is that a shark ??? #shorts #datrie


2 Mio. aufrufe523

    hey yo yallll
    posted a legit YT VID BEFORE THIS YAY!! im so proud of me.
    Might just film a cover :))))
    Luv u

    Am Vor Monat


    1. Mr Monkey

      Im ded

    2. SFchris x

      That’s a nurse shark they wait. For thereprey

    3. A-10 Warthog

      Yes its a damn shark

    4. Solo Revenge

      If you don't know that is shakkar cat

    5. potato Bri

      He’s not dead he’s sleeping Fish take cat naps from time to time

    6. Namjoon's unshaken hand

      Honestly I fūcking love directioners they're so cute and non toxic to armies

    7. Anesa Poljakovic

      I think that big fish is a catfish tbh

    8. •* Laila *•

      I believe that’s a pleco. We have one that looks just like it. His name’s Frank.

    9. Hanz Kranz

      So much intelligence, I can't take it anymore! #ToStupid

    10. just pigeon

      Nope I pretty sure baby shark lay on the floor to eat or something if you go to a aquarium you will see them lay there too

    11. Faikk Fiyaxx

      Thats a placo

    12. Faikk Fiyaxx

      Thats a placo

    13. Mou ta Ekanes molotof

      That fish cleans the water🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    14. I-C-E- K-I-N-G

      That shark got jumped

    15. HamsterHyper

      Tou can nothing about fishes

    16. Dilek D.


    17. EyTonyYouComeBack

      That's a black janitor fish and it's large 👁️👄👁️

    18. EyTonyYouComeBack

      That's a black janitor fish and it's huge bruh 👁️👄👁️

    19. the life of lemonplayz

      Its a lemon shark.

    20. Erin

      The definition of pick me girl

    21. yousef mostafa

      Get him and cook him and give it to your family and u don't eat it for it is poisonous and your family *diyes*

    22. Salma Khairunnisa

      Its.. not a shark

    23. Edward Timmy

      Bruh leave the shark be he’s vibing

    24. Morgan Jackson

      Spell check...(dead).... not ded. Ok sorry just had to.

    25. Scott Jardine

      I guess it’s safe to say that, she got catfished.

    26. Lorenzo Yazzi

      Nurse shark baby they always lay on the floor

    27. not wyatt

      Nurse shark

    28. CRAZY TAE


    29. WolfNinja Vids

      Nope! It is called a placostomus???? Idk how to spell it, but it is a cat-fish looking fish, that eats alge, and they get *HUGE* but they are harmless!!(we have about 6 of them in our huge fishtank)

    30. Amy Canady

      That's a sucker fish

    31. Kayla K

      All directioners coming across this video: PER - FECT

    32. Sean Nelson


    33. Jesus Rangel


    34. Theresa Lantz

      At 1st i was like LEROY the name sounds familiar but then ya know lelo and stich theres 1 made aftet that named leroy and stich

    35. Theresa Lantz

      Noooo that looks like a catfish not shark. Plus that dont look like where shark live

    36. Colton Creates

      General meme didn’t have to tell us everything about the shark or himself could’ve just said it isn’t dead and btw olny an idiot would think it’s dead

    37. Romana Murn

      Yes it is

    38. huzaifaa umair

      Thats actually a wiper fish it suck up stuff from a specific and stays ther dor a looooooonnnnggg time

    39. Distya Fihinna Gitrie

      Pretty sure thats not a shark I t h i n k I only learn off of animal jam and it has the exact same shape

    40. Varacas

      Gott wie kann man SO ungebildet sein....?

    41. Katrina Ana Faraon

      that fish is called janitor fish they only eat dirt

    42. Eric Jarrod Rubio

      That was our pet shark hank jm we lost him and we gave up on finding him but you found him!

    43. Jakada UwU

      Btw ITS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!

      1. Jakada UwU

        I seen heaps of those on my trip to an island near me and swam with them 😀

    44. Jakada UwU

      That's a shovel nose ray it's not a shark cuz sharks need to move to survive but a shovel nose ray can filter there gills and stay still hope that helps🙂

    45. Kevin Spencer

      It’s a pleco which is a type of fish that just sits there and eats algie and does look dead but isn’t

    46. Islapfish

      That catfish

    47. Angel Blond

      A A

    48. Bruh

      Her:Leroy Me: LEROYYYYYYYYY


      That's a pleco fish not a shark 🦈

    50. s.S ShrekFan

      Smoking won't affect my child The child : iS tHaT a ShARk??!!?!!?!

    51. GN Txnny

      That is a common pleco

    52. Kaneki

      Ffs tik toks stay in tik tok don’t spread ur shit here

    53. Beefy

      Her: is that a shark? Me: Catfish: **silence**

    54. Clhoe Zhendale Penaranda

      I think it's a sugpo not sure is it

    55. MonkeeBoy

      That looks like a bottom feeder.

    56. iKat Randomness

      Must be a janitor or a big fish

    57. White Fox

      Cat fish I thick

    58. Joshua Karan

      It's a pleco fish not shark

    59. P09micahboy

      Those taste good

    60. Jayda Builds

      It’s actually just a catfish. They’re like the janitors of the sea!☺️

    61. gamerz boy

      bruh its a sting Ray

    62. Larry Silvey

      My name is leroy

    63. Michael Gortmaker

      That is a shark, and chances are it’s a nurse shark or some type of reef shark because they are common and smaller so they fit is shallower water


      Poke it with a stick

    65. Tamara Jordan

      That's not a shark it's a cleaning fish they clean fish tanks bottoms of seafloors or lakes they're actually bottom feeders like snails but they're much more helpful

    66. Ava Gonzalez

      Us Directioners always find each other, I love our fandom y’all

      1. harry styles waternelon

        Fr love u too

    67. Woof!

      Oh look!! A resting human!! Is it dead?! Omg it's dead!!!!!!

    68. Ralphie

      Nursery shark not violent

    69. Iron Patriot

      It’s a fish with armor on it it eats any fish

    70. Panda Gaming

      That’s a stingray

    71. Colin Plays

      Its not dead nurse sharks are nocturnal XD

    72. Alexis Gray

      My inner directioner showing: Marcel: I want you to meet Leeroy he’s going to be your choreographer!

    73. Panda grl Pans all

      I think that’s a stingray?

    74. Y/N L/N


    75. Brian Thomas

      I think that’s a pleco/sucker fish but I don’t know any thing about fish so don’t trust me so much lol

      1. Brian Thomas

        Never mind Idk what that is

    76. No Touch Me

      *Fish Drowned* xD

    77. grif

      name the shark Dave

    78. imRenyJade

      If I remember from last year I think thats a janitor fish. I can tell its a janitor fish its because janitor fish sometimes move and always chillin on the floor of a pond.

    79. Samantha

      it looks like a catfish

    80. Safal Bhattarai

      I think it's a saltwater pleco

    81. zaid gaming 240

      That fish names sucker cat fish

    82. Insane Stang

      Not a shark.. algae eater. Cool huh? Sitting there, because it’s feeding on the algae 🤘😎

    83. Jocelyn .A

      No shark rest in peace shark😔😥

    84. Sahilpro2

      U cute

    85. Brenda Walsh

      I think it is some sort of pleco

    86. Dzenita urbeliene

      Not a shark

    87. Charlie Sacco

      That look like a cat

    88. Muhammad Zaki

      Your right is a shark but is a baby shark so he small

    89. Rex Powell

      No that es A summer fesh

    90. Alisha Lakatos

      He's waiting to strike for prey

    91. brandon azemi

      Thats actually not dead there's a fish that likes to stay on the bottom and not move and just basically chill

    92. Kashh Alynn

      That's the thing that sucks the algae

    93. Ayaat Hasan

      It’s not a shark

    94. Ayaat Hasan

      I had that fish at my house but it died and that fish rarely moves

    95. the nerd

      That I is a shark

    96. My Life You Watch

      That was a plecostamust

    97. GoalieMadi #7

      Why is her voice and her just so adorable and perfect 🥺🥺💛

    98. Jordan Sosebee

      Nurse shark

    99. Memes Central

      It’s a nurse shark good eating i

    100. jetles

      That is what see creatures do the just wait