I borrowed my Cat's whiskers for this (wtf)

Naomi Jon

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    this was fun somehow
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    you're almost as cool as my cats, broccolis

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    1. Naomi Jon

      we need a name for the cat! 🥺 comment suggestions 👇🏼

      1. Andrea S

        Ash (Ashley /Asher)

      2. Sara E


      3. Eva Dora Sevinçli


      4. minimuhkuli

        Pepper, broccoli or maybe churro

      5. Simawari i

        Broci for broccoli ❤️

    2. Lauren Elizabeth

      The raging in German was by far the best lmao 💖

    3. x Star Pudding x

      Name them... minchi? Opal? That what I would do

    4. MinaArnon89

      Oh-my-god - So kawaii!!! Aber gez mal ehrlich, werde demnächst ´mal die Haare von meinem Kater sammeln und versuchen, daraus was zu filzen xD Ja, dieses Video tanzt etwas aus der Reihe, aber ich mag das!

    5. Ramona Ott

      All my love for the orangey sneeze

    6. Kristine Kronhjort

      I keep repeating the raging in german clip and its making my day. Im really curious how it sounded without voice effects!! Pls play it in another video?? 🤣🤣🤣 like, edit vs no edit. Idk I just love it!

      1. Kristine Kronhjort

        Like hahahha the contrast between the calm cat fur squishing to the raging then back to therapeutic cat fur squishing hahahaha LOVE IT

    7. Natalie

      Bitch I’m crying hahah “AUA! WAS WILL DENN JETZT DIESER TISCH VON MIR??!” Omg i didn’t laugh about a video for so long this was hilarious

    8. Luphil us

      9:21 and that's what I call "purrsonality/pussynality" :D

    9. Luara Forischi

      HIGH quality cat content thank u so much

    10. Käsebrot

      well done (;

    11. rainbowsaltmuffins

      Omg the sNEEZE 😭😭💕💕

    12. julyjul

      this is the perfect video to watch around 1am in the morning 😅✨💖😂

    13. brendaecb

      OMG this was so cuteeee!

    14. joiskyhigh

      i am still laughing at Vincent's ooOoOOohhh when he learned about the real whiskers. Such a journey: realisation to question to abject horror

    15. Amber Johnson

      non-binary cat¨ that made me so happy-

    16. Frida Boeckh

      Your makeup looks STUNNING 😍

    17. Bona Boter

      14:38 why does this sounds like this Daby Toure song lol

    18. Bona Boter

      Taco went CHOMP

    19. Kodie n

      Anyone else first think of the cat puppets from despicable Me

    20. Virág Tóth

      I hate that she cut up the book instead of just tracing the pattern 😭🤣

    21. Bunny Bentley

      The makeup lewk... 😍

    22. Chris H

      Wow well done on this !

    23. Nicolette Bradley

      the cats name should be pretsal

    24. Nicolette Bradley

      you should watch bad makeup tutorial

    25. Neonblut

      The pandemic is really not good for you, is it Naomi? :D

    26. Beanpod Bandit

      This is the content I never knew I needed

    27. Jana Pérez Ruiz

      O my goooood nonbynari kat

    28. Rina Delrey


    29. Sleipnirseight

      My mom has a small stuffed toy cat, and when I was a kid, if we found a loose cat whisker around the house, we would stick it into the little toy cat. Now we have whiskers from my childhood cats from 20+ years ago as a keepsake

    30. Sleipnirseight


    31. celixxne

      Moooreeeeeee of this plssss🔥😺🐈

    32. NotTheImpostor

      Wer hat bei Naomi auch immer Harley Quinn Vibes? :D

    33. pOg FrOg

      2020 as an intro be like:

    34. Moumouh Minou

      This is so original

    35. xani_idk

      Yall need some Jesus!!!

    36. Lenka Daňová

      This is the most disturbing video I have seen- and I have seen some weird shit 😂😂😂

    37. Becky Becks96

      Warum hast du das Buch zerschnitten? Du hättest die Vorlage einfach auf Backpapier übertragen können

    38. Brandi Munguia

      Can someone please tell me she didn’t cut those whiskers straight off her cat’s faces.

    39. Tascha G

      Was benutzt du um die Zähne so weiss zu bekommen ? #djäliss

    40. Saraheloise Vandereijk

      this feel illegale

    41. snwt

      This video was no "different than your usual conent" tbh.

    42. princess_ 2k20

      Are you German? @Naomi Jon

    43. ruqaya alaa


    44. Wrong Strawberry

      “AUA” will never not make me laugh

    45. Vivi Blueberry007

      "Ich raste aus, was will denn jetzt dieser Tisch von mir?!"😂😂❤

    46. Lenus K

      my allergy of cat hair got triggered only watching the video but it was totally worth it haha

    47. Linda Waider

      So übertrieben gestört, aber so dermaßen witzig und cool hahahah

    48. lumpy knuckle

      "I asked everyone I know with a cat if I could... Have their cats hair."

    49. MakeupMegz7

      Lol this video made me laugh so much! Love you !! 💕💕💕

    50. Kiki

      Naomi we would literally watch anything you post.

    51. Dorythefish

      Aw man I just love cats. I just finished an internship in an animal shelter with mostly cats. My love for cats got even bigger than it already was

    52. Gabriel frost

      You're so funny I'm totally subbing ❤️💋

    53. رغد عبد الله

      sooo i just found your channel and i like it so much i was crying in bed and as soon as i watch it i was smiling love uuuu

    54. Angel

      This is my favorite video on your channel 😭

    55. emily harrison

      I love this i love this i love this I love this

    56. Angelina hk

      Can you even love your Cats/Pets More than you should??!!!!

    57. Siriusly

      Naomi's make up skills!!!

    58. Christina Valdez

      Man...I had a cat that would produce probably 50 times that amount of cat hair in one grooming session (me brushing her for maybe 10mins)....how is it your cats barely produced anything?! lol

    59. Angelika lol

      This is so wierd I love it

    60. emeli Oliveskog

      "btw I really sucks at arts and crafts" meanwhile she has a MASTERPIECE going on, on her FUCKING FACE WTF

    61. Tereza Kučerová

      This video gives me such a Jenna Marbles vibes but add a little bit of ✨spice✨ Naomi in it❤️❤️

    62. Julia Neff

      the fact that you also enjoy moriah elizabeth makes me feel very happy

    63. beatriz pereira


    64. beatriz pereira

      I just loved seeing you all happy making tiny cats

    65. Fanny Policsány

      When you speak in german it's sounds like an exorcism 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    66. Ariane Paroz

      This was so weird.............loved it.

    67. Awa B.

      You are sooo cool and funny Mädsche

    68. Celi Klause

      1,69 Abonnenten. Nice.

    69. Cattrine Paruginog


    70. Miriam Büchner

      Und mich nennen sie crazy cat lady... 🙄🧐

    71. bea Cook

      Really need a make up video for your make up please

    72. Dana Christina

      Well done 😻

    73. bea Cook

      I really want to know if she where’s here make up like that every day I love it

    74. Siri yoon


    75. Kristina Imshaite

      A person can get acne anywhere where there's a hair follicle. Which is legit. everywhere. I take your elbow pimpol and raise you my knee pimpol (≧▽≦)

    76. Crystiana Dodd

      So you didn’t use the cats actual whiskers right? I don’t wanna be that person but I thought cats needed their whiskers in order for their depth perception to work ya know? I could be wrong too but I swear I’ve heard that somewhere. Edit: okay if they fall out on their own then it’s fine. So disregard me. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    77. J vdK

      Why? I really don’t know.

    78. Violeta Iovan

      Nice video and funny. Also Simplynailogical did too this kind of krafting. But i like you more because your the crazyest and talented girl.

    79. FlightOfTheHunniebee

      Anyone else notice the Earthbound music at 6:55?! Yass gurl

    80. Abi Wills

      Omg your content atm has been straight fireeeee. I loved this sm. Iconic

    81. I love Harry Potter

      Are you and Vincent a couple???👁👄👁😘

    82. Gosyy Gos

      Ladies and gentlecats 🤣🤣🤣

    83. Laetitia Garcia

      you should make a serie out of this! making different projects from the book each time

    84. Kristina

      💖 raging in german 💖 I laughed 5 minutes at this. Du bist die beste...deine Videos sind ima so lustige. Sie sind niemals langweilig! 😊

    85. Joselin Corral

      This was gross, nasty, and gave me allergies just from watching... very amusing though lol 😂

    86. Soya keks

      omg deine freundin heißt svenja, war grad so geschockt meinen namen zu hören😂

    87. Jessika Koch

      Ich bin so gespannt auf den Namen der Katze..!!

    88. EmmaG

      I love how the girly cat has a bow 🥰🥰

    89. Just JKK

      I have a pimple in my fucking ear and I can't wear both of my earphones, became it hurts so much-

    90. Anni

      loved the rage moment. 😂

    91. Cookies & co.

      Ich hab eine frage😅 Wen du mal wieder deine haare färben solltest könntest du vllt deine haare wie shoto zu machen😅 oder eine oerücke oder so färben 😅...

    92. Sofia Villasenor

      ESTUPIDO 🤣

    93. Kyoko Lynn


    94. Sonora Jonauska

      Schnoodle and doodle

    95. Chiara Luna Drowned

      C H O M P

    96. Emma Heymann

      I really wanna do this now

    97. mandy

      The freckle trend needs to end.

    98. Amanda NoneYa

      OMG that slow motion of ur cat sneezing.. got me literally LOL'ing hahahahahaha

    99. Dina Depoorter


    100. Shelby Rawles

      Chili's Sneeze =D