I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER


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    Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
    also real personality reveal here
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    1. Davie504

      thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏

      1. Samuel Chng

      2. Antonio Ardito

        Sei un grande

      3. Pedro Xavier

        god 504

      4. fateh zaki

        Stay funky bro

      5. Erick Wilcox

        You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

    2. K4'Just'K.O

      ✨ normal ✨

    3. stuart rouse

      you have great content, and a likeable personality Davie.......and awesome talent on bass!

    4. Jake Harvey

      ERROR 504

    5. Grignion Galicia

      Because of you I bought my first bass after saving money for the whole year!



    7. Julia Stone

      Omg. This is a serious video??? I love you.

    8. Deen


    9. rupam chowdhury

      Davie what happened to violin chan

    10. Lemon Toast

      Anyone catch he always shifts his head to the left when he starts talking

    11. rupam chowdhury

      Davie I have a yt channel and I sing songs , dance and play the keyboard so do u know to to beat a copycat coz when I uploaded my first vid my bestie did her first vid the same I did the faded song cover so she did the same and she has more followers than me even though she copied Davie what should. I do coz I am just new in yt and I don't l don't know what to do in these kind of situation and my mom told me not to do like raps or anything coz she was my first best friend

    12. TideHax BS

      You uploaded this on feb 17th my birthday

    13. john paul marumas

      We never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna unsubscribe And UNLIKE YOUR VIDEOS

    14. Crash & Burn

      are you keith habersberger from the try guys? 😬

    15. JokeR's Movie Network

      Fantastic video. If you don't slap like, you're wrong.

    16. Damián "el Salsuero"

      It's pretty simple. Hate = Envy.

    17. roevskagg

      I haven't been following you for a very long time, just a few weeks, but dude... I feel you. It is very common to have doubts about oneself, and I can only imagine the pressure of millions of subs "relying" on you to make content every now and then. Not too long ago I took some woodworking classes. In my very low periods, all I did was compare to the ones who were objectively more skilled (ie. more experienced) than me, and that made me feel even worse. It's HARD man, it's very hard to always have a strong belief in oneself. But hey. You did get to 9M because you what you do, no one can take that away from you. Not even you. =) I do love the way you have videos ranging from BASS to SLAPPING to MORE BASS but also talking about what is essentially feelings, and mental health. This is something very necessary for all people out there, especially during what's going on with Covid. Take care Davie.

    18. Blackbox YT

      Since im not that good in english im gonna try Idea:Make a live music battle with your friends where the viewers will decide which topic you'll play

    19. Sava Gligorijević

      First I didn't like you, but watching this videoy mind changed.

    20. Just Dave

      Honestly it probably took some courage and a willingness to embrace a certain level of discomfort to be completely honest in this way and I really respect that. You make quality content and are an obviously talented musician and while I understand getting views is important I don't think it's something that necessarily accurately quantifies your validity as a person and a musician or even as a DEfastsr and I'm glad you acknowledged that any negativity usually reflects more on the person being negative than on yourself. I hope that if you try to do some different kinds of content that's outside of your norm and comfort zone in the future that you don't get discouraged from expanding your horizons or trying new things based solely on the view count and can still feel validated just based on doing what you feel passionate about and being genuine and sincere as a person.

    21. scon zilius

      hey man, you've made me laugh on numerous occasions and i thank you for your work and look forward to more posts in the future. p.s, I'm a guitarist 😝💋

    22. Bryan

    23. Sash YT

      9mil subs, now you can afford replacement ear pads for your headphones! Your current ones seem to be falling apart :)

    24. Matthew Wilson

      I'm still under 1k subs and post less often than I want and should, and I've had hateful comments. Most often, I just try to lightly troll the person back or I just agree with their points because sometimes they are right. In this instamce I just ask them to re-read the description where I preapologize for the quality. I try my best to warn people.

    25. Dannyel_05

      And ima part of it

    26. Imran Uddin

      This might not be your flashiest video, but I think it is your best video. We like the character you've created, but we all secretly know that we like the person who created that character even more. On to 10M!

    27. Brawl88 OSTY

      Scream reveal at 10 milion subs

    28. Retro

      Make gaming vidsss

    29. Evan Kok

      That is a good video. I am just wondering whether: 1. You will do some bass review? 2. Do you plan to have a new signature bass?

    30. Dennis Harris

      Idea: Going into public places *with owners consent* and making Bass slapping videos? Love the content, love you Davie504 and always excited to see your next video.

    31. Kevin Mateer

      Davie504 That was terrific to see you as your regular self. I'm sure it can be frustrating doing what you do all these years. But you realise that you Are having an amazing effect on the lives of millions of Bass players. I'm one of them. I now feel like I have a technique , finally ,you have thought me Slap Bass. I go through your tutorials each day. They were very hard. But I learner th slow the clip down and break down your playing. Finally I got it. Now I'm getting some speed. And it sounds great. I owe you a lot , my friend. And there are millions like me who think You are wonderful. So take heart, and Keep Slapping .from Kev from Australia, 64yo bass player

    32. Alex K

      This was wonderful.

    33. Albi dmc

      It is okay dude, we don't take the joke seriously. I've supported you like 3 or 4 years. And I see so much improvement of your content. Like you was in the moment when you just follow the trend and go up and down, until you make your own trend and even setting the trend of the bassist or other musical society. thanks for being you.... and RUN! Real davie will not let every hostages gone!!!

    34. Tamtemtom

      Respect bro

    35. Oliver Aldous-Jenkins

      I feel guilty now, I have so much respect for you after watching this

    36. Ligeia

      Non hai mai sbagliato, fidgghiu miu! Tu continua ad esprimerti. Non ti preoccupare dei numeri e della gente triste, sappi che comunque per tutti noi sei un grande!! Grazie per questo tuo momento vulnerabile. Honesto e rinfrescante. Bravo 😉 ~~ You never did anything wrong, love! You just keep being you. Don’t worry about the numbers and the sad people, you’re still the best!! Thanks for this vulnerable share. Honest and refreshing!

    37. Luc-Angelo Sean Nepomuceno

      though this comment is late and I haven't able to watch your videos lately, that's because I'm always on the road riding my bike and it's fun. Reason why others hate your content is because they want to be recognized as well and you're right, they have their own problems in life and happens to open YT and saw your uploads and quickly hit that dislike button, I am pretty sure they do that in all of other videos as well. It's normal to feel down, everybody knows that it's another way of self reconnecting in a more emotional way. It's not always happy, but we all carry on..

    38. B B

      Davie, it meant a whole lot for you to make a video like this! You've accomplished something that's so worth being proud of man. You're hilarious, but you've an inspiration at the same time. And apparently you have a big heart, even for people who spew hate about you. Best of luck going forward man, and give yourself some time to reflect on the journey and cherish the memories.

    39. 張峰瑞

      8:14 😢

    40. Skate Finatic


    41. Mr. President

      Davie is the GOAT. We love you bro.

    42. Robert Lopez

      I admire you a lot, man this is a beautiful video!

    43. Boba Joker

      Davie504 great video. I would like to thank you for all the videos. I have not played Bass in nearly 30 years and last year I bought myself a new Bass and Amp Thanks to you I have gotten back into playing and I am loving it again. Good luck on hitting 10 million subs and I can't wait to see that Diamond Play Button Bass.

    44. Not Jotaro

      Davie is definetly inspiring lots of future bass players and musicians

    45. Zack Serrott

      I was one of those people who commented on your clickbaity videos asking you to make better content. On one hand I feel guilty for potentially upsetting you, I don't know how difficult it is to keep an audience happy, especially as big as yours. So I'm sorry. On the other hand, I'm glad to see you've made a decision to refresh your content, and that you aren't staying complacent. So thank you. I will slap like on all your future videos as long as you stay funky.

    46. Nicholas Manojlovic

      Missed an opportunity to do the video in Italian

    47. boonchina

      I'm fromThailand and when I showed your clip to my friends, they thought it was boring....but at least I have another 8,999,999 think your clip is interesting!! Thank you 555

    48. mimiloinoodle

      Thank you for creating content that helps so many people smile and feel better. This video really resonated with me thanks for being so open and honest

    49. Teknics

      real talk though davie "i hope one day people find something that makes them happy so they don't waste their time complaining" ... "About my videos" LOL

    50. Sarah Sh

      Thanks a lot for your awsome videos man, your vids always amaze me and cheer me up😍😍👍👍 keep goin😍

    51. Thaldor

      What an awesome dude.

    52. Alexander Drobyazko

      Very great speech!

    53. Andrew Barney

      Mad respect for exposing your self like that. Every time I think your jokes are getting old, you'll say a joke that just has me rolling! Your going strong. P.S. I would love to see you go back to doing bass covers, or originals???

    54. Giwrgos Tsirikoudis

      Slapperino Basserino

    55. Séline Walters

      You know... life is full of that, ups and downs. I guess that's what makes it interesting and what gives us that feeling of satisfaction and happiness when we achieve a goal. Just as you said, the first time you got recognized it was surreal but with time you got used to it. What would life be if everything was handed to us on a golden plater? I'm in high school and my main stress is obviously school 😅, but Monday I did two tests and I know for a fact I won't get a good grade but today I got to test results back and they both were 20/20. Anyway, I basically wrote a chapter 😂

    56. BeDreaming2

      So honest and raw! Really refreshing to see a youtuber be so honest. Keep your head up! And if you feel like you ever need a break because of the pressure, take it! Your supporters will still be here when you come back.

    57. Mike Hunt

      Summa lumma dooma lumma you assuming I'm a human what I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman innovative and I'm made of rubber so that anything you say is ricochet

    58. Andrea Murzi


    59. Arcty XD

      I love how Davie effectively uses subs as a currency in unlocking amazing reveal contents. It gives viewers the belonging to the channel. I have my 6 accounts subscribed to your channel. Don't worry Davie, maybe some of your subscribers had become doctors, lawyers, politicians, military officials, firemen, engineers, onlyfans streamer and etc. already. They reached or rather we reached this point partly because of you. Majority of your subscribers become important people so being busy is normal. Whatever it is, even if your view count drops, your subscribers are ever legitimate.

    60. Ansin G

      Hey David can u check my bass vid pleaseee

    61. Ola L Martins

      It's just wonderful to see the person behind the persona and you describe it so well. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes trying to be creative and innovative all the time. I'm happy with the amazing content that you have produced so far.

    62. Peter Misovic

      thank you for all your videos! keep safe, thanks!

    63. Valerio Balistrieri

      those headphone paddles need a restore

    64. Sean Tucker

      Thank you, as always Davie you always make me smile you're s top bloke

    65. evstati penchev

      Dude, just slap it...

    66. delt

      At 10M subs: Reveals what he will reveal at 11M subs

    67. Dethfukker702

      I would like to see you play some death metal bass.

    68. That one guy named Quinky

      Davie is pewdiepie with bass...this will change my life.

    69. Hyu Ga

      Mi dispiace che hai dovuto spiegare il tuo personaggio. Davie sei l'orgoglio Italiano su YT. Ever Funny, ever clean and ever in-Meta. CheckMeta! 🖤

    70. WILLIAM- HDG

      Oi Davie, eu sou do Brasil, aqui eu conheço muitas pessoas que gostam muito de você, já apresentei você a vários amigos !!

    71. Mr Falck

      we are here for you and dont be scared of showing your true self we like you the way you are, we keep together and help eachother through bad times and we never give up.

    72. Dirk Peki

      Hi Davide, do you know WintergatanWednesday. Martin has similar struggles, and sometimes talkes about giving up the DEfasts "life". As he invented the so called cyberbass, you two has maybe something to talk about. At least for myself, it would be great to see you two making something together. Even some video like this were you talk about the DEfasts "life" would be very interesting. cheers

    73. Sam

      Thank you Davie504, disregard the haters, keep up the good work.

    74. AZIDone

      Man... Just keep playing bass... All the best!

    75. Andy Becker

      Your channel is one of my favourite ones on youtube and the only music related channel are regularly watch. I was absent and very irregularily checking YT the last months for personal reasons and I think I am not the only one. So I guess it's not your fault either that your views dropped, it's just that the times we're in are very unusual but we will all get over this and rise and shine! Keep doing what you are passionate about and keep slapping BASS

    76. Ryan Phillips


    77. Pedro Henrique Silva

      I love your videos davieeee (/^-^)/

    78. MrCloudancer

      Davie, remember that there's much more people who loves your videos than people who hates them. You're making smile a lot of us in these crazy times! Cheers, bro!

    79. FIRE_STRIKE 14

      Congrats On 9.000.000 Keep Up The Good Work!!

    80. Dejan Kostic

      as long as you can keep doing what you do best and earn a buck should be enough for yourself and your family. Don't forget to save money for rainy days because sooner or later they are coming... people after a while get bored of the same tricks, a personality/stuff that's just life and the way we are programmed nothing we can do about it.

    81. Allan Nowak

      Mami at grizzom blogspot linked to your channel. Where can I send you links to my buds videos on bass

    82. Ron Marquez

      You are awesome! Keep it up. Do you and don't worry about the haters!

    83. Franklin & Bell

      Hey 😁 Haters gonna hate. The hell with them. I love your videos and adore your bass playing. Bass is THE most important instrument (and I'm a keyboard player). Bass defines the groove and the root note, and therefore the harmonic structure. What's more important than that??? Would love to get you to play on one of my tracks one day. Keep doing what you do and just let your love of music guide you. All good musicians will always respond to a great player like yourself. Light and Peace 💖

    84. mother flerken

      Love you ಥ‿ಥ❤️

    85. Benr.y

      Do you ever listen to Mexican corridos? They literally slap the guitars hard as heck.


      this...hits home...

    87. lasors gopewpew

      Love you davie

    88. Christian Vaughn

      Davie!! I love your content, you're an amazing bassist and I've been hopping from video to video all over here and there on DEfasts. This is the first one I have liked for some reason (not epic) I'll change that from here on out. I hope you keep doing everything you love to do and you give me hope to continue doing what I enjoy.

    89. Fire Queen78

      I love your passion your music, humour, your commitment to the music community - in what can be a really hostile environment online, your dedication is impressive and your sheer talent, heart and honesty is, I think the reason why so many people love you. In a world of dull fakes your authenticity shines very bright. Music, unlike people never lies. Never abandons us, and keeps us pushing on. You are and always will be epico 😘

    90. syahreza arifin



      subscribed to your channel.

    92. Adam Serna

      "Behind every hate comment, there is a very sad person" truer words have never been spoken

    93. Mario Vescio

      Hey Davie 504! Saluti dell’Australia! 🇦🇺 ho sempre apprezzato il tuo sarcasmo e soprattutto il tuo Bass Playing. Lascia perdere il COVID e per favore continua a farmi ridere and Keep Slapping!!! Mario ;)

      1. Moliblacks

        Ciao saluti dall’Italia

    94. Agni Mohammad

      Man, you always make me smile with your videos...keep it up Bro...

    95. strugglerm P

      Hmmmm no omg in the end

    96. Chris

      Just play more bass like the impossible Deadmau5 baseline. You are very talented. Play more insane bass

    97. The Sour

      based icon 🙏

      1. Joe Guann

        bassed icon

    98. Aidan Guyett

      Davie I want to talk you. For starters my dad plays bass as well so when I watch you it’s like watching my dad play. Thanks for bringing apart of him to me. My dad isn’t dead he’s just hours away and I haven’t seen him in months

    99. TheFuzzyEnderGuy

      What language do you speak with your girlfriend?