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    Whats up yall this is a video from my TikTok explaining how I became NLE Choppas barber! Feel free to follow me on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter @vicblends for more micro content like this!
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    1. Arryet Love

      Lit 🔥

    2. Tha Canadian Fella

      Woalda thought he was askin for a gun lmaoo

    3. Shelby Russell

      Noone cares your soo needy

    4. Crispyyy

      Barber? No, best friend.

    5. Versatile Duckling

      Am I the only one saying "who the fuck is NLE chopper" I mean this dude is a no body in my world and I'm pretty out there in all types of shit so he ain't hit my radar.

    6. Overkill God

      Go you bro bro

    7. Peepee Boo

      Rape is TrAsH

    8. Christian Gaxiola

      You in love bro

    9. Ashley Prentice

      Why’d he wink at the cam😧📸

    10. Xavier Ford


    11. Kush

      Thus hundreds of thirsty chicks start hitting this guy's DMs up like an xanax night party.

    12. Andrethebeast

      You One lucky Barber

    13. Nando ‘

      Such a romantic love story 😫

    14. francisco mazieta


    15. mrbeastmode32493

      Nobody even knows who that loser NOBODY rapper is

    16. Chxrles •

      Growing up with NLE Choppa

    17. Xxx BOOMMINN Xxx

      Choppa need a chop

    18. Rory Delgrosso

      Love this

    19. PURE-Vipex12

      What a journey

    20. Shadow Learn kids are the best

      Bruh frog bite plz frog bite me plz what am I seeing

    21. Black sheep

      A mans best friend is his barber

    22. Jullyy

      Bro be looking like Eminem

    23. Projectsjay

      real nigga activity

    24. Hoa Xio Han


    25. NSF_TeMpeRYT

      Nice bro cool dude solid asf💪🏼💪🏿

    26. Michael Molnar

      Man can’t pick a team

    27. Nickolas Strode

      And no one give a fucc

    28. Ryan Reynolds


    29. Ali Shoja

      Nle choppa is the wish version of nba young boy

    30. YHB

      "This is me proposing to him"

    31. No1 2U

      GAY. Once you with Baby. You never stop Flamin.

    32. Noro Aogiri

      Dude is taking this way to serious lol

    33. Tamara Ellis

      I need those gold clippers 😩💯

    34. Scxzx 51k

      Are you still his barber?

    35. Richard Brummett

      Don’t know anyone in this video

    36. jennifer marshall

      Honestly I don’t even know who Choppa is. I guess I’m pretty I don’t know don’t care. And I certainly don’t care about his hair cuts!

    37. Chase Miller


    38. 99mralesana

      Good fucking job bro, that is a hella good feeling I bet

    39. Lyxien

      Omfg this is so much better than TikTok

    40. Mr. Cuttystabby

      In case choppa ever forgot his name, he's gets it literally cut into his hair on the back of his head

    41. Dick_Kickem69

      I don't give one

    42. Deanna Wheelersanders

      You did I want to meet NLE chapel

    43. aryan az

      Yall datin or sum?

    44. Goofball smeg

      Why he wink at the camera😭😭

    45. Fraysure VR

      I know I’ve gotten old because WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE...?

    46. Sold_mom_for_internet_connection

      That second haircut gave me chills, it looked like fungus

    47. Alvin’s Guide

      Keep doing your thing bro keep moving forward

    48. Angel Coello

      This is so sad

    49. Douglas Genuske

      Just kiss already

    50. Jack Kelly

      Why does he have a different hat with a different team for every picture

    51. luffysmainbi4ch_


    52. Ajwan Nabi

      Hi dy dhfhg

    53. Jewels Ps5

      Bra you just his barber 😂😂😂he don’t fwy like dat slime .

    54. Jack Edwrads


    55. Mo

      NLE Haircuta

    56. Kojo Mensah

      "I need a chop" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    57. Sam Spencer

      Who the fuck are you and who the fuck is that no name "artist". Lol tryna flex like anyone gives a shit nerd

    58. JFrog

      So you just like every MLB team I guess

    59. victor garcia

      this is beautiful

    60. MPS Haruto

      Yo I need a chop where can I find your barbershop

    61. TheAntonio9sOut Live

      Trust him no cap

    62. Vizion

      So man just likes every baseball team?

    63. Joanna

      When lil whitey talks like hes a gangster, I can’t 😂

    64. S8in1337


    65. Markeem Walker

      You wore a pirates hat to LA?

    66. Ronnie Ferguson

      I have ZERO clue who this artist is but I really love how kind he was to this young (narrator).

    67. Uncle Berry

      who TF is that

    68. Blake Walker

      This is absolutely amazing.

    69. kirké

      Dam nigga this kinda romantic lowkey 🥴

    70. Charles Wood

      He Choppas Choppa 😏

    71. mj Brodie

      Hi Iove

    72. Pope Mcgrope

      Take your tik tok trash and fuck off.

    73. Xykeem

      Tf u got sad music for?

    74. Akeem Sincere

      He lucky blacks ain't racist. That literally odd.

    75. Nicole


    76. 9all

      Why this dude post so much about him like ok cool y’all friends we understood you the first 1 million vids you made

    77. Aiden Thomas

      Did you know he is arrested

    78. TH Kyro

      How da frock did I get here

    79. Leonardo Mendoza

      Men nice life

    80. Mikey Salazar

      This guy making it sound like he’s obsessed with him

    81. super gohan

      To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW.

    82. N B

      TJ EX SIX ?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the whitest shit i have EVER heard 😐

    83. anaijad

      Damn when y’all getting married

    84. Goat


    85. colour


    86. SockPuppetSays

      Who tf is choppa?

    87. Dukeduck

      Can't believe this dude is only 17

    88. Joel Book

      I still don’t know who choppa is but this video keeps showing up on my feed.

    89. Toshio Vang

      Choppa from the side looks like X

    90. Itsa Spam

      nobody cares about a nigga dat dnt live shit he rap😂

    91. Crusading


    92. eazey

      This is us with our 3 kids, house in the suburbs and 2 dogs

    93. D H

      Who cares!

    94. John Mayer’s


    95. Raizing Caiza

      Why would a barber have anything to do with painting someone green? Anyways NLE so “woke” but he put a white barber on payroll before a black one yeah okay!

    96. Kaziah Nworie

      That wink 😭😭🤚🏾

    97. Fearless WR11

      Talk normal please

    98. Gaurdian Wings

      Damn ur pretty good, it would be cool if u can do my cousins head