I made decisions that completely ruined this game

Call Me Kevin

588 Tsd. aufrufe19

    I made decisions that completely ruined this game, I might have to accept that I shouldn't be in charge of anything.
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    1. Call Me Kevin

      Oh btw folks if you wanna join my heist next time just leave a like, no backsies though

      1. Nightcore

        I'll bring Batman to help

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        Would love to join, but how would that work?

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        I couldnt follow this story at all just like you.

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      Full Motion Video bruuuhhh

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      Cool looking room

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      I can’t tell if this is animated or not and it’s stressful

    7. Cassandra Dunn

      Kevin you are the best

    8. ocharni

      wtf kevin, whats with the dude kissing the car.

    9. han

      ooo kevin i think you might like bandersnatch. it's really interest but it can be kinda long. i feel like it's something you might enjoy!

    10. Hi I’m a random weeb with a Nezuko profile pic

      Rember when the guy worked at a garage

    11. Thelonelywanker84

      4:09 Can a kidnapper look more uninterrested😂

    12. Attack_OnMuffin

      3:04 Holy fuck is that who i think it is

    13. Arshan

      Bunch of Asian families fighting for the 'honor of the their family' and over a fucking bowl. Yikes on the plot of the game all around.

    14. Xdiamond66 Programmer

      147 people no longer exist

    15. SB Productions

      i play monopoly the same way. it’s the only way to play honestly

    16. I’m blessed By the best

      I had to come comment. That jacket does make you blend in to the back ground. I thought that earlier in the video. 😂14:40

    17. emmy is waifu

      where the merch

    18. Avelphina

      Stockholm syndrome speedrun simulator 2021.

    19. Big papa Tony

      Do another play threw

    20. Whale sharker

      I like how Kevin has to justify to himself that he still got the worst ending.

    21. Michael Francis

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thanks ai after they do something for me

    22. katherine gregory

      This was fun

    23. Fister Roboto

      hey man, wow man

    24. cohen anderson

      Full Motion Video = FMV

    25. awqwerty

      Your Tchois matters in this game eh?

    26. Regan H

      I think what makes Kevin so different from other gaming DEfastsrs is the fact that he NEVER plays games how their meant to be played.

    27. Kiara Kloss


    28. lucy

      you should play erica, its very cult like and the choices matter

    29. Carl

      Played this before it was cool. Js

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      Pretty sure this could be the title to all of your videos kevin

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      I got an ad so he just said ha 12:51

    32. anon03030605

      _m e m o r y c r e a r i n g_

    33. Atlas Reacts

      My cousin and I also thank our devices when we use them. Mine is Bixby n Google

    34. John Freeman

      you should play fox hunt, its a really weird fmv game

    35. Oh No

      I never knew anyone could get so invested in a bowl.

    36. Lufbul

      Anyone else go and watch actual gameplay to see how the game SHOULD end after watching a Kevin video?

    37. Rebekah McFadden

      Please do more like this. And I hope your desk doesn't fall apart anymore lol

    38. shawn Draper

      Kevin was really irish in this video

    39. Agne Kovalkova

      What's that hoodie tho

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      For some reason this is one of the few callmekevin videos I’ve watched more than 10 times I don’t know why it’s just nice to see a lot

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      Budget on this was higher than I expected !?

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      Doesn't this title just describe all of Kevin's videos???

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      1:48-1:54 Okay that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

    49. Drew Truesdell

      Kevin I love you but please stop doing the headphone thing it's really drawn out at this point

    50. pabpab999999

      lol, I thought the actress that played Ling looks familiar, but I can't remember where I saw her but it looks like it's because I saw her in 'Rather Be' Musiv Video

    51. Pixwool

      The way Kevin plays it makes late shift seem like a really good simulation of a man’s descent into madness from intense stress.

    52. PartyElevator

      The protagonist looks like dan the villain

    53. Erin Borthwick

      3:51 Car pulls up with the number plate ‘FEX’ Kevin: FOR FEXS SAKE

    54. TheFireStarter73

      Late shift is my jam best fuckin game ever

    55. Jordan Porter

      0:19 I do the same thing with my Google home, saving lives on the daily is just what we heroes do

    56. Evo0Mode

      Kevin’s stuff falling off 😂

    57. GoombaMilk 1


    58. C VR

      I feel like they spend so much money on cameras, make up, locations and flamming vans that when it came to choosing the McGuffin that would lead the entire plot they realized there wasn't anything else in the budget and just grabbed a random bowl from someone grandma's.

    59. Maggie S

      From start to finish I have no idea what’s happening

    60. Toasty Toast


    61. Kiara Jayde

      I was so excited when I saw Kevin was playing this as I love this game, and then Kevin got the same ending I did the first time I played and I feel gently ashamed because I was sort of trying to do well

    62. Erudite


    63. Edward Spence

      14:45 - squint really hard :)

    64. Rashawn Collins

      Me n kev got the same hoodie

    65. Tiago Javera

      At the dead of night, Kevin, you should try it =]

    66. Bean Waffle

      Can we get a loop of the mug drinking at the start please? It'd be quite lovely.

    67. BakaTaco

      I like to think that if Kevin was ever (god forbid) in some kind of situation where he needed to bring some very important crime syndicate a very important item and he lost/broke said item, he'd just buy something off of Amazon and say "Well look, this is a lot nicer you know? Much easier to keep track of, no need to worry if you lose it, it's easy to replace, and if someone gets a hold of it, you can just buy a new one and everyone wins.".

    68. Sam Smith Austin-Eames

      21:52 "Call an ambulance... but not for me!"

    69. Spencer Stabio

      Literally the protagonist: F**k you!

    70. largeradiance

      The B plot with Kevin's desk was super well done. Kept me on the edge of my seat til the end.

    71. Flying Carpet

      I also always say thank you to Alexa. I don't want no paperweight to think I'm a rude person.... Yes, I'm British.

    72. DazAttack

      ty for protecting us from alexa

    73. Brayden Hale

      Wow these graphics look like real life

    74. Victoria

      Everytime I play this game I end up dying

    75. Nyxie The Wolfayfay

      Thank you for saving us all, Kevin

    76. KermyX

      kevin is now my god and i will club his bitlife friends for him. jokes aside, thanks for the amazing videos dude, have a lovely day!

    77. bartholomewfargo

      FMV = Full Motion Video, a term that is probably archaic by now, but it was originated back in the '90s with games like Phantasmagoria and Ripper.

    78. Hampus den riktige Johannson

      Ok so i started with you giving the keys of a car to a random lady, you going out to check a disturbance, being held up at gunpoint and forced to tie someone up, getting hit in the noggin with the butt of a gun, running away, being kidnapped again, taken back to the guys house, nearly killed by being shot, nearly being killed by a syringe, saying you want in on the heist and now youre getting 50% of a guys cut. Thats the entirw plot as far as ive watched and none of it makes sense

    79. Cyber Spinosaur

      Kevin's making all the bad Tchois

    80. dinky doodle

      FMV = Full Motion Video

    81. [Beyond]

      Jesus christ

    82. J J

      my mrs says thanks to alexa maybe your on to something save um

    83. A1mulla Jsav

      The car parks in imperial wharf I live there 😏

    84. chocoboasylum

      Wish the character had the option to look up cheaper bowls for them to buy on Amazon just like Kevin did, to try and get them to forget about the original 😂

    85. rahman530

      Lmao kevins table is falling apart but, feck that, this god damn bowl is more important

    86. Aries - Melody Nova

      The moment I heard the ladies accent, I knew she was European.

    87. Bryce FRIHA

      Kevin: * making terrible choices * Also Kevin: "why do I have a bad ending" 😂😂😂😂

    88. Bryce FRIHA

      6:12 Wait it's the BMW i8 is an electric car, how could it make an engine noise??

    89. MAshby1001

      Wtf is this story? Why is this car park attendant smacking an old man around for a bowl?

    90. Block G

      Surely this title is applicable to any video you make where you’re able to make choices.

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      There's another interactive game called The Complex. It's short and good.

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      15:40 You're Welcome

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      At this point Kevin has made so many questionable decisions that his furniture has started to reject him.

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