Kitchen Gadget Testing 61

Barry Lewis

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    Kitchen gadget testing 61 - putting together another batch of interesting kitchen gadgets to review. Some are extremely useful, others, well... you'll see! In this video we try out a wine bottle air pump, a mini washing machine, tomato huller, apple grater, an 'as seen on tv' amazing oven glove, garlic grater set and an pretty cool egg spinner! Enjoy, tell your friends and don't forget to check out the others!
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    Wine bottle air pump
    Eggxer egg spinner
    Japanese spinny washing up thing?
    The great garlic grater
    Tomato huller Trudeau was found in a bargain bin
    Amazing Oven glove
    Betty bossi apple grater

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    1. Barry Lewis

      Which was your favourite? That wine bottle opener is surely a new party trick!! Wanna see more, grab the popcorn and have a Barrathon here Gadgets from the video can be got here: Wine bottle air pump Eggxer egg spinner Japanese spinny washing up thing? The great garlic grater Tomato huller Trudeau was found in a bargain bin Amazing Oven glove Betty bossi apple grater

      1. LoraLou DJ Flowerdove

        SInce you asked, if I am well, I will respond, by telling you this...I'm actually not well. I have a "so-called" boyfriend, that has given me a very painful ulcer.

      2. Steve Feinstein

        The third saying in your egg timer is obvious. “That’s amazing!”

      3. XavantageX

        You should do "hope you are well" for your eggtimer!!

      4. Ally Smith

        The egg thing looked like the Cone of Silence from Maxwell Smart 😜

      5. Gethin Murphy

        @Barry Lewis You forgot to do the washing machine gadget !!!!

    2. ThelifeofLauren

      Barry I’d love to see you make vinegar from scratch. I’ve been trying to make some myself.

    3. Michael Morris

      I've actually got a pair of those gloves, and I pretty well swear by them. Part of what I love is that they stay on very well, rather than being ones that could (relatively easily) slide off.

    4. British Gentleman Matt

      Hiya Barry, I'm 15 and use the phrase fiddle sticks, your not the only one. Great video and helpful too.

    5. Gabrielle Matthews

      I leave for a while and come back and Barry has cookware merch now? What

    6. king of war

      0:21 fiddle sticks, lost again!

    7. Julie Maloney

      When you drink tea t needs filtered fresh water. Or it taste of mud. Even the local dump has good water here for tea water filtered and treated hence n mud tases

    8. Absintheminded cat

      That garlic plate would probably be good for ginger too

    9. Cynthia Price

      The glove is a knock-off of the Ove Glove.

    10. Holly mae.tonks

      The core gadget would be good with strawberrys

    11. Sharon Clark

      Garlic fingers cure: wash your garlic smelling hands with a stainless steel spoon in your hand rubbing the stinking skin with the spoon under cold water.

    12. jaomang

      "these gadgets can help people" 2nd gadget: *tomato cannon*

    13. Marie Lawson

      Please bring your gadgets to Amazon Canada!

    14. Ben Gosling

      Yolks the best bit of egg

    15. suzz

      I thought the first thing ur taught is, to never put electrical items in the sink and around water. lol. so that sink gadget scares me lol

    16. suzz

      just got my wisdom teeth yanked out, so I am laying in bed and having a berry-a-thon :)

    17. AK 95

      Hello from Cyprus!!! Nice work buddy!!

    18. FloatAwhile

      You never fail to make me smile, thank you.

    19. mooselover5

      6 days ago and I'm just seeing this now?? The DEfasts algorithm has failed me... time to click the bell

    20. Nostalgia Brit

      “Oh, it just…. Went to the toilet!” I’m dead! 😆😂🤣

    21. Nostalgia Brit

      Just FYI, I regularly say “fiddle-sticks,” much to my son’s amusement 🥰❤️

    22. GirlInTheShade

      Oh! Definetely the garlic grater as I own one of those! If you wet it grating garlic and ginger is much easier. It also grates parmesan like a charm (don't wet it). Thanks for the great video again, Berry!

    23. Thomas InTheClouds

      The garlic grater would work fantastic for ginger seems very similar to one I have

    24. GalaxyNailz

      Hey Barry! For your future egg timer, the 3rd phrase should be "check your level player"🎵🐣

    25. chelsea yang

      The sound for the hard boiled egg should be “WEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!”

    26. Neil Bateman

      The garlic grater isn't a new gadget, I bought one in a French market about 20 years ago. They've been around for decades.

    27. Finwolven

      "It's kind of tea-stained? Another fun thing to do with your kids" - please don't tea-stain your children, no matter how much fun it is. Or at least cool the tea first.

    28. Nils Gerdes

      commenting 10 seconds in: Yes Barry, I am well, thank you for asking! I hope that you and everyone else is well, too! :-D Always a wholesome intro, love it.

    29. John Black

      have your kids talk on the eggtimer mate

    30. Cut Twice

      Qi did the broken yolk thing using hose. Less expensive and a good use for tights with runs.

    31. Chris Frog

      please test a ninja foodi pressure cooker

    32. Tazzie1312

      Huh. I've always seen plates like that sold for GINGER, not garlic.

    33. Maria k

      Can't feel sad after watching a Barry video. Always makes me feel good and forget my problems for a bit.

    34. Elizabeth Mayer

      Yeah I wouldn't want my hands to smell like garlic all day I love garlic though

    35. Mellow888Mood

      I love that you don't only give out the products for people on patreon for the sole reason that not everybody can spare money for patreon but are still fans and they still support you. A lot of people would only focus on the money. You, like the garlicgrater, are grate❤

    36. Jane W

      5:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Chloe Easton

      Yes Barry, I have had that conversation with my parents about hanging plates on the walls. They even have a full ‘display cabinet’ of wine glasses, bowls and everything! I never understood the appeal in displaying crockery in your front room! 🤣🤣

    38. Leah Marie

      I wondered which garlic pun was going to get left in. dead XD

    39. lori cortinas

      Finally was able to order my veggie prep kit!!!!

    40. Troubledbananas

      I was about to close off then I remember oh wait he didn't test that dish cleaning thing 🤔

    41. Crimson13

      It's ok Barry, you can tell us you're giving it to Ashens.... XD

    42. Brian Rowe

      Yep, it's a dishwasher. Freakin' Reviews did a review on it and it was garbage.

    43. Jo Jojoma

      Unpopular opinion here: if the egg yolk isn't hard and a little green...IT AIN'T COOKED

    44. TheGalarix

      love the seal shirt

    45. 24greenie

      My hubby loves when i make Evil eggs. As always enjoy your channel.

    46. FenexDragonis

      That mitt resembles a welders glove to me

    47. Magnus Esko

      I have a garlic press that does not require the cloves to be peeled. And it really works well 😀👍

    48. Alleosus Squirt

      My mans, did you just try to core a TOMATO?

    49. Monie B

      The knockoff Ove Glove makes me sad since the real one works really well and isn’t expensive in the first place.

    50. Nats 89

      Oooh I’m not gonna lie, was a bit on edge watching you with water and electrics! Glad it didn’t hurt you! Another great gadget video Barry!

    51. nina wolfe

      If anyone is wondering, a much better solution for cutting the stem out of tomatoes is that pineapple tool from wish a few episodes back. The one that cuts a cone shape out of the pineapple to dig out the pits or whatever they are called. I also use it to hull strawberries and cut a starter hole in the top of oranges etc.

    52. Kickin Wiccan

      Got a suggestion for your talking egg timer (if it's not in the works already) how about it says "its pants" for hard boiled

    53. Amy Maggard

      The soft boiled could say Howdy Yolks!

    54. Mairi Maclean

      For your egg timer one has to say Oh my god Becky!?

    55. Thunder Rhodes

      Genuinely surprised you hadn’t seen the ceramic garlic grater before but I won’t be without mine now. 8 years and counting.

    56. Alicia Jahn

      Not I'm not a well :D

    57. Abigail Xx

      One should definitely be welllllll

    58. Nicole Victoria

      Third gadget in and he calls it true do.. sir.. that is the name of our prime minister in Canada and it's pronounced True doh lol

    59. Dragonstark

      I'm doing good, thank you for asking :)

    60. Tommy Baxter

      The last thing is going to ashens isn't it

    61. Out and About

      I'd love to see you use an instapot and make some meals

    62. Alice Rose

      Can't remember where I found this tip, but rubbing your soapy fingers on something stainless steel, like your tap/faucet, does actually help remove some of the garlic smell!

    63. Wolf Reads

      Freakin’ reviews reviewed the sink dishwasher thing a while ago

    64. Adam Hudson

      I agree with what others have said, used to watch this channel religiously but now the fake laugh and over the top reactions bring it down for me. I'll still watch it but only when recomended I won't be keeping my sub.

    65. Lynn Gent

      Love your blogs x

    66. HimmelsDaemon

      That "hex" egg thing is just yet another golden egg spinner. And the marketing using kids, I'm guessing is because those are then essentially scrambled eggs. Based off I don't like the taste of the yoke/white together with "dippy"/sunny-side up eggs either; whatever reason beaten/mixed is different tasting.

    67. Mrs.Connie Jordan loves to cook

      Hey berry. And family✋

    68. Julian Howells

      ru 100 video ?

    69. Laura Roark

      I was laughing so hard, I cried, when you said, "You're still watching not me". 🤣🤣 I love your dad jokes!

    70. mike

      you could have told everyone that Ashens girlfriend left him and he's getting the washing up gadget, I'm sure all your subscribers would understand!

    71. marchi fleming

      Rub your hands on the bottom/sides of your stainless steel sink and the garlic smell will disappear. 👍🏼 Actually anything made of ss will work; spoon, knife, fridge lol...they even sell a (usually v v pricey) bar of soap looking thing for that purpose but any stainless steel should work. (I always give a rinse after just to be sure but it prob doesn't make a diff) I *fully* expect to see this in next kitchen hacks vid 😁👍🏼

    72. Cg Gc

      Anyone else notice the added bandaid on his thumb? I think we need an explanation.

    73. Cg Gc

      I am doing ok. Trying to stay sane in these extra trying times. I hope everyone else is doing better than me. Be safe and kind, everyone!

    74. Myrael

      yeah I'm doing ok so far

    75. Graeme Wells

      That plate is amazing we have one and you can do chocolate nutmeg ginger all sorts

    76. tildessmoo

      That garlic grater is really more of a traditional strongly-flavored-vegetation grater. Japanese people might recognize it as a wasabi grater, and Koreans would see a ginger and garlic grater. Also, combine a kitchen hack with a gadget: Cover the grater with plastic wrap, and you can just lift the plastic off with the grated stuff and wipe it off into whatever you're seasoning, and you don't have to worry about cleaning all the crevices either. (That's how traditional sushi chefs with access to fresh wasabi do it.)

      1. tildessmoo

        @Nat Violen Yeah, at that level it's honestly not worth worrying about. You're getting way more from the environment than you could possibly get from the grater, even if you use it every single day. (Also, if it's not visible, you should really be saying "nanoplastics." Microplastics are particles between ~0.01-5 mm and are more of an environmental hazard than a dietary one; particles too small to see (smaller than 100 nm - 1μm, depending on which researcher you ask) is usually classified as nanoplastics. And if you're thinking 1 μm is too far below the "too small to see" line, human hair averages 17-181 μm in diameter.) Between nanoplastics in food (especially seafood) and mixed into the dust in the air, the tiny amount you might get from putting plastic wrap on your grater is negligible. Also, most of the health concerns about nanoplastics are less about the plastics themselves (though there is a little bit of concern that they may be carcinogenic) than about what chemicals and pathogens they might pick up and carry into your body after being out in the world, since they're basically chemical velcro, which isn't a concern for a piece of plastic wrap you take out of the box then rub between a vegetable and a piece of ceramic.

      2. Nat Violen

        @tildessmoo But the spikes and the friction will damage the surface of the plastic even if's not visible to the eye.

      3. tildessmoo

        @Nat Violen Not really. More like a single piece of plastic with a bunch of holes in it. The plastic shouldn't get grated; it sits against the grater, and you'll push it down when you grate, so the food rubs along the spikes and gets caught in the plastic in the valleys.

      4. Nat Violen

        Microplastics in your food?

    77. Zoe Doherty

      Got a cold BUT I'm GOOD THANKS

    78. Jonathan Cousins

      I don't understand the egg one...

    79. Eoxus

      I’m not well

    80. Evan Cotter

      I'm well

    81. SHD Agent David B.

      1:10 I seen those things advertised on the telly and it basically turns your sink into bubbly mess. I don't own one but I imagine with the liquid dish soap and agitation your sink will be overflowing with bubbles.

    82. That Creepy Family

      let me just say your videos are always the bees knees, they are a stompin good time and da bomb diggity.... sorry i couldnt resist *somewhere there are kids cringin at this post*

    83. Cat Palmer

      I can highly recommend watching Barry shooting bits of tomato around the kitchen as a brief respite from even the deepest grief. Thank you for making me laugh at a very difficult time (my sister died a couple of weeks ago, so it takes more effort than usual to make me laugh).

    84. John Reader

      the oven glove is fine unless you get hot oil/liquid on it. then it burns like buggery.

    85. Cat Swambo

      Rub your fingers against your stainless steel sink. The brushed stainless steel removes the garlic smell

    86. Skye Bilbao

      The tomato corer would be awesome for strawberries.

    87. nicolejacques31

      I don't know if you've already tried it, but a stainless steel 'soap' bar is great for garlic and onion fingers!

    88. Andy von Jagg

      1.) My parents have that oven glove. There's not really a lot else to say, it's an oven glove, they've never had any problems with it, glovetty glove. 2.) DO A DEVILLED EGG VIDEO! They're not really a thing we do in the UK, they're tasty, and they're really quite easy - seems like an easy win to me!

    89. Colin Wilfort

      Egg phrase...I hope YOU are well...done

    90. Stacey Phillips

      I LOVE deviled eggs!! I even made them from truck stop ingredients! It was cool!

    91. Alexa Rosen

      @Barry Lewis. You can grate ginger on the ceramic plate as well.

    92. Nirrrina

      I don't eat apples much but was given a lot before Christmas. So since I have fibromyalgia & can't cook much. I decided to conserve energy & made premade apple pie filling. Oh my God that so easy & so very tasty. Perfect by itself or put on things like oatmeal. Next time I have apples I'm making it again to make mini tarts like Barry's. I might even track down his pie crust episode & make my own for the tarts.

    93. James Potts

      I've got a pair of original "ove gloves." Love them

    94. Knucells-TheVirtualCatCafe

      The 3rd phrase of the singing Barry Egg Timer should be "It's Amazing!!!" for how often he says it during the videos 😂

    95. Gavin Colbourne

      14:49 from The Range you can buy that type of oven glove and it comes as a PAIR rather then single

    96. Broken Circus

      I love surfing the 'net to watch my favourite World Wide Web cooking channel on the Information Superhighway...

    97. JOONCHILD.

      I remember when this kitchen was still under construction.. it looks so good! Wow!

    98. super blue

      Ok maybe a dumb question but what is a hex on an egg?

    99. georgina gibbs

      That plate is like the grater plate thing that billy mays advertised years ago. :)

    100. moley2twiggy

      if you do an egg timer you should have the phrase "hope you are well" for when its hard boiled, like well done but for eggs.