today i realised that DEfasts now allows you to watch videos in 4k resolution!!

    71. Forever Young

      What happened to Dan ????

    72. Kade Robinson

      I would love to see gavs sound design for this film

    73. Sonic9201

      I just had an amazing idea for a video they could do! I searched it up and no one has done it yet, at least not very well. Slow mo snow falling. Imagine seeing the individual snow flakes in slow mo!

    74. everything is infrared

      Thanks for sharing such wonderful footage...

    75. smeggyhead1

      5:13 "slow mo guys"

    76. Greg Warman

      oh yeah... that's the stuff we come here for

    77. bcvbb hyui

      Next episode: "How a Phantom Camera works in Slow Motion"

    78. Acesprune

      Do slowmo cutting water with scissors next plz thx

    79. BMW MotorSport

      Залайкайте чтобы подумали , аля я сказал что-то умное.

    80. test fpa61

      Hey, Could you plz do JBL bass test in slow mo, always wondered what it really looks like, thx 🙂

    81. Denise

      another great one!

      1. bcvbb hyui

        I was watching a guy make music with his Tesla coils and thought that would make a pretty interesting slow-mo video

    82. Mr M&S


    83. Daan de Hiep

      I feel like since you can't film with Dan you take more time filming and setting up shots. These videos as of late have such well thought out shots, the editting/framing looks really good.

    84. Supercookie

      learned more here than my school day

    85. Ben Clark

      At about 6:05 - 6:25 the slow mo shot for some reason looks so off and computer generated to me. Like it’s too precise and well engineered

    86. jake walker

      Gavin I found your Reznor. If I knew a way to attach a photo to comments I would

    87. Nathaniel Rice

      This is super cool!

    88. zink solar hero

      love the mechinisoms

    89. nw

      5:13 I see you!

    90. deaniweenie

      One of your best videos!

    91. p p

      little dissapointed was expecting a geneva mechanism

    92. KKPlayz21

      S U B S C R I B E

    93. sehhi vooty

      "Hobbity-looking footage." Gavin, that made my day. I only got to see The Hobbit in 48fps once, but it was definitely something unique.

    94. Zarkow

      The old camera is very cyberpunk

    95. Juggernaught W

      I was watching a guy make music with his Tesla coils and thought that would make a pretty interesting slow-mo video

    96. Noel Davis

      Perhaps my favorite of your videos so far. Thank you!

      1. sehhi vooty

        Красногорск - топ

    97. Lord Neko

      Never would have thought a hook moves the film, thought it was a gear.

    98. Harold Escotet

      marvelous done amicco!!!!

    99. Peter Dalling

      That was absolutely amazing to watch, the old film cameras were works of art. Even the budget cameras like my Olympus OM10 were beautifully constructed inside.

    100. Томашевский Виталий

      Очень круто) Приятно видеть, как все детали четко подогнаны для слаженной работы