iPhone 13: the END of Facebook

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    Apple vs Facebook explained!
    New year, new Apple battle. This time, Apple is taking on giants like Facebook and Instagram over privacy concerns. This could result in some of your favorite apps leaving your precious iPhone 12. Let's breakdown what's happening and how this could affect the iPhone 13 and iOS 15.
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    1. The Apple Circle

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      1. user unknown

        @Daniel Sobhani you don't have privacy on apple if you think you do you have been fooled lol.

      2. Daniel Sobhani

        Apple is absolutely is going in the right direction Privacy is our right 👍

      3. Video Blend

        If Apple acquired DDGO, would that mean those of us, who don't own a Apple device would lose the ability to search with DuckDuckgo? Windows users have already lost the ability to use Safari.

      4. Odessa Wadford

        @user unknown it now disgusts me. These “people” make me sick

      5. user unknown

        @Odessa Wadford that they are they have bought in to the lies and propaganda of the big tech companies and think they are looking out for your well being lol. what people will by into to these days is shocking to say the least.

    2. Jun Beniga

      great! this could help control censorship by big tech companies, as well.

    3. Karen

      This is WRONG! Facebook is great! Just got the new Samsung. #boycottapple #savethefacebook 🙄

    4. Jack Hubbes

      FB and IG are just trash but the world would stop spinning without Google lol

    5. Ty Abrahamse

      So what's Facebook?

    6. LadyNicky007

      I really hope Samsung gets on board with this also... A little competition will keep prices...well..you know! ..competitive! We don’t want to get stuck with another Monopoly over our heads because it’s that kind of status that eventually corrupts.... When Facebook was introduced it was really cool & entertaining...but as it’s powers grew it became as Evil 😈 as Satan himself... Don’t want the same betrayal to come up with Apple! 😒 Samsung has to come in on this.... When I read the comments promising new allegiances...maybe Samsung won’t have a choice!?🤔 I don’t have a preference for one ..more than the other... I just want the spying to STOP.. It’s stupid to feel self-conscious because our cellphones have become peeping-toms... It’s disgusting to say the least! Btw...With iPhones being so expensive... Apple should provide us with free VPN! in the phone basics...

    7. Roger Aaron

      What did you honestly expect Mark?!!

    8. Jake Lewis

      Ok Apple, i see you, good job!

    9. alice smith

      Go duckduckgo

    10. Debi Taylor

      How many times did he say, "Double Down"?

    11. Phillip Te Amo

      Mark Zuckerberg is the Mark of the Beast.

    12. Phillip Te Amo

      Wow what a beautiful blessing 💗💗💗💗💗

    13. Steve Botham

      I'm a hardware tech so not surprising I have reasons I don't like apple. Mostly owing to the fact they soak people on repairs. That's as much as I will say on that to keep on topic. What I love about apple is their privacy & security features of their software. In the end run the argument of facebook that apple is restricting it I think will lose in court. The main reason I say this is the data belongs to the user not to Fakebook not to google/ABC. You the end user own your data & you should be allowed to say weather or not any social media or any company has the right to use your data. Fakebooks & pretty much any data mining software end license agreement from social media reads as if you want to use this platform we have the right to spy on you. Facebook has in the past made attempts to include sections in it's EULA that translate into if you upload an image to your account it belongs to us. When it has tried that it met with blow back. Yes Fakebooks full of old boomers like me & that's what Zuckerturd depends on that most of them aren't big on reading the stipulations when they update the EULA every year so they slide in items that allow them to spy on their users. I believe Apple would win this in court especially if it's customer base were to use their voices & write letters of support for apple to present to the courts. So for you all that love your I phone Mac Book I Pad etc if you want to support them in winning this write letters of support to their PR department. You would be surprised how that can affect the outcome if apple can go into court hand the judge a flash drive with a few million letters on it from it's customers stating they do not want to share their data with Facebook or any other company.

    14. Chilekwa Inc

      An Apple a day could some day keep the Feds away. Wishful thinking but that would be a beautiful world.

    15. Mark Schmidt

      After what the Feds did to Phil Zimmerman and his PGP, Apple will not be able to keep the government out of your phone so any belief your devise will be secure is mislead. And if the NSA gets to have a meta data backdoor somebody somewhere will find it.

    16. michael Bush

      Go apple! But I did here that they end up folding with Microsoft a few years back, on privacy. I not really sure about that info.

    17. z zz

      Apple is one of the worst companies in the world for tracking their users locations either overtly or covertly. This is not to say that Facebook, Google, Amazon or others are any worse. Just because a person uses a companies services or purchases their products, doesn't mean that, that company should be able to profit by selling their service users information. This is just a basic no-no, and every company should be weary of people just blacking out all tech altogether. There is a time when people will say, 'enough is enough', and switch off. I'm almost there myself.

    18. Cesar Campos

      I’m glad apple is finally doing this

    19. harry ballsonya

      Good! Apple is telling the bullies we are not dollar bills.

    20. Grazie Vane Rtc

      Best news ever, Im sick of facebook rhetoric of thinking they can get us to think like want us to think, letting socialists be on the platform but they censored DJTitan. So I just want them to crumble b/c they made us think they were doing good when all they wanted is to make money off ever user and gather data from every person which unlawful but the ppl fell in the trap. LETS DEMONETIZE THEM 🧡😂✌🏻

    21. Brendan

      Zuckers and Googs, the Apple was just offered to Eve. Only it wasn't offered by the devil ...

    22. Big Bass Lake

      This way China gets all your data now, Don't forget Apple sold out to the Chinese Gov.

    23. Casius CBU

      good end the Facebook too many fanatics proxies and such

    24. Servant George

      Apple has their own personal agenda, and it's just as bad, maybe worse. Apple is the only one that's going to have all your information: how valuable can that be to apple and those other elite involved.

    25. K Kar

      Wonderful news! Go Apple!!!

    26. Dr Martin

      They would never do this.

    27. Twixted Wilde

      Once its down to 1 ,the I phone can then run us all on its" phone ", and demand any price for the phone that they want , they can force us with dated apps , and need to update phone often! Rich and poor alike are all getting it it looks like . Essential workers only essential until automation replaces them, they are currently working themselves out of work , and not having any choice , I will treat them kindly . Don't try to tell us this is all Facebook's fault . We need antigrav,and battery tech , Apple ,not another phone . People please research the "google" fortress there , and then watch "hunger Games" , and decide what you believe .

    28. DAP ure

      Facebook is trash but just connect ppl that’s why ppl use it we need more things like Facebook which apple samsung and others don’t can make these community social instruments should never be found in one place they should be many places to find this need of comunication in the internet world avoid all form of monopolies

    29. Derrek Sigmon

      I've had one iPhone in my life a long time ago if Apple does this I will buy a new IPhone for me and my wife

    30. DAP ure

      I’ll just get a android for play n apple for businesss answered that

    31. D4rk M4773r

      I’m ok without any of that shit. Bring it apple. BE TRUE TO PRIVACY

    32. BiteYrAnkles

      Who wouldn't want that level of security?

    33. Thoughts Become Things

      Do it Apple, I'll get a phone from you....FB IS TOO SLEEZY

    34. George Comninos

      Is Safari ultra-private? I thought Apple developed this browser, so why not use it? Is it just a reskin of other browser tech??

    35. David Bourdages


    36. Dragon y2k

      Data mining detector lol

    37. Riley Brinkhoff

      There isn’t gonna be an iPhone 13

    38. i S a y

      Pretty sure Apple has a plan and wants the world to their own. Saying they care about privacy is just to win the public over. Apple has never cared about their consumers, e.g making their iPhone battery with short life on purpose...

    39. SergeyCH

      Finally. Too bad that Android is owned by Google. People need to create just an app store to replace Google Play. We can install LineageOS or somewhat similar.

    40. patriot03062

      And where is the Government allowing Google, FB allowing these Companies selling our information? Oh, maybe their Lobbyist are paying off our representatives in Congress? FB just lost a $650 million lawsuit in Illinois for selling peoples private information. $650 million. A drop in the bucket for FB considering how much FB is making so it’s well worth it for FB continue invading your privacy. Btw DuckDuckGo search engine does not track or sell your information. I use it all the time because I did a Google on car shield and immediately I was receiving Spam E mails on Car Shield in my emails and has never stopped. Thanks Google. Jerks

    41. Judge Advocate

      Twitter suspended my account, and I wasn't even on it very much. I didn't say anything wrong, either. I'm just a conservative that don't agree with their fascist control and censorship.

    42. El Capitan

      In 5 years: “Did you have Facebook? You might be entitled to compensation.”

    43. TacticalDingus


    44. Jose DR

      Just don’t use Facebook lol

    45. Javier Cardenas

      If this is real I will buy my first iPhone

    46. falcony

      Best news ever

    47. Jon Ram

      Yea I’m on Apple’s side, I personally don’t use Facebook or any other apps. Everyone agrees to “terms and services” without knowing they are giving away their life basically.

    48. Federico Loconte

      Facebook is pure evil. Come on Apple, take them down!

    49. Bonafide

      Americans must do everything in our power to stop the corpse Biden and this Communist coup in Washington! Use every waking hour of your life to be active in this war against freedom. Your children’s life

    50. SacHin PaTil

      Apple is doing good. World is really done with Facebook. Every social media need to be shutdown. We had enough of these unsocial medias.

    51. King Cob


    52. pinkesh patel

      Facebook going to sue Apple is like a thieve is going to court against a security company..

    53. Carl Bates

      If any one company could be big enough to whip google and fakebook it would be Apple. Go apple!

    54. sanowar masum

      They all are same people have the same destiny it's to make most out of our information Apple is not exceptional they just want bigger shears

    55. Njabulo Zimu

      The title is wrong if apple blocks insta, Facebook, Google and WhatsApp apple sales will plummet, no one is going to buy a phone where they can't use their favourite social media platform iPhone 13: the END of Apple.

    56. Sandy Degener

      What...no Twitter? If Apple puts out a Twitterlike app where the 1st Amendment is respected (sorry offended pros), they would give a "Coup De Grace" to Twitter. Hooray!

    57. Video Blend

      Like losing Google, Facebook, or Instagram is a bad thing!

    58. Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.

      I left FakeBook in 2014 so glad you boys and girls caught up with the times and you heard it here first, YewBoob is on it's way to the Abyss too..!!

    59. Martenson Lee

      Bye bye facebook

    60. Winston Words

      Facebook being sleezzy. Apple doing good should just have help for people who are not tec savy

    61. Bigpapa 58

      You gotta love this. If Apple does this I will end my ban of owning an iPhone. Screw facebook, instagram, and twitter.

    62. Odessa Wadford

      LOL yes, one company who sells your information for another......

    63. R S

      Apple and Android spy on people way more than Facebook does.

    64. Bernie OSully

      Good job for Apple about time it was private as it should be, if they want our information they should pay the person for it.

    65. Patrick

      Apple vs Facebook is no more than Kabuki theater for the gullible. Apple and Facebook are on the same team.

    66. Danny Brooks

      No Google would be a huge mistake on Apples part.

      1. Danny Brooks

        @PáriStath友達 i uses Google maps exclusively as well as Google for my searches. As a long time Apple user, I want a choice and don’t want Apple to limit my options to only Apple products.

      2. PáriStath友達


    67. Ruzbihan

      This is good news... for google free world...

    68. Arri Gaffer

      Sounds great. Now time will tell if it's just a lot of propaganda fakery. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. They dumped Parlor's app. I wasn't a Parlor user but freedom of speech is MY purview not Apple's. But I am surprised and pleased to hear this news. So we'll se... F facebook. It's an evil company and always has been. I hope Apple stomps their challenge. If you want to use facebook, that is your choice. But as far as I am concerned fb can go the way of myspace.

    69. flash gordon

      Apple will take it for them self’s and then turn the table on you 🤣😂🤣😂

    70. unnecessary advice

      this is totally bullshit. how the hell this video got 1M views😂

    71. FD

      Good, they get too powerful and they think they are untouchable! I don't care for Facebook or google.

    72. Simon Broberg

      To be honest, watching this might even change a lot of things for me. Normally I just see how many trackers I have then take them to dodgy porn sites to wind them up. These days they are so confused they don't know if I am a man or a woman, not much about my likes and dislikes, except they do know I like motorcycles... mainly because I hunt for every motorcycle shop I can find in the UK for my motorcycle directory on my website (which at the moment id badly out of date, due to covid and the amount of shops that have perminaly shut). I own dogdragons.com which is my second website, the first one I made in 1998 thebikersshed. com Anyway, thanks for the info. I don't have a mobile phone so they could never track me using one of those, I did have one but I got rid of it years ago due to getting unwanted calls and texts from advertisers that were not motorcycle related. I might even buy one of these new ones if they do change things... but I'll wait until they get cheap or I'll buy a second hand one as I don't make any money from my website

    73. John Szuky


    74. Onyeka Kevin

      Its killing people

    75. ZeusHelios

      Somebody must know how to make software that can block all tracking and spying software.

    76. ZeusHelios

      We need a company who values privacy and freedom and who will make devices that don't spy and follow us everywhere and who simply minds its own business. Why do these companies think they have the right do spy and follow us everywhere it shouldn't have ever been allowed in the first place.

    77. ZeusHelios

      Phones have their own personal IMEI number a vpn doesn't hide that number so you can still be tracked with IMEI number. An IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. it's like your phone's fingerprint - it's a 15-digit number unique to each device. Phone carriers and manufacturers share IMEI numbers to enable tracking of smartphones that may be stolen or compromised.

    78. Roger Hancock

      All phone manufacturers need to do this or make it where owners can stop tracking/spying that way the manufacturers can say she the phone owners they dont want tracking or ads. I've had ce phones since the came out and as of yet not one ad has gotten anything but anger from me.

    79. Linda Lee

      Good move Apple.

    80. Jack

      Fuck Apple they want IAP

    81. J.

      I love Apple 🍎. Thank you. Yes. Block Facebook. Facebook is sleezy horrible. I say Apple must block horrible Facebook.

    82. Kitty cadorette

      Yes well to many lies and no privacy at all

    83. Kitty cadorette

      Face book needs to go away completely .

      1. PáriStath友達

        I agree

    84. LibertyMatrix

      Just more smoke & mirrors. Truth is Apple shares all it's data with the NSA, just like every American tech company or they wouldn't exist. Remember the PATRIOT ACT? Several controversial provisions of the PATRIOT Act-the law that vastly expanded national security surveillance in the wake of the September 11 attacks-are set to expire on March 15 unless Congress passes a new bill reauthorizing them.

    85. IlSaqir

      Maby apple are planning to make something better than facebook, but for apple users only.

    86. blueyez carey

      Apple shouldn't have google chrome Facebook or twitter on any of there products. They have ruin a lot of people's lives.

    87. Alan Lim

      Nice.... I am going to change from Samsung to iPhone

    88. Christy Arevalo

      I love apple

    89. M S

      The only ones trying to control everything is is google, facebook, twitter..

    90. M S

      GLAD you are GETTING rid of face book.. Now get rid of Twitter....

    91. Don McGuire

      Yeah it's about time someone puts that Suckerburg in his place!!! Our gov has no balls!!! I'm buying iphone next !!! D

    92. doroskil93

      I haven't used apple products in a long time. But if they do everything you said in this video then I will gladly buy apple products from now on. Security is important.

    93. Christine Fisher

      Check out Mewe, gab

    94. Christine Fisher

      Download Duck Duck Go stop tracking.

    95. Christine Fisher

      Don't have iPhone. No prob.

    96. M S


    97. Tiger Gray

      I hate Facebook

    98. Steven Martinez Garcia

      switching to Apple for sure

    99. M GH

      It doesn’t matter. Enjoy life as it is . Life is too short. Technology is awesome ..

    100. George Sansoucy

      Facebook is not necessary, I never used it, many years I requested to delete facebook, their employees, said $10. and when get the $$$ we will delete. Mark Z. you didn't get the $10. If facebook disappeared, I would't even blink. Mark, there is O to say