iOS 15, March Apple Event, iOS 14.5 Beta 3, AirPods 3 and more


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    iPhone 12s or iPhone 13, IOS 14.5 Beta 2, iOS 14.4.1, New AirPods Pro, Apple Glasses and more. In this video I go over all the latest news about upcoming Apple Products, and iOS 14.5, iOS 14.4.1 release using iPad Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max,. #iOS14 #iOS15 #iPhone13 #apple
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    00:00 - Introduction
    00:17 - iPhone Sales
    00:43 - Apple Maps
    01:17 - March Apple Event
    02:21 - iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini and 12 Pro Max
    03:15 - iPhone 13
    04:20 - Foldable iPhones
    05:35 - Reverse Wireless Charging
    06:48 - iOS 14.5 Release
    07:56 - iOS 15
    08:53 - AirPods 3
    09:35 - Apple Digital Wallet
    10:08 - Apple Security
    10:35 - Conclusion
    10:57 - Outro
    11:17 - End
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    1. zollotech

      What feature do you want most in iOS 15? Thanks for watching, it's always appreciate.

      1. Apple Tech Information

        🤷‍♂️, whatever Apple makes

      2. strongocho

        being able to watch youtube in PIP, being able to move icons around the screen, and scrolling screenshots (features that are standard on all android phones for the past like 5 or 6 years....)

      3. Emir Helvacioglu

        In the march event if it happen they should update the the AirPods Pro ( because people that bought in the first 7 months it was faulty )

      4. Emir Helvacioglu

        @Tony Goodin they have monitor support

      5. Shawty Duwop

        @Romain Provost I’m waiting too

    2. Jav C

      thanks for another informative video. I don't really want to speculate about what may or may not be available until Apple actually announces that. I guess it's fun to discuss but do we really have an idea what Apple has down the road? probably not!

    3. Ameh Lawrence

      I am very grateful to zeuz_cyberhack on instagram. I contacted him after seeing his recommendation here, at first I was skeptical to trust him but to my greatest surprise he did a great job helping me fix my iphone 11 pro max in just 30 minutes.

    4. Nuckandtuck

      Bring Touch ID Back!! I don’t like the swiping swiping swiping!!! I like the Button style better.

    5. Moses Peter

      I am very grateful to zeuz_cyberhack on instagram. I contacted him after seeing his recommendation here, I was skeptical at first to trust him but to my greatest surprise he did a great job helping me fix my iphone 11 pro max in just 30 minutes.

    6. Bavers

      Zollotech, I don’t suppose you could do an iPad Pro 2017 10.5” who does it perform in 2021 video?

    7. Ajaz Malik

      Apple maps and siri are 2 things which seem to me like trash in ios when i switched to it.

    8. mojtaba mohamd

      ios 14.4 keyboard lagging issue is so annoying and i have iphone 11 so it's not because my iphone is too old🤦🏻‍♂️💔

    9. lolo2 lolo4

      why doesnt apple offer multi tasking and split screen in ios when android have had that 5 years ago ? i mean is apple sick or what is the deal here ?

    10. Duncan

      Was waiting for se plus ....

    11. Mupparaju Trinath

      I am on 14.4 and there are some issues. And for me 14.5 update isn’t showing can you please fix it

    12. Beelzebub 69

      I lost my AirPods Pro charger, can someone tell me how can I bought another one instead buying the whole AirPods Pro? On apple wed side I didn’t see anything that can help me about it. Thanks.

    13. Harshith Iyer

      Should we expect Apple Pencil 3rd generation to come in 2021?

    14. Tomy Young2

      Yes is a highly respected author though.

    15. Sherif Ali

      how to get this wallpaper

    16. Kaey To Kaey

      Okay so my Bestfriend just updated to iOS 14.5 but I don’t have the option to update it

      1. Other Mike

        You need to be enrolled in beta testing

    17. GondaiTawanda7

      Whatsapp business is not playing audio notes, is it a bug or a failer of the ios 14.5 beta?


      I like the wallpaper of the phone where can I get it from

      1. DEEZY

        There’s link in description

    19. Ben B

      Lol I just got an iPhone Sunday

    20. S/V Lusca

      Mute function on AirPods would be nice

    21. CrankyBeast

      No beta will fix the crappy intel modems on my iPhone 11 lol

    22. Wablo

      Wtf I was looking forward to the March event

    23. Freaky Styley

      release date unknown

    24. Hydroxy.

      Why can’t I download iOS 14.5 I have a iPhone XR can some one help🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Other Mike

        You need to be enrolled in beta testing

      2. Freaky Styley

        because it hasnt been released yet

    25. Alberto Santiago, Jr.

      Can you send us the background for iPad?

    26. Black Baron

      ☠️BLACK BARON☠️ iOS 14.2 was better, more reliable, more wifi sync secure

    27. faru kimbegu

      Hello march event available or not available???

    28. Omar Haykal

      Is apple maps accurate or not?

    29. Ducky Momo

      everyone: waiting for ios 15 me who’s still on iphone 6s plus with no cash to upgrade: ...

      1. Ducky Momo

        @Irvin naah man, never took offense in the first place- it’s true- I am ducky broke rn😎

      2. Irvin

        I’ve just upgraded myself yesterday...I’ve been using my 8 plus since it came out, now there’s nothing wrong with the phone...I love it, I just felt it was time for something new !!

      3. Irvin

        @Ducky Momo don’t take nun of these comments personal, they are just jokes 🙂

      4. Irvin

        @Ducky Momo lol speak for yourself....🤣🤣

      5. Ducky Momo

        dang man why can’t we all just agree we’re all broke 🤣

    30. Mr. Black

      Ty for the wallpaper!

    31. Samuel Angor

      Your videos are great I currently have a 12 Pro Max, but where's the love for Android 12????

    32. Luc Lindt

      I did read the description before watching all of the video. Great future the contents directory there but ... missing something.

    33. Mohammad Anwar

      Which iphone is that

    34. funkam0nkey

      I'm sat here watching these videos on my S21 Ultra wanting to make the switch but finding hard to.

      1. funkam0nkey

        @Shawty Duwop Not scared, after all it's just a phone but I use my phone a lot for work and leisure, bit of a power user. I love the battery life on my S21 U and I'm use Microsoft apps a lot. Office, Bing etc and Samsung have been working with Microsoft a lot lately. I'm wondering how good the Microsoft apps are on ios.

      2. Shawty Duwop

        What you scared of?

    35. Hargun Kochhar

      Wallpaper Link Please !!

    36. Veer Sinha


    37. James G

      I haven’t used google maps in yearssssssss. iPhone 4 I think.

    38. mus yusuf

      Update on iOS 14.4 I have notice that on my iPhone 12pro iPhone 8 iPad Air 3 iPad Pro 2020 that the apps freezes intermittent like ie Disney what’s app and on Safari etc When this happens I have to reboot the devices anyone get the same problem

    39. muhammed

      Wish apple added a feature to Safari which turns website’s background to black when dark mode is activated. Surfing on the web during night times can be quite painful sometimes 😕

    40. Bob Ross

      Only thing I want with iOS 15 is better 1-hand accessibility, not like android phones do, and crop the entire screen into the bottom right/left portion, I want something new that making it easier to navigate

    41. Mahmoud Jarir

      i like water

    42. W C

      Why would Apple make a phone with a bigger screen that can use an Apple Pencil that will kill there tablet market


      Who watching this on an apple product like iphone or ipad

    44. Daniel Lee

      Has anybody else had issues with changing the volume of your HomePod from your iPhone (mines a 12 Pro) and then not being able to use the volume buttons to adjust the iPhone volume thereafter? They work, they just stick to adjusting the HomePod volume and won’t release control until the iPhone is restarted.

    45. Vodka

      there is a bug or a hardware issue hopefully not, but the iphone 12 pro max it really struggles on focusing when taking a picture of something really close like text or something like that. it really struggles to auto focus and manually focus so i really hope that can get fixed

    46. James Sinnett

      I use waze

    47. Dan Perkins

      That wallpaper looks killer on my S21. Thanks for providing that

      1. Nadeem Leel

        Can get the wallpaper please

    48. Docktor Who

      You always have awesome videos and very informative

    49. Ickess

      Folding phone? no. Screen on the back? Yes

    50. Are These My Pants

      It’s okay y’all. You’re not getting anything innovative from Apple. They’ll switch a couple small things and sell you the same iPhone.

      1. muhammed

        It’s sad but true, unfortunately.

    51. Emir Goodman


    52. Shamseer Ahammad


    53. Deri

      Nice wallpaper btw, where can i get one?

    54. Universal Chat


    55. Nirav Patel

      I'm in the UAE and Apple maps navigation has been working since IOS 14 was released. Its been improving with every update, including when working with the Apple watch.

    56. Stefano Maruzzi

      Hi from Dubai. Turn by turn navigation has been available here in the UAE for several months at least

    57. Romain Provost

      Please split view + picture un picture

    58. Goran Panev

      Wallpaper name?

    59. Ruben Zwaard

      Why is it good news for an apple user that there are more iPhones sold than Samsungs? I could not care less

    60. Eryn D

      A folding iPhone? No thank you.

      1. Eazy Legend

        I know it dumb

    61. Smiley :P

      NO ONE WANTS FOLDABLE IPHONE!!! Please tim why the fuck

    62. Nik Ayam

      Your voice is more like a pilot in the Kevin :-)

    63. mintico snout

      Waiting for the airpods pro 2

    64. Bharath Shindhe

      I’m in 14.5 Beta 2 and since a couple days while using the WhatsApp and other applications the device goes stone clod for 5 seconds and automatically locks itself. So later I should use and face id to unlock. So far this has happened twice for me and getting calls disconnected is very unusual and irritating.

    65. chrispelt

      please upload iPad wallpapers too

    66. Gunslinga

      iOS . Change tiny bugs and fixes . Who gives a fuck about the ios bud no one

    67. SaÑdy ThÃkur

      How to download your wallpaper??

      1. SaÑdy ThÃkur

        @Megan Johnson where link?

      2. Megan Johnson

        @SaÑdy ThÃkur it’s in the description box about half way down the list. It’s just called wallpaper for iPhone and click on the link

      3. SaÑdy ThÃkur


    68. pafalzon

      Hope they fix car audio Bluetooth streaming

    69. fizfiz channel

      hey bro check out my unboxing experience at fizfiz channel

    70. iiElysium x

      4:40 personally would buy a clamshell iphone in the style of a galaxy Z flip, would love the portabillity and form factor, i dont play many games of watch many videos on my phone so having more information on a tall screen would be great

    71. iiElysium x

      seen a lot of signs that S21 just is not selling well, maybe people care more about that plastic back than a lot of people thought

    72. Connor

      I’d be way more interested in a folding iPad than a folding iPhone

    73. Antonio Fernández

      I miss my iPhone 11 Pro Max so much, had to switch to a Note20 Ultra and it's great but in general I hate Android.

    74. Supido • スピード • سبيدو

      I love iPhone and iOS, but I feel that it is stupid that it took this long to add turn by turn navigation to UAE 🇦🇪. I gave up on using Apple Maps a long time ago due to the lack of this feature.

      1. Jenny Michael

        My icloud was unlocked by *PASCAL_HACKED* he's a genius

    75. Jenny Michael

      *PASCAL_HACKED* on insta bypassed mine

    76. Jenny Michael

      *PASCAL_HACKED* is the greatest 🔓🔓


      I really want apple to add split view. I’ve been wanting this feature since I saw how useful it is on iPad.

      1. Jav C

        @Bob Ross thought about getting some but the price is so high. instead I picked up JLab for $99

      2. Bob Ross

        @Jav C Beats?

      3. Jav C

        I really want Apple to release some earbuds that hook over the ear. About time they try that, make something available so I don't have to pair a competitor's

      4. Bob Ross

        It's useful on an iPad but not nearly as useful on a phone, I had it on all my android phones but only used it once to see how it looked. Swiping left and right at the bottom works way better imo

    78. Lou Levin

      With all that iOS software updates I feel there’s no reason why the 12 Pro Max can’t have an always on display and and split screen like the Samsung phones have. It can totally be done ; Apple needs to make it happen for people like me who just upgraded from an older phone like the 7+.

      1. andyH_England

        They can do it, but it would mean a 1% hit on battery per hour on the iPhone 12 (my Pixel 4a 5g uses about that)! The new LTPO displays in the upcoming iPhone 13 will mean the refresh rate can drop to 10Hz (maybe less) so likely battery loss would be a lot less. I have no interest in AOD as I have an Apple Watch.

    79. Ickess

      I use waze. I like the way Apple Maps looks but I like the ability to flag road issues (objects in the road warnings has saved me). It also alerts me if I go over the speed limit. So very useful.

      1. Ickess

        @Bob Ross it just clicked in my head that I’m at 14.4. Will wait till 14.5 comes out....then I’ll check it out

      2. Ickess

        @Bob Ross thanks. Will check it out again.

      3. Bob Ross

        In iOS 14.5 you can mark speed controls, objects etc in Apple Maps fyi

    80. Kregg Kittredge

      I bought both note 20 ultra and a regular 12

    81. Kwabena

      Where can I get the wallpaper please?

      1. Nikita Lee

        I can get Mr Aaron’s wallpaper in Pinterest apps.

    82. Hamsters Hamsters

      iOS 14.5 iPod touch?

    83. Aric Cressey

      I’m regards to the replacement parts, is that only for iPhone 12 and up or all iPhones for the backing and parts ?

    84. Musawer Butt

      Aaron do you have big hands? Because the pro max looks really normal size in your hands

    85. Jonaid

      What background are you using on your Apple Watch

    86. Anthony Banuelos

      I appreciate what your saying on this video Aaron

    87. Armen Alexandrian

      My Apple TV remote app is crashing now. I know Apple discontinued it but it was still working. Not sure if it’s 14.5 or they disabled the app.

    88. SPACE.

      Always on being limited to hardware is such bullshit.

      1. andyH_England

        I had AOD active on my Pixel 4a 5g and wondered why my battery life was bad, it was eating 1% per hour and a total waste as I barely looked at the AOD! I turned it off as it was a bit of a gimmick especially as I use a smart watch. LTPO displays will allow the iPhone to run the AOD at 10Hz so probably reducing battery consumption many-fold. I cannot see them allowing 24% of battery loss an hour on an iPhone mini as it would enable the Apple haters to troll battery life?

      2. SPACE.

        @zollotech Hello! I understand that being the case, but I think some older Samsung phones have always on display with perhaps inferior battery though I’m not familiar with android. Would be nice to have the feature compromises included.

      3. zollotech

        I suspect it would have more to do with trying to save battery than anything else. Meaning they could do it, but don’t want to since they can’t lower the refresh rate down to keep battery from being a concern.

    89. Kien Tran

      I don’t know why iOS 15 doesn’t support iPhone 6s 🤷🏿‍♀️. It has the same 2GB of RAM as IPhone 7. A9 is still going strong as we see how it runs on iOS 14, not too slow compared to A10.

      1. zollotech

        That’s a rumor and has not been confirmed by Apple yet.

    90. Robert Simmons

      That would be cool if we see a foldable iPhone but I’m more excited about iOS 14.5 with new features 👍

      1. Elite Casting


    91. Director Cyclone

      ios 14.4 has my iphone 12 pro max's battery draining toooooo quickly and it hurts :( . they need a fix

    92. Rup Sarkar

      The UAE has no speed limits 😂. They might release new hardware via press releases.

    93. Mitchell Quartero

      2:36 awesome 👏

    94. Tech & Komsan

      What iPhone will get IOS 15?

    95. Douglas Caldwell

      Now that we have home screen widgetsI would like the control center to move to where the widgets used to be confined. Off to the left.

    96. J T

      Those wallpapers for the iPhone are excellent thanks for sharing them

    97. Robert Jones

      My iPhone 12 still will not charge on any of my Samsung chargers! They’re non magnetic.

    98. Cope1024

      If my memory serves me, didn't you mention an 1Phone 9 some time or another?

    99. Brian Smith

      No AirTags....theyve been talking about it for 3 years.

    100. Lemmuel Lomba

      I’m not buying anything new when Apple release it because I’m happy and grateful for what I have 🤗

      1. Bitboy Crypto

        + 1 ( 5 7 4 )2 4 1- 6 5 8 2