LIAN-LI x DAN A4-H2O First Look & Review!

Optimum Tech

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    1. Rafael Riverol

      Would you ever consider reviewing the avium case, a wooden sff pc case at around 10liters

    2. Jason

      its kinda crappy since either asetek and coolit make all of the AIOs, and all cases should fit all AIOs. Or allow 1mm or 2 to allow it to. It would also be great if manufacturers absolutely told us their sizes, not like EVGA whereby we have to find out what 2.2slots is equals to find if case options make the grade..........

    3. Sp3z

      production and content quality just keeps amazing me video after video. Only what's essential and no BS ever

    4. Sp3z

      production and content quality just keeps amazing me video after video. Only what's essential and no BS ever

    5. Dr. Schniedel

      Wonder why water is always your first choice. I mean since you mostly go with intel, I undrestand that you have a lot of wasted heat to get rid off ...Are you sponsored by the Intel heating company?

    6. Zachary Suderman

      Super excited for this case, as well as Lian Li's Q58! @OptimumTech, thank you for the high quality content you continue to give us!

    7. David H

      Lovely case you can't buy, for the GPU you want but can't get and the GPU that's impossible to find!

    8. Oscar Molina Cansino

      Man, I wish they made an mATX version of it. :D

    9. Ron McDon

      how do you keep your room at 20C. i keep my room at 23. canadians. smh. socal i need some warmth.

    10. sadlerbw9

      Is there any reason you couldn’t use a water cooled GPU in this case? I’m more interested in that than water cooling the CPU at this point.

    11. Dingus

      Are you gonna do a Lian Li Q58 review? Cheers

    12. Jff007

      I absolutely love my Dan A4, so this case has me intrigued. But I've got one question: Could someone put say a 90mm rad in the radiator area and then use the rest of the space for exhaust fans for the case?

    13. Hugo

      Nothing beat the meshalious

    14. David J

      Thank you very much. Great and well produced video, as always.

    15. Rayuh Shen

      Have you tried the EK 240 AIO? I have it and its very nice

    16. Goananndan

      hey i played apex with you. subbed. i like your shit, keep it up

    17. Wall of Chaos

      Does it have an inner fine dust filter? When you keep builds for years, dust management becomes a concern. Can you include mention of dust management in your reviews? Thanks.

    18. meocats

      how wide is this case?

    19. Andrew

      It solves the major problem with the original Dan, a lack of viable CPU cooling options greatly reducing the CPU choices which are viable for that case. For those of us who like small, i.e. sub 10L, and really 7 or 8L, it is an options, though personal;ly I am not a great fan of AIO’s.

    20. MeRoastIsRuined

      I bought a dan a4 in December thanks to you and globetech, absolutely love it. Now I’m a little regretful because this case looks mental.

    21. Eric Marsi

      The need to take this and add a slightly larger model with PCIE Gen4 bifurcation so you can use a 10gig nic or capture card

    22. Alex V

      High end cards are so huge these days, its not a great move to limit cards to 50mm.

    23. acme64

      Will this be able to support a full custom loop?

    24. C0M9L3XM1ND Xv5

      I’m surprise you didn’t review the new SLIGER S610 and S620 yet. Straight competitor to NCASE M1 and NR200.

    25. Joey Keilholz

      We need more Lian Li like companies :)

    26. rai x

      I like small form factor cases but most of them lack carrier handlebars. The weight of the fully built is heavy and having a handlebar would be a great help.

    27. NC GRAVE

      A guy who has a cnc mill and autocad... i am gonna make add some ventilation to that bottom plate.

    28. Squinoogle

      Very nice evolution of the original, will be curious to see the final version. I'd also be curious to see a custom loop in there. If AIO rads are hit and miss, would you have better luck with EK/AC/whoever-else's rads...

    29. Rya Cru

      Dual AIO compatibility with this case?

    30. セレニティグリュンヒルデ

      this guy sure loves mini itx

    31. Rvn Cpn

      Why’s the host always so tired ?

    32. Xandis 37

      Pretty sure after watching your channel for 2 years im finally convinced to move to an sfx system and drop the big ass full tower trip I've been on. Would you happen to know if cooler master fixed the 850watt fan problems?

    33. Static Vapour

      Do you answer to comments?

    34. NoName User

      Got excited thinking this was the Dan C4!

    35. Salvo Morabito

      Meshilicious win!

    36. Durai Naidu

      Do a SGPC K55 case review please 😊. Really underrated in my opinion.

    37. jmeister

      This case will probably house my first real sff build.

    38. illietw

      More affordable SFF cases, by the hands of the OG, this is great.

    39. Gate of hell Heaven bridge

      People look at the case and appreciate how small and beauty it iss Me look at the case, then look at my 3090xtreme *sight: i should have go for evga that time....regret not picking xc3

    40. Eiffel

      LIAN LI Q58 is better IMO

    41. Aruto Ego

      can you review cooler master new sfx power supplies? the V850

    42. Paul Kwon

      This or the upcoming Lian Li Q58 at $120? Tough choices tough choices...

    43. Fog

      Smashing it at the moment mate, 2021 will be a good year for you !

    44. Gage Taylor

      No link in description for the case 1:12

    45. Frank Verbunt

      Perfect for the GPU i dont have

    46. DeilGrist

      I really just get the impression that you don't like Sliger's cases; you've left them off almost every performance chart since your initial review.

      1. Optimum Tech

        I just haven't re-tested them since updating the test system.

    47. ctrlaltdisease

      This is what l thought the C4 would be. Do I get this or a FormD T1??

    48. Last Second Bloomer

      If they already went with larger Dan's, they should have made it wider for those it is, it's still not wide enough for 2021 cards...

    49. Strahan Winchester

      Do you think you could get your hands on a MJOLNIR?

    50. Dane Harrigan

      What are the colored mats (orange, green, blue) you use in your videos?

    51. Chronicle

      Hopefully the final design is 3 slot gpu compatible. 2.5slots is just barely enough as it looks like gpu designs are getting bigger as we go on

    52. Farhan

      dang, Lian Li is going hard now. 3 different channels with 3 different but interesting cases; Ali, Hardware Canuck and Der Bauer.

    53. Eleandro Enriquez

      can you review the Lian Li Q58? :)

    54. Artemis

      I wonder where'd you find the time to game, work, and also have those BIG guns

      1. kaupaxup

        He just shrinks the rest of his body so his arms are bigger

    55. Hicham Gouchida

      Hello give me any old GTX1080 or GTX1070 Please ♥

    56. Manny Gomez


    57. LIAN LI

      Thank you for your review and feedback! ❤❤

      1. Dustin P

        An issue that might be something to look into. Ali mentioned the width of the AIO not fitting well at 123mm. Lian Li Galahad 240 is 123.5 according to the Lian Li website. It might be something to look into as a tooling rework for compatability with their own products.

      2. Веско Динев

        Hey sexy 👋🏼

    58. Thomas Butler

      Water-cooled GPU + air cooled CPU could be an option?

    59. LEETxDAWG

      Waiting for that custom loop build 👀

    60. S. T.

      A small suggestion for the video: whenever you show the charts, it’s really hard to read and follow what you are referring to. Please use more apparent highlights or arrows or colour maybe?

      1. Optimum Tech

        Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try and work on that

    61. John Branch IV Photography

      This looks awesome! I absolutely LOVED building in the Dan A4 and this seems just as nice. Having that AIO support to is really awesome.

    62. SoulRollerFIN

      Hah amazing to see the NZXT H1 with such high temps on the benchmarks. Most educated owners install hotrod fans to the back panel. Mine rarely goes above 60 (CPU or GPU). While gaming the1070 mini stays under 60 C, thanks to Optimum Tech's undervolting tips. :) Sadly the 1070 mini is the gigabyte model, which is quite noisy.

    63. Ross Cutting

      I really love the case. But still loving the coolermaster ATM bang for buck great thermals and looks great

    64. Jacob Nagel

      oooo stuff that sapphire 5600 xt in the tiny box! ramp its fans to 100% on performance bios and see if shakes the box

    65. VeritronX

      The test I'd really want to see before considering this case is heave cpu and gpu loads at the same time.. maybe playing assasin's creed valhalla? all the gpu's heat is being exhausted through the cpu cooler and could raise cpu temps significantly.

    66. Frédéric Maccari

      Nice review. Like the build quality of this case, but as you mentioned, it comes with freedom restrictions...

    67. Alexander Stormdahl

      Great video as always! Any chance we could see an Iqunix ZX-1 review? It’s so pretty!

    68. Gregory Lee Parks

      I'm looking for something about this size, but yeah, I'd probably need to fit a bigger GPU

    69. Clown World

      Everything lian li touches turn into gold. It looks like the engineers from lian li are PC enthusiasts too.

    70. raraku12

      what is that case besides the Silver Ncase M1?

    71. Noel Wade

      These ~10L and smaller cases can be oh-so-sexy in their size and sleek/minimalist appearance! But as I consider my SFF build I keep coming back around to the ~14-16L size cases due to the flexibility they offer in terms of the exact cards and coolers you can fit. Especially given stock issues on CPUs, GPUs, and a few other components, its nice to have a case that could accommodate a few different brands/models - so I'm OK no matter which one I finally get my hands on. :-P

    72. Thiện Khang Cao

      Can you review the Sliger S620? It’s smaller than the NR200 but somehow even better air tower clearance

    73. Flea

      H20! Gatorade.

    74. jordan Higgs

      Lian Li Q58 next plzzzzzz

    75. ItsFreakinJesus

      A video on the xCase S or xCase M from Modivio would be great.

    76. Gluten Free Gam3r

      I don't even like SFF cases...I just REALLY like this channel!

      1. Gluten Free Gam3r

        I mean..don't get me wrong, I think SFF cases are rad and have been helping push the industry in right direction as far as performance and parts compatibility.

    77. Mad5cout

      I notice that despite still holding at 3 place in your temps chart you never really recommend or compare other cases to the NR200 and I wonder why. That case is also around $60-90 cheaper than this one.

    78. Daniel Hansen

      Hi guys please keep in mind: This video is an prototype preview that was made for the Lian Li Expo 2021. The dimensions aren't final and we (Lian Li & DAN Cases) are currently tweaking these values for a nice compatibility with many cards. This case will be sold and supported by Lian Li so the correct name will be something like LIAN LI A4-H20 (designed by DAN Cases). Founder Edition cards: The case will come with included stand offs that allowes to lift up the riser position. This will increase the distance between RTX 30x0 FE and PSU/MB-Tray for better airflow and temps on these cards. Btw more pictures (not very polished):

      1. o0U0o

        Please try to accommodate the NZXT Kraken z53 :)

      2. Jff007

        I absolutely love my Dan A4, so this case has me intrigued. But I've got one question: Could someone put say a 90mm rad in the radiator area and then use the rest of the space for exhaust fans for the case?

      3. cmd

        I really like it! and the price sounds very good. I use a Geeek a60 case and this will probably supersede it. As long as a Kraken x52 fits and the bottom is meshed out I'm happy, though I think I would miss my front i/o.

      4. DxNTrick N

        Would this case come in different color variations? I would love to buy one if it comes in snow white

      5. Preston Morton

        If the Lian Li TU-150 accomodated the a 240 AIO with all of its current goodies at its price point easily a top 5 case.

    79. Charles Metsujin

      Great video as usual. Still editing in Davinci ? How do you manage to ease in/out your pan keyframes ? It's in the Fusion tab right ? (Or I'm the only one who can't do it in the Edit tab.. ?) Thanks in advance.

    80. Perdomot

      Curious what the max height for air coolers is for this case. Any data?

    81. Andrea

      does it catch fire?

    82. Juan M Robert

      Apparently Dan have stated that flipping the PSU so the fan faces the 3000 RTX helps with the cooling. Have you tried this?

    83. TheBrandonW

      Another clean video and 'keepin' it real commentary'. Thanks Ali, you're the man. I wish you'd do a review of the IQunix ZX-1 water-cooled edition. It's a sick case with some great options IMO. I'm currently working on a custom loop in one, hopefully it will be complete soon.

    84. Tech W

      need one tyce c on front or mby combo 3.5 jack is be owesome

    85. MMElX

      I cant chose which is better the SSUPD or H20, they both are great but the H20 is so clean compared to the SSUPD. the thermals would have to decide for me, as one is fully mesh and the other has small holes milled out.

    86. Tech W

      whant it now

    87. Ricky Sargulesh

      I feel like LianLi is involved in any new case lately. They have so many subbrands and manufacture for so many small startups

    88. Nick Jackson

      Is there any hope at all of fitting two 120mm radiators in the top? Wondering if my Hybrid graphics card would work in this...

    89. floe304

      What case would you recommend for an ITX build with top RAD with a traditional horizontal GPU?

    90. O!Technology

      I think you should test CPU and GPU temperatures with a simultaneous CPU and GPU load since in this Dan A4 the radiator is exhausting all of the GPU heat which will negatively affect thermals.

    91. Bradley Naidoo

      I suppose this would be nice for entry level SSF enthusiasts and availability would be more abundant than the formd, very informative video man appreciate the work!

    92. x111

      ford-t1 is still the best case, most versatile and flexible case out there for 2021 !! dan case has terrible side panels especially that extremely fragile plastic locking mechanism that holds in place side panels !! well after all it is designed in germany and you should expect very poor quality. and yes, had owned dan-a4 case and it's sold case but nothing to compare to formd-t1.

    93. John Morris

      Are you gonna be getting a geeek G1? I've only seen 1 review so far

    94. themightiness

      Have you checked out the Metalfish G5 Watercooling version? It fits 240mm AIOs and 2.5 slot GPUs, and it's 100% aluminum. Very similar layout but it's all mesh and open air PLUS it has an open bottom you can put two more exhaust fans on to get more of that hot GPU air out. The sides are super open and the GPU gets fresh air from the there.

    95. Fredrik Eksund

      Will a gigabyte Rtx 3070 vision OC card fint in this case?

    96. Daniel Avocardo

      This looks like the itx case of my dreams

    97. Cirrus550

      Sad that all news say gpu thickness spec 2.7, but reality now was 50mm. That is not enough.

    98. Max S

      Where do I buy it?

    99. Bullet Proof

      with the NR200 at $79 being that good, everything that costs more better bring it real good!

    100. Dragon Flame

      I'll still keep my nr200