Husky Sneaks Up On Owner By Acting INVISIBLE!!!! #shorts

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2,7 Mio. aufrufe333

    #shorts #funny #husky

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    1. Possum Merino

      That was hilarious. PRETTY DOG DAMN!

    2. Ronald Lamont


    3. Angela

      That was so funee haha beautiful dog

    4. Enrique Lopez

      The Husky reminds me, of"I see you there don*t try and hide from me

    5. Truth time With Tamzen


    6. Steve

      Damn... dog gave me the "heebie-jeebies".

    7. diana d


    8. whiskey bois on battlefield

      he acting like a cat

    9. Joy Ferg

      Omg.. These videos bring some much joy to my heart. Furbabies bring some much joy and laughter in your life, there is never a dull moment.

    10. Soumita Samanta

      Boop him! 😭

    11. Ic3z1


    12. John Davidson

      Dr. Who's weeping angels.

    13. won ton min

      Just like an elite ninja 😆

    14. vishwanath cheguri


    15. Amber Napoleon

      I used to play this game with my cat. Just more proof that Huskies are the cats of the dog species.

    16. harry kane

      Omg! So cute but I'm also totally flashing on The Thing!!!! "How long were you alone with that dog?"

    17. Bob Tepedino

      He a Weeping Angel!!! ARGH!!!

    18. Paige Gainey

      Hysterical!! Huskys are so smart AND SO VOCAL 🤣🤣🤣

    19. Rike

      Change the music and it'd be a horror movie...

    20. Jenny Gannon

      Sooo cutw

    21. Kelly Mitchell

      Put the Jaws soundtrack to it! Your boi has such beautiful markings :)

    22. Can Hou

      Don’t blink!

    23. Reem Jomaa

      That’s so funny lol I’m 😆

    24. Sandra Villa gutierrez

      q inteligentemente

    25. Person NPC

      That bushy tail.

    26. Sara Brown

      So funny it’s like she or her is like I wonder what that issssss

    27. Sarah Evans

      Lol tell me that u didn’t laugh

    28. CaliThe RabbitStudios

      I know people think this is cute and all BUT MY ANXIETY WAS THROUGH THE ROOF-

    29. Barbara Bryon Wisdom

      Ahahaha!!! Just great!!

    30. Mark

      Did anyone else notice Drax in the background?

    31. Chontel Brumby

      I loved this so much xx

    32. Matty80822

      flash step flash step flash step

    33. Mike H

      He’s going to eat you!

    34. New Thought


    35. BadHombre

      Oh......that Husky!

    36. hans franklin

      If I don't move, you won't see me! Hahaha!

    37. The Mermaid Journals

      He’s a weeping angel!

    38. Julian Randall

      What a gorgeous dog

    39. Tammy

      Those darn ninja huskies;! That was too cute!

    40. Liberty or Death

      And then you where "assimilated".

    41. Mousumi Sinha

      Me all the time: hiiiiii..... Hihihi😁😁 My mom: 😐😶🤨🤨😠😡🤬🤬☠

    42. Amy Hines

      He’s a weeping angel! Doctor Who reference…

    43. s3nse c0rruptr

      This is old and probably doesn't belong to this person, annoying in itself, messed up if they're monetizing stuff they didn't create

    44. Davide Minardo


    45. Alhain McCallister

      Kinda like that character in Mystery Men who is only invisible when nobody is looking.

    46. Lauren Anderson

      Oh no it's a weeping angel. Don't look away. Don't turn your head. Don't even...blink.

    47. Simply With Sonya

      Social distancing husky. lol

    48. Ward T

      What a gorgeous gorgeous dog so cute

    49. Jared Q

      My daughter has a husky coonhound mix. And she does exactly this. She is like a ninja. She’s only five months weighs 25 pounds already. She is the cutest thing but stubborn as they come. I take any suggestions on how we can deal with her stubbornness.

    50. PanKrabz

      Stealth Level: Drax.

    51. Jesus


    52. Tashena Hickles


    53. It’s just Me.

      Extra sneaky! Lol. I love dogs. They are so much fun.

    54. Susanne Raynard

      I just love huskies.

    55. Surcettin R

      Don't blink

    56. Alexis Howard

      This low-key gave me scared anxiety lol but I enjoyed it 🙃🙂

    57. kiley loy

      Please vote

    58. Shylah Salas

      I felt the chill on her/his nose. 🥶 👃 🐾

    59. Nissa Chichester

      That is soooooo funny 😄

    60. Michele Scales

      I wanted to watch twice but thought again. It's almost bedtime 🌙.

    61. Dash _

      what husky?

    62. Joralemon Virgincreche

      The wrong music. Jaunty. Should be horror movie music.

    63. Paulo Farkas


    64. Scott Byrd

      Been training with Drax

    65. Justin Truth

      Lol pretty creepy

    66. Disturbed One87

      If I had never seen John Carpenter's The Thing This wouldn't be that creepy.

    67. Kathy Shelton

      What a beautiful doggo!

    68. L Bukem

      Clever editing (I.e. spliced together) but fun nonetheless!

    69. Glenn Cordova

      Maybe he thinks he's auditioning for a horror movie?

    70. Aatheist14

      Cringe af

    71. Censored by the Party

      That would actually quite scare me

    72. martin mitchell

      Enjoyed this video. Thankyou

    73. Emulate Me, The Universe.

      I absolutely live for videos of people with their dogs

    74. gizmo gizmo

      This is cut up fake

    75. Rekka_Kien

      I want a husky like that. Perfect black and white coat with the icy blue eyes. Look so cool. 😩

    76. C. W.

      He knows how to play red light blue light. Awesome

    77. Totiana H.

      My cat does this too!!🤣😂

    78. Rosheine Nelson

      😂😂 red light, green light. Beautiful dog

    79. Casey Toivenon

      Cool. A dog that knows how to play the statue game!

    80. Kayla Williams

      😂😂 The bottom lip dogs have always gets me. Its so shiny

    81. Sa Rah

      He's the dog version of a weeping angel 😯

    82. Tiny Angel

      I love this it's so cute

    83. Spencer Coots

      It's like a Weeping Angel.

    84. Sarah Reinhard

      OMG it’s just like the frozen angels in Dr Who

    85. Julia Connell

      Omg the weeping angels have taken cute adorable dog form - none of us are safe !!! 🤣

    86. clyde timonera

      To me it's creepy

    87. Melissa Patterson

      So darn adorable

    88. Tom Clarke

      The cat.....the cat taught him that trick!

    89. Stevie

      My cats also have invisibility powers, they appear and disappear mysteriously. I didn't know dogs could do it too. Thanks for the warning. I'll watch out for invisible dogs from now on.

    90. Ytivarg

      Sadly this is edited. The wall shots are where they splice the clips together they just told the dog to stay at various points

    91. Nash Da Pistol Shrimp

      Then he got eaten by the dog. 🥩

    92. Samuel Arman

      In the last scene you see the inside of the dog's stomach

    93. The Cyrils

      That is so cute and lol

    94. Les Nichols

      I used to do this with my cat.

    95. Saadon Aksah


    96. Antonietta Caterino


    97. Siji Harold

      Five nights at Huskies

    98. Craig

      damn, Husky's, there adorable.

    99. Ravi Chandran

      Just like Nun ghost

    100. Serene Valor

      Lmaoooo, this is like those scenes in the scary movies, except this is too cute!!