I read every book Namjoon (RM from BTS) has recommended and found my new favourite book 📚

Jack Edwards

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    by popular demand, i spent my week reading every book Namjoon (RM from BTS) has recommended and he has TASTE!!! also... please accept this video as my official application to join the BTS ARMY.
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    chapters + books mentioned:
    00:00 intro
    01:48 yesstyle [ad]
    2:22 the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams
    3:57 the stranger - albert camus
    5:20 the ones who walk away from omelas - ursula k. le guin
    7:23 spring day music video analysis
    10:08 kim jiyoung, born 1982 - cho nam joo
    11:05 me before you - jojo moyes
    12:17 metamorphosis - franz kafka
    13:17 demian - hermann hesse
    14:03 blood, sweat & tears music video analysis
    14:52 1984 - george orwell
    15:48 nature - ralph waldo emerson
    16:44 kafka on the shore - haruki murakami
    18:20 namjoon's taste in books
    19:22 outro
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    1. Jack Edwards

      A note on 'Me Before You' -- in this video, I focussed on Jojo Moyes' representation of sexual assault and her general writing style in the novel which is enjoyable to read. I should have also pointed out the ableist depiction of disability in this book, which suggests a disabled life is not worth living. This is, of course, untrue and unfair, and not an opinion I agree with, and I'm certain Namjoon does not condone ableism either. 'Me Before You' is just one narrative, but it's still damaging to depict a disabled person in this way since disabilities are rarely portrayed in books and on-screen. I chose not to discuss this in the video as it did not link to Namjoon or BTS (and to avoid making the video super long), but I realise in hindsight that I should've mentioned it in my review. I'm so, so sorry for not adding this sooner, but I hope this pinned comment helps add a bit more context. Hope this makes sense -- lots of love

      1. I'm an Addle-pate

        Welcome to the fandom 💜

      2. Twinkle Grace

        I second this narrative!

      3. R H

        @Charlie Ackles Castiel loves you 💜

      4. R H

        @Emilie Vayner yes that's how I saw it too. Or else it feels like a very defeatist attitude to have. But instead I tried to see this as his life and his will and I think it made sense to me. Or rather I made sense of it like that because I loved the book 😅

    2. kityy

      THESE are some good books when i was an army tae was my bias but nwo im more casual and i think joonie is

    3. Sharmi K

      Jack , I fully appreciate the effort you put in to making this, from actually putting in your time to read, to setting up to film and speak so concisely, articulately with humour , thank you!

    4. Yanina Corea

      I only want to address that I clicked on this video because of Namjoon, but I stayed because this is a great video from every point of view. Sorry, english is not my first language.

    5. Kakali Rabha

      when a person talk about something they like we can see the passion. Loved this video 💜

    6. Isabel c

      Gracias por el video, justo quería empezar a leer las recomendaciones de rm, ya se por donde empezar🥰

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      I love your intro sm

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      I literally got goosebumps when I first read The Ones Who Walks Away From Omelas

    9. Farjana Bantanized

      Thanks for making this video. Namjoon is perfect.

    10. angela choi

      i was watching bunch of book reviews to stack up my wish list and ran into this but omg... the description this dude gives makes me legit interested in every single book- most likely because of how he genuinely loves the books hehe. and i read kafka on the shore and hearing his description actually helped me figure out how to describe this book to someone lolll.

    11. Farjana Bantanized


    12. I'm an Addle-pate

      I only read George Orwell's Shooting The Elephant...I really appreciate it as a good one I read on 2021

    13. Guli Sutter

      I read Kafka on the Shore in school and absolutely loved it!!!!

    14. Rodoshee Sanjanaa

      This video is really amazing Thank you so much edward 💜

    15. cherrytiffilms

      i read 1984 not that long ago and it is lowkey scary- if i lived in that world i would definitely be killed by the thought police in the first chapter lol

    16. Anime Sprinklers

      Loved this vid so amazing and informative as a army it's dope

    17. Sadiya Wani

      I enjoyed this video. Your way of reviewing books is amazing 🙌

    18. It's just me

      Hey Jack why don't you become a theorist army

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      and that's why BTS's songs written by RM are perfect pieces of art.

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      You what would be perfect, if we have Joon’s voice for audiobooks. Woahhhh, wouldn’t stop hearing all day night 😍

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      petition for namjoon to open a goodread acc :>

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      now I wanna start reading lol

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    28. Consuelo Bruton

      RM was reading a book by David Hockney, am not sure but I think the title was “The Bigger Question(?)” or Conversation(?)... I would like to order this book but maybe would like to see a review from you before I do. Thsnks

    29. Julia Tosha

      Hello from Russia! 👋🏻 As an ARMY I highly enjoyed watching this video! First of all, it's a pleasure to watch and listen to such an open-minded, nice and joyful person! 😊 I really liked how you presented the theme and plot of a book - brief and to the point, and was happy to hear BTS references - that's very thoughtful of you to add them! Namjoon's recommendations are indeed interesting, I've already checked some before as well. 😊 Anyway, great job and hope to see more similar content from you! ✌🏻💜 (Would love for you to check out Suga's book recommendations, there is no much out there, but personally I've really enjoyed some and would love to hear your opinion and review on them!)

    30. BoraTae Forever - BTF

      luv your video ^^

    31. lau herro

      Im an english major in spain ,your video describes to the perfection each book. The book that made want to choose a literature related career was Demian ,I read it when the trailer of bs&t dropped back in 2016 I loved your video so much THANK YOUUU

    32. Yshii stans Talent

      This was recommended to me! I clicked out of curiosity, I love the video so much. I think you earned yourself another subscriber as I really want to start reading again. I stopped reading for awhile, I miss feeling at peace in my own world and learning new things. Thank you. For once I’m happy for this youtube recommendation. Books and Kim Namjoon? Hell yes.

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    34. Kashish Rawat

      no really, this vid was great

    35. jana Ahmed

      Also stray kids you have to check them out they are mind blowing coming from an army stay here :) u will LOVE them as well

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      Subscribed. Literature is the only thing I love on the same level as BTS, so subscribing is a no brainer :)

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      It’s so refreshing to have someone who finally extracts the sense out of their MVs, and not simply settles for the degree of aesthetic they put in. That was damn interesting and the hard work you put in this video is amazing. I am definitely going to read those books 📚 now and thank you so much for bringing out such great content !

    38. v v

      read all of his recommendation and almond - wonpyung sohn and human acts - han kang left a mark! i swear these books broke me!! you should check it out 10/10 i recommend

    39. Ingrid H

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      It's my first time learning about the Sewol Ferry incident; I am crying too much right now I can't take it.. T_T

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    43. Autostima

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    47. fey

      I’m so glad this came up on my recommendations, namjoon really does have that (T)aste✨ enjoyed every part of this and it’s official to say that so far my favorite between all of them are probably gonna be kafka on the shore & the ones who walk from omelas!! thanks for this again im soo soo intrigued the whole vid you deserve a big appreciation for all the research of the boys, i purple you 🥺💜 [gonna watch the Taylor Swift’s now 😌]

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      RM is basically not just an idol he is a role model in my eye's. He inspire me to be successful like seriously I know it's a weird thing to say, but he is a big influence in my life.

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    69. Louise L.

      Hey ! I'm also diving into BTS since last month and indeed, their conceptual insight is so interesting. I've read Siddhartha a long time ago but I'm puzzled about Damian, however now I feel like I should read it ! Thanks so much for the review :)

    70. Brugues H J

      Where do you got The ones who walk away from omelas?? I have been trying to buy it but it doesn't print anymore

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      you singlehandedly made people think about bts and their music just with 1 video. hands down to you also, i myself became a fan of bts bcz of their lyrics and the issues they talk about in their music. i am gonna read damien soon and i am sure i would like it. thanks for the review! 💜💜

    72. Michaela Rosková

      Im an ARMY for almost 8 months and I love BTS for their music, lyrics, for the effort they are putting into everything, for what they are spreading and for their love for ARMY. And I respect them as a people because they are just one of the most beautiful humans being I have ever seen. Thank you for doing this. Im also going to read namjoons book list because he has TASTE! i purple you!

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    76. Alia BenAbdallah

      This is probably the best way of a non fan could appreciate BTS's musicianship. People that appreciate the art that BTS brings, is more than welcome in the fandom 💜😉 Thank you so much for this video 🙏

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    96. hypothesised

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      i recommended reading the english translation of the korean book "Almond" i also just found out about it from namjoon and yoongi, tbh i don't usually read too much but this book kept me interested and i finished it and now it's one of my favorites :)))