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    Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black ""Hit Bout It"" Lyrics
    [Lil Yachty]
    Woke up feelin shiesty
    Gimmie Dat pussy nicely
    100 thousand on a ice piece
    Finna fuck a pisces
    50 hoes wanna be wifey
    That’s just too unlikely
    Pull up 6 deep just like the isleys
    Pick ya next move wisely
    They say talk is cheap but fuck that
    My convo pricey
    200 racks in side that shoe box bitch it ain’t no nikes
    She think I’m finna trick I told her don’t get too excited
    Nigga touch one hair on my head them boys inciting riots
    I fuck her from the back and grip her neck she can’t keep quiet
    This big bad hood u said u from lookin might quiet
    I only eat my main bitch pussy I’m on strict diet
    My shooter lookin like a center homie 6’5
    Could Kill me once could even kill me twice
    Shit I got six lives
    I’m thinkin movin to Africa to marry 6 wife’s
    I’m in New York we still several pole and seven big knives
    Might take his life for tellin several lies
    cant let shit fly
    Cus is we do he’ll tell the next guy
    And then it’s all bad
    Who said he could come around dis side wit out a hall pass
    I used to tweak postin 4’s a wock in side s wine glass
    These niggas burnt tryna pop xans for a bypass
    I’m see u niggas every single time like a eyelash
    This bitch said she like athletes I walked in with them thigh pads
    I’m paranoid I can’t hang out for long bitch ima nomad
    Christmas I had bought all steppers brand new door mats
    Inside the whip bright orange like the Lorax
    I’m built tough was made to be outside just like gortex
    I should make a song about Ferrari’s
    Ion do vetts
    My brother need a new tech
    My mama wanna new pet
    This niggas flip flop like every week they in a new set
    I know these niggas hate me cuz i run like a nuisance
    Too fly over niggas heads like a air vent
    Where I’m from it’s one way in and out like a camp tent
    [Kodak Black]
    Put a convertible on the block it look like lamborghini
    put a convertible on the glock it look like lamborghini
    i just told lil baby to bop before my girl see me
    Spend that lil stack, get niggaz whacked
    You better not look for pinky
    in & out the trap where i stay but i aint one sleepin
    I'm toatin a Sk for no reason all my ops are dead
    i got rubies on my teeth and plus my molly is red
    ima drop his ass soon as I see him it aint no discussion
    told her it aint nothin to get a bussdown if that pussy bussin
    all a sudden bitches love me cuz im gettin money
    Imma punish any nigga decide to stand in front of
    i was spendin bands before it was a trend from the ugly
    Always got revenge if i aint get my man i got his cuzzin
    they know i made my wood work hop out with a Oak
    haters poppin out the woodwork but they wanna prope
    im talkin straight gas n**** i want all the smoke
    i just told lil yachty to scoot over lemme drive the boat
    AR with the scope? Cause the cartier on this side
    you got a n**** yoke you dont like it we can hit bout it
    we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
    hittin the missionary she start yellin, tell her be quiet
    I'm with lil yachty, we got twin raris
    we dont fuck with n***** , you dont like it
    we can hit bout it we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout it
    i aint passin my reefer you dont like it we can hit bout it
    we can hit bout it yaaa we can hit bout
    i aint doin no features you dont like it we can hit bout it
    #LilYachty #KodakBlack #HitBoutIt

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    1. k. special

      sounds like Kodak but it don't at the same time

    2. Ryan Rivera r

      That the fake Kodak

    3. Dmac Mccloud

      Kodak snapped 🔥🔥💯

    4. matthew taylor

      ion know but yachty doin offbeat rap sound weird but fye asf

    5. YSL_Gil

      Yachty ruined this shit 🤦‍♂️

    6. Pill Cosby

      Kodak: No features Clone : We can Hit bout it

    7. Pill Cosby

      They gonna Destroy the Black community, Remeber who's funding the Music industry!

    8. Jay M

      Yaughty is soooo fucking trash

    9. Carter Daubanton


    10. Booney Boo

      beat so mf raw 🔥🔥

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    11. LÌL GòNëZ

      Lil boat

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    12. Jamal Rockguts

      Did they record their rhymes without hearing the beat first?

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    13. Prahfit Thelabel

    14. jeff gamer000

      7.4k dis-likes good job. Nice try.

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    15. Nick Murillo

      D4R 🗡

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    16. gaurav jadvani

      🐐 is back 🔥

    17. TkB

      i ain't commenting on this video if you don't like it we could hit bout it

    18. tay more _

      He got skinny af

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    19. ßèéžÿß251 Ğëł'šÞàþér

      I woke up for work the other morning played this on blast and blew my speakers😂😂😂😂😂😎💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯

    20. Yves Joseph


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    21. Yuckie Yuckie

      Always got revenge, if I ain’t got my mans, I got his cousin 💥💥💥🔫😵

      1. Crater Logs

    22. TkB

      this the new rap anthem, if you don't like it we could hit bout it

      1. TkB

        @Crater Logs song actually hit

      2. Crater Logs

    23. Daniel Loza

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    24. TG xyn


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    26. 2clusv


    27. OnlyZaruh

    28. SavedForARainyDay

      i just bought lil yachty Reeses Puffs and I'm not ashamed.

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    29. Sifedine Aissa

    30. wellknown_trav

      2:22 trick daddy vibing 🤣🤣

    31. Outlaw-4-Life

      Tom was right.

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    32. Alex Loose Cannon B

      You hear Kodaks mom saying get everyone form my house just like my mom

    33. Na’Cole Layton

      Why Kodak look like dat

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    34. David Janus


    35. 声音LLCXII

      This is for niggas who think Kodak doesn’t fuck with boat at 16’s xxl cypher

    36. Miguel Torres

      Yachty is probably the trashest rapper alive, it’s ridiculous 😂

      1. Crater Logs

    37. I'm your Daddy

      🗑 🗑 🗑

    38. I'm your Daddy

      Wtf this straight trash yall wack af

    39. Zavier Theus Theus

      Kodak momma not hugging him because she knows he’s a clone

    40. Real Ry

      New Kodak is just too fire but the hair

    41. Trainwhrek

      Cell tower = cancer Covid = take ur lil freedom Kodak = not a clone still

    42. Caterina Jean Martínez

      Wowwwwwwwe !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

      1. Crater Logs


      Happy a real one free around his kind

    44. Mike Scott

      My new favorite song. Welcome home Kodak!!

    45. Somuch Hussle

      Shout out Trick Daddy

    46. T.L The Legend


      1. prod.JJules


    47. Atiba Lewis

      Look at this shit it was way pre-recorded Kodak Black is dead everything is rigged out here we live in Hollywood look at this guy with the 7-Eleven shirt on witches is 666

    48. Diamond Thee Baddest

      This Shit Fire They Did That 🔥❤️❤️ I miss Kodak 💘

    49. dutch savage

      Kodak killing it🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Crater Logs

    50. reddbool1ng

      1:46 my boi yachty look paranoid😂

      1. prod.JJules

        He deadass said he paranoid

    51. Andro dibox

      "I toting that sk for no reason all my ops is dead" Ok stop all that clone talk, Kodak home!


      yachty home run

    53. Alejandro Bayona

      you know kodak is back cause he is high af and skinny 2

      1. Crater Logs

    54. Big C

      Kodak got raped in prison. My boy was in the hole with him, co’s set him up , when in happened everybody on the cell block knew. CO’s is skanless!

      1. Deontea Turner


    55. GodaN_n V Williams

      People say kodak verse trash y'all crazy it go hard

      1. Crater Logs

    56. Billy Smith

      Wtf am I tripping, I understand every word kodak black said 😁

    57. XxyahmcXx

      How could this song get dislikes bro smfh.

    58. Joshua Hatfield

      Stealing drako swag

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      Two of the 🐐

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    60. Kem-Grevy Henry

      “We ain’t even gon phew-view that shit ain’t it”

    61. Coleman Smith

      I’m toting a sk for no reason, all my opps dead

    62. uno does

      anyone hear her mom cussing him out otp in the background

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    63. Prior Chop

      Kodak “goat” Black

    64. Nothing YT

      whi forgot he is in faze

    65. Reality Allah

      That aint kodak...i dont give a phuck wht anybody say😵 listen to it again people...put your ear budz in...dont tell me the people got KB too maneee, smh...and he look taller for some reason, i hope im tripping

    66. Shamer Jones

      That don’t sound like Kodak voice at the end

    67. youngethoo4x youngethoo4x

      Who else thought Gucci mane was gonna have a verse

    68. Burak Osmancık

      Lil yachty snapped.. wow

      1. Crater Logs

    69. Fishticon

      This is absolute garbage. If you like this it can only be because you're a faithful cultest to the group, and you would listen to them making a rap beat of recorded fart sounds with a video of them swimming in vomit.

      1. Fishticon

        @16 29 No.

      2. 16 29


    70. Rick Jay

      imagine Kodak and bobby collab ultimate release duo

    71. Matthew Espinoza

      Give us back the real kodak

    72. Luis Shiesty

      They just need to make the song juss Kodak 💯😬🔥🔥

      1. Crater Logs ✔️

    73. Carlos Aguilera

      The Mans Back everybody!

    74. Edward Wilson

      Kodak Black the 🐐

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    75. Kid Gamer2613


    76. neek001 *-*

      Kodak Black ft. Dasgadom3 This what we need Bro he went live with yak

    77. Kid Gamer2613


    78. Adair Liles

      Naaahhh.. That don’t sound like Kodak Bruh 😭💯💯💯 frfr he don’t sound the same

      1. Crater Logs

    79. Dawsohunnid 305

      Bro like it’s 2021 and niggas still dislike videos they don’t have to watch. Im starting to think it’s just robots

    80. Ser Eminente

      Lil yachty always surprising me like the one with tee grizzly

    81. PLAYBOY1300 TG

    82. Kennedy Santos

      Yuh onnn like itt we can hit battt ittt 📍

    83. when did i ask and who cares nigga

      should've put baylen on this

    84. Darius Johnson

      Ay welcome back Kodak

    85. LuhBrxton

      Comethazine flow like shit

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    86. yo da

      fat kodak >>>

    87. Fly Drew

      Next Up ?➡️

    88. ExecutieXO

      But, like...objectively, it's so bad. This song did not do the lyrics justice.

    89. a a

      dont even sound like kodak

    90. no name

      anybody else skip until its kodak part?

    91. Frankie Flynn

      Kodak messed up the song

      1. Fly Drew

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    92. Eugene eckels

      Y’all noticed the song not mixed? 🔥🔥🔥

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    93. Veton Zajmi

      2 worst rappers of all time 👉🏽🔥

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    94. Drake Oh9

      Kodak a Great

      1. Drake Oh9

        How much a FT I need one before they get hipped

      2. Drake Oh9

        Boy that shii is 🔥🔥🔥🔥you gotta blow

      3. Fly Drew

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    95. Drake Oh9

      Been hidin shii lil boat

    96. LXTTO

      I’m a big fan id like to send you some of my gear FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING CHECK ME OUT

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    97. Elizabeth Adams

      “I tote a SK for no reason all my opps is dead” HARDEST BAR OF 2021 thus far

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    98. thereason90

      So him and jackboy not cool anymore ?

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    99. Kayn Ray

      You’re both professional as fuck rn in that vid

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    100. Vidio Unik

      Famous song in Indonesia ❤

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