Jennifer Lopez performs at Joe Biden's inauguration

CNBC Television

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    1. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    2. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    3. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    4. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    5. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    6. TeslaTerminater

      I'm never listening to this fake bytch ever again... Must be nice to make all that money off white people...Trader....

    7. 2-24-20

      Fake president Sleepy Joe

    8. Karianne P

      Damn fool

    9. RainbowStar🌈 MCEd

      She should’ve sung her hit song “booty”! It would’ve fit perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of the event. Quite disappointed she didn’t 😔

      1. Conservativesunite

        Lol .

    10. John JLover

      Iconic ❤️❤️

    11. Dawon Lott

      You go Jennifer

    12. Laura Swihart

      But what about god in this? JOHN 15:7

    13. Nina Lindström

      Her confidence is crazy. I mean most people would never take their singing outside the shower if they had her voice, but she just goes on and on... i don’t care how rich she is, I would be embarrassed to death if that was me singing and the inauguration. Most DEfasts singers have better voices than that

    14. E S


    15. no name needed

      Trash 🗑

    16. Larry Moore

      Who is paying for this? Oh yeah it is us the tax payers.

      1. alana knox

        @Larry Moore Also, in my original comment I was referencing Lopez herself, rather that the people who organised the celebration. My mistake.

      2. alana knox

        @Larry Moore Not necessarily. I imagine that those who organised the celebration were paid... By the sector of public relations (or something similar) in the democrat party. Also, you have completely ignored my previous point: that the celebrations were paid for by the democratic party. Don't let your political bias make you unreasonable.

      3. Larry Moore

        @alana knox Do you think that everyone who worked to provide services and goods for the celebration did it for charity? That is rich, go change your diaper kid.

      4. alana knox

        Um..... Someone gives off uninformed vibes. Do you really think she was paid? She did this as a celebration of Bidens election, not as a concert dummy.

    17. Sophie Ann Jensen

      Magnificent preforming,touching glorious voice❤️❤️❤️🤗

    18. pau

      She sang it so well

    19. Jose Cotolopez

      If democrats need Beyonce is to gather black votes; Jennifer is for Hispanic votes

      1. Jose Cotolopez

        @AliveNwell that makes two of us, biden is up to 50+ executive orders. Soon democrats will place kamala as President. God help us

      2. AliveNwell

        Welp, doesn't change my vote. Still don't like Biden.

    20. FUK Youtube

      Joe Biden's son is a crackhead.

    21. FUK Youtube

      The left are the party of hate a hypocrites.

    22. Baby girl

      This American land can't be for everybody come on why can't we make our own country's great again

    23. Chris2008

      Now we have a criminal in the White House. Very sad to see that this country is now a totalitarian communist country. Free speech? Gone!

    24. امیر قدمگاهی

      The lifting of sanctions in Iran makes the people of the world miserable.

    25. Ms. Xaadiya Prince's Chronicles

    26. zmzm kamal




    28. Yessenia Gutiérrez

      Jlo 🤗👏🙌

    29. charz pak

      Can u guess which country is equal to usa or better?

    30. charz pak

      Embarrassing California trash lol

    31. zinnia pervaiz

      What did she say in Spanish?

    32. Kelvin Hathcote

      I'm done with jlo

    33. Ayperi Cakı

      Aslıöztürk habertürk very dangerous

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      Demetözdemir is very dangerous

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    69. Maggie Capps

      She can’t sing

    70. Gary D

      Joe Biden is making America weak . And bringing harm to America and American people .

    71. Renia L

      HA HA HA !!! good one...WHO'S LAND Lady??? AND for WHOM ? And WHAT CONDITIONS ???

    72. j99tinks

      great job

    73. Khaled Rabah

      She’s off!

    74. Deja Davis

      She can sing me a bedtime story anytime


      How depressingly deep state phony ... Jlo what about the children???? ADRENACHROME


      What a joke !!!! People look like their at a funeral !!!!

    77. Junhwa Oh

      Well this is my take on this. Beyoncé has limitless vocal capability yet decide to lip-sync. J Lo may not have the best vocal, but she showed her courage and put her best foot forward. That’s true American spirit. With that said, kudos to you J Lo. Keep pushing

    78. Juliana Imholz

      I am half Colombian half Swiss myself, so no hate against latinos, but why on earth is she so orange? I love her and with 50 her body looks a million times better than mine with 31, but why does she have such an unhealthy/unnatural skin colour? Greetings from 🇨🇭

    79. Lisandra Fernandez

      i don't like

    80. FERUZA


    81. Arie Wilton

      3:00 the instrumental WOW

    82. enigma 9897


    83. ArielAprillia Rachmann

      Mr. World wide

    84. Xavier Lopes

      This transgender or baphomet is in a lot of trouble, she ate too many babies!

    85. Jojo Apple seed

      She needs to get a real career cus lip syncing ain’t it

    86. Virgie Poguian

      Good c

    87. K Wambui

      This must have been a statement for her to sing this song. America is a land for everyone. No walls 👀

      1. AliveNwell

        Pbly. It's the ppl who have never worked with immigration who don't know better. And I don't think they'll EVER frkn get it. Even while they see many of the criminals (no even exaggerating) killing around them. Opening borders to just anyone...there's a reason why they do deep background checks before letting them in. I have nothing against helping foreigners, giving them a chance at making a better life. But I _do_ have a pblm with letting cartel members claim asylum bcz they've now got a hit put on themselves. And don't take the M13 gang lightly either. What's more, ppl don't realize how many are caught on the daily. Everything Biden said during his debate was completely false. Starting with the "cages", his master, obama, was the person who founded it in fact. Can't tell you how much bs he caused just with homeland security alone.

    88. Willow Moon Wolf

      “This land was made for you and me, except for the NATIVES that the land was stolen from !!!” BS to the fullest extent !!!!! I don’t remember ANY INAUGURATION being a F’N concert !!!!! WTAF ?!?!

    89. Dennis Taft

      OBiden and all who helped him cheat America needs to rot in HELL. Yes I sad OBiden, Biden obama Get covid you ass.

    90. Blazinne

      like no offense to J-LO but like if they brought jungkook... WHEW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME...but he’s in Korea lol

    91. Dre Ford

      Good job Jenny!!

    92. dragonfly6908

      J Lo is wearing some very heavy makeup/fake tan, looks like it has been applied with a trowel.

    93. Sun Tzu

      Performs for all 100 people there 😂 😂 😂

    94. Sun Tzu

      The left 100% voted for the establishment they claim to hate 😂 irony at its finest 😂. Idiots.

    95. Wigner MN

      Did you just attack my village, mr President?

    96. Unknown User

      This made me remind "this hand is my hand, No this is your hand" By Joey on Friends

    97. TheMilk Trafficker

      Given how her sociopolitical intellect, if any, is as insignificant as her musical and directorial intellect, her performances would be much better and far more honest if she did them with the microphone up her ass.

    98. Dev

      It's so nice to see people hugging and kissing again, shaking hands, singing concerts for the crowd. Even if I can't go to my own family's funeral, it's nice to see these guys having a good time as a crowd during Covid.

    99. Brenda Groff

      She sounds good but singing for the wrong man!!

    100. Nemo

      That was .....terrible