Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 2]


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    1. Stefan de Jong

      TL:DW - Using accountants ands business majors at the top works for selling your product in the short term, but bites you in the ass because you stop innovating.

    2. Paul Cooper

      V.good. Would have liked you to expand on what their actual issues were with the sub 14nm process

    3. Jeffery Iin

      I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

      1. Lucy Vickery

        @Bennedita Alves That's definitely ignorance, they are good Markets to invest in and earn profits from your investment

      2. Bennedita Alves

        I was interested in investing in Forex and crypto but I was discouraged by friends and family, I was being ignorant though

      3. Blair Robinson

        No doubt crypto has earned me alot, you just gatto understand the market

      4. Lucy Vickery

        Forex and Crypto yields more profits with the favorable market rise

      5. Rebecca Daniel

        Crypto is the future

    4. John Wayne

      As an Intel employee for the last 10 years unfortunately the situation as I and my colleagues see much worse. Sold all of my Intel shares and stopped ESPP program.

    5. Neuro Philosophers

      If they’re not innovating and just mba’s trying to optimize their profit then all those mba’s will drive the company into the ground

    6. Vani L

      In terms of comeback, Intel must choose to be either "Apple" or "Nokia/Motorola/IBM"

    7. Lloyd Ellington

      Brilliant second part. I look forward to whatever's next.

    8. ali dawar


    9. Connar Comstock

      Intel's now in a hilarious situation where moving to 10nm isn't doable because they loose clocks and the chips are actually slower than 14nm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    10. AceBurn90

      I use the Ryzen 3 3900x and will continue to use it for many years to come. I hope AMD stays in first place for at least 50 years and becomes more and more prevalent in the desktop and server space. Please AMD, don't be the bad guy that was the good guy for years and over time turned into a Darth Vader like Intel.

    11. zly

      Really good video. Glad to see a shout out to AdoredTV - Jim has put out many excellent videos over the years.

    12. Silver

      I've been saying it for years.....suit and tie MBA CEOs are useless. If you don't have an engineer as CEO that knows how the product works your company is going to go to shit. Fucking bean counters and paper pushers ruin companies when left to lead them.

    13. Abanoub Shahid

      You know it is going to be informative when the title rhymes.

    14. Chirag Arora

      My prediction is Apple is going to take over the world with it's new chips.

    15. Prezla men

      USA must build manufacturing facility for chip making to stay on leading position

    16. Tenej Muzica

      Intel actually made x79 motherboard. Guess what. They simply decided to not add support for 4th gen ivy bridge-e cpus. Why? Cause why not lmaooo. Imagine buying a 300$ motherboard, that you cannot upgrade the cpu and basically not use the new pcie 3.0 at the time.

    17. AMD Ryzen Enthusiast Group

      Well done. Good work. I'm obviously a bit biased... Name might be a giveaway.

    18. Isak s

      I'm still on an intel based system, but it really shows its age. it is on the 32nm sandybridge architecture, (core 2500k). I built this computer back in 2011 and the 2500k was just insanely good at overclocking, mine is running at 4.8ghz which is almost 1.4ghz over the stock speed and 1.1ghz over boost speed and it really held on well for a very long time. i used a synthetic benchmark right after a friend bought an i5 6600k and we ran the same benchmark on his stock speed cpu and the result was surprising to say the least. my score was 668 and the 6600k got a score of 670, and that is not a big difference! and it is still rocking nearly 10 years after it was built and overclocked which have really surprised me cause it just never want to die.

    19. Arturo Escorcia

      Awesome video as always!

    20. Greatsaiyanman

      Moved to Ryzen when they first launched, retiring my 4770K... Havent looked back since!!!

    21. Andy Shorrock

      My 2 cents - AMD buys Intel in 2024 for its IP

    22. miinyoo

      Interesting is an understatement of how this will play out. A good dose of humble pie and rigorous scrutiny have been on the menu for a long time for Intel. It depends on how passionate they are to make great ground breaking products or simply make money. The former has a wide scope of outcomes whereas the latter only has one possible direction, down.

    23. Michael Zedalis

      I dont understand why Intel didn't buy ARM

    24. suraj singh

      Always enlightening!

    25. TAK Ism.

      as a computer tech. in the past year i did not want to use AMD CPU's as of the heat problem only, but now i would use it if i can afford it, and yes Intel is going to fail if not change.

    26. Vichar B.

      Interesting, as usual. Thanks.

    27. KentoCommenT

      Headline: Intel moving to TSMC Me before global shortages: Sounds like a decent plan to get back in the lead Me now: plz no. AMD's already fighting for fab space against itself! We can't add another massive company to the mix!

    28. Home-D-Vo Music

      Where have u been ahah

    29. kalbininkas

      After watching this all I can say is: ColdFusion didn't kill themselves.

    30. cm s

      outsourcing the chip production to taiwan or korea? then what will the us manufacture at all lmao

    31. Atom Tamadas

      You forgot "apple silicon" which already uses TSMC 5nm starting from late 2020 and it's a low power ARM chip which destroys intel CPUs in the same macbook builds while consuming much less power.

    32. nin6246

      Intel's anti-competitive behavior is inexcusable and part of the reason why I have absolutely no interest in buying their products for my next computer build.

    33. Saad Abbas

      So intel played volkswagen before volkswagen

    34. Joe Pusateri

      is intelligent the universe gemsssssss

    35. Don. Timeless

      The Power of the current Apple M1 is not fully revealed because most of apps & AAA games don't support it! Just wait for it to be supported to be amazed!! I wish the success only to Apple ARM chips because they deserve it. They will help us pulling us fromt he nvdia & intel greed swamp! Nvida, intel & windows producing slow advancement tech with compatability issues products for insane price. Nvidia & intel are the reason I hated my MacBook Pro & switch back to windows! I'm grateful to God to live & see this chip exist! This Apple M chips moments is actually as the moment as first iPhone released! I'm pretty sure not only me going to change to MacBook Pro later this year when MBP reveals the beast inside, most of the people are If the PC industry not going to cach the ARM PC version race!

    36. edwingenesys

      Like the VW of CPUs

    37. Joe Pusateri


      1. Joe Pusateri

        bet ya all die broke and cold hated

    38. Alice Fay

      Are you serious right now? Intel is now cheaper than AMD and despite being on 14nm, Their CPU's are competitive. I bought the i5 10400f and it beats the 3600 at a cheaper price.... The cheaper price being the reason i bought it. And it runs cooler. So that means that intel is using most of its power on performance rather than heat. You say that they have nothing to show for the amount of money they invest in R&D but they actually do. If thats what they can do on 14nm. Imagine what they will do on 7nm. Not to mention the fact that you only need so much CPU horsepower to run games. In the past the 1080ti was best suited to run with the 7700k. Now the cheapest CPU beats the 7700k. So for gaming, Any modern CPU will suffice. So spend the least amount of money and have fun.

    39. James Smith

      AMD are unreliable blue screen pieces of shit though.

      1. CNN News Salem Saberhagen

        the problem sits in front of the monitor

    40. Alastair Munro

      Was amazed how cool and quiet a recent AMD Ryzen laptop I bought was. Now I just want to buy AMD. I look at the HP site and they have hardly any AMD based laptops; what is going on? Maybe I need to start buying Huawei laptops if HP can't be bothered to keep up with the tech?

    41. Ali Houadef

      Good video. But, If I can provide some feedback, the script yo wrote should have been examined by an expert in the field, as I did notice few misconceptions, especially in the description of the process (photolithography).

    42. Appalling68

      This short series by ColdFusion is nothing less than stellar. Well researched and well done!

    43. lmablackbird

      i never thought intel was this dirty holy shit

    44. heldenkatze

      intel really squandered what they had.

    45. Karthikeyan A K

      Intel also killed OLPC (one laptop per child) and put progress of humanity back by decades.

    46. Josif Josevski

      The first DIESELGATE in consumer electronics

    47. Dario Benitez

      I'm watching this in my pc with a AMD Ryzen 5600X cpu 😎

    48. Loy71

      17:30 So Intel is basically Volkswagen

    49. My Reviews

      Now I know to never buy an Intel device ever again.

    50. DJ Hasici

      Oh, that's why Intel contacted me a few years ago out of blue and sent me a free 2in1 touch screen computer! It was a great gesture, but sadly that computer was a slow dud (now it is dead).

    51. 平和

      Absolutely brilliantly produced, this channel is amazing! ^^

    52. Untitled 1

      These videos are too important for the DEfasts Documentary era.

    53. Green Nights

      " ... darlings of the semi conductor industry" ?? All I could think of was the Daleks of Dr. Who, organic beings that became cyborgs. All trouble can be traced to the source of creation itself. Didn't have a good plan, this includes Earth. Creations, not good for the whole, as in someone just isn't smart enough to give a crap, never going to grow up and care.

    54. Zeta9465

      Qualcomm is my new Intel

    55. Daken-dono

      Intel spent the last several years resting on their haunches and trying to cripple the competition through bribes. AMD spent the same amount of time making better technology and now Intel can't even compete in terms of innovation.

    56. desi writer

      this should be taught in Business schools as a study "what happens when too many mba's take over the company".

    57. SchnuckySchuster

      Any similarity to Boeing?


      looks like you still milking this '' intel is doomed bs '' perthitic content. cant wait for part3

    59. Type Z

      how can we design our own chips LOL , there should be opensource 50 core 100 threads chip design and so that everyone can make it through tms or china JLPCB :D

    60. sprinter773

      I don't think they will come back to what they were any time soon. More and more big players will commission their own ARM based chips for the mass market. Enthusiasts will probably stick with AMD for now. I give it at least a decade before they recover from this, selling the manufacturing side off in the process to remain even remotely competitive.

    61. Gowtham kola

      Blaming the h1b employees for lack of innovation is not only xenophobic but completely wrong.

    62. Aiman Bryan

      Intel still dominates in WiFi, laptop displays, thunderbolt 4 and their OneApi is second to none. What they need is someone like Lisa Su. 😏

    63. UHAGAZE-KIREZI Constantin

      Thank you for the video. I was beginning to think that it is never going to be made.

    64. Dharam

      great content & research, i know you've one some mistakes while pronouncing the AMDs CPUs gen but that's understandable, i really love the amount of effort you put on these videos to make, so hats of to you & keep making these videos.❤️

    65. fabrice gemo

      I hope they go tits up. Given their dirty tactics you've mentioned here, I think they deserve it pretty damn well

    66. Victor David

      Intel's dirty games 👎

    67. TᕼᕮᗰᕮSSIᕼᗩ

      Great video. Love watching this channel's content. I knew Intel was engaged in shady practices for many years but I admit I had no idea of the scope or depth of their deceptive practices. Paying off almost every pc manufacturer, screwing with the benchmark software, and the worst in my opinion, disabling HALF of AMD cpu cores in head-to-head tests. The overclocked Intel cpu that requires an industrial freezer to run is probably the funniest and most groan-inducing of these stories.

    68. Erick Espinosa

      Intel would have been killed 5 years ago if they weren’t so damn good 20 years ago -sure, they suck now but it’s incredible how much they’ve managed to go through with old ass tech

    69. prashant dadmode

      May be they have been back stabbed by compilation also some CCP espionage is possibly

    70. Akash N

      Super superb...thanks so much!!!☺☺

    71. Kutis Pwet

      do they even teach Ohm's Law in an accounting subject in college?

    72. herve kalundu

      It needed an industrial freezer🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Carl Ewen-Lewis

      It says something about our system when Intel is able to cheat so brazenly without any major consequences.

    74. neoqueto

      It's so weird that Intel only now faces a bit of a resurgence in sales... because AMD processors are so good they're out of stock all over the world.

    75. RedHeadForester

      The link to your "collection of music used in my videos" sends me to a video which isn't available. I'm in the UK. Would really like to be able to have a listen!!

    76. Benji Ramadhan

      Finally another CF video!!

    77. LunarVVolf

      The public knew of Intel's dirty tactics but simply did not care. Its the same with Apple and its user base who choose to ignore the company's anti consumer practices and its association with Chinese companies that utilize unethical labor practices like child labor or forced to work as in the case of the Uighurs. People simply do not care how the products they love come into existence, only thing that matters to them is getting their hands on it.

    78. First Prototype

      Haw America killed Intel in the wor with Huawei and China 🇨🇳 it's like watching Nokia fall!

    79. Luka Koprivica

      Hit and miss article.... Producing in-house is the best way, it's fraud argument... How's Samsung doing everything?

    80. Leax flame

      And now I’m interested in a video on the history of AMD and/or Nvidia.

    81. Borat Sagdiyev

      This video didnt age long, 3NM Q4 2022 , laughing-stock you said? What an intellectual!

    82. RealityExplaining Official

      The stock value has been increasing over the years though, I just checked.

      1. ColdFusion

        Well unfortunately Intel buys back their own shares. They’re not the only ones, but still something to consider when thinking about value:

    83. Jun Kim

      ok. Please make a vid when 6 picometres arrive. Infact can you post each time any company makes 1 nm less? Thanks

    84. Wat

      Tech companies should be managed by engineers to continue to innovate, MBA's killed tech companies in the past

    85. Sidhanta Choudhury

      10nm for intel is different from 10nm of industry becuase there is no standard of definition for 10nm. How many transistor can fit there in 10nm

    86. Atul Sharma

      Thanks for bringing this video.

    87. Mirai

      Bye bye intel its time AMD

    88. Manoj Prajapati

      New Nokia

    89. Mike Lowrey

      If Intel had given their crappy schematic to AMD in the beginning AMD would not be number 1 now. #Karma

    90. Vineet rai

      I have used Athalon :) back in 2007.

    91. Aryeh Yehudah Ajzenberg

      Super sad to see what happens to innovative companies when money is more important than research and innovation !

    92. Nothing to see here

      Competition is good, monopoly is not. That being said i HOPE intel to stick around.

      1. Annoyedpanda

        agreed, in order to stop a new Monopoly from taking over.

    93. ejtm110

      Awesome series. Please do Nvidia, Linus (linux guy) hates it so much.

    94. Rami Kridly

      I never comment on videos, but your videos are top notch. Thanks!

    95. YouTube Life

      People say intel is losing but look at their bank account. They have billions.

    96. YouTube Life

      When a sales, legal, marketing or finance person is the ceo of a technology company you are in trouble.

    97. Hugo Joncour

      Now that I know this, I regret buying Intel over AMD :/

    98. Paul Ledra

      Very Informative video documentary as always...keep it up.

    99. Mohd Zaheer

      Thank you. KL. Malaysia

    100. KidKootenay

      I can't help but wonder how some content creators on DEfasts have over 10 Million subscribers even though the content they produce isn't worth watching. Meanwhile, ColdFusion produces such high quality work, such that a 30 minute film feels like 4 minutes, and yet has less than 3 Million subscribers. It just doesn't make sense.