How to climb walls like spiderman #shorts

Zach King Shorts

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    1. jony jony

      Ur so confusing

    2. Charles Leonard

      I NEED ONE

    3. nn S


    4. Ha Lam

      SM wow go

    5. D E


    6. Geaux Games

      I would have that just for gaming. So when I get mad, I can literally pace up and down the walls.

    7. Ricardo Moreira

      The best thing of this was that, before this Spiderman climbed walls... he slipped on the floor 😂

    8. Carlos Solano Guevara


    9. Hikaru Yanchii


    10. R asher

      Please stop making these videos

    11. Harryy

      I would want this as my profile picture with the mask off it would look sick

    12. Derrick


    13. world of kind

      Hey man 🤣👍


      This is not spiderman but magicman

    15. allycia gaming plays

      How zach im a kid

    16. Moxira Soatova


    17. Jap0665

      I can tell you My dad and mums car vrum vrum


      Thats cool😯😯😶😶😶😶😶😯😯

    19. Canopy

      .....the most powerful watergun yeah i can shoot my fucking friends if were on the pool

    20. mega man

      People saying how does he do it. It's called special affects you spatics

    21. Nima Dima

      editing get better

    22. Yogesh Chavan

      I don't know Why he is doing such expensive acts and not using technology like Animation 🤔

    23. Beanbag1014 Z

      Love that

    24. BabyGurl Veshia

      How u do that

    25. Laura zoe


    26. محمد سنترال

      ، 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    27. Burpo Stockings

      Anyone ever lay on the floor as a kid, watching the ceiling fan, and wonder what it would be like if the ceiling was the floor and you had to jump over the fan?

      1. Toy Bonnie

        We are the same

      2. Dibyarup Nath


    28. Likhitha.M

      If I act like climbing wall my mom will ask have you gone crazy 😂

      1. HATEϟ

        Your not the only one lmaoioo

    29. met kurniawan

      How did you change your T-shirt?

    30. Hęâřț Břęáķęř

      Lol try glue,honey or anything else sticky

    31. Fraggle

      Have a great day or night to whoever is reading this!

    32. Play-doh Poptart

      It’s an item to make it look like someone is walking on walks or the roof but it is like 5k honestly I don’t remember the price

    33. Kubasjsja Srokaajxkd

      J Cygfe jgfjgcibd nfjgcjvdnbv

    34. 2 honest 4 my own good

      I'm happy that you went with my teachings!!!! I'm be dropping by now and then. Off to help another youtuber to save his or her career. Keep up the good work, illusionist.

    35. TJNBR1 number 2

      Hey corridor he showed u how he did it

    36. suzuczka80


    37. Samira hi

      This is fake

    38. Vidyut Dhanendaran

      Spiderzach, Spiderzach! Does whatever a spider he can. Spins a web any size, Catches thieves, just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spiderzach! Is he strong? Listen, Bud! He's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead. Hey there, there goes the Spiderzach! In the chill of night, At the scene of the crime Like a streak of light He arrives just in time Spiderzach, Spiderzach Friendly neighborhood Spiderzach Wealth and fame he's ignored Action is his reward To him, life is a great big bang-up Wherever there's a hang-up You'll find the Spiderzach!


        YOU TYPED THAT WHOLE THING!? + That's Just The Spider-Man Theme Song But It's Spider-Zach

    39. Kobie Louviere

      I remember that vine he used that in

    40. DoomKnight

      An item 100% worth the money is a human life because it's easily ripped away and remade but less useful then most items

    41. miles Morales

      That is sus

    42. Ehkeu

      I remember when they used this in tasm 2 movie

    43. keith henderson

      Omg my dream

    44. Your friendly neighbourhood possum

      hello friendly neighbourhood spider man

    45. Liz Lanteigne

      Hi 👋

    46. Barbara Ward


    47. Ezequiel Flores

      Noes real

    48. Ace Gaming

      Xbox series s

    49. INDO_SHOT Indonesia

      Funfact : its behind the scence

    50. Skylander

      i am still confuse

    51. Better Beyond

      Zach you almost slipped 😂

    52. PAC MAYN3

      Spiderman costume million$

    53. Kaykay Abuel

      Im holding it right now a phone

    54. AHMED

      Dude, you're the best magician.💖❤

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    56. Alpha Wolf

      So is actually not Magic

    57. krishna chaitanya

      Tilt the phone and see it was not a magic

    58. gabriela natalia Fernandez

      Yo an espanhis

    59. Mr.banana Dude#

      It's all in the camera tricks

    60. A bit

      The edit is amazing lol

    61. Kürşat Akyüz


    62. Megabyte Gaming

      My phone

    63. natalia sanchez

      This is why I want to buy a spiderman suit, so that I can ridicule and dissapoint myself.

    64. Kens

      It's Like Real

    65. ツBl4ckxwsツ

      So that's how they do it.

    66. Sleep Walker

      Worth it

    67. Antoni Musial


    68. Ruth Pierou


    69. dutoiu hour


    70. GamingButBad

      Magic Man, Magic Man, Friendly Neighborhood Magic Man!

    71. OOF

      Mask hiding behind face

    72. Thomas Whyte

      I don’t think that room was tilted enough to climb that high.

    73. The Faceless Channel

      “It always fits eventually ;)”

      1. dutoiu hour


    74. Snippy

      I love how this guy calls himself “majic” he legit kust edits videos

    75. John J Riggs Archery

      Who's the naughty boy who watched this, tried to climb the wall of a bank with a can of spray paint, and went kerplunk

    76. Johneken Etheridge

      My dog I got him for $400 but he is worth $1200

    77. dolimi jotoo

      I want to work for this guy so bad. But I'd take a position at corridor crew too.

    78. Sawyer Quinn


    79. MA R

      Ultra mal fait le spiderman informatique

    80. unknown 23

      Naah doesn't look real this time

    81. Joseph Harvey

      The amazing magic man

    82. EDA BROS

      I am such a orange

    83. the devil within

      Worth it

    84. Benjamin Rex

      U can see it’s a moving room but still sick

    85. Iñigo Tort

      and i am a fan spiderman

    86. Iñigo Tort

      hahahah Zack that was amazing

    87. Shafaat Jamil


    88. Semmie boy

      he turned his camera sideways. The wall is the floor while it turned



    90. Melissa Carswell

      i- 👌😏

    91. VikingLordgaming

      Took I have the same bed!

    92. Carlos Rivera

      Ps4 400

    93. powerful amazing


    94. deste palta

      Cool and super! And its not Zach King no and m.r King😃😃😃

    95. FF. Gelayyy

      Toloo L

    96. dark wolf

      Peaple who flipped they're phone upside down

    97. Rust-Eze Music Videos

      Yo! That’s hoe they filmed that scene in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, where Peter tries to take off his costume but he can’t.

    98. cqvio doli


    99. ender dragon