I’m leaving YouTube..


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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. YT_3x0dic

      man it hurts me that ppl really say that dont let that shit get to you man u make a lot of ppl happy keep doing what u love n for the ppl that sends those hate comments honestly just leave n dont come back be a better person n not telling some1 to go kill himself he doesn't deserve it.

    2. M Hernandez

      We love you Brawadis you are The Best DEfastsr

    3. Max Hall

      Idk how you can say this with 5 mil on DEfasts lol

      1. IMPOSS3BL3

        ... With a platform with fake. I dont blame him... you should listen to him my sister is a social worker this is common from larger youtubers and high schoolers. 5 million fans but his mind tricks him thinking he had 10 million haters please research before spreading hate

    4. Justin Ponce

      Felt this bro stay up ily

    5. YNX Elite

      Bro you make me happy even if you make DEfasts videos by your self I’m always gonna be there for those people that say kill your self don’t listen to them keep up the good work

    6. cameron c

      I love you so much keep up the good work and stay positive I’m sorry that your down I don’t want you to die if you died I would cry

    7. Joseph Deady

      mentel heath always first social media is so toxic

    8. Owen Falvey

      honestly don’t worry bout your content. imma watch the vid imma give it a like. you need to give yourself self love

    9. Owen Falvey

      we love you bro

    10. Owen Falvey

      if i see one hate comment imma be heated. metal health is a terrible thing

    11. jeffyisgawd

      It’s all for money lmao. He made the video 10 minutes for ad revenue lmao

    12. HxtedBarbie


    13. Gabriella Mancilla

      Don’t listen to those people Brandon your amazing and your gonna get through it because your real og fans are here to support you through everything I I hope you had a great break

    14. Jose Gomez

      Brandon pls don't listen to them haters fuck them haters your content is the best your my favorite DEfastsr to matter what I'm never gonna change I'm always gonna love you your always gonna be my favorite DEfastsr you know God doesn't want you to die and God doesn't like what the haters are saying I know I'm super late to this video and I'm sorry I hope you understand we been going through the same stuff 😪😪😪 Ilysm Brandon I love you so much you know I rlly miss you and Jackie together but if you wanna be single that's ok go ahead its your life your desicion and I love that because it's you making that desicion your the best ever don't listen to no one

    15. Templar Tutorials

      Brian, People who say “Please die” just because you didn’t make a good video are bad people. I will 100% support you.

    16. Cash MoneyZa

      Get well soon bra with all my heart


      Did you know all your haters are retarded and yes i'm a Prince of England hiden from devil worshipers.

    18. S K

      Take some time off u will be back and better don’t listen to the haters if they where there months ago being fans and hatters now then they where never really fans and have a good brake

    19. Vlonemango

      Those are all signs of a broken heart

    20. Hayzam Jaleel


    21. chandrakala lingareddy

      So this vid was for views . U literally made an other vid not even 1 week later .

      1. Jadyn Ricker

        He can take as long or as little time as he wants for a break. Get a grip

    22. Gaming Gorilla

      Bro you still make me happy and I binge all your videos

    23. quad_ 716

      Yo Brandon u are an OG youtuber with a OG style of videos that we NEED IN DEfasts nowadays, don’t let time change who you are. 💪🏾

    24. Layali Niser

      We all are

    25. Yung Finny

      we love you❤️

    26. ToXic kid

      Stay positive never let someone ruin ur life

    27. ToXic kid

      Keep ur head up KING 😤

    28. Jose Hernandez

      Same thing has been going on with me, it’s covid that’s been affecting us. I hope you feel better I’m still working on that as well.

    29. Gutifilmedit

      jacky messed u up u down bad

    30. Nathaniel Vasquez


    31. Justina

      No need to apologize. You are going through some stuff. Take care of you who cares what others think at the end of the day you, your health and mental health comes first! There is no excuse for anybody wishing death on someone over videos.

    32. Sunni Mac

      More like your acting like a little b****

    33. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

    34. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

    35. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

    36. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

    37. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!

    38. Manisha Fernandes

      Don't worry don't die..............your life we be better........and u need a good life......we'll pray for you

    39. autistic koalaa


    40. JoblessFuZion

      we love you brandon its okay take a break because social media is an ass dont let haters get over you you are a strong human being and if you have to take a break then take one remember we here for you like if you think so to.

    41. TxX_Ghost_Xx T

      Has 5 million subs and 1.1 million care about this

    42. MR. Crainz

      That has been happening to me too love the vids

    43. Shon Finke

      Brandon me and my family love you and rug and mama and papa rug and I want you to know that these people are just haters and you shouldn't even let them get under your skin there are haters for everything social media and in person screw that and get yourself back on top we love you and keep your head up

    44. Daniel Lopez

      U depend on others

    45. Mariah Torres

      Really hope u get better don’t listen to them I understand how you feel bro u do so much for people to make them feel better now it’s time to think about u I love u just no u make a lot of people happy u make my family happy most of my family Watch ur family stay strong and am happy u decided to take a break u need it and I will still be here when ur back

    46. alex alex

      his hair looks cool tho

    47. Fazclane faze


    48. czem213 eastside

      Praying for better days for you my man fuck what the haters say you got this, much love from here in nz man wish I could help ,honestly much love brandon

    49. Mathew Martinez

      You should’ve never met up with Jackie in the first place you should’ve moved up and moved on for good 😒👎🏽

    50. Tina Underwood-Balderas

      Prayers sent your way. We love you. Take the time you need we will always be here for you

    51. Ailin R

      It’s ok Bryan

    52. Savannah_playz 123

      Fuck these toxic ppl mental health comes first love u Brandon

    53. LuXuRy xNoah


    54. nelly o

      i understand what your going through i been dealing with the same thing for a while now

    55. Bubbafrmthawest

      He seems like a clone

    56. Keaton H

      Dis guy 4real who’s ready for the ex videos 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 get the popcorn ready this guy that’s called reality he’s all alone now and he’s feeling it and feeling bad about himself cause everyone is moving on and all shacked up 😉

    57. MomLozetta Lozetta

      be good to yourself

    58. Benjamin Garcia

      U like people to feel bad 4 u huh🤣🤣

      1. Sarah Lutaaya

        Wtf how is that funny

    59. christina garza

      Keep your head up 😌😌

    60. OZ Bonzey

      Only Places He Goes Is His House, The Gym, And Taco Bell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    61. Tony Emini

      Hope he's favourite basketball team the Suns can play some quality ball and make the play-offs for this great guy.

    62. ExoticFlames

      This is soo sad seeing Brandon aka my bro taking a break from DEfasts but it's his choice to take a break.

    63. Adrian Pinon

      Bro y are u letting 16 years old kids hate comments get to your head how come your bit looking at the little girl comment that says she lives u or some little boys comment that say he inspires u I’m sorry Brandon but your not all about positivity like u say

    64. DENNISKON 29

      Brandon we fucking love you you have 5 fucking million people + your family loving you..You know that bro.Where are the Christmas vids spirit the pranks and everything..i hope you get well soon brother.Always by your side

    65. Damien Martinez

      We all love you brawadis

    66. JarKosFTW7

      My respect for Brandon 📈📈📈

    67. The Four Toxic brothers

      Love you bro your the best you always give me a smile and for some reason at the never end your nose felts like it was a little fake cause it was shining not trying to make fun of it keep up the hard work ✌️

    68. Lil_Robert

      Bro branon took a break in 1 week but mrbeast uploads in every week🤦🏻

    69. Oli Banks

      Don’t stress about them haters uve got millions of supporters out there

    70. MJG puppets


      1. MJG puppets


    71. Urfuturetohell Ghost

      Jackie looks like she is musty no cap tho

    72. Maureen Reid

      Love you bro

    73. unknown 14

      So am I the only one who came back after he uploaded again

    74. Ivar Stone

      Brandon it’s fine. You make me so happy 😀. Take a long break, you are awesome. And your videos are always really good!!!!

      1. unknown 14

        He literally just uploaded

    75. Brian Baker

      It’s kinda funny this video is exactly 10 minutes

    76. Poptartposer YT

      I’ve been watching you from the start I love you man stay safe

    77. Lexani Jimenez

      Brandon come back we miss you 😔

    78. bloved _Sierra

      this is literally me! I hope you get better

    79. manuel palacios

      never listen to haters they just motivate u more it and just take a break where all good.

    80. Veilexhシ

      I love you bro keep your head up you got dis f the hatters I been your day one forever and ever on

    81. cullemn leece

      Keep your head up Brother💪💙 It can only get better

    82. jeremiah nieves

      What did Jackie do now

    83. Santana Larkin



      And also in his other channel brawadisNBA


      It’s been 6 days and I still miss him everyday I check if he makes a DEfasts video because he’s one of my fav DEfastsrs

    86. Pearson Golden

      You are the best bro take your time

    87. Myrna Valdes

      Dont leave 😟

    88. Om prakash Sethi

      To the People who hate comments on videos of any DEfastsr and not only brawadis I just want to say one thing to you " It's still time to get a heart and you should also take a break from DEfasts " F***ing idiots 😠

    89. Jasmine Martinez

      Keep your head up Brandon ❤️

    90. LenzifyFN

      When faze rug stops doing videos idk what I’m gonna do idk who is gonna be my favorite DEfastsr faze rug is my favorite DEfastsr then my second is brawadis Love to Brawadis I know what’s happening brawadis don’t worry we’re all here

    91. Paulo Gabriel Campos Mart�nez

      i feel the same way...

    92. Aleida Perez

      lol he has a brother that every video says positive vibes and never give up, dont let the hate get in you and he is depressed because the haters. Lol he is nothing without jackie grow up pussy

    93. Alfisal Fitian

      We miss u

    94. Carlos Marquez

      Tbh I liked your content more now without the EX GF titles . Praying for you 🙏 and hoping you come back soon Braw!

    95. The Supercar Freak

      that stuff that ur telling ur self is the devil and don't let him get to u. and those people who are saying those comments arent them its the devil and if u listen to those comments the devil is winning.

    96. Fluffy Unicorn

      Brandon we will always love you 😍 take a break as long as you want and who ever Sayed to kill yourself don’t worry about them only worry about you your family and the kind comments and kind people in life

    97. Jonathan Lawrence

      I just started watching you

    98. Angelo Debicki

      I cant tell if this is fake or real

    99. Frank Munoz

      You’ll come back stronger buddy. Hope you find the peace of mind you need. You always put smiles on people’s faces.