How to draw animals from simple letters #Xiaolin #Drawing #draw

Xiaolin Drawing & Art

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      I like Unicron😊😄

    2. Tempie Noyce

      The horse is HELLO PENDRO

    3. Beauty Bunny

      Wow the witch's hat is exactly a "animal"

      1. Zero

        @Beauty Bunny thx😊

      2. Beauty Bunny

        @Zero .i don't thinking about that...WELL YOU ARE A BIG BRAIN!!

      3. Zero

        Haven't you ever watched Harry Potter

    4. şekerler burada


    5. Angelsky Lil

      Hat is an animal?

    6. Ева Тищенко

      Как красивооо

    7. manu porto Kitty TY

      Eu gosto muito muito mesmo desse negócio bem

    8. H Doraid


    9. Yuli Yantika


    10. Rukiye Hacısalihoğlu


    11. Abu ibrahim Hamdan

      But A is a hat not an animal

    12. durie WA

      *u r genius*💚🤍🖤🖤💛♥️🤎❤️😉

    13. Aygül Çevirel

      Vaybe çok güzel olmuş

    14. jose cancino rodriguez

      peronpoitorupies que melope eres como ugado

    15. Ana Julia dos Santos Portela Ju


    16. nadine banales

      I never knew hats were aninals....


      A for hat, B for cat, C for dolphin, D for bird, E for snail, F for horse WoOoOoOoOoW

      1. Tiny music

        I :what my bro: it's true

    18. Jayashree Nath


    19. Ouni Basma

      شكرا ♥️♥️

    20. unartiste.

      Ah yes, now look at the hat in its natural habitat

    21. Айман Тусупова

      Ну. И. Што

    22. Yupa Khomdet


    23. Muspida Bus

      Wah gak nyangka 😯😯😯

    24. Faiq Rozaki

      Tai di gambar

    25. Izabela Denidziuk


    26. Izabela Denidziuk


      1. Izabela Denidziuk

        A hat is a Animal

    27. Izabela Denidziuk


    28. Izabela Denidziuk

      A hat is a is a animal🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Luna DasHuhn FM

      Whats the Name from the Song plsss

      1. Æsthêtíc Çrïstîçãl

        Your welcome

      2. Luna DasHuhn FM

        @Æsthêtíc Çrïstîçãl OMG Thxxxx

      3. Æsthêtíc Çrïstîçãl

        Its Vacation

    30. Anima Debbarma


    31. Shashi Bhushan Roy

      Hat is animal.

    32. Pravesh Soni

      Awsome maam i love this 😍😍

    33. Star Cell

      Kalo aku yg buat beda cerita

    34. Cindi Nurmala


    35. Suci Meizira

      Kakak Memang kreatif angka-angka A B C D Enya sangat Bisa Digunakan Untuk Menggambar Hewan bisa juga mengajarkan kepada balita supaya bisa ngomong Hewan supaya pintar😉

    36. hazlie zakariah

      What is this song!😍

    37. ꧁Valen-Kun Nekø꧂

      Wooow so cuteeeee >3

    38. Danna Morales

      Te quedo hermoso❤❤

    39. Roman Roma


    40. Airi_ wut

      I guess hats are Animals now 😁😁😁😁 Edit: Guys I tried to feed my hat and it won't eat, I think it's dead, plus they won't move 😭😭😭😭😭😭✨

      1. Tiny music

        Sad for the hat he's dead!

      2. Airi_ wut

        @Meliodas IK 😭😭

      3. Meliodas

        R. I. P Hat 😭

    41. Shaurya Lal

      I didn't know hats are animals

    42. Shahmin Akop

      Cute looking animal

    43. strawberry milk

      I never knew hats were animals that means l have like 10 animals in my house and also whats wrong with the dolphin it doesn't look like one or maybe its a fish with a gaint thing on there head that fish exists

      1. H Doraid


      2. Maiyah Spaulding

        I think the "dolphin" is a beluga whale (if that's how you spell it) idk tho

      3. Kennedy R


    44. Old Sport

      *Interesting animal called hat*

    45. Lệ Nguyễn


    46. diego jose camolesi


    47. Julliane Alves de Jesus


    48. Martine Guigand

      Elle est la musique et s est jolie continue comme ça 😊

    49. Victor Ramirez

      Its so cute how did you so that

    50. MR CLAS


    51. - Bread Slice -

      Now i know a hat is an animal

    52. Noelle jean

      Yes because a hat is a animal Good vid tho

    53. Veronica Cata


    54. Meliodas

      I don't know why i find this kinda adorable-

      1. Hazel Lucia


    55. Brianna marisol Matus

      Omg is so cool

    56. b bunny

      O.M.G it amazing

    57. Bino Mr

      The hat is the animal:D

    58. Mayflorique Cabucos

      There's one impostor among us Whos sus

      1. Shaurya Lal


    59. Akif Altan


    60. Meherun Uddin


    61. ок Катька faden

      Hat is animal

    62. Moncy Lanson

      Oh man hat is realy angry and mee too

    63. Ivan kisku


    64. Милана маслова


    65. Mantasha Zaidi

      wows os cool i like it good good good

    66. fashion world

    67. isabelle Afizou



      So cute cute drawings for ABC

    69. Geeta Devi

      I only like bird

    70. CrazyKat :D

      Ah yes drawing animals, oh my! A wild hat!

      1. avó de duas


      2. avó de duas


    71. XxCorruptPumpxX

      Is a hat an animal?

    72. Ngatman Pakrisma

      Keren bangeeeeeet

    73. Grey's Gaming


    74. Adam Gerry

      Ooooo so cute

    75. gisele ap


    76. gisele ap

      I HATE U

    77. moymoy po ito Eugenio

      Do v pls

    78. Jhorman Cumpen


    79. lveth Granados


    80. lveth Granados


    81. Sama Saso


    82. Gulsen Səfər


    83. Agnieszka Pawlak


    84. Morgan

      A wizard *hat* is and an *animal*

    85. Dorito75

      Wow the hats now are animals wowww i dont known😃😑😶😉🎩

    86. kata life acuña

      Manita👎☹️ Tontos

    87. María pilar Salas torres

      Esos dibujos están horribles 😋😛😝😜

    88. Odette Banton

      Love good 👍👍👍

    89. Weera Rikkonen

      Hat Is not animal

    90. ¿?Vërōn?¿

      What I know is that... HATS ARE NOT ANIMALS!

    91. Lakshmi 638

      Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooool nice endi

    92. Guto Ferdinand

      J’arrive ! Hic. GDF jfdv Jude jredv Jessy jtefv hydg

    93. Miraculous cat noir lady bug

      My teacher-name two animals Me- no.1 lion no.2 hat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Guto Ferdinand

      C’est trop moche

    95. • Saddie Plays •

      Why that dolphin looking so wwird

      1. Sankarulknp N


    96. Nayami Garada


    97. Mohd Syafiq


    98. Wito Saputro

      Aku suka kucing namaku sella bukan wito aku sella perempun hai 🐈