How Bad is a Refurbished iPhone...?

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    Refurbished iPhone on Amazon -
    Would you buy a refurbished Apple iPhone from Amazon?
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      Which smartphone would you buy with a $200 USD budget?

      1. Brent Amo

        Samsung galaxy s9 or s10

      2. Damian Magaña

        7/8 plus

      3. AirScorpion 7177

        S9 plus

      4. Random

        Redmi Note 8 Pro

      5. kSpades

        11:00 sorry rich boy 😂

    2. HoennLink 2003

      Time for the mandatory phone test with the stripper plant 🪴 💵

    3. Jackson Agoi

      Hi Unbox Therapy, if you're not satisfied please send that phone to me i'm in Africa and I have always wanted an iPhone, thank you in advance, stay blessed💯 great content!!!!!!

    4. Mike Looze

      Subscribed! Keep up the good work man.

    5. Jawad Ahmad

      13:42 - you can use 3Utools software to verify that .

    6. microwavablegrandma

      no shit its half decent the phone is only like 4 years old...

    7. Todd Solomon

      half the cell coverage 600 Mhz band. SUPER important today.

    8. Kate Dell

      Me watching this on my iPhone 7plus I got last month which is refurbished....very very neat👌


      Some of the reviews are straight bs, regularly on refurbished or “renewed” products you choose them by grade class, like poor or excellent.

    10. Srpska Gora

      Why does anybody even buy iphone phones?!? They are very expensive low end phones compared to other companies.

    11. Marcus Young

      I'm in the market for a"renewed" iphone but I'm looking moreso at the iphone x or xs..

    12. S Cole

      Dam I can tell your a older man but your dementia shouldn’t be settling in yet where Touch ID is a “remember that” type of thing 😂

    13. boons4life

      This is an iphone 8 that came out 3 years ago is not that olf

    14. Dennis Fedak

      Let’s not talk about the P word!

    15. drug mage

      I got a renewed iPhone X on a french website called backmarket and its good on prices. I got it 256go, for 350€ and its like new it had like a tiny scratch but pretty much brand new


      Can I have the iphone please I have a samsung j7 and I need a new phone

    17. Just Living

      I just got a iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished from apple and was like totally brand new

    18. MaddNinja

      His verdict: its not that bad My verdict: its actually very good if you are on a budget

    19. jack

      U should try some other websites because they do it better

      1. jack

        @Dern Johnson swappie or refurbed i got my se 2020 off it and it's in great condition

      2. Dern Johnson

        Websites like??

    20. what

      My iPhone XR is refurbished. It works perfect. I wouldn’t have been able to tell

    21. Dad's Tech Review

      I have had good so far

    22. Jarno

      Most iPhones feel up to date, how ever there are few that i wouldnt take even Apple refurbished. Those are iPhone 6/6s and 7/7 Plus, those have higest rma rate also 7 does have hardware defect that most 7's have that will brick the device and only way to repair is mainboard repair. iPhone 8, X, XS seem to have better hardware reliability than those older ones. I would only take iPhone from reseller that provides 12month warranty for the refurbished device.

    23. cosmo

      Unbox Therapy is good at reviewing the newest shiniest products , but for some reason this video was kinda offensive to people who do buy second hand/renewed. It's as if he just figured out there are people that cannot afford 1000 dollar new iPhone's

    24. Deepak Bhosle Pawara

      watch this video in 0.75 speed Lew is Drunk 🤣

    25. kSpades

      11:00 sorry rich boy 😂


      That plant in all your videos though, lol!

    27. Sahildeep Singh

      lue i dont know if this comment will get to you but i really miss the old energy you had some time back i personaly miss the old Lew soo much honstly but the content is still amazing of course much love and respect

    28. Shawnee Guyman


    29. Shawnee Guyman

      I'm shopping looking for days for phone. not sure what to do.was going for poco x3 but man I'd read somewhere on review. Its doesn't make or receive phone calls that we'll

    30. Lil Trey G

      You should try back market it’s a company that specializes in these things

    31. Random DIY

      My sim tool is a paper clip, works fine. I never buy them.

    32. The Wicked666 • 2 years ago

      I don't even have a iPhone

    33. ً

      when you buy a refurbished iPhone clean it before using it

    34. B B

      Guys I’m thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone XR from music magpie, should I??

    35. salt pepper

      I want to know if theyre using high quality (apple?) replacement parts INSIDE the phone

    36. Trench Toad

      Could be so much better if you got Hugh Jeffrey's refurbished phone

    37. SME Kash

      Every IPhone I Got Was Refurbished LMAOO 😂 Except My XR

    38. Dimitrije Djurdjevic

      lew. i hoped that, with all of that later case money, you would be able to afford a better mic or sth

    39. Jc Lewis Barragan JCLBX

      I know most people around here are RICH, but i work on iPhones and this is a very good deal tbh.

    40. Ralph Andrew

      Good thing is, he didn’t judge nor makes laugh on refurbished phones though he’s rich

    41. Isaiah

      Why am I watching this with an iPhone 11 💀

    42. Bryceson Yazzie

      I’m over here watching this on a iPhone 4s on safari since DEfasts ain't no longer supposed😂😂😂

    43. Bro

      Can I buy it from you?😁

    44. Abcdefg

      I’m rich, I’ll buy new

    45. Jon Costa

      I got an iPhone SE to me it feels like my first phone just faster my first phone was an iPhone 6 in 2018

    46. carl


    47. Eric Gon46

      I still have a first gen iPhone se lol

    48. Meiyan Meg

      I understand it for an average consumer. For the person going for top of the line, brand spanking new they aren’t gonna buy this. But for someone who maybe broke their phone, and doesn’t wanna spend $1000 for a new one this is a good option

    49. rukuss

      i feel like you should’ve selected the right buyer.. some are negative snd some are actually good such as chubbies tech or hybrid IT

    50. Picard JS

      I bought a renewed S10e and it has mostly been great. I can see your experience with an iPhone 8 being similar.

    51. Vid.

      I feel like I live in a different world than him at this point

    52. Shane Masterson

      I got a renewed 8 a couple years ago and received a new device. Literally not a single scratch and 100% capacity

    53. 2011Kestrel

      I’ve only had mediocre experiences with refurbished products, and I’ve frequently had bad ones too. Others may have better luck, but I’m done with trying to save a few bucks by purchasing refurbished goods of any type.

    54. Joshua Varghese

      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.: John 3 v 16

    55. lucas toyz

      Just C L E A N it

    56. Jahshon Simms

      this dude really acting bad and bougie.. 😂, I guess for him the higher up he's gotten monetarily wise , he really lost touch.. the phone is literally just 4yrs old.. he's acting as if it's a fucking dinosaur fossil he's holding or somthing.

    57. lowkeyparis

      It's kinda making me feel bad that I wanna buy a refurbished phone...🥺

    58. A A

      This is not representative of a refurbished product, please review an officially refurbished iPhone from Apple website.

    59. Fusion GamerX

      0:35 34,672 unread messages. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Nikolas Gunadi

      Old device *Laughs in 1st Gen SE*

    61. Jerry TheSauSe

      The iPhone 8 doesn’t come with a sim tool brand new or refurbished

    62. MyVideoMix

      I thought I’d never trust Refurb. But it’s all about finding a big Reseller you trust and knowing the difference in Grades. iPhones are supported for so long, you can ride the bottom of the tech wave for years getting massive savings. Especially if you’re buying for many family members, it’s a no brainer. Although I do buy new devices via contracts paid off early for fam that want the newer tech. But 2/3 years old into a 5/6 years support span is good enough for me. Refurb is also a great way to build a cheaper ecosystem. (iPad, phone, watch etc). The Apple Lifestyle doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems.

      1. MyVideoMix

        PS. I know the flexibility, variety, feature pushing specs and value in the Android world. Respect. I’m just an Apple kinda guy. You know, the type; black turtle necks, Birkenstock’s, IDM music and obnoxiously minimal graphic design. Lol. “Sent from my iPhone” (SE1/2016).

    63. Daniel G. Cândido

      Are you in Batman's container basement?

    64. Mani

      I bought a refurb iPhone 8 a week ago and it's exactly as new not even a scratch and yeah performance is amazing, better than most of the recent Android devices.

    65. Gabriel Northrup

      I bought one from the EXACT same listing. My phone showed up nicer than this one, not a SINGLE imperfection with 100% battery health. Still has 9 months of apple limited warranty too

    66. Wilson Kosasih

      "Remember Touch ID days?" Me using iPhone 5S: "Bruh"

    67. leslie's boo

      I have an iphone 11 pro max refurbished works like brand new so all refurbished phones not bad

    68. Christina Maynes

      Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are goin to get. -Forest Gump

    69. Parth Agrawal

      Pramod 😂😂😂

    70. Rohan Chivukula

      Just letting yall know if u want a quick answer i got an iphone X refurbished and its solid. nothing wrong with it got it for 300

    71. Pablo Naranjo

      Hook it up to 3u tools to see if the parts got changed

    72. kk media

      please can you send me this phone i need it

    73. Super knullisch


    74. Neil Pabayo

      I still have a 4s for my call and text daily uses and a xs max, owns a 5s, all of them still are all doing fine.

    75. TriggaHappyYT

      Who the fuck buys old iPhones.

    76. Lisandro Pat

      My face when you treated iPhone 8 as an old phone while holding my iPhone 5s: ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

    77. 심장보라색

      try the iphone XS max from back marked

    78. Dimitristouhell

      even refurbished iphones arent worth it more than actual non overpriced phones(android)

    79. TheLostBoy

      Wish I had an iPhone

    80. Aurora Relaxing Music

      Can you review Iphone 13? How cool is that

    81. Lil balaika

      You forgot to test the calling speaker on the iPhone it usually does not work.

    82. Aamr El Belkacemi

      I am concerned about the cloud. Does it work as if it is new?

    83. Locomamonk

      "Used" is only good if you know the person that's selling it. Otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.

    84. Matt Sivad

      apple 2 years old = to android 5 years old

    85. Micah

      iPhone 8 only came out 3 years ago lol it’s not like it’s a Nokia e63

    86. Naydax

      perfect timing.. broke my 6s now im looking at the 8.

    87. Doktor ALLES

      Better buy a good used at eBay

    88. Qimat Swift

      I have a renewed iPad Pro 2018 and I LOVE it. Best purchase ever. I got more storage for the same price as the new iPad Air.

    89. KOK KIT LAM

      Watching from my iPhone 8 Plus

    90. Melissa Sutherland

      not bad

    91. Ross Courtney

      Buy more of the 8 and some others.

    92. Gabe Bernard

      You should check out Back Market.

    93. Eevee Z Gamer

      @unbox therapy u should try reebelo

    94. mike lacey

      The broad drake synthetically wipe because leopard daily seal alongside a boiling bomb. dashing, complex pants

    95. John Doe

      Note: If you replace an iphone battery, there's a chance that the battery health won't even show up. So it's likely legit. A non-apple refurbish would likely result in the loss of the battery health section.

    96. Flawless Fatality

      Way over priced, swappa for used phones all the way

    97. Thang Reverse

      I think you should make a shop on phone or gadget for a cheaper price 🙏

    98. Ablie Barry

      One like me being wanting an iphone for a quite a long time now and cant afford one, maybe you should please gimme that iphone 8.. i would be grateful, from Gambia (west africa)

    99. Madhusuthanan S

      I live in Bangalore India, I got this cable once in a local shop, very cheap, it costs you 100 INR

    100. mustbe_Nick

      I got a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max off eBay for like $600 just because I really wanted to try a modern iPhone (been Android since Galaxy S5) and I didn't want to spend retail price on it. Everything is okay but not great. I feel like the cameras are slightly off, there is some dust behind one of the lenses, but it doesn't really affect picture quality. Also, the screen is aftermarket so no true-tone. Also, it doesn't feel as buttery smooth to use as some of my friends' phones. It doesn't lag or anything, it's just that the animations are not as smooth as they are on my friends' phones. Could just be placebo. Either way, I get 90% of the Apple experience while paying 50% of the price. Sounds good to me.

      1. bocoy noiu

        The only reason im watching is cause i might buy one