If life was like one of those TERRIBLE mobile game ads (part 3)

Greg Renko

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    A gaming short about how life would be if it was one of those mobile game ads. This is the third entry in the series. By now we have all probably seen those ads for mobile games that are just very poorly made and not at all gameplay footage of the actual game😂. Those ads are just so terrible they are almost funny, so I decided to make a parody skit about them. In this part, the players try to open a door, but they all fail until the last player thinks outside the box.
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    Edited using blender video editing on my computer
    Music taken from the free audio library on youtube studio

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    1. Heloise Lima Bianck

      Trancado chave chave não Chaves pega o Chaves trancado

    2. 1Roflmao


    3. Jun Estrella


    4. ana veriga

      You have someny likes but how

    5. Fuzzy Shady

      The noob who opened it: *Wearing glasses doesnt make you smarter*

    6. Fuzzy Shady


    7. Suphasinee Chanthrasomboune

      So they can't read?

    8. gembotz_SJ

      I just learned that this was actually waste of time

    9. kocheng red


    10. Shania G

      Hahahahah same pressure

    11. dennis pilones

      thats awsome

    12. Snowynxx

      Lmao why does his voice sound like "Wandering Trader" ?? 😂😂

    13. Marie Kristin De castro

      Why is everyone like hmmm hmmm? Phmmm. Mmmm.

    14. Your Mom

      Aah yes *legally intelligent*

    15. Marck Capili


    16. Andra Surya

      Those 2 people playing free fire so they are don't know how to open door

    17. Md. Dani

      "there's four pain on ads" One:you can skipped this on 3 Two:you can skipped this on 15 Three:your vids can play after this ads Four *very pain*: your vids can play after this ads *loading for so long* Also me:ima punch this

    18. Alexander Benzon


    19. Ador Nalucthan

      To good

    20. Chocolate Boi

      Idiots in a nutshell be like

    21. Saffanah Asnawi


    22. Mary Ann Llurag

      The sound look like a viliger 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Dylan Hughlock

      I love it when it say #1 fan

    24. Andrés Ortega WoW

      Jajaja XD

    25. Jaslyn Kuek

      The sign clearly says push the peoe can't see it?

    26. Doggo Molo

      tru si miefrdesa

    27. XxLynnXlll•MoonxX

      Omg you should always trust a noob

    28. Taha Özgümüş

      İ like this this is cute

    29. AZEKE

      Никто Абсолютно никто Реклама ютуба

    30. Jess Yeo

      The last part when they bow down like a king Modal of le story: if you open a door, you will be treated like a king/queen UwU


      Can't he just open his mouth and speak? That's making me uncomfortable

    32. Тимирбулат Мулдашев


    33. Lamar Davis

      Man is saying ”hmm” better than a villeger

    34. Muhibur Rahman

      This is just..... Idk.... Just 🔥fire🔥

    35. 내본계정내놔


    36. Its_liz

      Nobody: My brother when we go to a restraunt and the door says pull:

    37. Lenny die Sooose 69


    38. Ram Vaish

      The noob became the master,always a classic,lol 😆 Great acting and superb content 🤣🤣

    39. ALEX SRB

      Lmao this is so true

    40. Alex Roy

      Spot on

    41. Quincy Fenber

      Sounds are on point

    42. Alessandro Dallari

      And this Is how mafia works

    43. Fahri Rahman


    44. JustScrolling

      When well this game come out, i cant wait to play it

    45. LordRoboter 20000

      The sound are like from villagers

    46. What's Up Everybody


    47. Arek Gaborek


    48. Vivek Chadha


    49. Vivek Chadha


    50. Muhammad Ammar

      Kelakar ada noob buka pintu tu buka dan noob jadi level 100

    51. Lola Lola

      Tui bt lý do á, do tại lever 1 thì sẽ đc chỉ dẫn, ng này cg học kĩ Công thức á❤️

    52. Cthulu

      hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm? Hmmmm!

    53. Nikolai Masuoka

      villegers: this is nothing to us

    54. Josef Emmanuel Dela Cruz

      my last 3 braincells opening the vault:

    55. Dark Knight Gaming

      Which is this game

    56. Farhan Qamar

      Lvl 140 =genius🤦‍♂️

    57. Jaemin Wolf132

      Dude: *Average IQ* Dude again: *cant even open a door that has a sign that says push*

      1. NOTCH

        Shut up gacha person

    58. Nurdaulet


    59. Natia Qarumashvili


    60. Meadow Boyer


    61. face red


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    65. Astro Playz


    66. Knight Lucas

      *Dowlands the game*

    67. notkylemyle myle

      Wow noobs take over

    68. Dark_ Z1

      Ajajajaa XDDDDDD

    69. Lê Quân

      This is suck

    70. Baw Saw


    71. Pão

      This is hack

    72. Stxzxr_BlixxtzerzenLol

      Door: *push* Average IQ: *pull* Legally intelligent: *pull* Noob: im about to break yalls career

    73. Shanti Shirsat

      It says PUSH... WHAT'S SO HARD IN THAT

    74. Haji Endis

      Bukan di tarik babanggggggg


      The way they were worshiping xD

    76. S'MOres :3

      Me: *opens many doors in my life* Well I guess I'm fucking Stephen Hawkings then

    77. Omayra Rodriguez

      Siente no lo que están hablando allá arriba pero no entiendo por qué están hablando con la boca con silenciada

    78. Skelly fingers

      The hms make my autism grow

    79. Advanced User

      That's the reason I don't accept IQ

    80. Swift Gamer

      The people that came up with theses type of adds should rethink their life choices

    81. Spinning Zero

      What if someone broke in and saw him filming this

    82. Hz Kak0iNikPostavit


    83. Julius Velez


    84. Andres Guerrero


    85. MaximosixXD

      0 % : violencia 0% : aburrido 0% : triste 100% : uhm uham

    86. Slasher GMG

      Average IQ guy: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Legally genius guy: hmmmmmmmmmmm noob: ez

    87. Ahmed Kalbani

      I'm soooooo cringed .

    88. cheese

      Hackers illegally intelligent.

    89. OGFLOWZ

      Nobody : *ads in youtube be like*

    90. Peter Thomas

      God damn it. Now do one of those pull the rings games

    91. UwU


    92. SHUMAILA Khan

      If some people is noob so his name noob but he is God 🙂♥️

    93. Russia

      carolina panthers fan i see

    94. Rigoberto Mendez

      Noobs are smart

    95. Matheus de matos souza


    96. Xiomara Villarreal


    97. raja ruikarai

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    98. IBNU PRO


    99. Max Payne

      Aha open the door.

    100. johan gwapo

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