If people lagged in real life. Part 10

Daniel LaBelle

2,3 Mio. aufrufe210

    Another episode to my lagging series showing how ridiculously inconvenient it would be if we lagged.
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    1. BI - Pegasus

      You are worst now a time

    2. Fuzo

      That's me playing warzone with 300+ ping

    3. Mateo Aleman

      He just put a snow shuvel in his house with snow for us and Prob get dislikes

    4. •Shaneru•

      0:45 I got anxiety because I thought the rubber band was going to break- 😭🤚

    5. Cicely Willis


    6. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    7. Jennifer El-Rasheedy

      He always does the bed one

    8. Bananaboy Bu!


    9. Natalia Di Girgenti

      OOF that guy needs to ruin his house. If I did that my parents would probs shout. LOL

    10. Arga Lah_

      Not lag but bug

    11. Zuri's Fun Review

      He just wanted to sleep

    12. Jusjus

      Me when the

    13. OUFF MAN

      I wanna see the lag where you’re half inside a wall

    14. TD Animate 2009

      This was posted on my birthday

    15. Éadaoin O'Malley

      I’ll be laughing hard to this stuff too

    16. ً

      L A G

    17. Aniket Maity

      Cyberpunk issues....

    18. XxCleverxX

      0:28 I am speed

    19. Ben Simmons

      Daniel be acting like my gta character

    20. dukeyw Duke


    21. Will Haring

      Only a real youtuberwould risk making a mess of snow in their house

    22. J3Z Productions

      I think that this broke the game...

    23. Sasha Braus


    24. Esvin Joshua

      A round of applause for the person to discover transparent N-99000 mask 0:48

    25. Basic Stupidity

      Half the time Daniel is like I'm gonna regret it later but hey it's content

    26. Murad Badwan

      I gagged. do a if DVD an

    27. Murad Badwan

      Shane hi s. Gg d

    28. Murad Badwan


    29. Onepunchman

      Ii dont think u are lagging ur ping is high

    30. Ewox YK

      Hepsi cok iyi ya

    31. harsh chauhan

      If he only lag while doing parkour

    32. Dr.Vidhya Bala

      I'm on a "if people lagged in real life" marathon😂😂😂

    33. Ruslan Butsenko

      Why are short videos are always legend.

    34. Potato the Furry OwO

      0:47 Anti-maskers when they don’t wanna wear a mask-

    35. Emma Lydon

      0:11 NOOOOO MY HOUSE!!!!

    36. Emma Lydon


    37. BoomSonicSuper

      Alternate title: If people teleported against their will

    38. Der tultumatior


    39. Nicolas Lawrence

      I think this video is filled with lag back and lag jump XD

    40. Victoria

      Good luck cleaning up

    41. WXLF WES

      Stolen vid ?

    42. Rin

      Imagine cleaning the snow after

    43. Salman Khan

      Mostly in pubg 😂

    44. Kartik Bhardwaj

      Part10 Huh! U can create a 10 or 15mins video But you created this in parts *I see that and i respect that*

    45. Anh Phuong Le Thi

      God:"How did you die?" Me:I watched one of Daniels videos and I died from laughter.

      1. Sapna Unni

        God might already know that.

    46. FgameCorp

      When the internet warning pops up in rocket league

    47. Anusara Ekanayaka

      Kid-i kida like my life

    48. Anusara Ekanayaka

      Mom - darling it's time to get a poop Me-ok mom is will just lag

    49. Pet Hedgehog

      but thats not lag

    50. Davz

      Bro he is not lag, he is teleporting👹

    51. Master Oogway

      "there are no accidents but lag"

    52. Suraj pratap singh

      When i play pubg in india using VPN

    53. beatloaf


    54. Bianca George Decu

      How is your house still looking that good? If i did what you did i m pretty sure my house would look like a hunted one If i drop one egg i feel like my whole house is ruined,how can you do this? Who cleans?

    55. Krishna Madaan

      Really think about what would happen with the other 'other' thing that happens during the night

    56. TCGamingHD

      Go fix your Wi-Fi

    57. Pryo

      the treadmill is the funniest one aahahah

    58. Heart Inspiration

      Omg your amazing at acting and making it so funny 🤣🤣

    59. Mitsuo Mits

      0:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Diwakar Chettri

      fck my life internet lagging inside internet

    61. Yashica Mylavarapu

      If people lagged in real life: Accidents galore

    62. Efi MonkeyBoy

      Don't you hate when your lagging

    63. Akshay Chavan

      what if people walked reversed ?



    65. VenyDorgas

      Humans in 2050 when they work with WiFi only

    66. A Random Potato

      Then my wife killed me... Next episode: How my husband died!

    67. star bunny

      So funny 🐱🐱🐱🦄🦄🐕‍🦺🦮🐩🐬🐬🐋🦈🐳🐟🐬🧁🍭🍭🍭😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🦮🐩🌽🌽🐈💖💲

    68. ZepTheDev ZepTheDev

      This video cracked me of

    69. Bob Phillips

      More like uncontrollable teleporting.

    70. Angry Player

      0:14 hehe u need to clean ur house now

    71. Damaris Sontay Figueroa

      If I saw my brother lagg, it would be like I live in a circus😅🤣😂

    72. Méganne Pierre-Dalcé

      Every time I watch your videos I laugh and it makes my day better 😁😁😁😁

    73. Toastbrot 123

      He is destroying his whole house 😢

    74. robloxplayer youtube

      Thats no lag thats random teleporting ngl

    75. DaBacon Boi

      I’m just gonna wheeze

    76. Katie Pearn

      Why are you sooooo funny 😂

    77. PulsatingDevil

      Reaction time = 0

    78. Sharun K


    79. SpyrosIN

      To be fair, it's not lagging.. it's more like glitching!

    80. hamin mohd

      If people lagged always made my day. Thank you.

    81. UnityBeing

      Lol laughing hard at 1am.

    82. BeyondTheHorizon - Imagine

      0 Ping lag-free 500 Ping big lag.

    83. Zakir khan Zafar khan

      He is really talented!! He is reason behind thousand smiles😍😍

    84. Karan Jaryal


    85. Sonox _HD


    86. Harshit Bagaria

      I want next part as If people used lagged for their benefits

    87. Steven S

      wait ur wife actually let you do this?

    88. Devin Arnette

      Stop with the mask propaganda

    89. N.Shangitarani devi Shangitarani devi

      Fake not legend

    90. Buğra Arslan Uğural

      Ping 999

    91. Indestructible Granster

      0:37 Wait a minute

    92. Indestructible Granster

      But that's called Teleportation

    93. TheLilMan2010

      This mans job has to be painful imagine how many cuts this takes how hard this could be and him hurting himself

    94. Apollo Hoffman

      Jeez man, you’re getting better and better!

    95. I love Tiko and my bwuders

      If people could live on 999 ping for 10 episodes.

    96. Kraken Blox

      Imagine his neighbours reaction

    97. Philip Griffin

      WHY TF IS MY INTERNET LAGGI- oh.... okay... that's cool i guess.

    98. Abdi Abdi


    99. vasil. zhaborovskiy

      Patagonia 👐🏻 I have same cap

    100. Kitten

      Know what this reminds me of? defasts.info/title/video/f8qrkrzPep_I0JY.html