Inside Apple's $5 Billion Headquarters

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    In 2017 construction on Apple’s new headquarters, called Apple Park, was finally completed. It took four years to build, and cost Apple over five billion dollars. That makes it one of the most expensive buildings on earth. And many people have wondered what exactly Apple got for their money. So in this video, we’re going to take a look inside Apple Park and discover the buildings and facilities that make the headquarters so special.

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    1. gixxxer1k

      meanwhile in the chinese child labor camps making apple products they dont even have a window. great job apple, so virtuous

    2. Mariola Kolanko

      This is a special pleace -" high level minds people"- amazing project. (,,Simply....") I mean- about ,,inside Apple's 5 $ billion headquarters" of course.

    3. Bret Morgan

      Hate to be nitpicky but figured I'd share my thoughts. I'm not a fan of the background music on this video. It's really depressing and sappy sounding and sort of distracts me from the content.

    4. Kurk Garro

      Now work from home

    5. Aaron Kirk

      How’s that working now with COVID-19 Ibet you everybody’s bringing their own lunch

    6. DAC Studios

      It’s so beautiful..

    7. Jj W

      Aliens: Now we know where to colonize first.

    8. Jj W

      Apple to App Developers: Thanks for the 30%

    9. Pete

      Working there seems like it would be like being back in high school. Just a prettier version

    10. Kevin Baird

      If one walks into a glass wall one should be washing buses not working at Apple.


      East germany

    12. sharfi shaikhi

      Love 💕 u Tim Cook

    13. Itay IL

      Imagine if there’s an earthquake, with all that glass you will be seriously injured at the best case, most likely die.

    14. Leo F

      The Janitor's are probably semi-rich

    15. Leo F

      This looks like a Secret Services Headquarters

    16. satyam Rathor

      Someone accidentally dropped android phone Ceo of apple: ohhh terrorist material !!

    17. Prefine Gt

      It’s sad out of all of this, only one spot is for public

    18. Phúc Nguyễn Phan Hoàng

      Oh it's so beautiful, you guys should make more 1000$ stand so that sheeps can buy and contribute money to yo new buildings 😉

    19. The Watcher

      Wow... Elon can build 20 of that using his own personal money... Just me in wonder 🤓😁😊😆

    20. Sharan T

      Should make a video on AirDrop.

    21. Yang Arif

      Im glad im using iPhone and i eat apple everyday

    22. Sammy Giotto

      apple doesn't deserve too much, but HUAWEI

    23. Souvik Mukherjee

      The only reason why I love watching all these Apple stuff is iMessage, LOL!

    24. Jesse Saltzgiver

      I love apple explained!

    25. Chumpkin

      Apple has seriously outdone themselves. And everything looks so premium.

    26. Desi music Records

      Hall of fame of apple 🍎

    27. A Sketch of Dartrix

      There is no Samsung in Ba Sing Se

    28. Crunchiest

      Just imagine a tornado going through that entire campus.

    29. Umeshwer


    30. Shehan Anjana

      I just love that!

    31. Pearl Swirl

      I want to work at Apple now just to work there everyday. Absolutely gorgeous.

    32. Thomas Hartlaub

      “Too perfect” those are just haters who are looking to criticize anything

    33. Uthman Baksh

      If I am ever in the SF/Cupertino area, I'm definitely going to pay a visit to Apple Park!

    34. Connor Burns

      This building would cost Elon Musk ~8.45% of his net worth.

    35. garrett

      Why does this feel so dystopian

    36. Tudor Todorescu

      windows traumtaized Jobs so deeply that he wanted to own them all

    37. gingery3k

      me imagino que los chinos explotados deben estar orgullosos

    38. Emmanuel Chacon

      WAIT!... the Apple "Underdogs" Ad theme about designing a round pizza box was real?!?!! 🙉

    39. J Lm

      Blah blah blah park nope 👎 all work no life property - this building probably will go down as Steve Job’s worst creation as time goes on. That tiny ass pond says it all where Steve’s priority was. The size of the water feature says a lot about the man and the company.

    40. Oblivious Trails


    41. Edmar Jean

      Its copy all 4 building next to Trump

    42. Edmar Jean

      Bro you look like a super thif its like building in the city but wast of money

    43. Edmar Jean

      Lol this stupid we why the fuck want go there it shit I thought I just park with pad lol or the city lol 😆

    44. Viper Gamer

      To the people saying its beautiful, I agree a thin space donut si pretty sick.

    45. Rahul vinal Narayan

      Some people can be so jealous. They are criticising the project for being too great. These haters are hopeless.

    46. Will Ketcher II- WTK Productions

      Can you do about apple’s future like after the smartphone like car or Apple glasses

    47. Hriteesh Gurbani

      why would you guys spent 5 billion dollars on a circle should have spent on a building way cooler

    48. TheLegendryZelda

      The headquarters looks a whole lot like the Magsafe it was probably a foreshadow of what was coming in the future

    49. Fed

      No charger is include in the new iPhone. Make them even more richer. I don't care about this building. I disappointed. Can't wait to see in the future, what's the new disappointment that comes in the box.


      Well you only need a job there, no house needed, seems like you can live there 😂

    51. Tien

      The office were i work has 1 vending machine and it’s broken

    52. Daan Made in Holland

      Apple be like you have a 30 minute break, but you have to walk 15 minutes.

    53. faustinoW

      Whole Apple is a Joke 👎👎👎

    54. Eryn D

      That’s way too cool!

    55. L Black

      If only the sweat shop workers making apple products could see this bet they’d approve

    56. Big Smoke

      they wanted to completely take down a historical building to make space Such an Apple move.

    57. RamsFan

      What do 12,000 employees do every day?

    58. Andy M.

      Id love to work there...

    59. Rahmat Hidayah

      And thats why apple don't shipping with charger, to build this shxt

    60. de132

      So indulgent and antithetical to my tastes, I'd hate working there to be honest.

    61. Drėåmś

      Hear me out. DO PEE IN A GLASS BATHROOM

    62. Lurima

      Imagine one of their workers pulls out an Android phone or a Microsoft Laptop.

      1. Darth Hideous

        nobody would care tbh . they have a choice . but would be weird if vice presidents or HOD used them

    63. Fanta7t

      This is the most Apple thing ever

    64. Michael G Redding

      Can you get good cell service with non apple products.?

    65. OMW2FYB

      The narrator speaks like he’s almost being sarcastic about some of these things lool

    66. emmgeevideo

      This was the former HP Cupertino site. I worked there in the late 80s and 90s. It had many of the same features - open courtyards, large theater, central employee restaurant. It was very square and linear. Everyone, including senior executives, worked in cubicles. When it was built, it incorporated many new design and workplace ideas that were novel at the time. As befit the HP corporate culture, it was much more modest in its materials than its Apple successor. I loved working there, especially having meetings outside in the large open courtyards. HP was a special company.

    67. Faiq

      Is was like: is this real?

    68. Becca Hargate

      Perfection is not a bad word.

    69. Aditya Deshmukh

      why does watching this feel illegal

    70. Matthew McCarty

      This really is beautiful... but all I keep thinking of is that episode of Silicon Valley where the birds keep flying into That billionaires window

    71. Henry Jones Jr.

      Friend: What city you work in? Me: Apple Park.

    72. Aditya Kumar Rout

      Apple used so much glass that Samsung ang Google were left with plastic for their flagship devices

    73. Jai Patel

      How they didn't call it the "apple core" is beyond me

    74. Hekuran Dalipi

      Ibuilding max pro

    75. sabkamaut

      5 billion dollars is too too cheap it's cheaper then 0.25% of apple's valuation. Hope u guys got the joke Stonks💹

    76. LRM N

      Hey just letting y’all know a user on TikTok is posting your videos. The user is @techworldyt_

    77. Issie wizzie

      I call the people that work here lucky bastard

    78. ghostsintheforum

      It looks like a soccer stadium about 35 years after an apocalypse.

    79. Leslie Williams

      Expensive building because we bought expensive gadget

    80. RobFuz

      This was great! You gained another sub :)

    81. TheMangoDeluxe

      David Muffleys hat tho

    82. usrGabriel

      I’m saying this as an Apple user myself: you gotta love that the Ring is a literal walled garden.

      1. Orange Toothpaste

        wow that's so symbolic do you think they did that on purpose?

    83. Henry Butler

      Just remember that there isn't suicide nets there but they are in the factory in China

    84. Utkarsh Vivek

      It was jobs’s project. Have been there. Its just magical

    85. PhantomStranger

      Not that impressive

    86. Edmund Yu

      Thanks for the information and showcasing apple HQ. Your insightful input have inspired us in the different design and layout.

    87. The Chosen Ones Podcast

      Bro you could live at work lol

    88. landl

      looks like a giant home button

    89. Fred Flintstone

      No one will miss this sacrificial center of ignorance.

    90. EmDoubleYouBee

      This sounds exactly like The Circle. Like, exactly.

    91. Aaron Nekrin

      Its sound more like they built a city fpr the apocalypse


      what does to perfectionist mean?

    93. Lyndon Michael

      1 Infinite Loop

    94. Sir Neko

      Dang. I gotta go there go get a hat now.

    95. Antphoneigh

      chump change for Apple.

    96. Cybervibe

      I absolutely loved this video and its style, great job :)

    97. Yashraj N Pai

      You guys see where apple wasted our money !!!!!which we wasted on their products.

    98. Zaid Eljelali

      I am fearing that day when Apple Park need a software update 🤦🏻‍♂️

    99. Ro Well



      If a building becomes architecture, then it is art. - Arne Jacobsen