How Strong Is a Giant Solid Glass Ball? Hydraulic Press Test!

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    How strong is a giant solid glass ball / globe? We are going to use our 150 ton hydraulic press and 150 ton force sensor / load cell to find out in this crazy experiment! Can huge glass ball stop a 150 ton hydraulic press? That's the question!
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    Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

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    1. Hydraulic Press Channel

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      1. Danny Dadog

        @Luka Artelj Get outta here, if you want your touchscreen working ever again. Trolls live further up Norway, go there in a cave to be smart.

      2. GENERAL GOD

        @Danny Dadog i was going for the most accurate in frame. cus he forgot to put it in the video

      3. Danny Dadog

        @GENERAL GOD Not exactly. The number jumps after the shockvawe throws the lcd. It shows 21T[EDIT: 22880kg most likely] when falling, but if it is a measure probe's latency, it means the top measurement probably doesn't show on camera. Might have our heroes had a technical short circuit and didn't save the top reading? Other factors can most likely diverge the real force up a bit, like shockvawe reflection on the press increasing the reading, but must be confirmed scientifically.😎🤓 How long is a piece of string..

      4. Experiments AS96▶️

      5. tristan bonnett

        Suggestions: Secure the box down so it doesn't hop. Next, line it with modeling clay or something similar to catch the shrapnel. Love the vids, keep up the awesome work! :-)

    2. Seth

      I really enjoy watching these videos. As an engineer, it's interesting to see some of the crazy things that happen at higher forces.

    3. Jack Squat

      I think these would've taken a lot more force to break if the points of contact were larger. All of the force is concentrated into tiny points at the top and bottom of the ball.

    4. Philipp Haidenbauer

      I love how the pressure meter always jumps in excitement :)

    5. taith2

      You might use adhesive foil as scratch protection, so wont need to buy/resurface it regularly during explosive squeezes

      1. gioyu comi


    6. Iain Conliffe

      The How Ridiculous Boys: We dropped this ball from 45 meters and it was only chipped a little. Matt from Demolition Ranch: Gets 50 cal, actually does some damage to it. Lars: Hold my beer. *cue hpc intro music*

      1. gioyu comi

        bead that is pretty much unbreakable unless you squeeze the stem of the glass bead.

    7. keigezellig

      'Lot of large numbers today' 😂

    8. pida siouy

      The aluminum platform is like ashtray or candle platform now.

    9. billy k

      How about crushing my ex-girlfriend's head. It might take some extra pressure but the slow-mo cam would be so worth it.

    10. Azure-Australis

      You know the "Slomo Guy's" phantom camera footage, right? So I'm wondering if you could actually slow the footage of the glass balls to the point we could see the cracks move through the glass as it is crushed with their phantom camera? I've seen a particle of light, so why not see the glass ball blow up from the picosecond scale.

      1. pida siouy

        The aluminum platform is like ashtray or candle platform now.

    11. The Maelman

      Stopped watching this channel for like a year or so. Came back to hear "And here we go!" Never change, man.

    12. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      and glass breaking is stupid fast, slow mo guys did a video about it and did the math, cracks in glass moves about 1458 meters per second, thats mach 4.2.

    13. sg 07

      5:13 Ps2 intro?

    14. Manish Kumar

      That plug was so cool!!😎 that's how u should do it!!

    15. Fakhruddin Ahmad


    16. xxxyz721

      Just like my 3D printer fume extractor, loads of duct tape :).

    17. gioyu comi

      "The important parts don’t fly away, that’s how you know they are important." That's beautiful 🤣 🤣

    18. LozDawney

      Would love to see some Co2 cartridges get crushed xD

    19. Rich Sackett

      Your legally-different Mr. Bill at the end was really funny.

      1. gioyu comi

        That was awesome

    20. Scrombomb

      These are amazing. Like everything you guys do. But you should try a Rupert diamond... I think that's what they are called. I will get more information and edit. But its a glass bead that is pretty much unbreakable unless you squeeze the stem of the glass bead.

    21. Fizz Pop


    22. Road Warrior 2020

      I like this guy cussing in english. 😄👍 Be neat to have a measurement of the outward force on the box.

    23. Ken Smith

      Man! You’re really breaking my balls!

    24. IT'S PROBING TIME 666

      That was pretty EPIC!

    25. doliio volay

      The aluminum platform is like ashtray or candle platform now.

    26. Kevlar Canuck

      Love it! Looks like you need to mount that digital guage with a magnet or something lol

    27. Joe

      When my days are hell, I crush them with your channel! Thanks for the laughs and the release.

      1. doliio volay

        80 tons, but over what surface area? The measurement per square inch must be pretty insane, or?

    28. dwaynezilla

      The "rough estimation" text got me, hahahahaha

    29. Scunner Darkly

      I think the big ball has more to give judging by the impression it made in the aluminium base, spreading out the load. If the ball had an aluminium disc above to cushion it and spread the load there as well I reckon the result might surprise a few people. .

    30. TheSebastian5978

      Why do Europeans love destroying books?


    32. Tony_in_PA

      "Here's the high speed. Yep, pretty goddamn fast".

    33. Arnold Heckers

      That second ball was fook'n incredible !!! Bravo ~ !!!!

    34. shivkumar3509 gowda

      That was awesome

    35. Steve

      You need the slow-mo guys.

    36. Jim

      It's like blowing up the Death Star in a Star Wars movie. Boom!

    37. Jacob Sams

      Hell yea son!!!!! Demolition Ranch is awesome!!!!!!! Good vid Guys!!!

      1. yuoop noke


    38. Mogahed Suliman

      I did not expect it explode wow😳

      1. yuoop noke

        All that glass dust definitely can't be good.

    39. Shauka Hodan

      So, if you were inside that box, would be like, coffin dead, or "we poured him into a bucket for you" dead?

    40. D B A

      I want Corona Virus in that press!

    41. Vust Valeo

      I guess the glass ball predicted an explosive future.

    42. A Frog

      80 tons, but over what surface area? The measurement per square inch must be pretty insane, or?

    43. rootbrian

      It just turned into DUST! Now record it on a 1 million fps high-speed camera, and you might even see the cracks forming! xD I dare the slowmo guys to collaborate!

    44. RyeBug

      You always know it's gonna be a good one when the thumbnail explicitly says "Bad Idea".

    45. shop shop

      This channel is the best! Have you ever considered condensing a president, to see how much force it would take?

    46. Noctiluus Amator

      What if you add a suspension system to the box? So, as to absorb the momentum transfer from the explosions.

    47. Captain Goldbeered

      That was fucking awesome! Also, glad to see you’re being safe about the dust, that shit is no joke.

    48. Umair X

      Who saw the veet men's add 😂😂🤣

    49. Daniel Selli

      I suggest using rubber in the points where the ball touches de metal so to allow the pressure to be spread instead of start cricking the ball from a little point in the extreamities where the pressure is concentrated. For this I suggest using a small ball and be careful as the pressure needed might be much bigger.

    50. Akbar Senpai

      Why don't you find a holder for that digital screen so that it's not gonna fall again.

    51. D Roy

      RIP ears

    52. H Hh

      All that glass dust definitely can't be good.

    53. Super Star_BFB


    54. Liam Goggs

      Damn if my 4 year old son seen you squish pororo, I think he'd come over and avenge him, the only TV show we ever watch!

    55. Ed Ondrick

      Call in the SloMo Guys!

    56. Larnroth Dergan

      Buy a screen protector, dude.

    57. Nora Iancu

      I love so much that Finnish accent!!

    58. ok nilem

      You should try suspending a piece of fruit with string near the pressed object to see the shrapnel damage on videos like this

    59. Ava Hansen

      What is the son it plays at the beginning? I feel like I know it

      1. Ava Hansen


    60. Timmy Reeves

      The poor little screen will be broken soon needs a little table or a magnet bottom lol

    61. Nighthawk117w

      How hard can it be to make a mount for the display of the force sensor though 😅. The amount of times that thing fell down already 😂😂

    62. John

      you are insane bro lmao

    63. Anthraax

      Looks like you need to team up with the Slow Mo Guys to capture the frame by frame carnage!

    64. Rowan Gallagher

      Without the box, you probably would have been finding glass fragments for the next ten years

    65. eug b

      There's only DEfasts where you will randomly watch stuff like this middle of the night

    66. MailmanRSO

      I wanna see the exact same video but with a big chunk of meat in the box, see how deep the glass goes into it.

    67. Grug Bug

      Solid! Top KEK!

    68. robinho olegal

      Why don't you use some velcro to keep the display in place?

    69. wnnalis cioov

      I feel for that poor digital display every time you do one of these "explosive" presses. When are you going to attach it to something so it doesn't keep falling to the ground? : )

    70. Jeff Brown

      Awesome!!! Love this channel!!

    71. Isaac Clark

      You should put strong magnets on the bottom of the scale so it doesn’t fly away

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Great video! Love it and love that you mentioned Demolition Ranch!

    72. glock21guy

      If someone told me they could park an M1 Abrams tank on one of those, I would have said BS before. Even a car, or truck, I would have doubted.

    73. Hmingthana Colney

      How strong is a big 52100 bearing ball?

    74. Aneek Sultan


    75. Lazy Bonez

      5:14 kinda sounds like ps2 start up

    76. PlasmaBurns

      Hmm.. Glass slugs. Nasty.

    77. obsolete optics

      Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal I walk tha corner to tha rubble that used to be a library Line up to tha mind cemetery now What we don't know keeps tha contracts alive an movin' They don't gotta burn tha books they just remove 'em While arms warehouses fill as quick as tha cells Rally round tha family, pockets full of shells

    78. Ziad Kadi

      That was dangerous don't do it again

    79. Willem Kossen

      interesting to find out how far these pieces of glass would travel. it would be fun to try this outside with no box around it....

    80. Lucas Franco

      YaY!! Big BOOM \o/

    81. Arslan Khan Joiya

      welcome to hytral press

    82. David Bermudez

      Imagine putting your hand in there?

    83. ArthurEKing8472

      I think this was really interesting, but can you do a Prince Rupert's Drop? (Still a glass ball... but WAY stronger than normal glass)

    84. steve shoemaker

      Excellent...WOW....Really good BANG....Thanks very much...Kentucky USA

    85. Sam Heninger

      That’s how you do an ad read

    86. morgan truelove

      Great video! Love it and love that you mentioned Demolition Ranch!

    87. Hathaway

      the pie nipple glass ball

    88. HÆX A.

      Razor chromea gaming keyboard but powered by a PC to its doing the colors wile being crushed

    89. Roller Coaster BEE at Hersheypark

      Is it possible for the box to be bolted down?

    90. Ryan Martin

      This is my favorite DEfasts channel, I am so glad that I subscribed!

    91. Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun

      First it is good, then it is not! :D

    92. imtigertigerwoodsbit

      we love you guys.... cheers from north Carolina

    93. Jake

      You need to colab with Slo-Mo guys and get their equipment in there.

    94. Christoph Dumser

      17t ... i was at 15t ... not too bad

    95. Experiments AS96▶️

    96. nutzeeer

      you vacuumed a green glass leaf, but its not in the video

      1. Experiments AS96▶️🙏😁

    97. Noemi Diaz

      Quien lo ve por divercion q alguien conteste en español ;)

      1. Experiments AS96▶️

    98. MaNNeRz Laguna

      I wonder what this would look like underwater

      1. Experiments AS96▶️

    99. MaNNeRz Laguna

      First it's good then it's snot 👌

      1. yuoop noke

        7:54 I dunno why, but I just love the way you said that. Accents are great.

    100. Matt Blank

      I'm pretty sure I saw over 22000kg on the second ball, way over what you estimated Lauri!

      1. yuoop noke

        1:25 the hydronic press broke. I once broke a glass ball by dropping it with a metal ball that landed on the glass one breaking it.