How Everyday Objects Are Made


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    1. Sarah Andersen

      Money is olso made of plastek

    2. Sarah Andersen


    3. Toby Trittschler

      Fun fact the Google pixel and iphones are manufactured by the same company

    4. George Dawson

      U don’t by a new phone and the screen doesn’t work ok but loo at my 2 da old apple iphone 10 screen doesn’t work so where were these peeps

    5. Annabel O'Brien

      Lia: I mean 2 million peanuts big! Me who has a nut allergy: 💀

    6. Henkō Subliminals

      Money is made of cotton

    7. Rj Averos

      by the way money is made of cotton

    8. Martinez’s Martinez

      Turn to Jesus and be saved


      she:DYNAMITE me:imA lIgHt It Up lIke dYnAmItE wOah

    10. Le Awesome Cheese -_-

      Everybody: money doesn’t grow on trees Me: think again Everybody: 😳🤯

    11. Jodala Flawless

      Lia:'Forbidden Cheese' Me:Eating grilled cheese sandwich

    12. Hayate Amatsukaze

      7:11 mr krabs be like: 🤤

    13. Sophia Mcghee

      Ummmmm John shut up

    14. Dome Piece 11

      Dollar bills...are made of COTTON, not paper. : ] You're welcome.

    15. Brenda Urencio

      I can literally smell the soap

    16. cristina munteanu

      Read comments on sunday

    17. Raegan Plays

      Samsung is better than apple

    18. Carlos Santana

      I LOVE your videos so much 💗 💕

    19. Carlos Santana

      You are so funny 🤣

    20. Muffin Bunn

      Samsung makes Apple phones and sells them to Apple

    21. kyang lee kyu

      Imagen u saw ur mom making soap XD

    22. Queenie Noodle

      Only OGs will remember “yessica”

    23. Carlos Santana

      Hi how are you guys

    24. Aliyah Fraley


    25. Erin Stephens

      Akshly money 💰 is made with copper lol you should know that and wen are you going live

    26. Simoniac Steam49

      Me listening to this while I am studying Sssniperwolf: “That’s how you and your brother were made” Me: ❗️

    27. Jasrah Rabbani

      We never found out how coins were made. :(

    28. Miraculous Ladybug and Chat noir

      Name:How everyday videos are made of Me:How Cat and Dogs are made and come from?

    29. Briana Ruiz-Montanez

      The Boba soap is so cute sssniperwolf can you say hi

    30. Kylie Cheyenne

      All I am saying is that there's nothing wrong with being accurate

    31. Kylie Cheyenne

      The stuff that money is made of is not paper but it is made of cotton and lignin.

    32. upendo Edward

      Anyone seeing this comment I wish them a happy day 🥰

    33. Sydney Turner

      "Put it in the meat grinder." ~makes into joke~ "Um... boss, I don't think we should do that." "It's fine." They were never heard of again.

    34. Ruben Smeijers

      4:07 WHY NUT ?! HAHHAA

    35. Jack Lounsbury

      Toleit paper is made of elephant poop

    36. Domos weird tube

      Sooo you buy trees with trees HUMMMMMMMMMMM

    37. Setareh Barakat

      Done we are not telling stories but we are changing lives too

    38. Arianna Estrada

      WE LOVE ARE FAVORITE FRENCH DEfastsR ❤🧡💛💚💙💜*sry I wov wainbows🥺♥ *

    39. Dora Martinho

      Omg buttcrack woot

    40. icee Ninja

      Is this how Elon Musk lives

    41. Kentucky boys Fishing

      Soap 🧼

    42. Nina V7483

      if i worked at a money factury i dont care im ganna steal ALL OF THE MONEY

    43. Nina V7483

      the part of the video were they make phones i was like ok so what happens if the phone blowes up?

    44. YoutuberDan


    45. TigerSripePlayz YT

      I'm watching this on an android

    46. Kaileena Houde

      The Canadians over here watching being like “ha we don’t use paper for our money”😂✌️

    47. Saul Hermosillo

      Beauty with no brains

    48. Annalisa Mittempergher

      ok so I've never gone to a factory but I know you can't have gluten I can't either but since I can't have gluten I can't have smarties

    49. cereal killer

      Go subscribe to anime juicy1k

    50. Roblox With Joyce


    51. Angshu Sarma

      We need the French DEfastsr

    52. cool school

      Our money isn’t made of paper it’s plastic

    53. Andy Zhai

      It cotton not paper

    54. xrin_ax

      I went to a tea factory and that factory smelled like fresh TEA LEAVES 🧎

    55. Natalie Ellington

      I love your videos

      1. Natalie Ellington

        I feel u

    56. Uraraka-san

      Dont be shy pirnt some more

    57. تلویزیون سلامت STAR HealthTV

      👏Support and Nice 💕 💯🙋‍♂️🎂 بسیار عالی بود It was great💐👌

    58. Nayeli Hernandez

      Do you see in Spanish teacher at the grocery store 🙀 turn on her keep saying take a peek hola niño btw that means hello kid

    59. Ninja Deer

      Me: *looking at all the the money* Me:thinking about would the ppl there be rich cus it’s a lot a money and you would’t mind if I took 3,000 dollars right you would still be rich right?

    60. Qwerty Qwerty 714

      Only OG people that have watched Unspeakable know this:WHAT THE FLIP

    61. Brooklyn Scott


    62. Sage Azzy

      As sniper wolf: that’s a lot of NUTS 😳

    63. Gabrielle Giron

      2:05 is hilarious lol

    64. Sana Penner

      I would eat the cupcake soap anyway 😂

    65. Stephanie Hart

      Not paper !! It's linen!!!

    66. Gregory Park


    67. Gregory Park


    68. Tally Oodles

      I’m not a us reaadent

    69. donutLllama

      "Big sack of nuts" My fifth grade class:

      1. donutLllama

        also im not on fifth grade lol i meant when i was

    70. Wesley Brown

      Wig much?

    71. BMAN

      Aaaaaaah why do you always say illegal

    72. Jules

      Umm I feel like this is illegal

    73. •• Moonshine gacha ••

      The workers at money factories get checked in the morning and they have clothes they change to at work after work they change again and get checked.

    74. Taylor Philips


    75. blitzer games

      The siper illegal money printer the 2 doller bill printer

    76. Peppa Pig


    77. Eugene Snoddy

      I ment i got a soap kit for Christmas

    78. Eugene Snoddy

      I got a oops kit for Christmas

      1. Shanme Dalton

        Congratulations you are the very first comment!

      2. Eugene Snoddy

        I mean I got a soap kit for Christmas

    79. Hayden Aardema

      Samsung makes most of the apple eternals

    80. Ankita Debbarma

      I have some questions Do you help poor people And do you like bts and how you become famous 🤔I want these threes question answers 🤔😁

    81. Toni Williams

      I am not down with somebody stepping on my soap, that is the dirtiest set up for making soap wtf

    82. Jackson Hiler

      SssniperWolf: “Wait nail polish is flammable”, me: “ Molotov nail polish”

    83. Alyssa Buch

      Go follow dharman

      1. Alyssa Buch

        Go follow dharman when you you follow him come back and like 😁

    84. YEET MERP

      0:57 OHHHHH LONG SOAP STICK Me:heh know what else is long

    85. Kristie Demeter

      "It all starts with a big sack of nuts." *_stop_*

    86. Heather Davison

      911: why are we getting so many phone calls? iphone company: oh we're just testing 911: FBI OPEN UP!

    87. miss roxann betty fox oconnor

      in england we have waxe money

    88. Erin Kelly

      Sniper wolf: teaches about soap Me: man this boring Sniper wolf: OOOOHHHHH me: OMG IT HERE FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID

    89. Shamsun Mohammed

      Only fans will remember this line *it’s ur favorite French DEfastsr


      That's a lot of nuts

    91. Helen Itil


    92. Anaida Ameen

      fun fact my mom used to work at a soap factory -lia YAS LIA

    93. Jade Corbeil

      So money does grow on trees, huh

    94. strange_one deal_with_it

      i feel like that was cotton not tree

    95. Elena Ancheta

      Fun fact: this video was 7 days ago -w-

    96. Arthur Rizhkov

      hello SSSniperwolf thanks for this video it was soo good

    97. Saluki

      *Everyone knows money grows on trees*

    98. Kristy Scarcelli

      I'm only 9 and I know how money is made

    99. shoto todoroni

      I miss it’s your favorite messy hair youtuber or your favorite French youtuber oh or yessica