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    A crooked legal guardian who drains the savings of her elderly wards meets her match when a woman she tries to swindle turns out to be more than she first appears. Starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina.
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    I Care a Lot | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A court-appointed legal guardian defrauds her older clients and traps them under her care. But her latest mark comes with some unexpected baggage.

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    1. one10mtnvet

      If you ever needed a reason to cancel netflix, it’s this movie. The most degenerate, immoral movie I’ve ever seen. Says a lot about the agenda they are trying to promote. F Netflix I’m done.

    2. Federico R.

      Fine movie but is not necessary remember each 2 minutes she's a strong female character.

    3. Pamy

      I really wished I could get my 2 hours back after watching this movie...

    4. Mark Constantine

      This movie second part: from regular grifters to disguised special agents taking down Russian mafia boss and making him join in her scheme

    5. mizreal

      Where was the “ dark comedy “ ? It’s just a bunch of horrible people being horrible. Not even the ending was worth watching this. Netflix really seems to enjoy putting out a lot of sick stuff. They seem to think it’s creative to be dark and depressing.

    6. Mo mohlala

      She has a kokoes look

    7. Vamsi

      There was nothing redeeming about Marla. In end the audience was hoping for her to be punished and were glad she died as it meant justice for her victims in a way. Ans sure we get to see a "strong" female villain character - but dont glorify sociopathic behavior as "ambition". Sends the wrong message to young men & women.

    8. pancho villa

      Straight trash.

    9. alexing86

      Person 1: is angry because his mother is being kept locked up and financially ruined by person 2 Person 2: aRe yOu mAd aT mE bEcAusE I'm a wOman ?

    10. Khairul Jemain

      Great ending

    11. Lester Gutierez

      I laughed when the mafia went to the elderly home without a back up or a look out at the front. It's like they planned the scene 5 mins before going in. So unrealistic. 😂

    12. Philip Simmonds

      So what is the moral of the story? Movie would have been better if it ended tragically for both Fran and Marla. Total pieces of sh** I can not believe they had me cheering for the Russian mob 🤣🤣🤣 Then, he partnered with her. Like what? Movie tries to do much with that ridiculous twist. A better conclusion would have been a nasty death for both and the Russian boss getting arrested and facing consequences.

    13. bill sit

      The only good at this movie was only at the end..!!

    14. M.R.Sathish Rajamani

      I'm in blondie😎

    15. David Anderson

      I love Rosamund Pike, amazing actress.

    16. Peace and Love

      Esta pelicula tambien es buena! Rosamund es buenisima actriz! Amé la pelicula!

    17. Hafiyyan Inatsan

      i kinda think that perhaps one of the problem from this movies is the unexisted background stories of who they were, marla, jennifer and the russians; they were just... there (well theres also the poorly written quarrels) but i was so eager to know why she did all of that in the first place since the beginning of the movie, making disadvantages of elderly ppl and how her mother probably had something to do abt it, but we never found out abt it, so kinda disappointed

    18. krezo

      One of the worst movies ive seen Midway through i wasn sure if it was a comedic movie Often i ask myself if these made actors aren’t embarassed

    19. st8881

      I never watch trailers because they basically put the whole movie into the trailer....

    20. Altagracio01

      This movie is a piece of shit... Period.

    21. aaron hyik

      This is what Lou taylor the creator of Britney spears conservatorship is doing to her with the help of Britney's dad jamie spears some information has said that she try to do it to Lindsay lohan as well but her dad stopped her people should really get more info on her if thats true

    22. Muhammad

      Do not watch this movie, a waste of 1 hour and 59 minutes, completely illogical, unrealistic and in fact if you do watch it you'll realize how messed up the idea of this movie is and how the directors wrote it.

    23. Sassy Girl

      Her movies are really good just like Gome Girl.

    24. makayla

      watching this movie is alot i’m only 28 mins in and my stomach is turned up side down

    25. Mirjeta Nako

      Second part was just HORRIBLE. I mean.... H O R R I B L E.

    26. Jiltedin2007

      This movie had me scratching the walls!

    27. Jack Sureshot

      My WOKE fatigue worse than my COVID fatigue at this point. Give it a rest you pests. 🤮Netflix will probably delete this as they move to silence anyone who dare have a different point of view other than these fake woke companies, it’s ok I made a fortune from their stock. Now I don’t even subscribe anymore.

    28. Top Billa

      This woman is LITERALLY “IF FEMINISM WAS A PERSON”.. LITERALLY DELIRIOUS AND MAKES EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX when it’s clearly just about RIGHT OR WRONG.. EVERYTHING/WAY SOMEBODY FELT TOWARD OR DID TO HER WAS “a man vs woman thing” when it’s really just her abusing people and contradicting herself the entire time...

    29. RaChelle Elias

      I can't even say what I really want because the police will show up at my house. I hate ppl who will do anything for money. And I hate nursing homes. Nursing them for money is all they do.

    30. Mr sir

      I just saw the movie am not gonna spoil and I dont want to offend anyone but , stop making only feminist movies its getting tiring..

    31. eD8y

      This was quite cringe worthy...I watched the movie and for 99% of the time i was hating the feminism portrayed here... It seems like the same girl from Gone Girl started her 'get rich by exploiting old ppl' operation and can stand toe to toe with the Russian mafia without any help bcoz of her super high IQ and ninja skills. And the lesbianism to further show feminist glory. Oh Dear.

    32. Dee Jay

      Now let's rearrange the movie and place the legal guardian as the new Biden's appointment "Rachel Levine" health secretary: taking your children from the parents that don't agree with the sex transition of their children and taking your finances by court order from a letter to pay to take care of them from a school counselor to the court. You are not aloud to see your child either. I can see the parallels.

    33. Eugenia !

      ill watch Because of Eiza❤

    34. Juan Blasquez

      This movie is soooooooooooooooo good!!!

    35. Ashfaque Hossain

      Rosamund Pike ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    36. Eric Volkman

      Acting: A+ Writing: F-

    37. Eric Volkman

      This movie is trash. In a nut shell this movie goes out of its way to empower women at the expense of every other social class and somehow made the women look the worst out of all of them. Anyone notice the undertones of "anyone's powerful except white men"? Women, midgets, the elderly,....those are the real power players of the world. This movies goes out of its way to try and make a "Power Woman" but goes so far that its completely unrealistic and you have to decide "do I care more about empowering women than the awful things she is doing?" Because honestly all this movie did was make us hate the "power woman" and there was nothing that gave any resolve, there was no feel good moment. All it is is unrealistic drama of how she somehow outsmarts the Russian mafia and never gets what's coming to her until the last 10 seconds of the movie. Honestly I think the part that is the most obnoxious is the parts of the movie that are the most unrealistic are the ones that are bent to create this "power woman". No judge is just going to be so idiotic and naive like the judge was in this movie...if anything that should be offensive that they chose a black judge for that roll.

    38. Cnaida Ramirez


    39. kitty Barro

      very unpredictable movie i must say

    40. kitty Barro

      this is new genre of a movie

    41. Carlton Banks

      Trash. Turns a con artist into a super hero. And they really want you to know this...she's a FEMALE.

    42. Alex Jahn

      This film started so good and turned into utter bs

    43. Nando91 CT

      Good movie!!!

    44. Heather Smith

      The worst movie I’ve ever watched . Don’t waste your time

    45. Alexus Silva

      Really good movie had me at the edge of my seat 👌

    46. Taylor Step

      The same people that you hurt at the bottom are the people that create your downfall at top. Death humble her in the end.

    47. GREED is GOOD

      This is how America works internally, and externally. Lol

    48. riz1738

      This movie was very good Wow

    49. Lorenzo Grant


    50. Armando Villafuerte

      This was a f**ing waste of time. So unrealistic siht

    51. Ricky C

      This movie really pissed me off. I don't want to say to much to spoil it for others but even that ending was no where near satisfying enough....

    52. Alucard Red

      If you want to be in a bad mood, watch this movie.

    53. Claudia

      Does anyone know the song at the end of the trailer? Thanks

    54. stefanos

      She use the. Government to make dollars

    55. Mcb

      Very bad story and cast

    56. David

      Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl and I care A lot perfectly reminds me of my ex. A Jezebel spirit. A pathological narcissist. For women who think this character is powerful. This is evil incarnated. It's the dark evil demonic female with a smile. It's Cersei. Destined to destroy all that she comes in contact with and to die believing they're God. As they age they become worse and hate younger women who they deeply envy. They use power to crush those that don't 'respect' them. They are the most emotionally devoid and uncontrolled people who prey on those with empathy and kindness. Never give them your love or energy. They will only feed on your spirit until there is nothing left of you but a husk. You cannot heal a Jezebel spirit with love, they exist to feed.

    57. Carlos Hernández

      gone girl is a better movie, dont watch this shit

    58. sunnyvamsikrishna madarapu

      First time in my life I thank God for not being born in America.

    59. SadLostPuppy

      Wow, that's one shit movie. You scammed me again Netlifx!

    60. MISSELO27

      Great movie!!!!

    61. Igrata

      Very stupid movie ! Dont waste your time with that shit!

    62. Waboli CYri

      This movie just made me angry 😡 for the rest of my the day

    63. CRL CRL

      This was a GREAT film!

    64. Ian Noe

      Rosamund Pike has now starred in two of the more honestly terrifying fims I've seen in my life this one, and "Gone Girl" which will make you want to swear off women.

      1. Carlton Banks

        This wasn't terrifying at all. Just dumb and highly unrealistic.

    65. Ali karo

      Horrible movie. Insulting to viewers intelligence. I felt like I was watching a 1980s movie plot.

    66. Nocturnalzyx

      This movie is unbearably stupid and hypocritical from a plot perspective.

    67. Hallat Aziz

      I swear to god I have not hated a person in my all life 🖕🖕🖕

    68. KNKVideo1

      OMG , all for the money, Great unpleasantly rough, but in reality, poor us ...

    69. J T

      Jack from Twitter is acting now? He's a little shorter than I expected.

    70. Goran Uroić

      Boring stupid movie. Go see something else.

    71. DoABarrelRolll

      Finally a movie with s good happy ending😏

    72. Geronimo Saucedo

      Awful movie and a waste of my time, Peter Dinklage was the most redeemable part of it.

    73. Bridget Fisher

      why does she have to vape

    74. Sage Ervin

      I do believe this system was put in place with good intentions. My mother was conservator to my grandparents and it was the best situation it could have been. They really just didn't know how to pay their bills and my grandmother had dementia. Unfortunately, my mother didn't have the time to give them the care they needed so she put them in the best assisted care facility they could afford with their insurance. It was going very well until Covid happened and my mother wasn't allowed to visit them. My grandfather died a few weeks ago. Physically, he was fine but he just stopped trying. His wife didn't remember him and he just didn't have anything else to live for now that we couldn't visit. He was 90. Anyway, I'm gettin off topic. It just makes me so angry how people will abuse systems put in place with good intent. They were very vulnerable and if my mother didn't love them so much I could imagine how they could be taken advantage of. It's awful

      1. Waboli CYri

        We don’t care

    75. Johnny

      the movie after 1 hour suckss

    76. Myflower76

      when i look at the decisions of the courts in recent years it will only be in the interests of large corporations - Documents that would prove a health hazard are not published -the interests of a group are apparently more likely to be protected than the health of private individuals - selfjustice is the last thing that remains - sad times PS: love Dianne Wiest : )

    77. Lord Vader

      A network of enablers - including an unscrupulous doctor and an oblivious judge - grease the grift as Marla and her personal and business partner happen upon Jennifer (Dianne Wiest). With a healthy nest egg and no apparent relatives, Jennifer is a “cherry”; and one chilling, all-too-believable sequence later, she has been secured in an assisted-living facility and her considerable assets liquidated. Marla, however, is about to discover she has messed with the wrong old lady. ***** While the acting and soundtrack was great, the last half hour was desperate. Marla is suddenly this James Bond type reversing the tables on Wiest's protectors and the two adversarys agree to become business partners. LAME!

    78. Adnisty

      I came to claim my 2 hours back and a good chunk of my soul!

    79. Gabriel Lemes

      Alguém sabe qual é o vape/pod que ela usa?

    80. Benjamin C

      I dont care what anyone says i love this film! Watching Rosamund playing psycho bitch is one of the great joys in life 👏

    81. Jap Leoj

      i hope she play that creepy ceo of that blood checker something

    82. FCarmela CA

      The ending was the best part eeeeever

    83. assifag

      I really hate Marla 🙄🤬🤬🤬

    84. A.S

      25 Min into the movie I couldn't continue... I watch murder crime documentaries all the time, but this just hit differently.

    85. Jonathan London

      I was constantly trying to keep my disgust with the main character under the surface throughout the movie but it was overall a satisfactory good quality movie with a successful conclusion. There's definitely some lessons to be learned in this.

    86. King Hyrule

      PETER !!! i cant see u out of GOT

    87. irvin88 castro

      This movie was good till it had a garbage second half...what a waste of great acting and an interest premise

    88. david Acosta

      Malisimo el final....la pelicula tendria que haberse llamado, "2 lesbianas Feminazis contra la mafia Rusa" y la vencen xd.

    89. Peace

      a terrible movie 🤮

    90. Steve E

      Amazing Amy rules.

    91. Artist Pr

      This movie was great. And I will definitely get my paperwork in order and make sure I visit my elderly relatives because this guardianship scam is real!!

    92. Southpaw Billings

      Soon as I saw Peter Dinklage I became hooked

    93. a100percentReal

      "I haven't forgotten about you Lucy!"

    94. Rah101

      The lady in this movie was nasty 🤮, I hated her in this. Yuck! F’n DISGUSTING. The ending was perfect 😊.

    95. Limb

      This movie could have been so much better.. what a waste of brains

    96. Trisha

      This was really good!!! It is a thriller , funny as well . Enjoyed it from beginning to end, especially the end 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    97. Love2 Cook

      Stupid title, really good movie! I loved it......especially the end!!

    98. orlando perez


    99. XWolven

      This movie angered me more than any movie Ever! I totally hated it after the first 20 mins in. By the end i was in awe at what trash this was and felt my time so wasted

    100. Juan Calderon

      This is unrealistically revenge less.