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    Celebrate Lucasfilm’s rich legacy in games, as we enter an exciting new era of storytelling in Star Wars and beyond. For more exciting game news head to @LucasfilmGames on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Buck Bumble

      Of all games why put Jedi Academy here? Lmao

    2. A good Username

      Make a count dooku sifo dias tv show spread the word around

    3. dallas04

      Star wars rpgs please don't let EA make it

    4. Toby Cosmo

      How many racists did you hire for this one?

    5. Crazyknight

      Kinda weird they show Jedi Academy here being such an old game , makes me wonder if they plan a new one especially with the new era in the High Republic seems like the logical next step.

      1. Xavier

        They rereleased it on Ps4

    6. LordCommander Bram


    7. John Smith

      The Force Arena?

    8. BeedelYT

      Im a very very big star wars fan from philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭😍😍

    9. Dahde

      Eternal Throne was amazing. I hope there will be expansions like that in the future.

    10. KING

      Fix starwars battlefront 2 lootbox lol EA Garbage but thank them for celebration edition

    11. KING

      Remake Starwars Force Remastered

    12. Dead Memes

      Republic commando?? Trying to figure what happened to my boi shiv

    13. Ryan Gunwitch-Black

      I sure hope the Massive SW open world game is set in the High Republic! That'll be great /S

    14. bocoy noiu

      Are you ready to admit that closing LucasArts was a mistake?

    15. My

      KOTOR 3 pls

    16. Raspas 21

      Swkotor 3, swkotor 1 and 2 remake, New jedi knight, star wars 1313, republic commando 2, empire at war 2, star wars battlefront 3, fallen order 2, rogue squadron 4, and more.

    17. SiphonPlayZ

      Battlefront 3 pls

    18. Peter Stephens

      Will there be mortar battle droid in future Star Wars bad batch anime story !?

      1. bocoy noiu

        Are you ready to admit that closing LucasArts was a mistake?

    19. Peter Stephens

      Will the clone mortar trooper going to be in future Star Wars bad batch anime story !?

    20. eioshen boboi

      Them: Releases new trailer Me: Oh cool let’s see the new games! Them: What do you mean?

    21. R Píxel

      We need a battlefront Mobile

    22. RebelCommander7 Star Wars Jurassic

      They completely forgot or I think purposely didn’t mention Star Wars battlefront (2015) good game good game distinctly different then Star Wars battlefront ll

    23. bouytt guyt

      STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR 2. I need it now.

      1. eioshen boboi

        I only want a remako of star wars empire at war or the secuel

    24. evifnoskcaj

      The reference to Jedi Academy is thought provoking...

    25. ᆞ

      this is a bott i am a god dont try it anikin


      please please please please update republic commando please!!!!!

      1. bouytt guyt

        the force unleashed 3 pls

    27. Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog

      Remake of Shadows of the Empire please.

    28. greer. exe

      I wish sme games like battlefront and fallen order n stuff like that could be released for switch. Im super excited for the new lego game tho!!! I grew up with the original one on the wii.

    29. alida flus

      Everyone: "Cool and all but are there any new games you're gonna release this year?" Lucas: "A good question....for another time"

    30. Old Gregg

      Please bring the indiana jones games to the PlayStation store 🙏

    31. Bounty Hunter42

      We need the force unleashed 3

    32. Logan S

      Kotor lll please!!

    33. Stefan Matussek

      Please consider giving Archetype Entertainment the license to create a star wars RPG... Its basically the members of Bioware who are responsible for Kotor 1...

      1. alida flus

        I'm so glad EA is no longer handling all star wars games

    34. xwingman 23

      lol they included fortnitw bruh

    35. Jacob Dominguez


    36. doliio volay

      Kind of sad that you guys don't seem to remember any of your games before you gave the license to EA.

    37. The Dovahlemon

      Swtor and jedi academy showing up in the video? I hope good things are gonna happen soon

    38. miguel osuna

      I only want a remako of star wars empire at war or the secuel

    39. Kelty

      They even included Jedi Academy in the end montage, awesome

      1. doliio volay

        This is cool and all but when’s the next game? There’s currently no new Star Wars games announced other than Lego Star Wars which isn’t made by EA.

    40. isaac_ pilot17

      the force unleashed 3 pls

    41. Aaron McDaniel

      Don’t make Fortnite a part of this masterpiece

    42. Mark Baker

      The best thing you had was old republic and Lego star wars. Hopefully the rumors are true and your done with EA.

      1. CT-5597 Jesse

        Ea will continue to make games after 2023 but is is just they will not have anymore the exclusivity

    43. Daniel Castillo

      Can't wait for the open world game by ubisoft

    44. Michał Dmochowski

      [*] LucasArts [*] Star Wars 1313 [*] The Force Unleashed III [*] First Asault

    45. Ali Kağan Barut

      The Star Wars games will be reorganized into the Lucasfilm Games, for happy and funny society.

    46. Денис God

      Lucasfilm Games ХУЙНЯ!

    47. Tony Bone

      I'm so glad EA is no longer handling all star wars games

    48. Bene

      Finish what you started, finish 1313

    49. Jason Jennings

      Although I don't totally agree with your idea, but im giving you a like for making this trailer badass

    50. Sunrise Alex

      A suprise to be sure but an extreme one!! 😲 OLD REPUBLIC!!! 😳 JEDI ACADEMY!!! 😱 Lucasfilm games sounds great and nice as a replacment for Lucasarts. Cant wait to embrace all those stories and every upcomming new Star Wars games in the future! 💪🎮

    51. Zach Lee

      fallen order really is their crown jewel in recent history

    52. Tekkadan Reborn

      Republic commandos DLC remastered

    53. Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Squadrons is so much fun. Go try it out if you haven't. It'll take a while to master, but it took me like 2 weeks and now I'm in love with the game

    54. abbsnn cose

      This is cool and all but when’s the next game? There’s currently no new Star Wars games announced other than Lego Star Wars which isn’t made by EA.

    55. JT Legionnaire


    56. Movieplanespotting


    57. Ryan Heirigs

      We Want the Star Wars Rey game From Ubisoft.

    58. Ryan Heirigs

      Battlefront 3 Please!

      1. abbsnn cose

        Boba Fett game!! 1313!!! In 2023

    59. relic turtle

      Looking good mayb nope to the ea stuff and the Sims but the rest looks cool I might buy a game so long as we don't find the company injecting propaganda, loot boxes, or that they are toxic bigoted ppl telling customers to not buy it cause it's not for us b.s you know like racists statements against ur fan base or dividing comments about politics . I am a simple person who doesn't want real life b.s in my entertainment

    60. unknown temptation

      0:37 About time he got the attention he deserved after the past 6-7 years

    61. Spencer Fix

      Battlefront 3 please!

    62. scottie storch

      If y’all don’t resurrect 1313 ...

    63. GODLOVEME12345

      REMAKE OG JEDI KNIGHT Outkast & Academy

    64. Just a guy

      Lucasfilm Games:*shows off amazing looking games* Me: ._. Lucasfilm games:*shows a LEGO Star Wars clip that lasts only 1 second* Me:OOOOOOOOOH

    65. Conrado Javier

      Lucasfilm Game should Collaborate with Bandai Namco for a Star Wars Fighting Game.

    66. Pedro

      Why is Jedi Academy there? Every game that showed up is recent, while Jedi Academy launched almost 20 years ago.

      1. Pedro

        @Heckbrother Yeah, but it's ongoing with updates and content drops. There's updates for Jedi Academy as well?

      2. Heckbrother

        The old republic is old too

    67. Alfredo Tinoco Cuevas

      Is Star Wars The Force Unleashed not here because it’s not form EA?

    68. Nicholas Genovese

      Remake of revenge of the sith please

    69. XtremeN00b

      Kinda warms my heart to see the third party francises like Minecraft, the sims and fortnite be counted as part of Star Wars games, but it would be better if there were more first party Star Wars games like there was back in the 2000s. Anyways let’s get some games for switch because the fellas at Nintendo have been slightly starved for Star Wars Content

    70. mikiroony

      Give the fans KOTOR remastered! What you did to that independent team was UNFORGIVABLE

    71. Joshua Frost

      REVIVE 1313!!!

    72. Ray Harris

      Boba Fett game!! 1313!!! In 2023

    73. pleakhouse

      The company formerly known as Lucasarts.

    74. Skoo_Dah

      Just got battlefront 2 free today!

    75. Mr Z

      How about a release date for the new Lego Star Wars game jack arses!

    76. Sachin James


    77. Sachin James

      The dream of having a StarWars game cannot be complete without StarWars 1313. Bring back the StarWars we always hoped for!!

    78. daniel saunders

      Anyone else notice the subtle Jedi knight Jedi academy split second at the end? Wonder if they are going to do anything else with that?

    79. Darth Vader

      Need battlefront 3 with more added jedi and sith

    80. Serogrado sandowas

      Battlefront 3 pls

    81. Serogrado sandowas

      Battlefront 3 plis

    82. Serogrado sandowas

      Battlefront 3

    83. Bizz and Music

      When you making star wars battlefront 3 I want answers.

    84. Andrei

      Lucasfilm Games/Lucasarts is so much bigger than just Star Wars though

    85. Ravenall

      1313... Thats all I have to say.

    86. noclip

      I am happy beacause you show revan and lego games

    87. Ryan Heirigs

      How About Another Original AAA Open World RPG Star Wars Game From Ubisoft Based on Ahsoka Tano but make it More Like The Witcher 3 & Assassins Creed Valhalla.

    88. Ryan Heirigs

      Please Create and Do a 3rd Person AAA Open world Action RPG Star Wars Video Game based on Lando Calrissian. In Collaboration With Microsoft & Xbox Game Studios.

    89. Gerry Blue

      If only there had been a divison that supervised games, Lucasarts or something

    90. Christian Vilaseca

      Please... all the world is waiting for another Jedi Knight!

    91. PWR Rocki

      SWJFO || would be epic

    92. mixampo

      Ubisoft aka Buggysoft will ruin everything, like usual

    93. Jon Murphy

      I love that one shot at 0:47 Anakin is getting blasted in the head and then he hits the win button!!! LOL 😂

    94. TheColorOfCaramel

      I just want to know what is going on with The Mandalorian DVD which ''supposedly'' dropped in 2020. Cause I sure as heck haven't found it yet!

    95. yeti leo

      STAR WARS FORCE ARENA. The real PVP The real Mobile game ever done. Bring it back.

    96. Erekhron Music

      Fallen Order was so good, we desperately need a sequel...please make it cannon, or even...crossover with the new series plss!!! + Any KOTOR news would be awesome..

    97. Commander Bly


    98. Martyn Romaine

      more meaningfull expansions for Star Wars The Old Republic

    99. Kaniz

      SORRY EA, Bye EA :v