I hate my voice (but I sing anyway)


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    Let's talk about why no one can make me quit.
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    1. Carlitox b

      You’ve got a nice voice 😉

    2. Adam Mielke

      Is that song actually published somewhere? (On an album/what have you) I remember a demo on your second (or third) channel something like 8-9 years ago and really loved it, but I don't remember seeing it elsewhere. ^_^

    3. Jeff Indigo

      dude, you can sing. don't worry. Everyone can. It's just about working on your voice and finding where your voice belongs.

    4. L. G.

      I especially LOVE your voice on Sparkle Mountain!

    5. Sarah Smith

      I've been a fan of yours since I was about 14 and I'm now 25. I have literally never thought your speaking or singing voice to be weird. You've been a musical inspiration to me for what feels like forever. But I appreciate your honesty here. Keep doing you, Andrew!

    6. Kreaux

      Ngl i came here to hate but whatchu said got me rethinking my whole attitude on life

    7. Ilja

      Liked the mics the same way as their priced. TLM 103 has way more high-end than U 87 AI

    8. rasmichael

      Everybody hates their own voice. If only people who loved their voice would sing, we would only have

    9. Ilja

      Hope he doesn't throw his baby through the room...

    10. Barna Verba

      I think that the U87 sound like a mic that can sound amazing on any persons vocal while the 103 would be too hars on the top end actually it kind of bothered my ears on the vocals. on the guitar it sounded really nice but for some reason it just doesn't have that warm fullness that the u87 has I feel like if you have the u87 you can add that top end to it if needed but the warmth it has is really hard to replicate if even possible by eq-ing

    11. Omar Shihab

      Stop being so self conscious, totally normal but your voice is unique which is never a bad thing

    12. faithfuljohn

      while you're singing I can't tell which mic is better (they all sound the same to me). But with the guitar the SM7B was best.

    13. SantaCruz Recording

      thank you for this, i'm in the same boat.

    14. David Uhlin

    15. Adam

      Not sure if this applies to you Andrew but my voice sounds better when I sing one octave higher, even if it more difficult to do, the comfortable thing for some guys to do is go low and often too low. Go one higher and it can cut out the nasal / chestiness if that’s what we’re going for. I learnt this from a vocal coach I was watching online. This song you sung is a perfect demo of this theory, sounded great.

    16. Levi Snow

      No one can say anything. This man has an incredible voice. Period.

    17. TheOneVictor

      For the mics, the guitar is where you hear the difference. Definitely more clarity with the Neumann's.

    18. TheOneVictor

      Andrew is the wholesomeness we all need.

    19. greyreynyn

      hey man your voice is good here hi five noise

      1. greyreynyn

        and i feel you 1000% but i just ran away cause my voice was too shit haha

    20. Jack Rubin

      I'd give this vid 100 likes if I could.


      This is the first video of you that i've watched. By the way you were talking about your voice - i thought you were gonna be terrible, but you’re good. With autotune and vocal processing, you'd sound even better.

    22. Puuding

      So many internet trolls

    23. Kidigital !

      This is the most inspirational stuff ever! Also, how dare some people.. like really?

    24. After 2am

      Screw the haters sing away bro!

    25. moody

      ironically this is one of the best vocal performances i've ever seen you give - i could see some of the complaints you have with your vocal quality but i fully believe you're capable of changing in directions you want given enough trial and error. this one was quite different though, idk if you're experimenting but it's *working.*

    26. Jackson Kerr

      Your voice is fine, Andrew. Most of the time when people attack others it's out of their own hurt/insecurity. Some people believe that beating down others will make themselves feel better, or they learn that pattern of behavior from their friends or family and they do it out of habit. Don't let them discourage you. You have been incredibly productive, and I applaud you for that. Trust your musical instincts and you'll go a long way.

    27. tom rabbani

      I think everyone probably hates their own voice except Bono

    28. jakubszulc

      Thank you Andrew - you came with this video right in the time of my struggle with this topic

    29. Pin Hassan

      I feel this on a molecular level. I love hearing your voice as another instrument in your music, though, and I'm glad you've got no intention of stopping any time soon 💜

    30. Lucas Costa

      tu é foda!!!!

    31. Sahil yes


    32. tom cruise

      Ya just love what you can do. But its must come from the bottom of your heart. But if you want to make improvements into it. I think its more better. And its possible to. ✌

    33. Mattematrix

      Dude! you and your voice are awesome! but i can very much relate to this.

    34. ZaBiMaRuSz

      well if breaking benjamin is still putting out songs with the same vocals, why can you sing your songs

    35. Musthegreat 94

      You sound like Andrew Huang and isn’t that what matters?

    36. chimleypot

      Your speaking and singing voices are lovely. But well done for speaking up for anyone who wants to sing!

    37. Aaron Thorp

      I think from those three, i feel like the TLM 103 suits your voice the best, loving its crisp and rich highs, reminds me of the brightness of my Lewitt LCT440, the poor 7B in this comparison sounds almost retro/boxy next to those...next up Lewitt comparison? would be interested to see how something like the 440 would sound compared to these mics and with your voice :D keep up the good work :)

    38. i probably have a point

      I thought I'm gonna relate to you but heck, your voice is so good. Now idk where i belong now lol

    39. June

      You have a good mindset, regarding that you are becoming a father (❣️)and you’re voice has improved honestly if I compare it to every night I dream of dancing wich is still one of my favourites of you, the video everything. You are just always trying out and never stopping your learning process which is really a big motivation and something I aspire to do. So please keep trying and evolving and keep your mindset!!! Have a nice day 🌞🌞🌞

    40. Ecks Calibur

      Very inspiring message. Couldn't have said it better myself!

    41. Kai Dahlhaus

      I'll come back later, I need to listen to this with seomething else than a phone :D

    42. Nathan Fairbrass

      Funnily enough, I prefered the amount of air that the TLM 103 provided to your vocals (presuming no different post processing was applied to the vocal) The SM7B sounds quite muffled and probably needs some high boost on the way in). Either way your voice is great and ignore the critics. You're killing all of this Andrew and been a massive help and inspiration to a lot of people. Focus on that.

      1. Nathan Fairbrass

        Just got to the isolated vocal part, the SM7B definitely focuses on the more nasally resonances in your voice and I feel like a lot more EQ work has to be done to the SM7B than the others. Definitely prefered the Neuman mics for your vocals but I think the SM7B actually complimented the guitar in the sense that it scooped out a lot of the higher stuff leaving a lot of room for your voice.

    43. Malo Mimeau

      I'm surprised because I am always impressed when you sing I find it really really impressive you're the best

    44. Arnau Villalbí i Espinós

      Andrew tells me he's going to use very expensive mics. I listen to it in my cell phone speaker. (Love your voice btw)

    45. BossHass

      Bro, your singing voice is quite beautiful actually. The day you stop hating it, is the day you’ll take it to the next level. Confidence + talent (which you have) is like a rocket ready to 🚀

    46. Christopher Denny

      Huang: I don't like my voice Also Huang: *Sounds like a freaking angel 5 minutes later* Both Neumanns of course sound magical, but I think that 103 really did the trick for your voice, it really helps your voice pop through the instrument without bringing in edgy sharp tones. That said, I think the guitar did a little better through the 87 as it mellowed out the highs a bit smoother than the 103. Always a beautiful, fantastic person, Andrew, keep on being the fantastic person that you are!

    47. Mukker Fluker

      I listen to people with almost terrible singing voices but the confidence and emotion in their music makes their voice sound beautiful seriously

    48. phranchesskahr

      Omg 😲 beautiful singing

      1. phranchesskahr

        I was waiting for a crappy voice 😂 but got Angel voice

    49. Trisomy 7

      Thanks Andrew

    50. Eixan Oblitum

      Your pitch is perfect on it's way, your musicianship is undeniable and your voice is your voice, unique, I'd say I remembered you and keep searching your channel because the first thing I remember is your voice, it is good, it's different and attracts people!

    51. makuu

      i have a love hate relationship with my voice. mostly hate. but i like making music. so i use it anyway.

    52. Félix Marqués

      I preferred the TLM 103 throughout. It's thicker and warmer in a nice way. Also, this is the literal first time ever I've been made aware that there's anyone who doesn't like your voice. I don't understand why, I've always thought it's beautiful. It can feel high and airy or rooted and compact. You use it well.

    53. solomon nguyen

      Nobody got ears bro. They swear they got bars and talent but the views verify it. There are hits and miss but just like everyone else nobody’s perfect. The people dishing out this stuff are on fruity loop platform. Leave it be man. Just be happy and create. Why there’s individuals talk is shit is because they’ve been producing it.

    54. Melanie Halsey

      I'm all about the TLM 103 for this track, especially on the high notes! The SM7B has a nice bump around the low mids which works well for spoken word or harsh vocals. The U 87 AI Sounds great on the guitar! If I were in a studio and had only these three mics to play with, I'd use the TLM 103 for vocals, U 87 AI off axis for the guitar and the SM7B pointed directly at the sound hole 20-30cm back.

    55. Paul Isbell

      Have you ever tried the Neumann TLM49?

    56. Steve Ditore

      Everybody hates their own voice, even some well-established professionals. Yours is not as bad as you may think, not nearly as piss-poor as mine. A life-long post-nasal drip inherited from both parents has bequeathed to me a voice like an alcaholic Mickey Mouse with a heavy chest cold. Yours engenders a few negative troll comments on social media, mine Sucks Rubber Donkey Lungs (to use the vernacular). Fifteen seconds of hearing my voice will reignite your confidence, guaranteed. Score! getting those Neumanns. Some advice from using them for 18 years: it'll pay you to get a couple of Rycote shock mounts for them. The "spider" shock mounts that come with them are good for maybe a couple of years, but then the elastic begins to stretch out and the mic sags in disavantageous ways. Also, if you drop them they fly apart immediately and are a pain in the butt to try to re-thread. Drop a Rycote and it'll just bounce. Isolate just as well, or better.

    57. Úna Parkinson

      AAANDREEEWWW this is so great and positive also I LOVE your singing in this I can hear you smiling

    58. Justin Lim

      Dude, you've changed my life, all I needed was this vid. Thank you!

    59. Vadim Degtiar

      thank you Andrew for encouraging the release, and yeah we love nature

    60. Bo Louie

      I dig this level of honesty from other men.

    61. Sloth

      my mom: what did you do today? me: 0:05

    62. R Rhoads

      umm dude your singing is great idk what those commenters were hearing

    63. Daó

      Singing is something I just recently started to experiment with keep doing you’re thing Andrew you’re killing it

    64. The Roar Of The Electric Lion

      This message really helped me

    65. Le-Johnny

      I'm picky with music and don't even like singing much but you have a nice voice, people who dislike it can dislike, but saying "I hate it" is just a waste of time.

    66. les aventurieres

      Thank you so much for this video. I needed exactly the reminder

    67. Alex Villalpando

      I’m only a little before half way in this video. And I gotta say I appreciate this 💯 Def a gem to take in as an artist

    68. Danny Ramirez

      I feel like the SM7B picks up a lot more of the room noise. The U87 is a lot warmer and full sounding. The TLM was definitely a bit brighter. Im curious what acoustic treatment you have in the room that help with reflections?

    69. Sav Jonsa

      you're a cool fucking guy


      You're an amazing vocalist. Or at least, I love your voice man.

    71. Joe Ludwig

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard your singing voice until now even though I’ve watched your music theory in 30 min video a hundred times. Your voice is honestly great! Keep doing you!

    72. Kim Caldas

      yo dude, I really like your voice!! please keep doing you, no matter what! :)

    73. Mauricio Arevalo

      Love the honesty in this. i go through the same thing all the time. Keep doing what you love doing man

    74. Andrés Lemons

      Good stuff.

    75. Jamie Scott

      are you gay? because i really hate your voice. my intent is not to hurt you, sorry if i offended you or something.

    76. laag4

      I think the mid scoop makes sense for the song. It has a more intimate feel with the warmth and closeness of the bass and the higher frequencies promote stronger sybillances, which I think matches the vibe of the song. I wish my voice sounded as good as yours! It doesn't seem like you do let the haters get you down but don't let the haters get you down! Congrats on the baby!

    77. Emilia Vega

      Andrew you re so brave i admire you and your voice is beautiful!

    78. Takato Takasui

      You have such vast musical talent, if your voice was also perfect you'd be too powerful. God nerfed you by giving you an off-meta voice

    79. michael konomos

      This is great. Keep singing!

    80. howkj1

      The TLM 103 has some epic "AIR" which opens up the aural space. It'd be great to pair with something slightly warmer like the U 87 AI or maybe EQ to add the low-end back in. Just watch out for phase issues and you'll be all set with epic depth and presence!

    81. Sweet Paulo

      100% every voice has value. I love your take on this.

    82. Gabriel Cayer

      David Byrne, Joao Gilberto are like my two favourite singers and they have very unconventional voices. The difference is I guess that Andrew uses his voice in a more “conventional” pop idiom (no judgment!)

    83. Primrose Productions Music

      I definitely like the TLM 103 best on your voice of the 3. The SM7B is obviously a good all around mic, and the U87 is of course legendary, but for your voice in particular I feel like the TLM 103 really accentuated the highs in your voice

    84. Rhyan Fuller

      I respect you openness and honesty. I think and feel the same about my own vocals and after watching this I'm going to adopt your approach as it's a super productive way forward so thanks for that. I prefer the already sound of the TLM103. As you already mentioned, the midtones work well with your voice - better than the U87 AI and I think the overall difference is even more noticeable with the guitar. When you then factor in the difference in price, TLM103 becomes a clearer winner (to me) as it makes the subtle difference in the 87 unjustifiable for the price difference.

    85. Max Valentine

      You have a baby on the way!? 😃 Congrats!!

    86. Abrazar

      This is great and song is beautiful... Who are those 59 haters? Really amazed... Are they human? May be strange green spheroids from outer space

    87. Matthew McBride

      Though this will certainly get buried in the massive scree pile of comments I just needed to say that I really appreciate this. Especially coming from Andrew Huang himself, someone, who at least externally seems to be so confident and able. I can't really sing, nor scream very well but I want to. So I guess I will.

    88. MrBarosxp

      Wtf ? your voice is great

    89. laughingman1221

      Man even if someone thinks your voice is bad, you still have these on your side: 1. You’re a good singer 2. You have a useful register for a lot of kinds of music. My voice is way to deep for a lot of singing applications.

    90. Thunder Draws

      bro your voice is fckin awesome

    91. Slope 114

      It’s standard use to scoop out the mids and boost the highs/ air of u87.

    92. EAJrMusic

      Andrew, thank you for this message. I have literally been told that my music is god awful. But it is with belief in myself and knowing that I have some level of talent that I am able to push through and still try and create music to express myself. I appreciate the honesty in the video.

    93. dekoningtan


    94. nelward

      god bless you for making this vid

    95. Kõu Kaur

      I can't look back at my own songs. Just makes me uncomfortable. I see it's more common than I thought :)

    96. saph

      dude you sound like sonic

    97. im never awake

      Acoustics were fire 🔥

    98. im never awake

      Haha bro just don’t sing pop and we chill 😛❤️

    99. Pierre Von Guersing

      I have a 103 for more than 15 years now and I'm still blown away by the quality of its sound! This is top gear!

    100. charlie watt?

      TLM 103 all the way, that mic is amazing!