How Amazon's Super-Complex Shipping System Works

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    Writing by Sam Denby
    Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
    Editing by Alexander Williard
    Animation by Josh Sherrington
    Sound by Graham Haerther
    Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive and Amazon
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    1. JurassicHog

      it seem like they combine big lot to ship during holiday season. it took longer time without detail tracking

    2. Ben Schlea

      Amazing logistics that sometimes get... Weird? The most confusing thing happened with Amazon yesterday. I placed a next day order, the truck pulled in to my drive, then backed out. I thought delivery was done. Nope. For some reason I watch as the package moved farther away until finally the app apologized and said it'll be delivered tomorrow. HUH???

    3. Thomas Wheeler

      Work in 8 hours and I’m sat here watching this on a Friday night wtf

    4. Master00Sniper

      Couple things: it's pronounced "Keeva", and not all Amazon warehouses have them. Older Amazon warehouses without kiva robots can increase throughput pretty easily just by throwing additional people into the mix. Locations with kiva however hit a maximum throughput much sooner when adding people.

    5. Johnson Jamse

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    6. RS 7

      Amazon prime means next day delivery in the UK

    7. mrk107

      What if I want to order a Jet, ✈️ What do they ship that in?

    8. Blazing Haze

      Iv worked at ups and fedex. Handled many of amazons packages. Quick review. Fedex 👎🏽, UPS 👍🏽, Amazon there paper tape is almost useless and there boxes are made of wet paper they do a good job at protecting there boxes but if they make in with other boxes there f’d. In short paper tape makes me want to cut my wrists.

    9. Vu Hoang Phat

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    10. L K

      To note, USPS does not deliver to every address in the country. They do offer free PO Boxes to addresses they don’t deliver to, or at least they did for me.

    11. REL06

      Make sure you have a piss bottle at your station

    12. Ng Edwin

      I am amazed... The complexity and arrangement... just... fabulous

    13. Defund The Left

      amazon sells paedo babies

    14. Vicman Thome

      Im a Target picker and its true!

    15. 川元優希Nsytr0

      The question isnt HOW Amazon ships, but WHO

    16. Zabshire Roberto

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    17. Fred latin Medic

      A veeeery simple example. Gun slings, gun accesories, pro gun tshirts, 5.11 pants, etc. It would be incredibly dumb to place that near new york, but smarter to place it near the south, texas or the midwest

    18. Avijit Kabiraj

      Read comedy of coffin on kindle.....

    19. Guysmiley

      dont use them now anymore.. too much lib agenda.

    20. C

      Why do Americans say "shipping" when it doesn't go by ship? Why not "postage" or "delivery"?

    21. Gary Wilson

      Carrying a replica robot at 6:05 lol

    22. David R. Stone

      🆘 Boycott Amazon/Jeff Bezos he is in bed with the China and the liberal Democrats. Most of Amazon stuff he sells is made in China; you know the same folks that sent the United States and the world Chinese coronavirus. Send communist China a message don’t buy made in China 🇨🇳

    23. Brandon Deemter

      all i know is that amazon didn't offer its services on the covid vaccine delivery logistics until biden was president. and for that we say "FUCK YOU AMAZON/biden".

    24. Lukas Klähn

      Why the hell do you call them fullfillment centers? They are warehouses, please don't use the euphemistic term amazon coined itself, it's a distractment from the horrid working conditions in the houses.

    25. Nadir Bengana

      Install SponsorBlock if you don't want to listen to his bullshit about who sponsored this video :)

    26. Velo

      For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

    27. Dean Carfora

      “Aimazon” 😂😂

    28. Alan Kwok

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    30. WinginWolf

      Hahah, I used to be a target picker.

    31. David

      Video: How does an Amazon package get to you, and the answer, it depends. Me: Checks the shipping and see's that its Dynamex/TForce, Me: Yeah, that's not gonna arrive.

    32. Abdalla Babikir

      I would like to thank you, I saw the video a week ago and bought my first ever stock. I made $200

    33. Anthony Trupiano

      Kiva is pronounced KEY-vah.

    34. Lukus Cannon

      You 100% live here in Denver

    35. Cris Salinas

      Can I get uhhhh...: boneless plane

    36. No More BS Please

      Why is it so hard to understand that automated jobs are bad? Every job you remove, is one less person available to purchase your product. If every company automated jobs, they would all go out of business. I wonder which Industry will open the Pandora's Box first?

    37. Frankie S

      Stopped watching after the 10th AIM-azon pronunciation.

    38. Adam Holland

      I worked at a sort center PDX5 for a little while, there are no robots there.

    39. stargate905

      soon those pickers will be robots

    40. Kev Farthing

      All that complex system and then you end up with some clown just dumping your package on your doorstep ready for someone to steal. Not all Amazon Logistic drivers are clowns but the bad ones tarnish the reputation of the rest.

    41. Dra Williams

      We don't care how sophisticated Amazon's delivery system is we're not going to be using it

    42. PNW RC

      😮👀😎👍🏻Neat video!

    43. Studio23 Media

      I used to want to work in logistics. Amazon changed my mind. 😂

    44. Onehourworkout

      Amazon pays there workers peanut compared to ups.... the owner is a greedy pos

    45. BruhhhOof

      Meanwhile im happy that my package arrived in 2 weeks to Australian

    46. Perpetual Peter

      How'd you get Guy Fieri to cameo?!

    47. Luis Tomás Orozco

      What about international shipping?

    48. Good Gud

      We've seen how Amazon employees discriminate against packages. I will never ever buy from Amazon, especially since they were caught selling people. Bezos should be in prison.

    49. Rock girl

      Love you videos???

    50. Gareth-Stuart Ogg

      Still never understood how people can get two day delivery? One day delivery is even too long Amazon offers same day delivery

    51. Elijah Achu

      Okay.... but that girl at 10:49 was really cute 🥲 I’m tryna figure out her logistics

    52. relikvija

      My dream is to become a picker one day...

    53. wisenber

      It doesn't work.

      1. Rock girl

        always look forward to your videos !!

    54. Terry Ellison

      Shoutout from St. Pete FL (home to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, seen at 6:32)

    55. Monochrome Arts

      It would be interesting to see how amazon is planning to adapt its shipping system to the german market. Germany is a much smaller country than the US, and here, they're selling prime memberships with the promise of free 1-day delivery. Come to think of it, they can probably take planes out of the equation altogether, because pretty much every town in germany is within an 8-hour drive from any logistics centre...

    56. Robert Andrews

      I like to order stuff a day or two apart so they have to ship separately, they sometimes catch it if you order something within anywhere from a few hours to a day apart depending on the day. And always check the rush delivery, not that I need most things quick but I'd rather make them pay more for it. The $1 reward isn't worth it for me. Don't worry, I recycle the boxes or I use some when I sell stuff. But i usually try to buy stuff from other sites, I just haven't had great experiences with Amazon especially stuff that more than about a hundred bucks.

    57. acchaladka

      The part on Target was super-interesting. If Costco did that in Canada, because they actually treat their employees well, I’d move absolutely all of my possible shopping over to Costco. At the moment Costco takes two weeks to deliver via shitty UPS....

    58. Nikhil Angad Bakshi

      I would've liked to see the logistics behind PrimeNow delivery. I would also be interested in how the fulfillment works in India because Amazon India logistics is way ahead of Europe and one-day deliveries are quite common (therefore the point about Amazon beating out FedEx and DHL due to two-day doesn't hold)

    59. Bradley Watts

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    60. Amasa Simpson

      Look most of the time your not buy from other states from across the country

    61. Arizona Tooth

      I work logistics (ddu dispatch) at amazon It does not work

    62. king james488

      thanks for telling me about amazon in major american cities. that's really great.

    63. king james488

      and like 90% of orders in canada are fulfilled by amazon cuz is shit and we literally are not allowed to shop

    64. marvercraft

      Wait... Amazon Prime in the US is two-day delivery? Here in Germany the slogan is "Heute bestellt, morgen da" translation: "Bought today delivered Tomorrow" So is it because Germany is Smaller in Size than the US?

    65. Sam Slichter

      One of my favourite Wendover vids to date. Thanks,

    66. Ian Sum

      In short: Arsenal Bird

    67. Hau Tatari

      I am racist

    68. Nathaniel Wenger

      Wait is this the half as interesting guy

    69. paisley dreamz

      amazon doesn't pose any threat if you live urban. why should i pay membership for amazon prime when i no longer get delivery overnight? i will buy local and wait the same 2 days, with no membership fee required.

    70. ecux xil

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    71. Randy N9RAN

      Thanks Sam!!

    72. -David-

      5:50 “in coloradaho”

    73. Clarklikescereal2

      0:18 what happened to that poor person's finger??

    74. sehhi vooty

      most certainly did this too before the advent of "big data". Given that they could easily track which items sell faster. Amazon just is able to do it at a much larger scale.

    75. Anthony Sciabarrasi

      prime is such a scam is u buy it for the fast shipping because even the free shipping when u spend $25 usually gets to ur house in 2 days lol

    76. Krischna Gabriel

      But hey, at least those poor pickers don't have to work their ass off anymore.

    77. Ehan's world


      1. sehhi vooty

        "Something only possible at this scale thanks to modern big data and Linux."

    78. weeguy

      I have a amazon warehouse 12 miles from me😊 but only 2/10 times something goes wrong

    79. Thanos

      1:26 My ps5 being delivered 😫

    80. File Gumbo

      I’ve nick named the Amazon Vans, Amavans

    81. Mr. E. Man

      Step 1: Don’t pay taxes even though you have more money than God

    82. TheGameMaster123

      I live in Colorado!

    83. david rab

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    84. contrite sinner

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    85. Tuddec


    86. J S

      wendover's not very good at explaining things clearly. he includes way too much detail in an unstructured and convoluted way. a lot of detail couldve been excluded or at the very least been structured in a clearer more concise manner.

    87. John Monday

      Covid vaccine seems to be killing people with heart attack about one to two hours after taking. 2 in Israel, 2 in India, 1 in Florida. 9 sickened in California. age groups seem to be male in 50s and males in 70s.

    88. Cody Christian

      Awesome video and nice to see Lakeland mentioned 👍🏻

    89. German Perfectionist

      1:22 „Fulflled“. Twice. Shame on you! 😂

    90. Cornelia Chukes

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    91. Nathan Barr

      I work at a delivery station in Amazon,and it's pretty crazy how the system works

    92. Aron Widforss

      "Something only possible at this scale thanks to modern big data and Linux."

    93. Kolerick Bloodmoon

      well... as it's said, amateurs study tactic while professionals study logistic...

    94. Isamu Koo

      No, amazon shipping system sucks

    95. Dan Phillips

      Imagine when Amazon is considered the worlds biggest airline.

    96. Defense Forces Diary

      please support and subscribe Defense Forces Diary (DFD)

    97. Nic Halabicky

      “300-400 items...” a day? “An hour” 😮

    98. Jed-Henry Witkowski

      1:26, what's on that truck?

      1. Wendover Productions

        Write my admin for financial advice On investment in Crypto

    99. オレーチェル

      ok this is completely bizarre but when I saw the Target shown at 16:02 I recognized it immediately, it's in Chicago. I checked google maps and I've been in there a million times. Panda Express in the same parking lot right across from it, used to be Dapper's East in the same strip mall. Think there's still a Dollar Tree and a Gamestop and maybe a Hallmark store. wild to just see it in a Wendover video! haha

    100. Alejandro Gama

      The finger tho