IndyCar - Laguna Seca through my eyes

Romain Grosjean Official

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    That was a very cool day. Laguna Seca in an IndyCar! It is something pretty special, isn't it? 😍

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    1. Micro Soft


    2. Mike Lumbreras

      Well down Romain for your first race last weekend in INDYCAR. Keep pushing. 👍

    3. mbas0507

      slower than an F1 ? yes , but it feels absolutely more demanding

    4. Daniel Desmond

      Who’s here from F1 and only interested in Indy car because of Romain?

    5. Gigit Git

      Forza Campione!!!!

    6. Seiya Barbosa

      Really awesome! please do it in all tracks during the season!!!

    7. Grant Cook

      This looks about a billion times more fun than piloting an F1 car.



    9. Se83Ad

      Romain, what can you say about the car? Is it fun to drive. I know it's much slower than f1 but i thing racing in indy is awsom.

    10. Charles Snyder

      It amazes me how all the drivers leave the pits and just punch it. No warming up. No getting used to it, Grosjean just nails the throttle right out of the pits and off into a blind corner. Skills and guts.

    11. Olivier G

      Salut Romain, super de te voir limer ce circuit fantastique. Tu vas renforcer notre frenchie’s team en Indycar et je te souhaite de réussir dans cette série qui est faite pour un pilote aussi doué que toi.

    12. Laurent Mignot

      Je suis un fan de l'Indy et de La Nascar et j'ai la chance de pouvoir suivre ces deux championnats. Avec Simon et Sébastien tu vas t'amuser! Alors bienvenu et de tout cœur avec toi.

    13. aasm7

      i've been there before for track days great track

    14. AHPS 08

      Good look Gorsjean! Grand drive,onde in the bests . Good shine in the life.

    15. Alberto González

      WOW you didnt crash It, i'm surprised

    16. Maxi craft

      Now indycars later formula 1

    17. Chris Hartman

      Looks a fair bit different than it did from inside my 1964 Autodynamics Formula Vee, belting out about 58hp.

    18. Z

      Congrats Romain ! I am glad your not doing the ovals..They are just too dangerous and boring to watch.. I hope you have a very successful year and will be watching you from the corkscrew in September ! Stay safe !

    19. Mário P

      We don't even notice the glass. Good luck for the Indycar season Romain.

    20. robert phillips

      Romain, gr8 2 👀👀 what its like steering the office around. Indy cars from my limited knowledge r faster than an f1 car on an oval track. Am l on the $money with that statement? But not as quick on a normal style f1 track. How have u found the transition between the 2. Wouldn't mind 👀👀 Indy cars around Melbournes f1 track or Bathurst. Enjoy ur yr 2021

    21. michael horton

      Need.... Longer... Video.... Could watch for hours.

    22. Palanthis

      Thank you for sharing! Very cool. Sorry about Bahrain, glad you were okay.

    23. Wesley Vaughn

      What kind of gearboxes do these use? those shifts are comically smooth.....

      1. Charles Fitch

        XTRAC makes the gearboxes for Indycar

    24. RUFUS

      Sounds just like an f1 car so does it drive like one?

      1. RUFUS

        @FloosWorld oh cool

      2. FloosWorld

        No, not at all. IndyCar misses power steering and hence make it harder to drive

    25. aurelien

      Bonjour, C'est une vidéo très impressionnante et qui donne vraiment envie d'assister à ta saison. Longue vie à ta chaine. Tous mes vœux pour la continuation de ta carrière.

    26. Carlos R.C. Tapia Alvarado

      ¡Valeur, force, fortune et bon chance, Mr. Grosjean! Avec admiration et respect.

    27. Jonathan Thornton

      My favorite track in the world lol

    28. DaddyWhatchuCookin’

      Wish you all the best Romain, show ‘em what real, European speed is haha!

    29. DespizedICON

      you spin and smoke the tires again yet?

    30. Greg Keen

      That thing definitely looks crude, heavy, and simple when compared to an F1 car I'm just happy to see you back behind the wheel again!

    31. Daz30

      What is the hose for, that is being inserted into the tube to the right of the cockpit at the start of the video?

      1. SSTWELVE

        It's to pump air into the cockpit

    32. Drechsel Jérémy


    33. Terry Robinson

      That Corkscrew trying to snap his wrists. I was leaning my head with him through the turns. Good luck Romain.

    34. doan linh

      can it be to bring the steering wheel a bit lower? If i sat in the cockpit, i would need to lower the steering wheel because i have quite short arms and the angle is quite small.

    35. Tom Prudhon

      Allez Romain 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    36. Murder INC

      he does not fok smash my door

    37. Sony Dhadwal

      My second favorite track next to Mugello, gotta love that str8 stretch at the start/finish line.

    38. Christian Lakin Dick

      can we get this man his official tick please @youtube

    39. ThatOneNigeriansFomulaOneSon

      Indy is by far my favorote ope wheeler the work you have to donwith the wheel is bibilical

    40. Matteo Milanesi

      Please don’t crash

    41. Le Bagn ard

      The aeroscreen is just so much better than the halo.

    42. Francois-Xavier Brault

      Anyone knows what is the mechanic plug in at the end ? some kind of a hose ? Filling the water bottle lol ?

    43. Speck Racing

      Who needs three screen setups in simracing, two curved ones would be perfect with that halo. Great to see you racing GJ.

    44. 187ninjuh

      allez romain!

    45. Robb M

      Glad to see you back in race trim Romain!

    46. Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation

      love Laguna since the Gran tourismo on the playstation days, amazing to see it in this view

    47. Dean Dnn

      Funny how I still remember the route, the time of Gran Turismo2 PS1 kkkkk

    48. Arnold Noni

      Very cool Romain. I guess I will be watching IndyCar this year to follow your progression. Wish you the best.

    49. prateek gill

      All I wanted to see was how he'd go through the corkscrew chicane!

    50. youbob28

      Glad to see you back behind the wheel. Wishing you great success in your IndyCar career. Bonne chance!!

    51. Motorcycology

      That's awesome and thanks for sharing that lap with us Romain. We miss you in F1 (The NETFIX F1 - Drive to Survive is fantastic btw) and look forward to seeing you race in IndyCar. You will do great and know that you have a ton of fans in IndyCar as well. Great DEfasts post and we will see you out there.

    52. Daniel Lopez

      the pit entry looked really tricky bc you had to spin the wheel and fondle it for the pit limiter

    53. Janne Rautio


    54. JMC

      Cheering this guy on! What resilience!

    55. showtime951

      So glad you are recovering from that horrific accident in Bahrain, welcome aboard, my best to you and your family. Now let's talk business. Respectfully, any amateur sim-racer who had never seen Laguna Seca before in their life and spent 3 hours on a sim would have looked more at home than you did here. So I'm assuming you didn't spend at lest triple that on a 5-Star sim before practice day. You better, before every track you don't know. Learn them like the hallway from your bedroom to your kitchen, or the competition in INDYCAR is going to use you like a tampon. You are better than that, and good luck!

    56. FenderBender2

      Look up Alex Zanardi's pass on Bryan Herta at Laguna in 1997 insane

    57. lietkynes81

      Glad to see you back behind a wheel! Go for it Romain!

    58. Felipe Depintor

      Já pilotei muito aí ! A cornscrew é terrível sei de cór esse traçado!

    59. Adrián Ríos Francia

      Wow awesome point of view

    60. J

      The grip on corners is insane.

    61. PP CHR

      See you at September there

    62. Steve Gabbert

      Corkscrew be like: "WHEEEEEEEE!!!!"

    63. あわびミル貝

      Is this real? Or game screen?

    64. frank1823

      I was introduced to Laguna Seca in Gran Turismo on the Sony Playstation 1 in the late 1990s and have loved that track since. The difficult speed changes and the breathtaking elevation drops in the corkscrew are things of legend. I'd give my nuts to drive a few hot laps at Laguna Seca in real life.

    65. Tony Tadros

      I think you have the goodwill of every Formula 1 fan. Best of luck in the USA

    66. Ken Mascia

      That was so awesome! More of this please!

    67. Devast8r34

      I have done so many laps at laguna between grand trismo and forza

    68. Ana A

      Bonne chance, Romain!


      Go Romain. Cuidado em Indianápolis 500. Convida Emerson Fittipaldi para te ensinar como se faz.

      1. bundesautobahn7

        He won't race ovals this year.

    70. RK Endsley

      Nice video, but seriously a map of the track on the side of the cockpit! I'm assuming this was a mechanic joke, in case you "got lost" as to your location on the track. Maybe you got lost getting to the track? Good Luck this year.

    71. khawajadotd

      What kind of camera was this done with? It looks like it was actually inside the helmet

    72. Alex Johnston Johnston

      Best of luck this year Romain!!

    73. Ck

      How's formula 2 roman? Still like you tho

    74. Seth Streidl

      What visor cam are they using

    75. Mateusz Matuszczak

      Good luck Romain!

    76. f montes

      Good luck this season. Glad you get to experience racing against other drivers again. And while not nearly as quick as F1, this is the most competitive open-wheel racing series in the world. Instead of six drivers that can win, we have 20+.

    77. Graham Whittaker

      Well done, nice to see you back. Great circuit.

    78. Harley Gaddis

      So glad to have you coming to IndyCar.

    79. FNS

      2:11 hold up, adjusting ARB from the cockpit? That's crazy!

    80. Jec Kek

      Her: "My parents arent home" Me: Hangs up and watches Romain

      1. Noctis Lupi

        Romain before women.

    81. Marcus

      Good luck, real-life jean girard

    82. boski112

      I got a feeling that Indy has got a new super Star.

    83. Olivia Lambert

      I'll give it to the Americans, they certainly know how to market themselves better than the Europeans do.

      1. FloosWorld

        That's why F1's marketing improved in a customer friendly way since Liberty Media took over

    84. Mike Epps

      Turn 1 apex said hi 🤪

    85. Arthur Harris

      Thank you for sharing!! Good luck!! Stay safe and healthy!!

    86. Mandy B

      Looks like fun! Thank you for showing it from your perspective. I've seen it many times from cameras situated on MotoGP & Superbikes, and the corkscrew always makes me feel like I've left my stomach at the top - and that's just from the camera's POV! I've seen it from car cameras, but never from that perspective! Have a terrific season, enjoy those "old-fashioned" tracks along with the updated ones, and most of all, stay safe!

    87. Stéphane DileStouf

      Tout mes vœux de réussite 👊 🇫🇷, suis confiant 🏁

    88. ً

      Do you have trouble breathing due to high G force?

      1. racerdude7730

        he would be just fine. These cars pull less G force then a F1 car since the downforce level on the Indycar is much lower. Even an Indycar for most normal people not used to the G force it would prob push them to a point where it would effect their vision.

    89. André Poyart

      This is so amazing! Will you have it during the races?

    90. Kyle M

      Wish F1 cars were still this wild.

      1. Eric Pennington

        I wish Indycars were still as wild as 1992 Indycars!

      2. racerdude7730

        I think we all wish that. Maybe 2022 we will start to see the cars moving around a little more with the lose of downforce that they will have. I cant wait till Indycar car lets them get more HP out of these motors because that will make the cars even more of a monster to keep control of

    91. smokey potter

      I don't see any cup holders

    92. largol33t1

      Wow Mr. Grosjean, at 1:47, you slipped through the most feared part of the track like it was a lazy afternoon drive in Switzerland! I've seen winners of the race here crash at this exact place several times. It is like Eau Rouge. It LOOKS like a simple series of bends but the drastic drop in elevation always catches at least ONE person out during the race! Tragically, it has claimed a few lives. The last was Gonzalo Rodriguez, who died during the GP of Laguna Seca at Penske several years ago.

    93. ADHAiiN7

      Glad to see you on it again, super cool

    94. Eddie O'tool

      Well, about this sim… 1) Too much sun glare 2) Head shaking is exagerated 3) Curbs are too permissive, feels unrealistic 4) Car is way too stuck on the ground; should slide more. Not realistic. 5) Graphics engine is dated. 6) Sound is inaccurate; lacks both bass and highs. Overall 6/10. Only mildly better than Project Cars 3.

      1. Eddie O'tool

        @Wes Tipton I know. ;)

      2. Wes Tipton

        It is not a sim, it is a live camera. The camera goes where the head goes, so that is perfectly normal.

      3. Esther Okure


      4. boski112

        Hahaha, amazing view.

    95. Carpythesharky

      That's a pretty tight turn into the pits lol. Awesome video. Going through the corkscrew has got to be an incredible experience! I've always loved indy car racing - very fast and very raw. Plus it's in the US so us lonely F1 fans over here don't get so lonely :).


      Amazing man, impressive the small corrections in the middle of a corner, You are the Man!!

    97. Wonderdavy

      Nice! You can hardly tell there’s a screen there!

    98. Riq Riq

      I'm over here tilting my screen when he turns

    99. Andrew

      So much more steering wheel movement compared to the power steering in F1. Great to see.

    100. ecmoraes86

      I still remember each turn of this track thanks to the GT2 game :-)