Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak

Tucker Budzyn

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    Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
    What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
    Will he pass the ultimate test?
    What was your favorite part?
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    1. hamster cult

      He is true good boy

    2. Kelsey Becker

      The dog is so cute and love his bowtie

    3. Elizabeth Afton

      Me with my puppy drinking her moms milk im like:......EAT FOOD

    4. Faizhya Yumni

      Can u ask ur dog to do an "OWA OWA"

    5. Jasnoor Dhugga

      Can u please post another video

    6. Romeo John

      ✝️🙏✝️EVERYONE READ✝️🙏✝️.SHARE this if u could - everyone god Jesus and the Holy Spirit u have to love them both not 1 don’t take the mark of beast!

    7. Michael Constantinou

      Linda stop teasing him

    8. Cole K

      He will eat it raw

    9. holee sheet

      Idiot giving it to him on fork, he could've bite it hard and break his teeth..

      1. αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs

        She's feeding him like he's a baby. That's a grown ass dog ffs, Tucker's nearly three years old. _And don't get me started about the "choo choo" train shit._

    10. Rique Oak

      Funny thing, “Linda” in my native tongue means beautiful 😊

    11. Frapechino Kelsey

      Tucker have 3M subscribers but me being human don't have any subscribers.... 😭

    12. Random Tennis

      Linda you should do, figuring if my dog is a righty or lefty, for a video

    13. Gamer Science

      Give it all to the dog why so rude give it 1 kilo more

    14. Jonathan Lopez

      That is a good steak ngo

      1. Jonathan Lopez


    15. Monaca Towa

      That vegan teacher had been real quiet after this

    16. Nusrat Jahan

      Linda is so beautiful

    17. maddy c

      How come u haven't posted in two weeks is everything going good at ur house with tucker

    18. Aman

      Finally found Linda? But wasnt it shot on iphone? 😂😂

    19. alex b

      What we don’t see due to editing is that 20 stakes were required to make this video - it only seems like it’s the same one

    20. Jose Martinez

      So cute

    21. Jennifer Perry

      Tucker is so cute

    22. Caleb Hoareau

      Me:I might try this. *Puts a steak down beside my fat black labrador* the steak 3 seconds later: G O N E

    23. XermiXxd

      Me while watching the Video: MoooooooooOOooooMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm When will we grilllllllllllllllllllllll???????????

    24. Agent oo7

      no one: gordon ramsay: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU DONKEY

    25. Rekharani Sarkar

      Tucker do you chicken?

    26. nordic spitz


    27. Lilian Jane

      Can u pleaseeeee make another video where he answers fan questions??? If so, my question is do you like journee more than pearl? Ps. I’m a huge fan.

    28. Elissa Celino

      Hell my cat would have wasted no time that thing would have disappeared lol I would a waste no time I'd take the dam Stake that looks good lol

    29. Mint 7

      "skid mark mcgee" 🤣

    30. Rei Asllani

      Even the desc got me interested

    31. Melanie Blain

      wow good stak 🥩 he eating it

    32. Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27

      1:18 the way he’s looking at the camera

    33. Colleen Yates

      Tucker is realy good my dog would just eat it

    34. Only games

      Turker looks gemtle

    35. Only games

      Congratulations for 4m subs

    36. MemeMan6451

      Tuckers subtitles are confusing me now because I keep on thinking that’s actually what he’s saying

    37. Anna Novotná

      Pls do more videos im so bored and too longer

    38. Mr cookie gaming26

      Oh I remeber ticker was So small then he Found a skunk now he turned big ticker best

    39. Raided Cluster Animations

      This dog has more will power than Eve in the garden of Eden.

    40. love birds families

      Very sensible and responsible dog 👍

    41. love birds families

      This dog is amazing ❤

    42. Refija Garibovic

      Linda is selfish she never shares that is mean linda

    43. emphatic spy

      tuner is so sweet

    44. Carlos Alberto

      Our steak

    45. Corel Gamer

      Do leaving a boy with ps5 XD

    46. Eva Aquino


    47. Abhishek Tyagi

      Forget about the retriever, I don't think im up for this one .

    48. Slimy Slime

      Oh amazing, some ASMR

    49. Shrek Shrek

      My gerbils don’t like stake

    50. JC G.


    51. Gabe

      I’m weak when my dog begs for food

    52. Adithya Das

      Tucker is such a good boi 😢. So proud

    53. Blackxxbunny X

      My dog would take it go to his crate and chew on it -

    54. bhargavi aj

      Linda does tucker sleep on with you guys is it completely fine do we get allergies cuz iam raising a German shepherd and now it started sleeping by my side

    55. Brotherhood

      OH MY DOG

    56. Siddharth Barua

      Tucker is like a stuff toy but the way you choose words for him makes him alive 👍

    57. Glitch trap

      I would rather eat rotten carrots then that I don't like meat unless it's human meat

    58. Edna E’ Mode

      I’m not sure if she milks her dog for views or she was already loaded?


      LMFAO All the UK kids who think that steak will give you the runs. :P We get it, your food is bland. Now take your bangers and mash then frig off!

    60. Rob G

      Dog owner is hella hot

    61. SimplyAesthetic_Yt8 •

      *Hold my paw.*

    62. Gaurav Gupta

      You are beautiful. Your dog is beautiful.

    63. Frog King I

      What breed are they?

    64. TheScrewUps

      WHEN THE STEAK IS SUS!! 😳😳😳😳

    65. Aidan Marquez

      I wish I had a dog like that ;-;

    66. Ines G

      My teacher made me and the others do the same thing but we brought our fav chocolate and candy

    67. Jaiden Lopez

      The dog: skid mark McGee me: 🤣

    68. Rylan Pliska

      Awww so cute

    69. Lilyanna Perez

      I love Tucker I even wish I had him as a pet and Tucker you are a good boi

    70. L

      leaving peach and tucker alone with steak chicken (that should be the name

    71. L

      you should make do this with tucker AND peach but instead of 1 steak what about 3 chickens 4 steaks it sounds like a good video

    72. Happy Doggos

      This doggo is well trained, my dog would go after it the second I looked away.

    73. J Castillo

      you should put dog treats ad leave the room and see if tucker will eat it or not

    74. Dahoo Gamer

      I would eat it

    75. Carlos Madruga

      I think I saw him drool

    76. U.1F315 U.1F311

      I'm Barbie Girl

    77. alexander Guy

      This is a lie,my dog eats my food while I am still looking at the food

    78. Delancia Browning

      My dog likes pencils c:

    79. Mark Camaro

      I think your channel was one of the first to do dog speak. Now everyone is copying you.

    80. arolando87

      Thats a good boy, food at our place is on a first come first serve basis! 😂

    81. Treegaming MXSW

      The dog be like “damn son where did you find that?”

    82. carington rainford

      tucka gangsta until courtney got a child: so u repwace mwe

    83. Noop Tema

      I've never in my life witnessed discipline and willpower on such a high level.

    84. Elijah Owsley


    85. chocohan_

      magic talking steak

    86. Chloe H

      Loves love dogs love Tucker

    87. Joanna Diaz

      he is such a good boy

    88. rapierwhip

      Teasing the shit out if a dog for a video

      1. JakeTheVeggie

        Don’t act like you’ve never teased an animal before

    89. Mira Tab

      Linda: "im making steak" (puts stake and is ready to be ON FIRE!!!) steak: "IM FIRED UP!!!" XD

    90. Dakota Daly

      Is here belly really rumble

    91. Eana Runas

      Rules to live by: like, comment, and subscroob! :3

    92. unsuitablemoo

      perfectly cooked. taste.

    93. harun aydin

      YOU DONT HAVE SNOW?!???!?!?!

    94. Jkiller YT

      I have a pug that is tiny,it would take her years to eat it lol

    95. Dog Happy World

      Tucker you a good boy👍🏻

    96. roblox gamer

      hi i just subed and turned on notifations and I'm no new to this channel i laughed he always make me laugh when he does that dance also i bought the tucker budzyn mask

    97. Bartek Frankenberg

      This woman knows nothing bout dogs and makes money with their dogs so sad.....

    98. Bartek Frankenberg

      For dogs such meat with salt pepper and more is horrible und unhealthy