I Moved Back Home. (everything went wrong)

Dani Calleiro

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    I Moved Back Home. (everything went wrong)
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    1. Rae CassAt

      I’m in Missouri and the snow storm passed us we don’t have it anymore it’s sunny

    2. Rae CassAt

      we had to cancel my 20th birthday on march2nd :( the pass two years for my birthdays I’ve been in the hospital and now we can’t have my birthday this year. 🤦🏼‍♀️ we are movin it to the day I was suppose to be born so April2nd

    3. MythicalLizzy

      Emmyn reminds me of Gustavo from big time rush LOL

    4. Anna's randomness WhoCares

      It's weird even here in Germany people were preparing for power out and stuff and allegedly the weather forecast said circumstances like 1978/79 when the last snow catastrophe was but in the end it really was just Winter with a lil more snow we haven't seen in years. Meanwhile the South of the USA seemingly die get exactly what we were preparing for....

    5. Jessica Lehr

      It wasn’t rude. They are just being A holes and making fun of you for it, its probably the most childish thing. Immature of them.

    6. Maggie C

      “I feel like a newscaster in bad weather” 😂

    7. Kirstin Wulff

      So we could poop before we left 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. RealDream112

      5:20 Dani is turning into Emmyn

    9. Renabette Denise

      Having that fear of responsibility is really relatable. I'm 31 and about to get married soon and I still constantly think about how I'm not ready to be a "real adult".

      1. Renabette Denise

        @SarahMaxi&Co My fiance and I recently had a discussion about whether people ever feel like real adults or if they just live enough life to have more experiences. I still see myself being a big kid when I retire lol

      2. SarahMaxi&Co

        That never stops, I'm married, have to kids, own a house, rum my own business and I still don't know, if I'll ever know what being an adult means 😂

    10. MariRamirez

      Wow, Emmyn has lost weight! Great job 👏 looking good, dude!

    11. Marky Sual

      I miss the days dani was in the cimorelli, reminds me on ny childhood 7years ago, i hope i could get back to the past

    12. praise Shipena

      I'm actually shocked dani is cursing.😯

    13. Emily Morgan

      “Everything went wrong” is how us Texans feel about the storm :( personally, I didn’t have power for 4 days & no water for 2 days. I slept on the floor of my college campus. The transformer at my apt caught on fire. It’s just been the most wild week ever. And there’s so many who had it worse than me :(

      1. Dani Calleiro


    14. megan

      Why does Emmyn look a little like John Belushi 😲

    15. Brielle M.

      Are you cuban? You have a cuban last name 😊 im half cuban

    16. Hello Moto

      Amongst manly men he’s often looked at as a woman OMFG 😭

      1. t2

        Hahahaha ikr that made me laugh I feel bad lol

    17. Krissy Lee

      Have you already said what camera you used to film? Could you share again please, I love the quality! ❤️

    18. Denise Doodles

      Your dog is too cute! What is the breed?

    19. Maleana Khoury

      Love the way Emmyn looks at you at the end when you say “but we’re finally back home!” Welcome back to Tennessee!!

    20. KT F

      This was such a good vlog Daniii !!!!! All the extra cute edits/animations were amazing. Except I was def triggered by that alarm clock sound ommmgg hahahaha but so glad u made it home and wow props to Emmyn for driving for SIXTEEN HOURS that’s insane 🤯

    21. ElisesEden

      I’m always skeptical when a mechanic says you need some random part that’s hours away and cost extra $$$ they love scamming women.

    22. Sandra Bublíková

      WE LOVE YA!!! 🥺❤️✨💞

    23. Kim Basciano

      Glad you guys got home okay!

    24. Kim Basciano

      That air bnb was so nice! What town was that in?

      1. Kim Basciano

        @Dani Calleiro thanks dani!

      2. Dani Calleiro

        Flagstaff, AZ!

    25. Kathleen B

      omg Emmyn with the Titus reference im deaddddd 😂☠️

    26. Maddie Bell

      So funny to see her freaking out about a little patch of ice here in there, I drive through three inches of snow on a normal day to get where I need to go:)

    27. Sofia Engström

      i love your editing, dani!

    28. temidaraa

      What app shows road condition???

      1. Tara Jane

        Apple maps can do it a lot of the time

    29. Peo Ramabu

      Please do a cover to any of these prettymuch songs Blind, free or gone too long if you still do covers 🙏🏾🙏🏾😁

    30. kayla b.

      i thought emmyn looked completely fine at first... then he showed the birkens 😭🤚

    31. Little Leslie Kerr

      what camera do you use

    32. Rebecca

      I'm so excited to finally watch this

    33. Lani

      damn emmyns really cool for talking about his fears

    34. Laurine van der Linden

      I am living for this hair!

    35. william hall

      Wow, I was floored, Someone actually called a Wheel what it is~ a Wheel and not a Rim. Good Show - Well Done ~⛑️~

    36. Jenesis Navarro

      Why did this remind me of the Sharpay song from HSM? This is not what I want, THIS IS NOT WHAT I PLANNED & I just gotta saaAaay I DO NOT understAnd 😂 Okay time to watch the vlog now

    37. Isabela Campos

      Im attached to the Calleiro family after so many months, I got sad watching you guys leave 😭😂

    38. L M

      You look like carol burnett

    39. Kristin Cha

      Emmyn was giving me Dan Schneider vibes, but less creepy.

    40. Lizzie.

      Dani, can you talk about the equipment that you guys use to film?

    41. Hayley Webb

      Omg I loveee their relationship

    42. Haviva Schlecker

      no more cast for Emmyn?!

    43. Hannah Dengler

      Okay wait I have a GMC Terrain too and the front left tire always goes flat...

    44. Lauryn Inouye Ng

      I'm so late

    45. Maddy Velazquez

      Socal desert rat here, in the winter months it gets FREEZING due to the winds. The winter wind is intense and incredibly cold.

    46. Caitlyn Knight

      I freakin knew it. Video idea you should surprise your family.

    47. Andrea Nastri

      When will bloomscape collab with you on merch??

    48. Chyne Aliff

      Heyyyyy I live in Oklahoma city. Well....like 35 min from actual downtown OKC. But still. Hope you enjoyed the horrid snow and cold we had. Lol Omg in the clip I see you're in midwest city at that gas station. There's a restaurant called wholly guacamole behind you, that's a really good restaurant!! Lol

    49. Isabela Realpe

      yup deserts get cold at nighttime. I thought the same thing when I went to Las Vegas a few years ago haha. The mornings were so hot and at night I had so many blankets on

    50. L W

      you seem like so much fun to hang around dani! these vlogs make me feel like we’re besties and i love it

    51. wesochic

      yuppp car shops are sooo rude to women!

    52. Janela girl

      Fub fact, the desert is not hot, is just dry, which means that it tends to be either super hot or super cold. 😉

    53. Fraggel Rock

      Are y’all doing keto?

    54. JenzAr

      2:33 you sound like a mum telling her kid to do their homework 😂

    55. jciskingt

      I am tearing up about you missing everyone. :((((((

    56. No

      Dani: desert = hot Antarctica: *cries while holding the title of the largest desert*

      1. Ocean Waters

        Lol yes

    57. That Marshmallow

      Ayeee nice to know someone listens to Fiji Blue too 😂

    58. ItsMeBriLee

      glad you made it safely!

    59. No

      *me opening a map of the us to follow the journey along with the video*

      1. Dani Calleiro


    60. Hannah Nicole

      So good Norman isn't car sick, it would take us weeks to do this trip with our dog he doesn't like long trips!!!

    61. Sarah Yocute

      were those pupusas 😋

    62. fbcedta

      Even though travelling is super exhausting you guys did it..it always sounds like a great idea but I swear I forget how exhausting it is... congratulations! You made it

    63. Alec Weldon

      I’m confused.. wasn’t the last vlog in their home in Tennessee?

      1. Alec Weldon

        You’re totally fine!! I was like whoops.. am I missing something? Also, YOU RESPONDED TO ME💕

      2. Dani Calleiro

        hehe sorry it was out of order!


      So glad you guys got home safely, the weather has been so unpredictable and unsafe! Hope you guys settle back in well!!🥰

    65. Nicolás Barraza

      You need create a shirt saying: EEMMYYNN!!! Hahah. 😂

    66. Nicolás Barraza

      Could I get a Happy Birthday? 🙈

    67. Nicolás Barraza

      When´s your anniversary? ❤️

    68. Nicolás Barraza

      I love your content!!! Best channel on the world!!! ❤️

    69. Nicolás Barraza

      Could you tell me something in spanish? Pls. That would make me so happy. 😍

    70. Nicolás Barraza

      How many RTs for a video with Lauren? 😭

    71. Ava Aldridge

      I didn't know it could be cold in deserts either🤔

    72. Michelle Sunshinestar

      I live in Central OH, and it's been crazy the past few weeks.

    73. Lotus

      hiii from London

    74. Alessandra

      2:00 😂😂😂

    75. Nessa Mckay

      I just realized Emmyn looks like Jason Segel from HIMYM.

    76. TealSixString

      Little airBNB hack that might take your fancy: if it’s possible with your booking, you can change the dates of your stay to a couple months in the future, wait a week and then cancel the booking 👀 maybe a little morally sus so only use if you’re comfy, but can be a way to get a refund if you need it🤟🏻

    77. Skye

      Hey from Australia!! You’re awesome keep doing what ur doing

    78. Jerusha Moodley

      Dani vlogs helps me through my day 🥺

    79. Allison Price

      The winter storm shut the entire state of Texas down....the snow/ice is finally melting today lol ❄🧡😂. Love y'all guys glad y'all got home safe ❤

    80. Belle M.

      11:15 put your seatbelt on!!! Seatbelts save lives, please don't put your life at risk for something that can be prevented. Not hate, just don't want you to fly out of your car in case something happens!

      1. Belle M.

        @Five H they were still driving, but anyways I'm just saying it's better to be safe than sorry!

      2. Five H

        I think they were already parked at their house

    81. Amy McDonald

      Chicago got hit with a lot of snow within the past week with more still coming this weekend, it's mostly lake effect too so you can get like 2-3 inches of snow an hour. We probably have almost 2 feet of snow where I'm at, haven't seen this much since the blizzard we had 10 years ago. Hope you guys are staying safe!

    82. Jacob

      Dani is pregnant

      1. Dani Calleiro


    83. hobimysunshine

      7:20 I love how you organized everything so you could poop before you had to leave 😅 I mean PRIORITIES 💯

    84. alphabrenna

      Norman isn’t neutered!? Looooooordt.

    85. thepeople'slast

      South Texas here and I never thought I'd be grateful for it to be 40° out, the last few days felt like months 😩

    86. Gabriella Soto

      Totally random, but oh my god yay!! you're coming to Tennessee!! 😍 why did I just get so excited like I was going to meet you or something ...😂 but still that's cool to me because no one ever comes here

    87. Mack Fam

      i am a new subscriber and i love you and your channel and i love your hair color! :)

    88. T Cross

      Praying for you guys. Also texas you got this. Stay safe this weather is no joke. Hope you all get the resources you need

      1. Matt Kleminich

        It's over now, it's just a few days recovery and they are back to normal.

    89. Grace Vandervelde

      The fact that so many people say 4 to 8 inches is a lot of snow boggles my mind.. I’m in Canada though so I guess I’m just so used to seeing it and learned how to drive in it safely! So glad you two made it home safely!!💜💜

      1. Adam Moreira

        Depends on where you are. You're used to it in Canada!

    90. Meredith 1

      I’m impressed with Emmyns driving! I drive from Florida to New York every year and then back and I have a hard time going more than five hours without switching

    91. Maggie McCullough

      why is the sister just Emmyn's sister but the brothers are your brothers too hahaha

      1. takecare

        Lmaooo good point. Maybe the sister doesn’t like her as much hence the “thank god “ commentary 😂 but who knows

    92. Rachel Brochu

      Oh love your vlogs Dani, as always! hihi :)

    93. Lori Gillis

      Everything happens for a reason, I think you guys got back just in time to take care of your house! Glad you made it home safe!

    94. Matt Kleminich

      So sick of people's pessimism, yes what happened to texas was horrible but it's over now and recovery is already happening and within a few days they will be back to normal. Being optimistic is healthy but it seems like dani's cronies just wanna be negative like herself

    95. Ekaterina Vlasova

      0:39 vom.ind.in

    96. Karina Rodriguez

      hi!! what vlog camera do you use and what arne set up in your car do it doesn’t move/ shake while you’re driving!!? :)

    97. david mac

      I'm in Maine that would be across the Country.

    98. Miriam Höschele

      the transition to day 3 was a little mean, hey 😅😅. Right now it’s 9:30 pm in Germany and I was just minding my business watching your video, slowly getting super tired and then suddenly...thanks for waking me up again 😅

    99. The Retro Gaming Monkey

      Lol bet you guys wish y'all would had stayed a little longer in California and avoided the snowstorm huh glad you guys made it home safe anyways love the video Dani and as of today we got 7 more days if you know you know so lets goooo!!

    100. Raymah Egosi

      I love you Dani, you're such a beauty❤️