I Don't Think My Rottweiler Realises She is A Dog

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    1. Terell Nelson

      Oww how cute that dog just want love and attention😁

    2. DoctaTofen

      So I’m guessing he’s saying that dogs aren’t supposed to act like that...

    3. Aventus

      This is bestiality lite.

    4. dragonrushruler

      Every time I see things like this I Realize Dogs are probably the greatest animal friendship man will ever make.

    5. EmperorAttila

      I think you dont realise that you are a dog!

    6. steven herrold

      i hate short vids !!!!!!! thumbs down and no subscribe

    7. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

      Same with my moms dog, she loves me so much. But we don't make out.

    8. Peter Paul

      Whats more concerning is I dont think you realize that she is a dog!

    9. Taslim Ipaye

      Pretty sure that your dog just tried to make out with you

    10. Arminius Arminius

      She's gay

    11. Dan uk

      This is why they are man's best friend ..this is loyalty

    12. Mary Jane

      I hope he's not sexually abusing the dog and I'm not joking

    13. Kevin Georges

      Hey loyalty and love cannot be rivaled by any girl....if you were to hit rock bottom she’s still be there for you unlike a lot of these women these days


      What u expect you treat it like your girlfriend

    15. Otis Spunkmeyer

      Video cut short before she gnawed off his face.

    16. C. Hart

      Damn homie, that's a borderline Beastiality vibe going on.

      1. Brionna Christine

        The fact you took it there, says A LOT about your browser search history....

    17. Cephalon Stitch

      I don't think that guy knows hes actually married to her yet

    18. RedTitan5

      Another plot twist: the man is a dog disguise in a human skin suit

    19. IncendiaDivinus

      Ha ! 3 months ago we picked up a kitten and named her Lola... She abuses my 95 Lb fat Black Lab and specially my 105 Lb female Rott named Thalia... I have a 130 Lb mix Mastiff/Golden Retriever and I'm slowly introducing him to Lola .. He has killed several ground hogs and goes crazy when he sees cats so I'm hopeful he will get used to her.. He reacted crazy towards our African Grey but now he simply ignores her so I'm hopeful !! Love Rotts ..Favorite dogs ever !!

    20. Natán Pérez

      They are so friendly!

    21. Maker KaNdike

      Music had me bracing myself for a 3 minute beautiful video... 💔

    22. Zone

      So pups that's how I met your papa

    23. SpaghettiNoob

      Love to see a rottie with an actual tail! (Undocked)

    24. J K

      Video cut off real quick before things got real

    25. fluffy mal

      Tickle t Asi Trabaja El pinche Santo asi Trabaja El pinche Viejo

    26. sindiso tebele

      Twist ending... The dog is a male

    27. Tekilla

      If I did that to my dog I wouldn’t have a face.

    28. Celestial Riptide

      What...are you....what are you implying?????

    29. guy towers

      That looks kind of strange😟

    30. ZZ

      She only knows that she loves you.

    31. VilifyExile

      No, I think it's the man that's confused.

    32. That AMC Guy

      Rotties can be amazing dogs. A friend of mine used to have two; a brother and sister pair. They were just big, dopey, loveable 150-pound lap dogs. They were so gentle and excitable - even as they got older, they were still puppies at heart. If you spent too much time with one, the other would get jealous. If I ever have the chance to get another dog, it might be a Rottweiler.

    33. Lucimar Gloria

      Lindão querendo chamego

    34. frenchbulldoglucky1

      This is cute. My French Bulldog just bite my nose instead of kisses.

    35. hawkboy1792

      You disgusting dog nuts are SICKOS

    36. Nick Sebastien


    37. Grá lóiséas

      It looks more like a monke

    38. Tamil Tech facts!!!

      So when is marriage

    39. Cal L

      It's like, he's playing around with his girlfriend.

      1. Inkaa Crowe


    40. oggy jack

      *When you can't get a gf and your* *"doggy"* *loves you a lot.*

    41. oggy jack

      *2nd Part on BeastHub!!*

    42. MNG

      She was his soulmate.....

    43. Marco Polo

      Maybe she want to be your wife

    44. Sici Damara

      This is my cat 24/7

    45. Tim D


    46. Vijay Muthu

      So sweet she is

    47. mion rughert

      Haha are you sure she didn't break something 😂😂😂

    48. mark one

      the police are on the way to take your pc and examine its contents

    49. NipVeli The wise

      Course she thinks , shes human🤔 ..... when you most likely sleep in bed with her ( spoonin)... bath with her....french kiss her etc 🤢

    50. FatRakoon

      Dogs are amazing creatures. On par with horses as mans best friend.

    51. Mignon Daymond

      Rotties are really teddybears in disguise...

    52. Hussnain khan

      Plot twist: shes actually a hooman

    53. Adapter Converter

      Well when you use her how can she tell

    54. God Makoto

      We come from 2 different species

    55. BlacK Rose

      Just here for the comments and have not been disappointed.

    56. Cornmeal

      I think she wishes she wasn't a dog

    57. Mr Wisher

      "rOtTwEiLerS aRe viCiOUs KiLLeRs"

    58. Wolf Shark

      She probably watch to much romantic movies 😂

    59. HeartBreakHigh

      When your dating life dries up..... LOL

    60. jonsheldon69

      Dude looks like he pokes his dog..or should i say bytch

    61. Fabian Gonzalez

      Bold of you to assume your dogs gender in 2021

    62. Vampyria

      Look at this vicious doggo... Clearly about to attack the poor guy. Disclaimer: This comment is sarcasm.

    63. Jay Kay

      um what is this??

    64. Traceuratops

      She's not a dog. She's an angel.

    65. Toucan. P

      My Dottie thinks he’s a lap dog XD

      1. Toucan. P


    66. Dylan Herndon

      my dog does this same shit

    67. BabyFace Rell

      It’s just you

    68. Reese Curry

      I’m convinced y’all be fucking these dogs 😂😂😂

    69. Shando

      Dog: KISS ME YOU FOOL!

    70. Greg Lessing

      Precious moments ! Enjoy every one !

    71. Now Now

      The animals know kisses and hugs. This guys dog knows what IT is. We don’t realize what THEY are.

    72. Anonym

      Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is true True Spandau Ballett

    73. Tom Samad

      Love this rottweiler! And that looks like a very British radiator!

    74. Jonathan Lopez

      Geez bro ,get yourself a girl friend , they don't cost to much.

    75. My name Is jeff

      Damn now I can’t go on Pornhub today :/

    76. Jubei Shinai

      She thinks she's your girlfriend, dude.

    77. Lou Remington

      Dominance behavior. I see it all the time with Rottweiller's. I work at an animal hospital and i see this all the time with Rottie's. They love to sit on you. Don't misunderstand that they are trying to tell you they are in charge. Take the power back.

    78. Ken Texican

      Rottweiler's Rule!

    79. BLaCkKsHeEp

      Lola: I dont think this guy realizes he's my human.

    80. priysp

      This video will blow up.

    81. OHM-968692


    82. D BLACC

      Don’t get that dog pregnant dude!

      1. Astro


    83. Jimmy Mags

      I think Lola is a Democrat .

    84. Muskitigum

      pls no fuury

    85. Twiggy the lizard

      She loves her dad very much😊❤

    86. Blaze -MR.1911

      Why is there this weird aura going around where humans are getting better love from pets than fellow humans ?

      1. hawkboy1792

        Because there arw so many humans that have undiagnosed social disorders, that instead of going out into the world where the potential exists to be judged, they would rather project their love onto an animal which cannot return the affection in a meaningful way. They use the dogs as a CRUTCH to avoid human interaction, and they interpret the dogs behavior of begging for food as love. It is a mental illness, and it is disgusting.

    87. ً

      Never seen a Rottweiler with a tail.

    88. Brandy webb

      I dont think my stalker realizes that slavery is over.🤷🤦🤦🤦

    89. Mawa Momo

      Man: You are my dog Dog: I am your girlfriend

    90. fudgems -orangekookaburra-

      That’s your girl bruh lol beautiful friendship

    91. Tim Montano

      Bitches be Krazy.

    92. Breeanne Daniels

      omG she’s so CUUUUUUTE!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    93. Juanita Shatley

      How does she act when you have a girl over??

    94. Juanita Shatley


    95. Ale Titan

      Am I the only one uncomfortable??

    96. Darksealer

      I don't think any dog realizes its a dog. It's hard to say. If a dog could speak, we would not understand what it says, because the world of a dog is very different from the world of a human.

    97. Ava Hillman


    98. Vengeance

      Most of u goofies are some weird ass dude no cap cut that shit out quay

    99. LaMar

      AAwww she loves her daddy. Sweet girl just staring into your eyes.

    100. Nunya Business

      Our two bulladors do this 😂😂