Live NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver - Night 1 Watch Along


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    WWE Watch Along invites you to share all the hard-hitting action with the best second-screen experience in sports-entertainment for NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver - Night 1.
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    Am Vor 13 Tage


    1. trustory83

      Cathy Kelley is Dreams 🔥🔥🔥 Make Sure she Stays WWE 🤯

    2. Silent Stryker

      oh damn Cathy Kelley

    3. Midnight Carnage

      Cathy Kelly Return Confirmed

    4. laughlater

      1:48:57 WE GOT LITA/AMY!

    5. Patricia Pech

      Tahmektepuedescasarconmigoandyuriel tabatajalil sashabanks cjperry marianavelazquezdeleon jimenasanchez djrossanasalgado erikafernandez carolinapadron paulinagarciarobles lauragil

    6. Patricia Pech

      Tahmektepuedes casarconmigoandyuriel tabatajalil sashabanks cjperry marianavelazquezdeleon jimenasanchez djrossanasalgado erikafernandez carolinapadron paulinagarciarobles lauragil


      Cathy kelly needs to come back


      3 loud grown men pretending to like wrasslin

    9. Ian Brown

      Lita doesn't look like Lita anymore. I had to look for a good 3 minutes before I could recognize her through all that plastic surgery.

    10. Pj Debbarma

      Cathy Kelly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    11. MissRedDevil7

      They should show what’s happening in the ring in the corner of the screen so we know what they’re watching.

    12. Mario kart Bros

      I loved when karrion kross and scarlet were on the bump I want karrion to win

    13. Petra Parris

      To whoever reading this, I got one thing to say to you... Wow.

    14. Francesca

      LITA ❤️

    15. Saif Al Deen Ehab

      So this is a one time thing or she's officially back ( I mean Cathy Kelly )

    16. Anthony Fish


    17. Ian Tan


    18. Giorgia Simeoni

      NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver is awesome PPV of NXT i like soo much see this two amazing matches Io Shirai vs Raquel Gonzalez for The NXT Women's Championship this match was amazing i like soo much see this two amazing woman's together inside the NXT ring for the NXT Women's Championship 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥amazing match between the Elimination Gauntlet Match amazing victory by Bronson Reed amazing match i can't wait to see Johnny Gargano vs Bronson Reed for the NXT North American Championship 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    19. K K

      Matt Riddle watching from an Airbnb

    20. Schwarzenegger !!!

      Como eu faço pra mim participar desse wwe , tem como vc me ajudem , pofavor ???

    21. K.O.R.

      Congrats MSK you guys deserved it❤️

    22. K.O.R.

      Cathy 😄

    23. Smark Slowplay

      Mickie makes my pants feel uncomfortable

    24. Shikhansh Thakur

      Kushida vs dunne:- 7/10 Gauntlet match:- 7.5/10 Ciampa vs walter:- 8/10 Tag team 3 way:- 7/10 Main event:- 7.5/10 Overall:- 7.5/10 I had better expectations from the card overall but it was a very good show but filled with a lot of botches and no selling

      1. asm shafin

        Match 1,3 had amazing selling. 2 and 5 had good basic sells too. The only complain can come from the tag action. What are you on about?

    25. Kristian179

      why does Cathy look different?

    26. Geoffrey Willemsen

      What an awesome watch along of nxt stand & deliver

    27. Fun Travel

      My prayers and best wishes are with the reader of this. Stay blessed ❤️

    28. Demon King

      24:06 Aunt May😂

    29. stingersplash

      Cathy is so good. Get her back.

    30. Alexis Hayes

      We’re is candice

    31. Ramiro Rincon

      I love you Cathy Kelly

    32. Junpei

      Lita 😍

    33. Vincent Branciforte

      Cathy Kelly is back!!!!! (:

    34. Hot Honey

      Good morning 💗.

    35. Poeta enlaluna

      Why is Cathy faking her personality though? She's acting like the basic entitled rich girl character, was she supposed to be playing a character? She's not a WWE wrestler so i don't get the acting.

      1. Gator

        @stingersplash she's a failed actress/Instagram model so that's why she's come crawling back to suckle on the wwe teet

      2. Vince McMahon


      3. Poeta enlaluna

        @stingersplash where does she act? What show?

      4. stingersplash

        She's an actress now.

    36. JRR31984

      GO WWF

    37. JRR31984

      AWESOME video icon image, of this video. Ladies look LEGIT.

    38. Chris Barry pippin shelly Rex and jasper Hudson

      I bet all my money that the people on the bump have no wrestling knowledge expect for what they saw when they were kids the bump people are so totally marks they need to hire exciting people to do these watch alongs if they are gonna do them cause these people doing it and hosting it expect for the legends are boring AF

      1. stingersplash

        You're wrong. They are knowledgeable marks. Just fans like us. Dont be jealous.

    39. Kellen Borchers

      Made the tweet 42:02

    40. Kellen Borchers

      Earlier I mentioned how it has been 416 days since Cathy Kelley was last seen on a WWE program, NXT Takeover Portland. Welcome back Cathy Kelley and thank you. Cathy Cathy Cathy Cathy Cathy Cathy Cathy Cathy

    41. free fire gamers

      *"" Any school and college students here.........*

    42. Brandon Armstrong

      I was over all impressed w/Takeover. I personally didn’t like the finish to the women’s title match, but f**k it. Oh well, at least we get to see Cathy Kelley back. And she’s looking fine as hell to, so there’s that lol. I’m curious to see how Sarray is gonna do it. Can’t wait damn it!

    43. I'm legit subing to everyone who subzz to me

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

    44. Grisna official

      Nxt take over

    45. Sports Special

      So excited cathy Kelly's back

    46. DoomProject Gaming

      23:49 if you are a Cathy Kelley guy/gal

    47. Eri Rodriguez

      Stand And Deliver Stood And Delivered Awesome Watch Along Guys God Bless

      1. Mario kart Bros

        I had baseball in the middle so I really couldn’t

    48. Marcos Velasquez Ortega

      Great watch...💀💛🖤👍👍

    49. Mike H.


    50. wstine79

      It's the US Champion 🎼"Mmmmm RIDDLE!"

    51. Money Mark

      The Indian Cena/Roman Fanboy Spammer were taking over the Live chat Annoying I Swear Smh

    52. Aldy Wahyu

      Cathy Kelly 😍

    53. jrad410

      Cathy Kelly!

    54. Enrique Sanabria

      WWE is really disgusting for stripping the United States fans of the network. I will NEVER give a DIME to peacock I will never support them. Any money I spent yearly on WWE will be going to AEW from now on.

      1. Petra Parris

        @R Truth haha more power to him!

      2. R Truth

        @Petra Parris good luck for him paying 40 bucks for a AEW Pay Per View 😂

      3. Petra Parris

        On TNT? Lol thats fine, but Peacock isnt bad at all. Premium is only 4.99, which is WAY cheaper than 9.99 on the WWE Network (R.I.P)

      4. R Truth

        @stingersplash nah don’t tell him , let him leave to AEW , you really don’t want to have those type of people “support” WWE

      5. R Truth

        😂😂 these type of comments are funny , he’s just like every fickle fan lol

    55. Messiah Yann Demers

      And Now I want every women in NXT and Raw Superstar Asuka to take a look, to bend the knee and show respect to their new NXT Women’s Champion to The New Queen of NXT !

    56. Wesley C

      Oh yeah, Cathy Kelly back in the house.

    57. -PeptoSlurpee -

      Damn Lita still looks good

      1. Caine Te Whare

        @Ian Brown Hater.

      2. Ian Brown

        Thats Lita? I thought it was a plastic surgeons experiment.

      3. Smark Slowplay

        She still getting it

    58. Tribal Chief

      Cathy Kelley is back. So good to see her back

      1. ed dead

        Im a cathy guy

      2. Smark Slowplay


    59. TrixR4Kids

      NXT truly has the greatest women’s division in the world, I do wonder where they’ll go with Rachel. As long as Io doesn’t go to the main roster and get ruined I’m happy. She still is the greatest imo.

      1. TrixR4Kids

        @stingersplash main roster hasn’t handled NXT talent very well imo but I wish she would go and get the placement she deserves

      2. stingersplash

        Io won't be ruined. Smackdown need her I think.

      3. L The Punisha

        @TrixR4Kids Agreed and agreed. I agree with you but everyone has personal favourites who is yours?

      4. TrixR4Kids

        @L The Punisha she definitely did, Raquel is the best female powerhouse in the business rn. Still a shocker to see Io lose though, haven’t seen that in over a year. And Ali is the GOAT.

      5. L The Punisha

        Raquel deserved and needed this win imo. Love yo profile pic btw.

    60. Golden Eagle

      This was a great show

    61. Erick Ga Canova

      Hey man

      1. Erick Ga Canova

        @dhoom magical kimgdom Mishra I am Samoa Joa