Kim Kardashian’s Sisters Perform Choreographed Dance at Her EPIC 40th Birthday Bash

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    Kim Kardashian’s famous sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, threw the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star one seriously over-the-top 40th birthday celebration. But before they surprised her with the bash, the whole family, including her mom, Kris Jenner, and her brother, Rob Kardashian, looked back on some of the KKW Beauty founder’s most iconic moments. Of course, all the iconic birthday celebration moments were captured in front of the ‘KUWTW’ cameras.

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    1. The A.M Whippers

      Backflip and tap w TA.MA

    2. Claire Coomer

      Are we just going to ignore the fact she made one song. She couldn't watch! I couldn't watch it was so cringe...

    3. sydney luv

    4. sydney luv armyani arsiv

    5. matthew mann

      A lot more beautiful before the surgeries

    6. DoomStomper

      Kourtney with the best natural body!! Besides the boobs.

    7. Carol Baker

      Why do they think a woman's ass looks like this?

    8. kitty kat

      If being rich was everything, celebrities wouldn't be so screwed up like they are lol

    9. Marie Marie


    10. Danny Patel

      I can’t believe she’s 40 I thought she was 30 ?

    11. Janifer Amos Roberts

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    12. שימהע Mi

      Oh they got dress

    13. Maria Phorie


    14. Faith John

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    15. Jose Sebastian

      Yeah, Kylie is that worst at dancing.

    16. The Frontier Family

      All while people are suffering national wide with unemployed, house foreclosure, financial struggles, quality education just to name a few, because of covid....but just keep partying cuz your rich and don't have to worry about a thing 😑

    17. Diamond Martinez

      Very blessed to have the same bday same age as kim k ❤

    18. c man

      That producer when kim was signing turn his head like a confused dog 😅4:56

    19. Kimberly

      I’m extremely jealous of all these girls 😳🙄 but this is the BEST idea I’ve ever seen!!!!

    20. Nicole Marie 303

      Soooo... FAKE 🙌

    21. Ali Kaya

      Aserbaidschan I love you

    22. L A

      Wow extra teary eye 2:22 That was so sweet

    23. Simra Gulnawaz

      Okay this is just my opinion so don't gang up on me, I can't stand the kardashians, why are they famous for no reason?

    24. Lana

      I'm just staring trying to find the words to express the sickness in the pit of my stomach right now😞😤

    25. Indiana hauntedness With my cousins and more

      Who else thought she is in her twenties?

    26. Sophie B

      God this is in such bad taste. People are dying, losing jobs and their homes, COVID is getting worse and we can't leave our homes nevermind the country. No thanks. Please stop the rich.

    27. Heartless Woman

      She’s gonna be beautiful forever

    28. Legal ILEGAL

      Wait october whats her birthday?

    29. Voo Doo17

      Very tasteful. Thousands of Americans are dying of COVID every day. Hundreds of thousands cannot pay for their rent, lost their jobs, or have no chance to have Christmas in this year. This millionaire family socially insensitive - no wonder their show was cancelled. The flashy lifestyle doesn’t resonate with millions in the US being in need.

    30. Frieda Claxton

      Honestly I’m going to start playing the lottery weekly because that’s the only way I have a fighting chance of getting Kardashian money. 😭

    31. Jazel Jones

      Omg she is 40 she looks 25 I’m shook.

    32. SuperNovaGirl90

      You mean the Kardashians aka the group of family famous for being famous, can't sing, can't act but now we find out they can't even dance; how surprising!🙄

    33. nabarupa chatterjee

      They have a dog 🐶 💕

    34. Rambo etf


    35. Blandina Mnyinga

      Kim was naturally beautiful, beautiful frm her mom's WOMB"fac fact"

    36. afrikan Savage

      Oh to be rich!! I can only dream 😂

    37. Patricia Deveaux

      Happy birthday Kim you're so pretty I love all y'all and I hope you live to see many more tell your sisters especially your mother Patricia said hi and your beautiful children and tell your husband I said hi and I hope to meet you all one day love you all

    38. Nathalie Dufour

      Totally decadent 😊

    39. Jade C

      1:39.. the most beautiful and naturel of all the kardashians!

    40. lamika jones

      Her hustle is everythinggg

    41. Jamshid Rahimi

      Can we just appreciate how good she looks for her age.

    42. Cooee Chris

      What a bunch of spoilt brats... couldnt watch it, too sick

    43. Mary Ann Bagro

      Iloveyou keep happy birthday

    44. MONIK K_K

      Did you know ?

    45. famous brillance

      Heez cussing really makes woman unattractive. I know they do not care what I think and obviously neither do their fans.

    46. Teko Tronella

      Kim Kardashian has a song😂

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    48. Marian M Howard

      These people need COVID IN THERE LIVES, SAD

    49. K Watson

      You can’t culturally appropriate rhythm....

    50. stay gold

      I'm not their fan but I love the fact that they are so family type people I sometimes feel that they dont even need friends

    51. Yekaterina Nersesyan

      I love Kardashians ❤️

    52. Bobbi Tasha

      Your ma favourite super hero kim bobbi tashabrill

    53. Bobbi Tasha

      Kim its bobbi tashabrill am your favourite on facebook

    54. Bobbi Tasha

      Kim i wanna tell you you are a super star

    55. Amy Powell

      How about I cried when I hurd her dad talking. Love the memory's they have

    56. tina ballerina

      they're celebrating so many things like every second day is a party for them:-)

    57. holiday 2406

      Well, they had to do SOMETHING to keep them in the MEDIA.....It's amazingly AWESOME to go to the store now and pick up a magazine and you don't have this Sex Tape Star and her ridiculous family plastered all over the covers of the magazines!!! ********************************************************************************************* Hopefully by 2025 people will start saying "Who The FUCK is Kim Kardashian?" That would make my DAY. ********************************************************************************************* Christ, the attitude of these people. We have families all OVER THE FUCKIG USA/WORLD out of work, no food, no way to pay their rent, and they purchase Kim's FIRST car to re-gift to her? ********************************************************************************************* I'm sorry, but I'd have a lot more RESPECT for this shitty family IF they took all the money they spent on this 40th B-day bash and donated 1/50th to each US state to help those TRULY in need. People this is sick.....REALLY sick and UNCALLED for during this time, during a Pandemic. *********************************************************************************************

    58. Denisse Vargas

      Y’all forgot the best part her Dads hologram

    59. Slay Network

      yeah right like Kim didn't know there was a party

    60. Maryyum Nasr

      the narrator is so annoying

    61. M C

      I’m not a fan of the Kardashians. Clearly a Mom who’s willing to expose her whole family for a paycheck will get you many lavish things. I’ve got to give it to Kris, she played her cards right, sold out her “managing” her family for makeup companies and modeling gigs. And the public is fascinated by the lifestyle they grew into, the parties and vacations and oh so many new body parts! We are the gullible public who fell for a unique idea(the OG KUWK) that made them who they are and now we are willing to pay $50 for an eyeshadow pallet cuz it says Kylie or overpriced shape wear the Kim “designed”. Lord help us!!!

    62. Susan Long


    63. regina fung

      thotiana blueface

    64. Jesica Van Aertselaere

      So match botox or plastic surgery. The hole family. But not kendall.she is nature

    65. home sick

      dang she’s older than my parents-

    66. Blue. Moon

      Who else noticed Kim’s no booty in those plaid shorts in that throwback clip 😂

    67. Elizabeth Guzman

      Fake people

    68. Fantastic Croissant

      Kylie as always asks like a brat while Kourtney is just standing awkwardly haha

    69. Shayvideos1

      Shit!!!! Lol

    70. Amerie's World

      I live in Lynchburg an I have. Right to vote lol I'm a kid

    71. Candice Walker

      Famous? 🙄

    72. char xoxo

      3:32 omfg I thought Jonathan was Bruce for a sec then I remembered it's not Brucette 😆

    73. Mary jane James

      The fakestttt fam ever, only kendall and kourtney are real humans🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. ReviewRanger

      This life is so hard for so many of us that it makes me happy to see that at least some people get to enjoy it and live to the fullest before the curtains fall !!! They deserve it! 🥰

    75. Merkabah


    76. Caroline's Here

      Who fkn cares?!? There has to be better news than this. Sick of constantly seeing these people in the news shoving wealth in people's faces especially at a time like this. I only watched for 10 seconds couldn't stomach anymore

    77. Lilly Gutierrez


    78. Lilly Gutierrez

      Wow awes

    79. Lilly Gutierrez

      Kydal, bday tomorrow

    80. Mrs. Smith

      This is so staged

    81. s p

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM.You have a great Family, you are amazing. God bless all of you. 🍸🎂🍹

    82. reign .ღ

      :') super cute when her dads audio was played

    83. Shay Hawks

      What would these vampires do if nobody paid them any attention...

      1. Merkabah

        It’s AMAZING how there are so many people on this thread that are in awe of this tribe! Sorry but the behaviors of the Kardashians are so EXTRA EXTREME and EGOTISTICAL that it is despicable. SMFH. Absolutely no concern for the safety and well-being of anyone.

    84. Ale Nunez

      Kylies voice is annoying af


      Happy 40th bday boo OK way do wa ish let's hear it

    86. Antonia Faheerty

      This family are incredible..only wish I had a sister never mind four and a brother.

    87. Brandy

      Nooooo!!! body wore Mask's Wow even if you were scanned before walking in doesn't mean Anything!!! It's the Hard Headed Folks for me

      1. Asia Hill

        😒 It's the "always gotta find something to complain about " for me

    88. Naina xx

      How do they keep their eyes open when paparazzi literally aTTAcks them i mean Huuuuuuu

    89. Deborah Falzone

      None of them would be well off financially if it weren't for their mothers' MBA. Kris is the financial whiz.

    90. Sahar

      Kylie screaming 'This is your moment Kourtney" was so passive aggressive and cringe. What's wrong with her? She seems bitter towards her sisters...

      1. Chris Bruno

        she is ...look at all the plastic surgery she's had to look like them.

    91. Jagz vc

      Why does the host sound drunk😂

    92. Ruple Thaker

      Anyone else find irritating when she says Fam?!! ugh stop it. It's family.

    93. MA Z

      Let's talk about her supporting ARMENIAN MISSIONS to kill CIVILIANS

    94. january miner

      I need to keep quiet...

    95. Anastasia A

      This is soo adorable! 🖤

    96. Leo V

      I love how they incorporated CDCs guidelines of social distancing and mask wearing to help stop the spread of COVID. Also love how they feel and believe that those rules don’t apply to them because it was kims bday. As If COVID said “oh it’s kims bday? I’ll make sure not to infect them or any of the locals and workers in this island” . Incredibly disgusting behavior. But not a surprise since they support Trump and have the same stance. All of us are wanting to get back to normal and go back to life like it was. But things like these are preventing us from doing so because “spreader events” like these spike up the case number.

      1. Merkabah

        Absolutely shameful! Despicable actually! Especially when you realize that Khloe had full blown COVID months ago! Did she/they NOT learn from that first hand experience? Fake azz as shit

    97. soiung toiue

      Damn It must hurt to know your father isn’t here anymore to celebrate your birthday

    98. Alyssa Nicole

      Honestly even tho I’m mad about no visible masks this was cool including her dad had me tear up cuz Ik that was special

    99. Miss Roxxie

      She looks like you g Elizabeth Taylor so classy