Loving to be alone | Ep. 51

Jonna Jinton

1,6 Mio. aufrufe61

    Hello my loves!
    So in this video I will answer some of your questions regarding the subject of being alone and traveling alone, since that was one of the most common questions on my previous video.
    I also let you follow along during this weekend that I spent in my art studio with my beautiful dog Nanook, and some skiing out in the winter forest, and much more of course!
    I hope you will enjoy it! And THANK YOU so much for watching! ♥
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    1. Heedeungie

      *You're the REAL princess!*

    2. Mokgadi Even Molele

      I can’t even survive South African 🇿🇦 winters. But id love to visit Sweden 🇸🇪 one day.

    3. Avona Tossi

      In the future.....music,drawing,design....Can be ....

    4. James Johnson

      5:09 funny in an old german dialect (which is dying) we have the same word "persenning" for a cover, for boats especially. which is waterproof cause its tarred. makes me think of our old common roots and connections. somehow i feel like ppl are drifting apart from each other, even tho "connecting" with ppl is so easy nowadays.

    5. Astrid Maeve

      imagining me and sarah paulson or cate blanchett living here

    6. Astrid Maeve

      when u wanna be a celeb but also u wanna be this

    7. Thanh Thuỷ

      You are great 👍😍💕🙏

    8. Pasan Shanaka

      Where is your new videos?

    9. m a

      Imagine having no neighbours, a dream come true

    10. THE chilling StatioN

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️love from INDIA 👍👍

    11. Joy Valeen

      I really love your videos ♥️♥️ Love from philippines 🥰

    12. Aditi RK

      What about your husband? Is he living with you here or?...

    13. Fiona Fu

      dream life

    14. Fiona Fu

      I am your Chinese fan my name Elina and want to invite your video to China

    15. Ruth Ann H.

      You inspire me. I find myself watching your blogs for hours and find myself loving tine with you i spend with you. I love the culture and your way of life. Thankyou. I am from the United states.

    16. Emily Miller

      Such a beautiful soul 🥰so glad I found your channel

    17. MyMissAdventures

      Your life is beautiful. This is the first time I've seen your videos and unfortunately I will have to click out. The ache and longing I have breaks my heart. Enjoy your life. ❤️

    18. Adriana Gaite

      Gracias por tus videos siempre 🥰🥰🥰 Mi perro se llama Nanook gracias a tu Nanook ! Hermoso Nanook ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gracias, gracias, gracias !!!

    19. None None

      I feel sad you alone there. Where are your parents? Why you have no boyfriend being so beautiful?

    20. x ailurophile

      Is it just me or you guys also think that Jonna is look like Saoirse Ronan?

    21. rialyn abayon

      I don't know how it happens but your videos gaves me hope. I'm currently isolated bcoz of this covid. I love your videos, your paintings everything in your place. Hope your all doing well. sending love from the Philippines! 💕💖😌

    22. imSab

      Queria morar aii;-;

    23. Gwyn john Morgan

      The dog listening to the accordion music so happy

    24. panzer faust1

      recently discovered you. you are very adorable =)

    25. Zade B

      If only I was born on that side of the world

    26. Rubel khan

      your videos are as beautiful as you are

    27. zz Z

      I'm a pilot from China and I've been many places on earth. But now I think I was wasting my life until I found your videos. They are so beautiful.

    28. Camilli Fernandes

      I am Brazilian and here we are afraid every time we put our feet outside our homes, we have no problems with animals but with people there is so much violence and evil that it breaks my heart. In our country we have the largest forest in the world, incomparable beauty and we cannot enjoy it.

    29. Deb Finne

      Please tell me which video camera you use!

    30. Anita Anurag

      She is not alone someone is with her all the time for shooting video

      1. My swedish life

        No there is not. She does it all alone.

    31. Bushra Khan

      She is living my dream

    32. Abby k

      I want to live here

    33. Susan Fitzsimons

      This is what we see in movies so it's real😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

    34. Nelson Thimothiyose

      You are living in a movie where most of us dreamed at least once in a life time !! You are simple , down to earth , wonderful !!

    35. zenzkie Tv

      what is your Ig acount i love watching your blog

    36. Sophia's Gaming Lair

      wow snow so great! God bless

    37. Creative Ny

      Purity at its finest and I’m loving the caption

    38. r i k o

      she reminds me of liziqi, the asian equivalent! such a gorgeous video

    39. Still Sound

      Thank you so much for sharing how feel when you travel alone I live in the united states and I just feel suffocated by the atmosphere of uncertainty and not feeling safe when you go into nature. my mom's from Poland and my dad's from the Netherlands When I visit another country other than the united states I feel Safe Refreshed and reborn in a way thank you for reminding me of that. Send love to Nanook.

    40. Brooke Mcdonell

      I want this life for myself so bad, but I know id ruin it by being paranoid

    41. Sylvia Smith

      Jonna, Thank you for sharing your life for all to see. Your videos make me feel at peace helping my heart feel happy. You have a very sweet spirit about you. Your ability to communicate as you do is a precious gift as you are to others. Thank you Sylvia from the USA (Texas)

    42. Nurfaddilah

      Tempatnya bener bener bagus

    43. it is puspa

      Anyone can tell me where to get beautiful backsound like this video, but no copyright?

    44. it is puspa

      This is amazing.. ❤

    45. Victoria R.

      i want to move there. im going to move there. one day.

    46. Jan From NYC Saves Money!

      Sent here via Life with Patti shout out

    47. Micah’s Art Studio!

      I came from life with patti shoutout!

    48. паша апр

      Скучаешь по холоду? Привет

    49. Ry

      We should fight for change, this type of change in our society. True freedom for life and to create our own lives the way we see fit. Rather we are constantly fighting one another over the things that don't matter. This matters, life matters!

    50. Surjit Thounaojam

      Ur video gives me peace love from manipur india

    51. carti2swag

      this is honestly just so beautiful and amazing.

    52. Rana Lunas

      I want to live there bc of the beautiful country with peaceful place (not good in english)

    53. areum jeon

      You do everything by yourself really you are strong 💜

    54. Vanya s

      Sweden is not a safe country, not anymore. Northern Sweden is definitely safer though but still us girls shouldn’t travel alone for our and our loved ones sake

      1. Vanya s

        @dearnaomi thank you 🙏 likewise 😊

      2. dearnaomi

        It’s awful Swedish government let that happen to its people. you be safe out there.

    55. Rifka Zikrivia

      I will work hard and have a lot of money then going to sweden😍😍


      Once again great to see with such energy.bleesings of almighty be with you

    57. Israt Zahan

      Your 30 mins videos you just talk 25mins and show videos of nature just 4 or 5min.Please talk less!!!its getting boring and irritating!

    58. Ann Sytian

      This makes me feel like I ought to go there before I die

    59. kelly gomez

      What camera do you use? If anybody knows please let me know

    60. urd

      I love your videos a lot. it's always one of the ways for me to escape my stress. thanks for the video. btw, i always wonder whether or not there are any noticeable changes due to the global warming around your place.

    61. Kriss V

      I love your Chanel

    62. Kira wr

      ur not alone cuz u got that good boiiiii

    63. That British Homestead


    64. Hellen Sarid

      Increíble, yo quisiera vivir asi pero luego recuerdo que odio el frio lol

    65. Nutelia

      Hi Jonna - how is your cat? Can you tell us how you spell her name? She’s such a lovely cat, and I love to see her running around the fields and forests with you and Nanook.

    66. Сайкал Сайла

      I love how she shares this feeling... like after watching her videos, you feel more alive. I can see how happy she is and it makes me happy too. It makes me think that the nature, little nice things can make u feel the life🤗❤️

    67. Beyazze

      Where is Johan?

    68. Vero Vic

      Très inspirante

    69. Rohan Bhardwaj

      Just randomly watched your one video, and i feel like addicted now.. absolutely love it. Make more. Will be happy if you revert

    70. Ibrahim Efa37


    71. Kara Katrina Antonio

      Hi i just watched your videos just this morning and i already fell in love on how you share your daily life there in Sweden. Such a strong woman. 🥰 sending hugs and kisses from the Philippines 🥰🥰🥰

    72. Sathya Krishnakanth

      I love that place!I love the way you live,I love snow ,I love the way you treat animals.

    73. Michèle Ballas

      Hey Jonna, I love your videos. Have been following you for a while and I am always happy when a new video comes from you. I feel so relaxed every time and I can feel your positive energy when I watch your vieos. You can tell that you attach great importance to quality and want to take as much as possible with you. Thank you for your inspirations that you give! What are you doing for your physical fitness and diet? You have a great figure and charisma. Warm greetings from Germany :)

    74. k d

      A girl should be like her independent, brave and strong..but i really concern about her safety as I couldn't see any other home near her place

    75. Gopikaah Kannan

      മലയാളീസ് 🍒🌙✨️

    76. Alishba

      In my darkest time, my lowest point, this video has healed me and brought me peace.. and inspiration to do better.. to live life as it should be lived.. to pay attention to myself. I came across it very randomly at the break of dawn when I felt anxious and couldn’t sleep and it made all my anxiety go away. Whoever you are, keep making these videos, you are touching lives and hearts thousands of miles away.

    77. bitch plsss

      MANO isso é o paraíso?

    78. Mahsum İ.

      430 dislike those who cannot travel safely in their home(own) country :D

    79. Fahriah Anwar

      I really love your accent. Of course your video as well. So beautifull and relaxing

    80. Mari Unknown

      I feel u r from another world.

    81. Penny Trans International Channel

      I cant imagine myself living in there OMG its beautiful but its freezing

    82. Katia Morales

      Hola Por Favor, pudiera poner subtitulos en español como a este a todos sus videos....Saludos

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    87. Hanabi

      I also want to try to live & travel alone but I am girl. the world is kinda scary now.

    88. she likes flowers

      This is so different and refreshing to see.

    89. evi bertuleit

      Hej Jonna I also love beiing only with me from time to time. The problem here is, to find a place to be just by myself . Even in the middle of a forest there are always tracks , noises of cars or rubbish. Beeing in a wilder place is something I wish for my future. For now I enjoy gardening, esp. planting wild plants - they have the same problem: there is no space left for them in our civilized world.

    90. Higher Quality Uploads

      15:33 bruh even the dog is infatuated with her

    91. DARWIN O3O

      YOU NAMED YOUR DOG NANOOK TOO! My dad named his favorite samoyed doggo nanook!

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      Woooowww que lindo es hay ❤️ yo creo que si muero de frio 😁

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      Thank you so much for this channel !! Beautiful !! I like how you play music for Nanook ! Very happy to hear those songs !! And the herding calls !

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    99. Redjie Vlogs

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